"This is Our Secret"

"This is Our Secret"

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


*WARNING* This is another AU (Alternate Universe) Harry Potter fic. ~*~ Everyone has that one big secret. So big in fact, that it is embarrassing to even put any thought onto it. It remains with us until our dying day and there's nothing that can be done to remove it. This is our secret. ~*~ I hope you enjoy reading this! Please comment your thoughts and opinions at the end, whether good or bad advice, anything will suffice! Who knows, you might even like it! :D Thank you! ~future author


*WARNING* This is another AU (Alternate Universe) Harry Potter fic.


Everyone has that one big secret. So big in fact, that it is embarrassing to even put any thought onto it. It remains with us until our dying day and there's nothing that can be done to remove it. This is our secret.


I hope you enjoy reading this! Please comment your thoughts and opinions at the end, whether good or bad advice, anything will suffice! Who knows, you might even like it! :D

Thank you!
~future author


Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



Everyone has that one big secret. So big in fact, that it is embarrassing to even put any thought onto it. It remains with us until our dying day and there's nothing that can be done to remove it. This is our secret.

Harry lay restlessly awake in his four-poster bed listening to the heavy breathing of the four others in the dormitory. His glasses were still perched high on the bridge of his nose as he gazed through startling green eyes at the twinkling stars beyond the skylight that leaked blue moonlight into the room around him. Without the patience to lie in his bed much longer, he pulled the covers away from his slim body and slid his bare feet into his slippers so that he could rummage for an item inside of his trunk at the foot of his bed. He finally found what he was searching for and pulled a blank piece of parchment that was the Marauders Map, out from its never-ending depth. He sat back down on his bed, puffing up his solid pillows, leaning up against them, and getting all comfortable. He grabbed his wand from the bedside table then waved it over his lap where the map laid.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," he muttered extra silently under his own breath. The map came to life instantly, revealing the ever-changing floor plan of Hogwarts. Usually, there would have been thousands of tiny little dots, that labeled the names of the people in the castle, zooming around the maze-like corridors, but it was one o’clock in the morning so there was nobody to be seen...except for one person.

What the hell was he doing taking a stroll through the castle at this time of night, Harry was thinking to himself. Should I follow him? It would end badly if I got caught by him. But I have the invisibility cloak and the map, I should be just fine. This could be fun after all

Harry retrieved his cloak from his trunk and wrapped it around himself becoming completely invisible. Pocketing his wand in his pajama pants and holding the map out in front of him, he descended the stairs to the common room. The place was completely deserted as the map had correctly informed him making leaving the portrait hole simple.

Harry found the sneak entering the empty trophy room on the third floor where he stayed and Harry quickened his pace before he decided to leave the room.


Draco Malfoy couldn't clear his mind of the fight he had had with his best friends the previous day. They were becoming stronger and didn't need the continuous bossiness he gave them. The three of them had stuck together since their first ever train ride to Hogwarts. Though they were indeed idiots from the very start, they did whatever Draco had ordered them to do whether it was important or just downright stupid. They always remained loyal to him like a couple of beastly mutts. However, they had had enough and turned down the friendship that had lasted for so long, forcing Draco to toss and turn in his bed.

He decided to take an evening stroll through the castle that way nobody would be around to bother him. The teachers would be busy with their own business as for the students; they would be nestled down in their beds like good little children, never once thinking to break a school rule. Draco tidied up, trying to keep quiet as to not wake up his roommates and the friends he thought would stick with him forever. Forever was a silly word to use. You can't trust anyone for that long.

Draco put on a pair of black socks and laced up his shoes. He combed down his hair finishing his tidying up and left the common room for the rest of the dungeons. The corridors were empty as he had expected. He ought to be cautious though. Any loud sounds were sure to arouse the nearest painting or worse Peeves the Poltergeist. Getting a detention wasn't the worst of his worries anymore. He was sixteen years old, just about to finish his sixth year, what did it matter if he got into trouble. The worst that could happen is if he got expelled and even then he would be able to sneak his way out of it. Nothing mattered anymore; he had his father to rely on.

