Siblings of the Damned

Siblings of the Damned Siblings of the Damned

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A short story, and addition of the Dorean Holt story.


A short story, and addition of the Dorean Holt story.


Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012



Dorean walks through the alleys of Lamar. The night is crisp, and the stars are many. Kalis wanders down the streets, eyes focused up at the night sky. Her long brown hair slowly waves across her back in time with her gait, wedge heels clacking softly on the cement. Dorean saw the shadow of a figure draw closer. Something inside of him beats, and shakes. His only instinct is to run.

Kalis pauses and runs a slender hand through her hair, brushing a lock from in front of her eyes. The night was warm enough to warrant the wear of a thin black tank and a flouncy, thigh-length, skirt to match. The only jewelry she wore were four soft bracelets that had hardened over the years; a gift and a reminder of her old life. She peered around as she decided on which way to explore next, opting to go down the left alley.

"What do I do?" He asks himself quietly. His legs move without thought, and he starts running out of the alley.

Kalis stops and perks her ears up at the sound of footsteps echoing through the rat byways. "Now who could that be?" She mutters to herself as she starts to run in the direction she thought the footsteps to be coming from. 'Curiosity killed the cat.' She thought to herself, 'but this cat's already dead.'

He heard the steps behind him. "Gotta get out of sight." He said feeling terrible thoughts rip into his mind.

'Strange place this Lamar.' She thought to herself as she closed the gap between herself and whoever else was out there. She paid no mind to the puddles that dotted the broken path, or the vermin that scattered as she flew past. The only thing that mattered was finding whoever was in the alleyways. Companionship was a craving she had never had, now that it was present she wanted it almost as much as the blood that kept her alive.

He kept running, moving faster than any human could. He zig-zagged through the street, and scales the nearest building. "Who is this person?" He questions himself. He remains low on the building, and keeps moving.

'So it is another.' She thought with a giddy laugh picking up her pace so she wouldn't lose track. She spots the form scaling a building, and circles it, waiting to see if he chose to stay put or play the little game of chase.

He moves forward but slips, and falls through the glass roof. She hears the sound, and scampers through the window of the building. Shattered glass and shadows is all that she can see as she moves within. She grasps her fists tighter in anticipation for anything. Her body turns round and round looking the room over for the figure. Dorean grabs hold of her arms, pushing her against the wall. His grip is like iron.

His voice is vicious. "What do you want?" His face is covered in shadows.

Kalis lets out a startled sqeak as she is suddenly grabbed and lets out a hiss as she's forced against the wall. She looks up at him, glaring slightly, "Nothing that deserves such harsh treatment." She pouts, trying to wiggle her arms around. "I just wanted to see someone else like me." She mumbles, dropping her gaze to the floor, her bangs sliding down to form a small curtain in front of her eyes.

"What are you? What do you want?!" His grip tightens.

She winces as his grip tightens, letting out a whimper, "I am like you. All I want is your voice, your body...companionship?" She looks up at him, bangs falling from her eyes, "I just want someone to talk to. I feel like I'll go mad if I'm out there by myself much longer."

His eyes widen in the dark. His grip slackens. A soft quibber escapes him. His body falls to the ground, and he tries to hide his crying. "Impossible." He says with a sudden release of useless air.

Her mouth slackens into a soft 'o' shape, and an eyebrow raises in curiosity as she rubs where he had gripped her. She slips down onto her knees, tilting her head as she reaches out a dainty had to rest on his shoulder. "Hey...are you ok?"

His face falls into the light. "No, Kally I'm not."

She quickly jumps to her feet like she had just been electrocuted by those words. "How...they said you had died, Ren." She said in awe as she sinks down beside him again, softly placing her hands on either side of his face. "It's really you." She says with a smile as tears began to blur her vision.

"Mother and father had a funeral for me, weeks ago. I went to that funeral. I saw you there. I saw you cry at my grave, but I wasn't allowed to see you." He is both happy and sad at her fate. Now they are both damned. A new crimson tear slides down his face.

Kalis furiously blinks away the bloody tears, overjoyed at the fact the one person she had to run into was the one she thought she had lost forever. It was enough to make her want to bawl but she couldn't; she didn't want to upset him more. She licked away the tear that was shed from Ren's eye and softly kissed his cheek, wrapping her arms around his neck in a tight hug.

