Tales of a Shifter (P6) Child of Sun & Moon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is the END...or the Beginning?

Through epic tales of times long past, there is often the expression "Once upon a time..."

This phrase is used to encapsulate a vague idea of who and where and why and when. This soft introduction into a story is how you would start most Tales...but not this particular one.

This time there is no fantasy or smudged timeline. There is only the harsh truth. The unshakable millenniums. The undeniable tragedy. The Law of Equivalent Exchange.

A Tale of Conclusion or Origins? A Tale of Triumph or Trepidation?

A Tale that needs to finally be told.


All of his young life Brandon has struggled in a fog of cruelty and confusion spun into a web of misery by the people who despised him, used him, and BROKE him...even those that claimed to love him most.

Fresh from the hellish nightmare of the Base where and he and his lover were pressed and beaten beneath the sadistic and powerful hands of the Brotherhood; Brandon and Ezekiel are eventually able to escape, but are then left to collect the shattered pieces of all that they know.

They are left with some small answers...and also too many painful questions to count. They are left with no other choice, but to face this darkness haunting their love and to fight against it....or lose each other in the onslaught.

So now with no other place to turn, and his mind and soul tortured by vague perceptions and unspoken lies, Brandon seeks out the truth behind it all. His abused heart strengthened by the love he has received from Ezekiel, this man, this Druid, this Mana User...Brandon the Child of SUN and MOON...

He will make a decisive move to uncover truths and answers that will crumble and pale in comparison to who and what he will soon become. To what he will CHOOSE to become for the love of those he holds dear, for all that he knows, and cherishes and is destined to do.

But....at what price?

Ezekiel had believed that he could shelter Brandon. He knew love is powerful, but even now their new relationship is one drunken with danger, unfulfilled passions and unrealized Bonds.

Ezekiel teased, tormented and utterly overcome by his love, his need and his desire to protect Brandon will be caught in a whirlwind of powerful beings who are all determined to get to his Druid....one way or another.

To see Brandon through the storms trying to tear them apart and trying to divide the very heavens and earth around them; Ezekiel will call on the unshakable loyalty of his family.

Ezekiel will also have to call upon a part of himself that he had always pushed aside. A side he fears.

A part of him that could bring him to ruin, but if he wants to have a chance of protecting the man who has stolen his soul...and given him purpose in living, then the Guardian is going to need to find a unknown power inside and become something unknown and reshaped by their connection.

Ezekiel will have to face both Gods and illusions to be with a man that has become his closest connection to life and so the Reaver is willing to face the coming darkness...and he's willing to face insanity, death and tragedies of old.

Things only remembered by the Mountains shall come back to light. And to protect all that he holds dear Ezekiel must vanquish the mysteries that would stand in his way.

No matter the price!

Welcome to the Tale that is finally going to be told....weather we want it to or not.

WERE FINALLY HERE! Welcome all you Tales Faithful's!!! Thank you for all of the wonderful support you have shown me over the last few years. Brandon and Ezekiel's journey has been leading to this. And I welcome you who have walked beside them all this way to STRAP in and enjoy this mother*ucking ride until the end!!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 -Suffering

Welcome back all my Tales faithful readers. Im so excited to start the end of this series for you all I request patience on your end because this is my last month of school and then Im graduating
from college! So I may get wrapped up with class assignments but I will always try to update at least once a week!

Thank you for the reads, feedback and support! I cant wait to see what you all think of Book 6!

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Chapter 2 - Searching

Chapter 2 - Searching Weakness Pain Love Burdens Loss Hate In body soul, and mind we buried these things in&n... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 - High Elder

Chapter 3 – High Elder Mantilo was the first to notice that Ezekiel had arrived and he swiftly called it to everyone's attention. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 - Treason

*Uh-Oh....* Chapter 4- Treason The Sacred Law was powerful...and nothing to be taken lightly. It was a governing template or ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 - A guardians Duty

Chapter 5— A Guardians Duty Unable to capture his swirling senses Ezekiel didn't fight the feelings coming over him, instead he lef... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 - Chaos & Confusion

Before we begin I just want to say that I had all this amazing art and pictures to add to these next batches of chapters, but because the moderators have take down ALLL the art ive put into this story the last few years, I feel it might be best to go forwards without adding anymore pictures so I hope you all enjoy this next update and know that I wanted to really go in with the visuals to amp up the story but I cant right now. ENJOY! Read Chapter

Chapter 7 - The Reason

Chapter 7 - The Reason   Bonsa steeped to him. "Boy hear me now...I need to understand something and by answering me clearly... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 - Novice & Teacher