Without any particular place to go, Draco advanced to the third floor. He didn't know why, but he ventured into the trophy room to take a peek around. There was nothing special in this room for him or about him. He scowled at the rewards Gryffindor had won, all thanks to that saint Potter. He didn't find it amazing that Potter won all these special awards to the school, just for being him. As for the Quidditch team, they were pathetic especially with Weasley as their Keeper yet they still dominated; out of luck... For six years, straight now, they had won the House Cup. That know-it-all mudblood would be achieving most of their points of course, or would it be the points Potter had gained for breaking hundreds of school rules himself; special treatment that is. Whatever, soon enough Potter would be finished as he should be.

“”What do you think you’re doing, Malfoy?!” came a voice from behind him and he spun around on the spot.

“None of your business, Potter I could ask you the same thing,” he remarked.

“Well, for your information, I had a hard time falling asleep and I noticed your arse being out of bed after hours so I decided to see what you were up to.”

“It’s none of your business, Potter.”

“Fine, then why did you come in here?”

“I dunno. I was just thinking and this was where I ended up. It makes me sick to see all these awards you supposedly ‘won’.”

“I’ve done way more for this school than you ever have.”

“I don’t think it makes you special just because you saved the so-called world from evil.”

“C’mon, what’s bothering you?”

“Why do you care, Potter.”

“Because your insults are usually loads better than they are now, Malfoy.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that I’m not in the mood tonight’ that I would prefer for you to leave and to let me be alone?”

“”You wouldn’t have said that, if something wasn’t on your mind, Malfoy.”

“And I wouldn’t dream of informing you about my problems because you’re nothing but a meddler. Now get out and go back to bed like the goody goody you’re fans expect you to be.”

Harry didn’t leave, however and stepped forward towards his enemy.

“I believe the door is the opposite direction, Potter,” Malfoy said. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing, Malfoy.” Draco raised his wand at that moment and was ready to stun Harry. Harry also raised his wand pointing at Draco’s chest.

Expelliarmus!” Harry yelled. Draco’s wand flew out of his hand and into Harry’s outstretched one. That didn’t bother Draco, however.

“Shut the fuck up, Potter! Do you want to get caught out of bed at two in the morning?” It didn’t matter much to him, but still. “Give me back my wand.”

“Tell me what’s on your mind first.”

“Never. Why do you need to know?”

“Because you’re out of bed strolling after hours and something is telling me to help you.”
“Whatever, Potter.”


Ron Weasley woke up with a start from his dream due to one of his own loud snores. He though it was quite funny that he woke himself up, but he was still tired and didn’t put any thought into it. He turned over in his bed facing where Harry normally slept, except that Harry wasn’t there.
If he, Ron wasn’t best mates with Harry, he wouldn’t be getting up at that moment, but he did. He fastened a cloak over his maroon pajamas. His pajama bottoms were cut too short lying just above his ankle, but the cloak covered his feet just fine.

Harry must have left for a little walk through the castle. He most likely had his invisibility cloak and the Marauders Map with him, so Ron wasn’t extremely worried, but he wanted to make sure that Harry was okay.

Why would he be out of the dormitory anyways? Ron thought to himself. He would definitely have taken me with him, so something had to be up…

Ron wandered through the dark corridors of the castle undetected. There was nobody around which was a great thing, but he had to be extra careful without the use of Harry’s invisibility cloak to shield him. He imagined if Professor Snape had caught him or worse, Professor McGonagall. There wouldn’t be a fun side to that. But they weren’t out that night and neither were the other Professors so all was good for now.

Not until the third floor did Ron jump from his slippers and hide behind a suit of armor. He realized that the corridor was still empty and dead silent except for the sounds coming from the Trophy room across the hall that started up again.

Did Harry find another mirror that showed him his fears, Ron had guessed in his thoughts. No, that was ridiculous. Boggarts showed ones fears, not a mirror and not in the Trophy room for that matter.

Ron tip-toed silently over to the entrance of the room and waited just outside. He listened intently to Harry and the other.”Will you tell me what your fucking problem is?” Harry asked frustrated which seemed a bit odd to Ron. Harry shouldn’t give a damn about Malfoy the git.

“Fine,” Malfoy said, finally giving into Harry’s requests. “Crabbe, Goyle, and I had a little row yesterday. They have been my best mates since our first train ride here and they said they had enough. They might be idiotic, but they have always obeyed me as their master. You know how it is, Potter, losing Weasel-be.”

“Don’t call him that!”

