The Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Life

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


There is a tree that is lost in endless agony. There are beings with a hunger evil and intent. There are Guardians with hearts pure and strong. This is a tale of Sacrifice and Battle and Love.


There is a tree that is lost in endless agony. There are beings with a hunger evil and intent. There are Guardians with hearts pure and strong. This is a tale of Sacrifice and Battle and Love.


Submitted: April 24, 2016

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Submitted: April 24, 2016



The Elementals

and the

Tree Of Life

(Not My poem. Unfortunatly IDK where I got it from anymore. Sorry.)


An ash I know there stands,

Yggdrasill is its name,

a tall tree, showered

with shining loam

From there come the dews

that drop in the valleys

It stands forever green over

Urðr's well.


They rested upon the tree of life that was Yggdrasil. They languished and feed with an insatiable hunger for destruction and an all consuming greed that only grew in the darkest recess where the tree resided. They were with out name, but held steady form and it was monstrous to behold. The bodies of many naked serpents seemed to be all that they consisted of. Their flesh full of pockets of decay, sizzling sores and pussy boils. Thick patches of sharp scraggly hair molded across their round and featureless head and face. They were without eyes or ears, with out feet or tongues, but all along sides of their unmeasurable bodies sprouted long spider like appendages that clanked and chittred across the surface of the trees smooth bark like sharp pikestaffs. They were a brutal race of dark beings with no other thoughts in them then to destroy they tree and then gouge themselves one the sustenance left behind. And so they clambered and ate, clambered and battled, clambers and laid waste to the tree of life. Yggdrasil sagged under the weight of the vermin, and slowly the light of life began to die in that dark and lonely place surrounded by so much darkness and evil, but things soon took a turn for the better for the bearer of worlds, Yggdrasil. The day is refereed to in many ancient texts and story's, but we have come to call it The Seven days of Creation. On this day a light like no other invaded the world and chased the darkness from the universe. It shown upon the tree and with the blessed light came a race of beings that were the very essence of that light. The Yeeg'dra, as the beings of light came to call the fowl monsters, cowered in fear of this new light, they despised its warmth and the piercing clarity it brought to the darkness of their decrepit realm. The newer beings of light fell upon the tree soon after the last days of creation, and seeing its sorry state and understanding the true importance of the life within Yggdrasills bark, endeavored to save its waning life. The Yeeg'dra would have none of this for they still desired the trees sweet life for their own selfish gains. They did not hate the tree or truly think about their actions taken to end its life. They were there to destroy and then revel in that destruction, they had been this way since before there was time, and would always be so. The beings of light came to them and the Yeeg'dra would not listen. They put up a battle the likes that the world had seldom witnessed , for the universe was dead and far to young to care. All the same the battle was mighty, but the Yeeg'dra unaccustomed to battle and far duller in will and spirit then the beings of light fell easily to their strength of heart and noble cause. The growing universe, the scrapes of bubbling darkness still evading the light and the dying tree watched as the whipped Yeeg'dra were driven out of Yggdrasill and darkness was replaced with light. To the best of our knowledge this battle took place millions and trillions of times ago and so the time of their our kin began. The beings of light rebuilt the tree anew.



Peace and Restoration

They poured their souls into its restoration, and the tree in turn gave all of its self to the beings of light and as the universe grew and the tree healed a word in our tongue became the norm for the guardians of the tree. They were the watches and keepers of life. They were the very spirits of grass and soil, sunlight and cool water, they were everything of light and true opposites to their dark and cruel enemies the Yggdra. The Elementals. The Elementals saw the destruction that their foes had wrought on the fruits of the trees and thus the worlds that resided with in them. The wars of first civilizations of humanity, the famine on the creatures of the soil, and the death of countless other races whose worlds were tied to Yggdrasil could all be laid at the Yeeg'dra's feet. The Yeeg'dra had infected the tree with hate and cruelty and so the universe had suffered for it. “No more.” the Elementals agreed silently amongst then self's. They took it upon themselves to keep the creatures of old locked down deep beneath the soils of life, hidden and imprisoned in the roots of Eternal time. The tree that they had sought to destroy now their eternal prison. So time passed and the tree of life was cared for and healed by the Elementals. Then once this task was fulfilled the Elementals worked tirelessly and painstakingly for millions of years to heal the many damaged worlds of the tree. They infused their souls into the cores of life and made sure to keep their enemies far from the branches and its fruit. But the Yeeg'dra weren't the only beings who hungered for the branches of life and the sweet blood of the worlds within. Many things were chased away when light pervaded the world, many dark, evil things, but they made their way back. Not locked under the tree as the more dangerous Yeeg'dra they amassed in uncontrolled groups of boiling hate.. Over the passing of time the darkness that had fled from the light had began to grow bold and large in number.


“It dose not burn.” They cackled

“It dose not hurt.” They hissed

“ It dose not kill.” They slurped

“It matters to us not.” They said through gnashed rotted teeth and so they no longer feared the light. With that fear gone, greed began to take hold of the dark things hearts and they began to envy the Elementals for their possession of Yggdrasil. For in their twisted minds the tree was only useful towards their own short lived gains.