Chapter 8 – Novice & Teacher Brandon woke up with a small grunt and a yelp as pure agony cut over his core and limbs yanking him fr... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 - Chase Unending

Chapter 9 - Chase Unending Ann shot to her feet and started to back to the left, away from the shadows, but at that moment a large lu... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 - Constant Struggle

Chapter 10 – Constant Struggle After the attack stained silence rained between them for a few hours after this. In that time Ann te... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 - Disagreement

Chapter 11 -Disagreement Six more miles of marching was a slog of misery for Brandon because even with his mind concentrated his was ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 - Her Life

Chapter 12 – Her Life Brandons voice was loud, his emotions on the edge of his control once more even as he tried to express himsel... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 - Her First Game

Chapter 13 – Her First Game Brandon frowned, sensing Ann's growing sorrow as the woman's fists balled into her ruined dress and her... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 - Broiling Shadows

Chapter 14 – Broiling Shadows "Move! Move! Move! Get the Elder to safety!" came the brash call from the mouths of the Elders entour... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 - New Foes

*(Hope you are enjoying this small batch of updates. Please give me a little bit of feedback and let me know if Im doing justice to the s... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 - Distraught

Chapter 17 - Distraught There was someone in the trees...someone dangerous he had to kill. That was the last thing Ezekiel rememb... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 - Mended Minds

Chapter 18 – Mended Minds  Pain....hatred....gushing blood. Voices screaming his name. The strong unyielding arms of his f... Read Chapter

Chapter 18- Immortal Hound

Chapter 18 - Immortal Hound   There was no way to prepare, just the instinctive need for survival saved Brandon fr... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 - Irreconcilable

 Irreconcilable I thought you were just some reincarnated NOBODY...and all the while it was really you hiding in that heart, act... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 - Not The Same

Not The Same There was a sickening and very audible sound of flesh searing at the touch of the Mana to raw skin. The agony of the act... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 - A Healers Wrath

Glen watched her Mate carry and lie their son down across the cot. They had returned back to the mansion and the family of Guardians had ... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 - Burn Out

Two days.  After passing out at the camp days before Brandon had been out for almost 2 days. Carrying Brandon up, and around the... Read Chapter

Chapter 23 - Found

Chapter 23 - Found No! Brandon! Brandon! Panic and pure embarrassment choked the Alchemist's a she marched deep into the dim... Read Chapter

Chapter 24 - Only Wrong Choices

Chapter 25-Only Wrong Choices   Half an hour on borrowed time. They had survived for over thirty minutes…and Brandon had n... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 - On The Edge

   On the Edge “Ok…so a portal…is that all we have?” Brandon gripped to himself as he sighed and glanced aw... Read Chapter

Chapter 26 - MMR

Chapter 27- MMR   Minutes passed and the circle of death around them just got tighter and tighter. They had been shuffling b... Read Chapter

Chapter 27 - Asunder

Chapter 27 - Asunder   Brandon forced all of the pain stabbing him along his guts and spine to a finite whisper in the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 28 - Cant Die Yet

  Chapter 29-  Cant Die Yet   Ezekiel woke up and he wanted to let out a flurry of snapping teeth and slashing... Read Chapter

Chapter 29 - Elder & Reaver

When Ezekiel awakened  a second time he sensed instantly and smelled that he was in a different area of the mansion…and that he wa... Read Chapter

Chapter 30 - Fallen Elder

Chapter 31 - Fallen Elders *Drip…Drip…Drip* Eternity was made of this sound. Time was forgotten at the resonance of its echoe... Read Chapter

Chapter 31 - Fallen Elders

Chapter 31 - Fallen Elders *Drip...Drip...Drip* Eternity was made of this sound. Time was forgotten at the resonance of its echoe... Read Chapter

Chapter 32 - Cold Hell

Chapter 32 - Cold Hell When she woke up Ann was cold...so cold....and wet. Cold....like I've fallen into snow somehow... Ann ... Read Chapter

Chapter 33 - Broken Novice

Chapter 33– A Broken Novice Brandon lay in a painful heap before her. He seemed to have fallen from the portal just like her and by... Read Chapter

Chapter 34 - Fade

Chapter 34– Fade Exhaustion and cold stole all of Anns strength. She slipped into a half awareness, as cold winds battered them bot... Read Chapter

Chapter 35 - Lost King

Chapter 35 – The Lost King At first when he landed Jacob had lost himself to pure lunacy that wrapped his mind in chains so sweetly... Read Chapter