“You know, you’re cute when you’re mad at me, Potter…”

“What the fuck do you mean, Malfoy?!” Ron shifted in position to get a better look and listen to their conversation. Was this even happening? Did Malfoy just say that? Or was this just a trick of Malfoy’s.

“I mean, you are really cute when you’re mad at me, Potter.” Malfoy moved closer to Harry so they were face to face. “I think I always had a thing for you…” He grasped Harry’s warm hand in his own.

“I’m confused.”

Draco chuckled in a way that told him he was doing something right.

“I’ve never felt this way for anybody else before. Just forget what’s right and go with the flow, Potter.” Draco put his other hand on Harry’s cleanly shaven face and they moved closer to each other. In that second, they could see every feature etched on the others face. In the next second, their lips met; slow at first, but eventually becoming firmer in the seconds to come, their moist tongues exploring in the others mouth.

They broke apart suddenly. “This is wrong, Draco…”

“Shh, Potter and say my name again.”

“Draco?” Harry said in a questioning whisper.

“Kiss me again, Potter.” This wasn’t an order, not even a threat; it was simply a need for more. Their lips met for a second time and lasted much longer than the first. When they broke apart, they gazed into the others eyes…

Meanwhile, Ron couldn’t believe his eyes. He pinched himself on the arm to confirm that he wasn’t asleep dreaming this horror, though he wished he was. He didn’t know what to think except for one thing; he could never reveal to Harry what he had saw even though they were best mates. To relive this situation would be incredibly embarrassing for the both of them. As for now, he had to reach Gryffindor tower before his cover was blown.

He leaped into his bed after throwing his cloak in his trunk and faced the way he was earlier that night so Harry wouldn’t notice he was awake.



“Yes, Draco?”

“This is our secret.”

“Of course, Draco.” They continued to hold hands until they had to drift apart at the grand staircase. They kissed for one last time on the lips; so smooth to the touch, before departing.

“And, Potter?”

“Yes, Draco?”

“Thanks. You made me feel loads better.”

“My pleasure, Draco.” Draco flinched just then, loving the sound of Harry’s voice whispering his name.

“And don’t forget, this is our secret, Potter.”

“Always, Draco. I wouldn’t dream of telling this to a soul; not even to Ron or Hermione.”

“Well well well.”

“What do we have here?”

“Looks like we have some trouble makers.” Harry and Draco must have been making a racket because they were finally discovered. Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall were standing right behind them on the staircase.

“Fifty points will be taken from the both of you,” Professor McGonagall said.

“And I think a weeks’ worth of detention would suit you both well,” Professor Snape added with a sneer.

“Agreed,” said Professor McGonagall. “Nothing gives you the right to be out of your beds after curfew and you two, sixth years. I expect better from the both of you and I have half a mind to expel you two right now. Now get off to your beds and don’t let me ever catch you out of them after hours again or it will be expulsion next time. Oh and Potter, I will have to confiscate your cloak and that map so you won’t be tempted in the future. I will return them to you at the end of the term.” With that, Professor Snape escorted Draco back to the dungeons for the Slytherin common room and Professor McGonagall did the same for Harry in the opposite direction to the seventh floor and the Gryffindor common room. “Potter, I hate to be strict with you…”

“I know, Professor, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t fall asleep…”

“Is something on your mind?”

Other then the fact that he and Malfoy had just kissed, he answered, “yes.”

“What is it?”

“It’s nothing, Professor. I think it’s just stress is all.”

“Very well, Potter. I will discuss your detentions with Professor Snape and inform you of them tomorrow morning at breakfast. Try to get some sleep, now, you have classes tomorrow.”

“Yes, Professor, goodnight.” Harry said thinking of what he was in store for. Anything Professor Snape came up with was sure to be dangerous or boring. At least he had Professor McGonagall; she would keep his detentions inline.

“And one more thing, Potter…”

“What is it, Professor?”

“Instruct me on how to clear this map, will you?”

“Oh, just say mischief managed to clear it and I solemnly swear that I am up to no good to use it.”

“Thanks Potter.” They had reached the portrait of the fat lady in her silk pink dress. “Felix felicies,” Professor McGonagall said as the old password had changed at midnight and waking the fat lady from her night time doze.