“We should have the tree. We should” They moped.

“It belonged to the darkness anyway.. once.” They screamed.

“Its mine!” They hungered and whispered from their hidden lairs. Soon they hung over the Elementals like a never ending sky and waged countless wars. Battle after battle was fought in vain efforts to uproot the Elementals and swallow the trees as the Yeeg'dra once had. Yet the Elementals did not fall or falter, they won every battle, defeated every army of never ending marches only to turn and face yet another more powerful one. The Yeeg'dra bid-ed their time under the roots of the trees. They soaked up the power of the Elementals and ate the flesh of the roots as the tree was healed. As passed and the Elementals stood tall, never wavering from their duty, sadly their numbers began to dwindle, and the wars took their toll. They began to realizes that they had made the ultimate sacrifice and the ultimate mistake. The tree of life was now healed, full of life, and hope, and the worlds of the tree were thriving, but the Elementals were no long for the world, their powers were weakening, they were going to lose the tree someday soon. So they devised a plan. The last of the Elementals stood before the tree, and poured their bright spirits with in. Yggdrasil, grateful for their love and care that they had shown it, opened itself to their cries. The Elementals wanted to rest in final peace, to walk in freedom and sew new seed in the worlds of the trees fruit. Yeegrasil, now more powerful then ever before contemplated their wish and finally, granted it.


Part 3

A battle Never ending

 It groaned and shifted as if a man were shrugging its shoulders. With slow even swaying of its trunk and branches, it dropped its tallest limbs to the far away soil. Then a humming seemed to course through the air and the hearts of the Elementals and the tree united. Suddenly standing bathed in many colors of beautiful warm light were door ways into the sky's. Yggdrasil had opened the paths to new worlds. There were six of them in all and all of them free to roam. The Elementals drifted down the paths one by one, aching for peaceful lives and a land to rest their spirits. After its protectors had left it Yeegrasil knew it was vulnerable. It decided to remove itself from danger. This is where the Yeeg'dra's come back into the story. After laying dormant for so long they had fallen into a deep slumber, but they felt the stirring of the darkness, the pulse of the tree and the absence of their jailers. Now was the time to strike! They came came swiftly by the hundreds they swarmed the tree, trailed by army of darkness that numbered the innumerable. And Yggdrasil was ready. It cut down the enemies, destroyed the armies and laid many of the Yeeg'dra to final rest, but still the armies came. Yggdrasil made its final stand and with all the power within it from years of nurture and care, it banished the final enemies rising before it and sealed its fruits forever. Then Yggdrasil fell into eternal sleep,sinking its consciousness deep into the darkness. It became unmoving and inaccessible to all. The army's that remained and the Yeeg'dra that had survived seethed in anger at the trees invulnerability, they had once again been denied the fruit and destruction of the tree that they had ached for for eternity's, but this isn't the end of the story. For the Yeeg'dra cloaked in darkness and free of their guardians weren't ready to give up, they searched for a way out of their new prison once more. After years of being under the tree and eating the power of their brothers poured into the trees essence the Yeeg'dra realized that they could see with the eyes of the Elementals and with energy stolen from the trees own roots they were able to sniff out and force open the Six Paths that the Elementals had fled across. The Yeeg'dra flooded the path ways, flowing down into the worlds hidden within like an never ending rain. Army's of darkness followed soon after following where their now strong and crueler master lead. So it was that the Yeeg'dra and the Elementals continued their battle down through the ages in those six paths, on those six worlds. Yggdrasil saw it all, it could only remain dormant and untouchable because only then was it left alone. Safe. It was a powerful and sentient tree, but it was not immortal. It held the fate of so many in the fruit of its branches that it hesitated to put its own life at stake for the lives of so few. But its love for its guardians was great and its bark groaned and its roots howled for every death that it felt a Elemental suffer. Yggdrasil was unable to act as a living being of flesh, but still witanted to help. So it stretched its influence through time, hoping that one day it could find the perfect moment to reawaken. With anguish in its heart it continued to stand in safety and watch the wars of the Yeegdra as decade after decade meltes away.

Part 4

One Path

There before the sleeping tree stands three paths choked by the armies of darkness as they continue to push their taint down into the worlds with in. In these last three worlds the Elementals hold true, they guard because they chooses to guard. Worlds ruled by change, and war and forces unknown are the battle grounds. So the battle has waged, the Elementals have blended into time and the Yeeg'dra have grown crafty. One one path no longer are the battles fraught upon bloody fields or gracefully from horse back, but the battles wage in secret. Behind dark alleys and atop mountain, in the sewers and the tall cement cites, in the hearts of men and the actions of children, in the unexplained that we catch a glimpse of in every day life. So the battle continues on one of the paths, and this is the path of a world called Terra.  








Yegdrasil Dead

Yeegdrasil Alive









One Path





Army of Darkness










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