"Kally, I have endured much. Now you are like me damned forever, changed forever. I did not want this for you." He stands, and backs up brushing himself off.

She sits back on her heels, looking up at Dorean, "But you weren't around to tell me anything anymore. When you left, it was like a massive black hole was slowly eating the family alive." She wraps her arms around one of his legs and rests the side of her face against it, "So when I was approached with an offer that promised happiness, how could I refuse?" She looked up at him, her brown eyes large like an innocent fawn's.

"I was not allowed or I would have seen all of you again. Even if they hate me for who I was." Forgotten emotions were being relived in this land of shadows.

She sighs as she absentmindedly begins to run her hands over his leg, "Who said you were not allowed to see us?" She spat coldly, "Did they have no heart for the ties of a" She paused to swallow a lump of sadness that swells in her throat as she stands to look Dorean over. "And it seems your time as not been too overly kind to you either." She reaches out to run her fingertips softly over his cheek.

"I'm getting married Kally."

She turns away, her face marred by sorrow and confusion, hiding them behind a thick brown curtain of hair, “Married?” She dully echoes, “So someone has finally been able to tame the wild brother that I loved?” She turns her body away from him, sitting on her knees with her hands balled into fists. She grinds her teeth together for a few quiet moments before letting out a stuttering breath, "I somehow miraculously find you, after believing you were dead for so long, and you're being taken away from me...." She paused, looking up at him with swollen red eyes, refusing to let the crimson tears run down her face, "Again."

"No, there is one problem with all of this. I found you again, and I won't lose you again."

She lets out a bitter bark of laughter, “You don’t know where your lover will take you, Ren. If you’re so smitten to marry her, you might end up on the other side of the world where I can’t follow, because of her.” Kalis’s fists tighten, nails biting into her flesh, “She could order you to do something that you despise, but could you chose between what you want, and what she wants?” Fear wraps at her.

"Do you know what a blood bond is?"

She nods her head, unsure of where it was going to lead. Hesitantly she swallows as she looks back down at her hands, “It’s a link of fidelity and dependency between an individual and a vampire.” She looks back up at him, “After three times the individual has drunk from the supplying vampire, the thrall is under the influence or mastery of the regent.”

Dorean giggles. "That is true for the most part, but when both vampires drink from each other it solidifies there bond. Me and Artanna have done that. We consider each other, not as an individual but as one."

Her ears twitch in thought at his words, closing her eyes as a soft smile tugs at her lips. “It must truly be a wonderful thing to experience.” She murmurs as her hands reach up to run through her hair, pushing it away from her fawn-like eyes.

"It is. I am sure Artanna would let you stay with us. You are my sister after all."

Her lips form to show a permanent pout, parted slightly as she inhales, her eyes widening in surprise. She untangles her fingers from her hair and wraps them around her chest, “I wouldn’t be putting …stress… on you two by being there? "

He considers her words for a moment. "You're my sister. She is my future wife. I am sure you will get along."

Kalis draws a hand back to scratch at the back of her neck, a nervous tic that never went away, "I sincerely hope you're right, Ren." She rolls back onto her heels and quietly stands, keeping one arm under her chest, hand clamped over the other as thoughts tried to muddle out everything.

He puts his arms around her. "I have missed you. You don't know how hard it has been without my family."

She relaxes at his embrace, letting the iron grip on her arm go to reach up and softly run across his arm, "I've missed you too. And I don't know how hard it was, but I'm here now." She leans into his chest to rest her head on his shoulder, "You have a piece back." She softly kisses his neck under the jawline.

He kisses her lips, and feels embarrassed about it. "I'm sorry." He turns his head away.

Kalis tilts her head much like an inquisitive kitten, "Sorry for what?" She purrs softly as she places a hand on his cheek.

New feelings for her are popping to the surface. "I shouldn't have kissed you like that." Some of the old nostalgia was coming to the surface.

Kalis chuckles softly, and weasels around so her chest is against his torso so she could rub noses with him, "No shame in doing what we did as kids." She stands on her tip-toes and snakes her tongue out to run against the outer edge of his ear. "Tag."

Dorean smiles briefly. She could never know about certain truths, not yet. He bends to her, and rubs his tongue against her chin. "Your it."

Kalis lets out a soft mewl as she wipes the wetness off her chin and giggles as she slips from his grasp before jumping at him, clasping her hands around his arm, "Nooo...." She darts off into the old building, "You're it!" She yells, her voice echoing excitedly.