“Hmm?” She said sleepily. “Oh it’s just you. What are you doing out of bed, you little…”

“It’s alright, I have taken care of it,” Professor McGonagall interrupted, as well as reassured her allowing the portrait to swing open accepting Harry in. “Good night, Potter.”

“Night, Professor.” Feeling more awake than he thought possible, Harry continued to lay awake in his bed until daybreak. He still thought of his meeting with Draco and the detentions they now had. Hopefully, they would be together. How could he be so stupid, not hiding himself and Draco from being caught? He had the map after all; he could have easily seen Professor McGonagall and Snape coming long before their arrival. They could have escaped detection…


“How could you be so stupid, Draco? You are a sixth year and should know this rule by now,” Professor Snape stated.

“You can’t be angry with me, sir.”

“No, I am not and you know as well as I do that I would never wish to give you a weeks’ worth of detention. As for the fifty points, that was not my doing.”

“I know, sir. It’s just that I couldn’t sleep. I needed to take a walk or something.”

“Well, I think it’s a stupid rule, myself. Those who are worthy enough to show maturity should be allowed out after hours. That doesn’t include first years or second years, however or students like Potter who think they are superior to everything.”

“I agree fully, sir, but they have the rule to keep us ‘safe’…”

“I know, Draco, but rules can be changed. So you couldn’t sleep? What is on your mind?”

“It’s just Crabbe and Goyle; they have had enough of me.”

“That is their problem, Draco and frankly, you could do so much better.”

“I don’t know, sir. They were always so easy to control, to do my bidding.”

“I understand that, but the Dark Lord has found ways to keep his followers…”

“That’s because they’re all terrified of him, except for Aunt Bella and you.”

Snape laughed, “But that is my point, Draco, you have to get them terrified of you so that they don’t end up walking all over you like Crabbe and Goyle eventually did.”

“Where will I find somebody like that; somebody I can scare into my power?”

“I don’t know, Draco, but you are smarter than this. You will find others. Now what was Potter doing out of bed?”

“He said that he couldn’t sleep either. He found me on that retched map of his and decided to follow me. He gave me some bull shit about wanting to help me, but I never budged…”

“Good because that is none of his business.”

“That’s what I said, but he got it out of me; what I told you about Crabbe and Goyle, it’s like he hexed me or something, but without the use of his wand. Fuck, he never gave me my wand back.”

“Why does he have your wand in the first place, Draco?”

“Well, when I refused to tell him what was bothering me, we raised our wands. It was a short duel because he disarmed me. I asked him for my wand back, but he never returned it.”

“Why, Draco?”

“I dunno. I guess I just forgot. We left shortly after and then you and McGonagall caught us. Look, I’ll ask Potter for it at breakfast, for now, I’m going to bed.” They had reached the entrance to the Slytherin common room ages before, but stopped to chat some more.

“Good night, Draco.”

“Good night, sir” Malfoy felt loads better after discussing what was on his mind with Professor Snape and even Harry surprisingly. Who needed Crabbe and Goyle anyways? They had themselves now.

It was now nearing three o’clock in the morning, so Draco could still get a couple of hours of needed sleep before waking up for his classes. He stripped from the clothes he had on dropping his socks on his trunk for later and re-dressed in his pajamas. He settled down comfortably in his bed after drawing the dark green hangings around him. Before his dreams took a hold of him, he remembered the kiss he shared with Harry and how it became their secret; not mentioning it to Professor Snape ever. That was the reason for why Harry still had his wand and he didn’t care in the least bit. Harry probably didn’t even remember that he had it or he would have given it back. Their kiss had rendered a lot of thoughts that night. Was it a regret? Or, was it a want for more? Whatever it was, Draco knew everything was just fine and that he would get his wand back. All he wanted now was for Harry’s warm body to be in bed with him…


Ron never fell asleep in the time waiting for Harry to make a re-appearance in their dormitory. He, in fact remained wide awake waiting. Was he waiting, though or was he running through his mind the events he had just witnessed? When Harry finally entered, Ron had noticed that he didn’t even try to fall asleep because he was probably trying to clear his mind as well. That was two roommates wide Awake until daybreak, one unaware that his best mate knew the secret he now had. Ron never revealed to Harry that he was awake. Instead, he remained still hoping beyond hope that Harry didn’t expect him up.

When daybreak finally arrived, Neville Longbottom, Seamus Finnigan, and Dean Thomas awoke. They dressed quickly and headed to the Great Hall for breakfast. Harry and Ron had been awake for hours already and were getting ready more slowly. Before they went down to breakfast, themselves, Harry pulled Ron over to the side.

“I have something that I have to tell you,” Harry said and Ron was worried for what he was going to be told though he did pretty well in hiding this from Harry.

“What is it?”

“I received a weeks’ worth of detention last night…”

“What were you doing, to deserve that?” Ron already knew, but he asked the question anyways.

“I was out of bed after hours because I couldn’t fall asleep. I wasn’t doing anything special or else I would have woken you up, but I was just warning you.”

“What do you have to do?” Ron asked interestedly. He just couldn’t put the thought of the kiss between him and Malfoy in the back of his mind so it made it awkward to even talk to Harry.

“I dunno. Professor McGonagall hasn’t given it to me yet.”

“That’s too bad, mate.” They walked down to breakfast.


“You and Mr. Malfoy will be cleaning up the Owlery later tonight at eight to midnight and will continue through the rest of the week,” Professor McGonagall said. “There will be no need to use magic.”

“Yes, Professor,” Harry said. He knew that his detentions would be something stupid as that, but at least he had Malfoy and didn’t have to do it alone.

“See you in class, Potter, Weasley, Granger.”

“So you got a weeks’ worth of detention,” Hermione interrogated with a look of utter horror. “What were you thinking being out of bed? You’re a sixth year, Harry. Honestly, how could you be so stupid?”

“Oh, shut it, Hermione,” Ron said. “He couldn’t get to sleep last night so he decided to go for a walk.”

“That’s still no excuse,” she said.

“Whatever, besides, Harry, didn’t you have your cloak and map with you? How did you get caught?”

“I was stupid; I forgot to put it on after my confrontation with Malfoy…”

“What in the bloody hell were you doing with Malfoy?!” Ron said putting up a good impression of being surprised.

“Well since I couldn’t fall asleep last night, I looked at the map for some fun and noticed him walking to the Trophy room. I dunno; curiosity got the best of me. I followed him to the Trophy room and noticed that something was bothering him so I asked what was on his mind. He wouldn’t tell me about it and he wanted me to leave, but I didn’t so he raised his wand at my chest. He didn’t do anything mostly because I disarmed him… Shit!” He cursed out loud gaining the attention of the students sitting nearby.

“Harry!” Hermione gasped. “Not so loud.”

“What is it?” Ron asked ignoring Hermione’s command.

“I still have Malfoy’s wand with me.”

“And I would like to have it back, Potter.” Draco’s tone was back to normal, or was this just an act of his. Harry played along.

“Here,” Harry said shoving Draco’s wand into is palm. “Now shove off, git.” Harry sneaked a grin to Draco that only he could see. Without a snide remark, Draco left for his first class, Transfiguration.

“Shall we go, then?” Hermione suggested.

“I guess,” Harry said.

“Let’s go,” Ron agreed. So they followed in Draco’s wake to Transfiguration.

Professor McGonagall had them get into pairs when they got their so that they could practice human transfiguration, changing each other into some inanimate object. It was interesting work as it was the first time they had practiced this spell. Hermione, however, was the only one who managed to change her partner, Neville into a desk on her second try earning ten points for Gryffindor. She would have done it on her first attempt except for the fact that she had sneezed during the incantation causing the desk that was, Neville to have the legs as hands and feet and a neck and head at the end of the desk in the center. It was quite amusing. Hermione was exempted from any homework that night, but Professor McGonagall assigned everyone else to have the spell practiced and completely learned by the next lesson because next, they would be learning how to cast it non-verbally.

Their next class was Charms which was a perfect place to get some conversations going. The Gryffindors had class with the Ravenclaws this time and they were doing more spell work that was much more doable compared to Transfiguration.

“Sorry about the detentions, Mate,” Ron had mentioned again for at least the hundredth time.

“Eh, it doesn’t matter. It’s my fault in the first place.”

“Only if you had your cloak on, then Malfoy would have been the one serving detention.”

“Nah, I would have covered him too.”

Ron couldn’t believe his ears. “What?!”

“Well it’s obvious isn’t it, Ron,” Hermione said looking over to have a say in their conversation.

“No, it’s not.”