Dorean runs after her keeping pace, giving her just enough lead to feel like she is leading him. "Oh yeah?"

Kalis laughs as she looks back, "Have you slowed down after all these years, Renny?" She ducks though a doorway and starts up the broken stairway to the higher floors. 'I never could beat him in a game of tag.' She giddily thought, 'but I might win this.' She smirked.

He lets her believe it. "Seems I have or have you gotten faster?"

"I'm sure I've gotten faster." She darts into a room off the staircase and takes to hiding behind an old stack of boxes. 'Cat and mouse never got old.' She smiles, twitching in anticipation.

He stops dead. "Come out, come out wherever you are."

She grins as she inches to the edge of the stack and peeks around the corner, keeping an eye on Dorean. She couldn't help but let out a chuckle. She clasps her hand over her mouth in hopes it will muffle the sound. The grin still slips past her fingers. She nearly jumps up in excitement for all the giddiness bouncing in her.

Dorean walks off into a different room. "Where oh where are you?" His voice echoing in the other room.

Quietly she inches out from her hiding place, slinking over to the wall that makes up a side of the doorway and peeks out again. If he turned his back, she would try and sneak to another room. "Can't catch me." She whispers to herself.

Dorean peaks out of the room he is in. "I see you Kally."

"No you don't." She calls out, remembering exactly how things went as a kid. She was hoping it still played out that way.... She'd missed Dorean; more than was considered healthy by most.

Dorean runs right up to her, showing exactly how fast he is. He pounces on her, and they go tumbling to the floor. "Yes, I do."

Kalis lets out a yelp as she's pounced to the floor, hair splaying out around them as they fall. She relishes that old feeling as her body shakes with laughter, “Ok, you do.” She wraps her arms around his neck, lifting her head off the floor to softly return the kiss Dorean had given her earlier.

Dorean is embarrasseed and it shows. The buldge in his pants is pressing against her. "I am so sorry Kally. I...I...just missed you so much."

She softly runs her mouth over his jaw, kissing it while her left hand moved so it was tracing circles over his chest. While watching him, his embarrassment begin to spread to her, heating her skin like a wayward fire. He kisses her back intensely, showing her just how grown up they had become. His hands wrap around her bringing them closer together. She starts to softly shake, wrapping her arms around his chest to pull at the cloth that covered his back as he pulled her closer to him. She parted her lips, white teeth choosing to nip at his bottom lip and pull at it slightly. He rubs his hand down her thigh, kissing her neck.

Kalis moans softly, unsure of how to react to the feelings that were starting to bombard her. A chill raced down her neck and spine when his lips touched her skin, and she felt like electricity was constantly arcing through her body. He feels that if his heart could beat, it would be so overpowering, and thrilling. His skin bumps. Drool drips out of his mouth. Careful fingers inch down her inner thigh.
She slowly dragged her nails down over his back and sides as she moved, wanting to bury her fingers into his hair - gently tugging and moving in time with pleasure and bliss that bombarded her. She had no idea how a single touch could send her spiraling out of control so quickly. Dorean pulls off his shirt letting it rest on the cold dusty floor. His hand reaches the soft heated spot of the fabric.

Kalis squirms as an unexpected jolt races through her body as he touches her; the skirt allowing easy access. Her arms jerk away to rest beside her chest, claws digging into the skin as she struggled to keep a groan from being heard. He pulls the top up over her head. His fingers rub up and down on that spot. He bites his lip. The warmth of her exposed skin chills when it touches the cool floor, only adding to the sensations triggered by her hypersensitivity. She buries her fingers in her hair, pulling her head back as she bites down on her lip; muffled groans tried to break free. Her other hand snakes up to grab hold of his forearm as her back began to arc. Dorean rubs his hand harder, faster, her back is arches. Then he slowly works his hand down to a slow pat until finally he stops altogether.

"Let's get you out of these clothes Kally."

She kept trying to muffle her moans that spill from her, some weird want to not break the silence that seemed to swirl around them, but it was soon broken as she quickly started to let louder moans be heard. It seemed the world was swimming around her as he began to slow down and she couldn't help but let out a whine as he stopped "Awww but i didn't want it to.." She tilts her head with a wry smile as she nods, shakily standing to let him do the work.

He removes her clothes right down to her bra and panties. "Well haven't you grown up."

She sinks back down to her knees, spreading them so she can place her hands in front of her as she sticks her tongue out at him, "Can you say the same Ren?"

"Unbutton me, and find out for yourself."

She stands on her hands and knees, moving close enough so she can work around his pants and still move freely. She gently reaches out and quickly leaves his bulging member with more room to move, and looks up at him, waiting. There are butterflies in her stomach. She can't think straight. Her head swoons a bit, and just this was making her tipsy.

"What would you like me to do Kally?"

She reaches out, tracing a nail over the thin cloth, "Take him out." She murmurs, eyeing the bulge, before leaning close and running her tongue over his lips, "I want to see how big older brother has grown."

Dorean slips the buttons away, and the underwear, pulling them down to his feet showing her his member. "Such a sweet sister to want her brother like this." He giggles a little.

She eyes her brother and shivers, pleasure the ruler over the night. She leans down, his smell hitting her like a strong perfume that made her even more wet between her legs. She rests an arm on his leg as her hand wrapped around it, "Can I?" She asks as she moves to lick his cock.

"I wouldn't say no Kally."

She smiles, looking like an animal as she stuck her tongue out to lick from the bottom of the shaft to the head, softly poking it with a wayward fang as she places her mouth over his cock and began to go down. "Nom, nom, nom." She says idly.

Dorean a slow but long moan escapes out of him. "Oh Kally!"

She stops when the head reaches the back of her throat and exhales, softly biting down as she pulls her head back up, nipping at the head and licks it in a slow circle. She softly begins to massage his balls as she goes back down and up in a faster pace, careful to not leave any scratches from her teeth and small mouth. Dorean eyes squint as it feels so damn good. She pauses, placing both hands on the floor as she relaxed her throat muscles and slowly began to work her way down the rest of the shaft, till she could close her lips around the base for half a minute. Carefully she began to rotate her head and squeeze her throat muscles tighter around it.

Dorean puts his hands on her head. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle, and firm."

Kalis nods her head as best she can and squints her eyes in semblance of a smile. "Okay."

Dorean pushes her against his cock, not too far just a test. "You feel so good."

Kalis starts playing with his balls again and wiggles her rear slightly in agreement. 'But, you do this to me brother.' she thinks to herself.

"Let's see what you can do Kally." He impales her even further.

Kalis runs a hand over his inner thigh as she hums. It would be interesting to see her no-gag reflex put to work. 'oh my brother'.

Dorean giggles. "We should have tried this sooner as mortals."

She softly bites down, careful not to leave scratch marks as she quickly pulls up and off so she could breathe. "I bet it would have mortals." She moans as she runs her fingers over her soaked pussy, giggling at how wet she has become.

"Okay Kally here is for the big try. Let's see." He pushes his cock all the way down her throat and holds it there.

She flicks her tongue over the skin, eyes closed as she focused on not trying to bite down hard. Her throat muscled spasm at having something so big down, but it wouldn't offer any solution. She began to rock her body, hoping she could feel him twitch. 'I think I have always wanted this brother.'

He very slowly pulls out. "You're not gonna find me cumming that easy I practiced with Artanna." Truth was anymore of that and he would cum. "What do YOU want?"

She lets out a soft whine that escalated in a purr, and an embarrassed, downcast, gaze. "I've never done much more than foreplay..." She admitted as she looked back up at him.

"You don't mean I'm your...." He could barely spit the words out.

"First?" She finished with a coy smile and a nod of her head.

He pounces on top of her. "We have so much catching up to do."

She softly nibbles at his collarbone, "Now you tell me." She murmurs as she bites at his ear.

He pulls her panties down her legs, and off. "Oh, looky."

"Sofa king wet." She moans with a chuckle, feeling the juices drip from her pussy.

"That's not a bad thing. In fact," He licks from the bottom to the top of her pussy in one tongue movement. "It is delicious."

Kalis arches her back, letting out a loud moan as her hands clamp down on his wrist. Her head falls looking to the side as she pants, "That might drive me up the wall...if you keep doing that." She twitched and rolls over on her stomach so she could dig her nails into something, purring, "Naturally sweet, yes?"

"Well aren't you frisky."

She looks over her shoulder with a grin, "More than just frisky." She winks and props herself on her hands and knees, "I'm downright catty." She purrs as she swings around to face him.