“Harry would have had to cover Malfoy no matter how much of an arse he is. If he hadn’t, then Malfoy could just have easily pulled the cloak off of Harry, still getting him into trouble.”

“I didn’t think of that, you know-it-all.”

Harry was tired of their bickering and decided to change the subject to a more positive note of Hagrid. They had been so busy lately, they never had the time to go and visit him. They didn’t take his class anymore so that made it even worse. “I want to go and visit, Hagrid,” Harry admitted as he too muttered Aguamenti filling up the bowl they were supposed to be filling with water. That stopped Ron and Hermione from their rambling about Hermione being the future Minister of Magic.

“Me too,” Hermione said. “But when can we go see him? We have class and you have detention tonight, Harry, not to mention homework.”

“Oh don’t gloat, Hermione. And we could go down to see him during lunch,” Ron suggested.

“When does class get out?” Harry asked.

“In about ten minutes.” Ron answered checking his watch that he had got for his seventeenth birthday.

In the end, everybody had successfully cast the Aguamenti Charm they were supposed to try so Professor Flitwick assigned a foot long essay about the properties of the spell and to practice the spell non-verbally for the next lesson. With all of the non-verbal practice they now had to endure, they were becoming experts. The bell then rang and the class was dismissed for lunch.


“I though’ yeh three migh’ o’ forgotten meh,” Hagrid said. He wasn’t angry with them at all, but he had missed their visits every so often. He missed the old times they all had together; when things were simple and they didn’t have a care in the world.

“We’re really sorry, Hagrid. We wanted to come down and see you; it’s just that we’ve been so busy lately…” Hermione reasoned.

“I know yeh’ve been busy. ‘s selfish o’ meh ter think otherwise. Why don’ yeh ‘ome in.” They entered Hagrid’s cabin and sat in the gigantic wooden chairs around the matching rotund table.

“How has class been?”

“Okay,” they said in unison.

“Anything on yer minds?”

“I have a weeks’ worth of detention.”

“Wha’ fer?!”

Harry confessed his mistakes of the previous night. Hagrid never interrupted until the very end when Harry was finished.

“Wha’ d’you have ter do fer yer detention?”

“Clean the Owlery with Malfoy…”

“A’ leas’ yeh have him.”

“…without magic.”


“Wait, Harry,” Hermione said. “Did you ever find out was bothering Malfoy?”

“Who cares,” Ron said before Harry answered her.

“Shh, Ron, this could be important.”

“He said that Crabbe and Goyle had had enough of him and that they didn’t want to be bossed around by him anymore. So they aren’t his friends anymore.”

Hmm,” Ron uttered questioningly.

“I never would have thought that to ever happen,” Hermione said unbelievingly.

“I don’ know,” Hagrid said.


At a quarter to eight, Harry left Ron and Hermione at the Gryffindor House table in the Great Hall for the Owlery and his detention with Draco. In the Entrance Hall, he spotted him emerging from the dungeons.

“Hello, Potter.”

“Evening, Draco.”

“Stop with that, Potter. Continue the act…”

“Why, Draco? Nobody is around to see us.”

“Just wait until detention.”

“You know, you’re cute when you’re agitated, but fine. How have you been coping?”

“With Crabbe and Goyle, not too good. I still have to put up with them in the common room or in class; they never leave.”

“Not that, Malfoy! I meant the other thing that has been coursing through my mind all day and I know has been doing the same through yours.”

“Okay, I guess. Just stop talking about it for now and wait until we are absolutely alone.”

They entered the Owlery to find no owls sleeping lazily about in the spaces above. They must have been removed for their sake. To the left of the entrance, were muggle tools to clean up all of the owl droppings that was layered all over the floor and walls. This was going to take a lifetime to clean, not a week. And for what? The owls would just come back to dirty the place again. They knew that they weren’t supposed to use any magic, but without the observation from any of the Professors, they bewitched the tools anyways to clean the place themselves. If in case someone was near, the tools would stop what they were doing and make it look as if Harry and Draco had been doing it all along. As for how much the tools would clean, they were limited so that the dreadful task could last them a week to finish it even though they weren’t lifting a finger. The next thing they did was to clear a spot on the ground so that they had a place to sit. Draco wasn’t in the mood to sit on hard concrete, so he waved his wand through the air making a couch appear out of nowhere.