He kisses her lips. Drawing her closer to him, and into his lap. "Be a good kitty now."

She kisses back softly, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and tangles her fingers in his hair. She pulls away with a slight pout, "What if I don't want to be good?"

"Then you're not a kitty, you're a pussycat."

"Fine. This kitty will try to be docile. But if you bring out my claws...I'm terribly sorry." She smirks and begins to plant butterfly kisses along his neck and shoulder.

"I don't have claws but I have these," He opens his mouth, and shows her his fangs. His sapphire eyes, and his fangs produce the tangible look of a monster.

She looks up from the corners of her eyes as he bares his fangs for her to see. She softly brushes her lips over his collarbone before running her fangs over his shoulder, "I have those too." She mutters with a wry smile.

"Bite me, Kally." It doesn't have the tone of an insult only a request, an invitation.

She closes her eyes and runs her tongue over his skin, kissing at the joining of his collarbone and neck, "Here?" She breathes, warm breath from a recent feed skittering over his skin. She traces her tongue to another spot, the meat of the shoulder that she could easily access, "Here?" She slid her tongue up his neck, to the artery, "Or here?"

He picks her up, and gently brings her back down, this time with her legs sandwiched between his hips. He holds her up just enough so she is not impailed on his cock. It touches against her pussy. "Anywhere you like Kally."

Kalis twitched at the electricity that flows through her just from Dorean's cock being so close to her weeping, wanting, pussy. She moved her fangs over his shoulder, leaning slightly down to quickly sink her teeth into his flesh. He moans with the feel of her teeth ripping into him. He pushes her down slowly onto his cock. She lets out a low moan as his blood rushes into her mouth, pulling lightly on his hair with her free hand as he begins to enter her. If there was any pain, the blood was her drug to block it out, but the pleasure was heightened.

"Kally you're so tight." He groans as he pushes her farther on him. It inches inside of her. Dorean can feel her quiver, and drip. She is wanting it just as much as he is.

She digs her fangs deeper into his flesh, not wanting to pull away just yet. She feels her head beginning to buzz like a good high as he gets deeper. Very soon she was sure to smell the blood of her womanhood wash over him.

"Your like a vice sis. It's like your pussy is pulling me in." He can smell blood, but it is not his.

She pulls away with a gasp, blood tricking from the corner of her mouth and from her pussy. "She doesn't want you to leave." She purrs, leaning the upper half of her body back briefly, letting out a rather loud and rough moan, "You marked her and she is yours."

Dorean touches her face trailing down to her throat. He lets his hand move down to her marble white breast, and he grabs them. "As if it could have been any other way. We were always inseparable.

"They always hated it." She softly runs a nail down his arm to rest over where his hand gropes her breast and squeezes it softly, "A perfect apple." She murmurs as she untangles her other hand and lets it fall to his chest, pushing softly, signaling for him to lay back. Pleasure and instinct driving her thoughts and actions, she begins to slowly rock her hips.

He lays back against the cold hard floor. "They always thought I was a bad influence on you, and maybe I am."

She leans over him, placing her hands on his chest, as she begins to thrust her hip slightly faster. "Weither you were or not doesn't matter. You were my brother and we loved each other. Unlike the other...he was always so uptight and cruel." She trails off and shakes her head.

He pushes up into her. "I think they always suspected us of loving a little too much."

She bends her back, letting her head roll to the side as a moan escapes her, "That might have been why we were the ostracized ones. While the others doted on him, I wouldn't. He would always lie about things I didn't do to get me in trouble. He said it would stop if I doted on him like the others, but my attention was always on you." She sighs as she rolls her hips in a circle, letting out a soft groan.

Dorean takes her hand, and sucks on her finger. His hips are moving on there own, wanting, yearning, needing the feeling. The sublimeness gives him chills. "Mmmmmmm."

She begins to pant softly, hanging her head and leaning her body closer to his as pleasure rips through her in waves. The odd lightheadedness that greets her throws her off, but she doesn't want it to stop. It was like she had been craving this, was made for this purpose, her entire life. He rubs her clit as he thrusts slower strokes, and speeds up. The moment he touched her clit, she doubled over like a ragdoll, digging her nails into the cold floor. Breathy moans and groans echoed loudly into his ear as she began to nibble at his neck and shoulder again. He puts his hands on her waist, and massaging around down to her ass. He pushes her against him, hard. With his right hand he pushes against her stomach.