“Now what were you saying, Potter?” Draco said taking Harry’s hand and taking him to the couch for some fun…


“I have something I need to tell you…”

“What is it?”

“Let’s go somewhere so nobody can overhear us.”

“I know a perfect place.”

“C’mon, let’s go!” Ron followed after Hermione as she lead him to the seventh  floor corridor to a bare piece of wall across from the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy being clubbed by a couple of trolls.

“C’mon, Ron, think of a room that will keep our conversation completely private.”

I need a room that will keep our conversation completely private, I need a room that will keep our conversation completely private, I need a room that will keep our conversation completely private, they had both thought as they walked past the wall three times that was now replaced by wrought iron doors.

“Now what do you need to talk to me about, Ron?” Hermione asked.

“It’s about last night…”

“What else can there be? Spit it out already,” she said impatiently.

“Well,” Ron hesitated. “Harry wasn’t the only one out of bed last night…”

“I know, Malfoy was with him.”

“No, not that, Hermione. I was out of bed too.”

“What were you doing out of bed?” Ron told her how he woke up and saw that Harry was gone and how he had took the cloak and map with him, although she already knew that interrupting him to tell him so.

“You know Harry would have woken me up if it was anything important.”

“Yeah and he said that he couldn’t fall asleep so that’s why he was up.”

“He didn’t mention everything about last night, though…”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, I didn’t know what he was doing, so I followed him. There I am out in the open and I hear some loud shouting. It was from Harry and Malfoy in the Trophy room, even though I had a heart attack thinking it was from McGonagall or Snape who had caught me…”

“Okay?” Hermione said in a way that told Ron to continue on with his story and to skip over the nonsense that wasn’t too important.

“Well, I got closer to the scene, of course to see what the matter was and to make this long story shorter, I saw Malfoy…” Ron stopped not wanting to say the next part of his story.

“C’mon, Ronald, Malfoy, what?” Hermione asked impatiently.

“Well, Malfoy was flirting with Harry…”

“What?! No way, you must have been imagining things. It was the middle of the night after all…”

“No, Hermione, I wasn’t. I saw it all with my own two eyes. I even pinched myself a couple of times for the same reasons you have and I was the one that witnessed it.”

“Does Harry or Malfoy know anything about this?”

“Well, I didn’t want them to catch me, did I? I don’t think I could ever tell Harry this. But that’s not all I saw…”

“How do you mean?”

“I saw them kiss…”

“No, you have gone way too far this time! They are supposed to be enemies! There is no way they kissed!”

“Well, you wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t true.”

“You cannot be serious, Ron. It was a dream.”

“It was not a dream, Hermione! They kissed on the lips and then broke apart to say a couple of things and then they were at it again. That’s when I left.”

“So you’re not making this up?”


“They actually kissed; Harry and Malfoy?”


“Do you think it meant anything?”

“It didn’t seem like it at first. Harry was a little freaked out by it actually. Then they kissed again and it felt different to me. It’s like Malfoy charmed Harry in some way, but he didn’t because Harry had his wand.”

“Malfoy’s a Slytherin, he has a number of methods up his sleeves to ‘charm’ Harry.”

“What should I do?”

“All you can do, is to forget about it. Let Harry tell you when he’s ready.”

“Like he ever would.”

“You never know, he might feel just as weird as you do about the whole situation.”

“I dunno.”

“Ron, you have to let him tell you about it first. We’re supposed to be best friends, he can tell you anything.”

“He didn’t seem to mention it to us today.”

“God damn it, Ron! That’s because these things take time. He might never tell either one of us about it. Let me put it this way, look at Professor Lupin and his Lycanthrophy…”

“His what?”

“Lycanthrophy is another name for his werewolf transformations.”


“Anyways, Professor Lupin is ashamed by his transformations every full moon and doesn’t tell a soul about it. In fact, we wouldn’t even know about it, if it wasn’t for, Snape.”

“That’s different, Hermione, but I guess you’re right. We have to do something to keep my mind off of it, now.”

“You could do that homework Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick assigned you.”

“Harry hasn’t done it yet…”

“Well, he has detention, doesn’t he and besides, he was pretty damn close to mastering his Transfiguration spell in class.”

“Fine! But, what will you be doing? You already mastered both spells and finished the essay from Flitwick.

“I’m going to start practicing how to do the human transfiguration non-verbally.”

“You are such an over achiever, Hermione.”

“Yeah, and you will be thanking me when I earn ten House Points for mastering it on my first try in class; maybe even twenty.”

“That’s only if you don’t sneeze again…”

“Oh shut up, Ron! Who knows, if you master the two spells quickly and finish Professor Flitwick’s essay, you might be able to start it non-verbally and scratch us a few more points.”

“Ha-ha, I always loved your sense of humor, Hermione!”

“I was being serious actually.”

“I know.” They left for the Gryffindor common room after their heated conversation.


So far that evening, nobody had bothered Harry and Draco and it was nearing eleven o’clock. They were lying rather close to one another on the couch and were bare foot playing footsy their shoes and socks on the floor in front of them.

“It’s lucky we’re here alone right now, Draco.”

“I wouldn’t ask to be anywhere else right now, but with you.”

“That’s oddly sweet of you, Draco.”

“Now that I see my love for you, I don’t have to insult you every second anymore, it’s nice.”

“I’m just not used to it yet.”

“And you shouldn’t get used to it because we have to keep that act up.”

“Agreed.” They kissed on the mouth again their tongue’s sliding into the others moth to play. They pulled apart so they could strip from their shirts.“How far are we going to take this, Draco?”

“Are you worried?”

“A little.”

“Then this is fine.” Their lips met so often now that it was easier for them to accept it as they locked their lips together. At any rate, these so-called lovers might never have been enemies to begin with.

“How are we going to hide this if it’s becoming more intense?” Harry asked worried.

“You’ll just have to follow my lead, Potter.”

“We still have four days of this. What if we lose control of ourselves?”

“I never lose control and besides, I wouldn’t let that happen if you didn’t want it.”

“What if people find out our secret?”

“Nobody saw what happened last night in the Trophy room except for us, otherwise, we would have heard them. As long as we swear never to tell anyone, our secret will be safe…forever… Do you swear on it?”

“Yeah, but what if…”

“Then kiss me to lock the deal.” They kissed for the umpteenth time that night. Now, he, Harry, could never tell a soul. Not that he ever would. If that secret got out, the Daily Prophet would be in an uproar. He could imagine the headlines now: The Chose One and his Secret Gay Love Scene. Yeah, it was definitely remaining a secret…forever. People were prejudiced especially when it came to somebody famous.

“Maybe we can take this further tomorrow night,” Harry suggested.

“Yeah, maybe,” Draco agreed. They dressed and put their sock and shoes back on their feet. Draco made the couch vanish in thin air while Harry un-bewitched the muggle cleaning tools.

“Same time tomorrow, Potter?”

“Of course, Draco.” They left the Owlery separately at first, then ended up back together as it was midnight and nobody was up wandering the castle, but them. They grasped hands and stopped at the point where they had been caught the night before. All was well this time as they gave one last goodnight kiss and were off to their dormitories.


Ron and Hermione were still up in the Gryffindor common room when Harry returned from his detention. They were practicing the spells from Transfiguration, but non-verbally.

“Oh, hello, Harry,” Hermione said a little bit too cheerfully.

“What’s up, mater?” Ron asked. “How was detention with Malfoy?”

“It was goo-dull work.” Harry was about to give away his secret.

At this response, Ron gave Hermione a curious look, but Hermione continued. “Really, I’m sorry.”

“Neither Professor McGonagall or Snape were there to make sure we washed everything by hand, so we bewitched the cleaning tools to clean it themselves.”

“Why didn’t you just clean it up with just magic?” Ron questioned.

“Because then the cleaning tools would have looked clean instead of dirty like they should be. We couldn’t make it look obvious, could we? Besides, if we used magic, the Owlery could have been clean in less than a minute, but we have a week to clean it. Anyways, what have you two been up to tonight?”

“I was practicing the spells from McGonagall and Flitwick and just finished the essay.” He pointed at the finished essay behind him. “Want to see my Transfiguration, then?” Without a reply from Harry, or the warning to Hermione, he turned her into a chair, matching the others in the common room.

“That’s brilliant, mate.”

“Yeah, I got it down a couple of hours ago. Now Hermione and I are doing it without talking.”

“Who are you; mate and what have you done with Ron?”Ron then turned Hermione back into herself.


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