She lifts her body up, leaning back to grab hold of her ankles as he presses his hand against her stomach. She leans her head back, eyes closed and loose hair falling to sway in the air behind her. "Where will you bite?" She moans and twitches as she feels him rub against something deeper inside her.

He feels the little node inside her, and pushes forward. "Where would you like me to bite?"

She grins as she suddenly pulls away, and turns around so she's facing away from Dorean. She quickly slides his cock back in her with a loud moan and pauses to pull her hair to the left side, pointing at a spot just to the right of her spine, at the base of her neck. "Right there." She says softly.

Dorean like a ravenous wolf his fangs clamp onto her. But, it is not a hard snapping of teeth into flesh, and he remains gingerly gentle.
The moment his fangs slide into her skin, she melts. She grabs hold of her breast with one hand, wrapping the other around her waist in pleasure. The knot she had been feeling releases a pool of warm liquids that drench his cock and drip onto the floor.

He releases his fangs from her. "So good. Don't stop, I'm almost there."

She gasps as he releases her, and glances over her shoulder, "I wasn't planning on it, but if you pause I have a request." She slides off and licks her cum off him before getting on all fours, "I've been such a good kitty. Won't you fuck me like one?" She growls playfully.

Dorean positions himself behind her. "Meow, meow little kitty."

She reaches between her legs to spread her dripping pussy open for him to see. "She would love it if you gave it all to her."

He rubs himself against her asshole. "Is this how a kitty fucks?" A broad smile overtakes him.

She reaches out to run her nails along the shaft, coaxing him back into her pussy, "This is how this kitty has wanted to fuck." She purrs as she folds her arms behind her back to provide a sort of handle for him.

He rubs his dick against her pussy before sliding himself in. He grabs onto her arms. "Okay here we go."

As he entered her again, she wants to jerk up, but his strength was greater than hers. She begins to squirm in pleasure, starting to fight to have her hands free to claw at the ground. She hopes he would have the sense to hold her still. He is grinding his body against her. Each second is lapsing pleasure, seconds he is quickly losing. The heat is rising up. The power of a volcano ready to burst.

With each thrust a high-pitched, breathy, moan is pushed from her throat. Her muscles tighten around him as she feels something about to happen, "I" she pants and purrs between the pleasurable groans.

He pants increase to match hers. They gain speed as he is about to burst. "I'm gonna c-c-um."

"Then cum!" She yowls as she frees a hand rub at her clit furiously. "Spill it all inside me."

He helps her rub her clit. His body freezes up, and in one great thrust it explodes out of him. "KALLY!" He screams as the hot, sticky, white fluid fills her.

"OH Ren!" She echoes as she feels herself come at the same time he does. Fluids going every which way inside her left her feeling full and warm.

He collapses on top of her. "Wow."

Kalis lays on the floor panting, not bothering to move at all. Her muscles twitched and spasm and if Dorean moved in the wrong way, she might just be up for another round. "That....was.....amazing." She huffes, feeling fatigued.

He lifts his head to hers. "You just had sex with your brother."

She smiles and chuckles, "And you just had sex with your sister."

Dorean rests his head on her breasts. "Well now that I have you back, I'm not letting go."

She purrs softly, wrapping her arms around his head and shoulders, "Forever together." She murmured as she kissed the top of his head.

He looks around and realizes that they are laying naked amid an old abandoned store. His shock falls away. "Oh yes Kally, forever."

She smiles and lifts up his head, planting a fierce kiss on his lips. Her fang snag at his lip as she teasingly pulls it. "Good."

"Now what?"

She licks at his bottom lip before laying back down, "We get dressed and go back to the hotel for a well deserved shower and rest?"

"Maybe. But, Artanna will be wondering where I am. She will be your sister in law soon."

She sighs and buries her head in his chest, "It's just one day. I just found you. I don't want you to leave so quickly." She looked up at him with her large brown eyes pleading, "Can't you call and say you'll be out with an old friend all night? It will give us time to not smell of sweat and sex." She added, biting at her lip. "If anyone came home smelling like we do now, I wouldn't be none too pleased.

"I suppose I can spare some time, but tomorrow night you will have to come to our house, and meet us. Deal?"

She lets out a happy laugh and hugged Dorean tight, "It's a deal."

Dorean grins, and hugs her back. "I have you back now."

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