First Blood

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

When darkness kissed your skin.
When pain bled obedience.
When I caressed your Soul.
In passion our Union is destined to hold....

Deric Offshore is a young man, with numerous problems.

He is alone, constantly in peril and on the verge of losing it all...

So when he takes the only path he believes will save him....He encounters a destiny and a creature that is determined to posses him. Taste him. And hold him. Forever.

But as the blood to do the secrets. Secrets about the Creature pursuing him.
Burdened by his own problems....The Creature stalks the night. Hungry and wanting. Its desires and thirst entertwined and made One.

A tale of First Blood spilled between a lost soul and a desperate soul.


Table of Contents

Chapter One - Eyes

Something lurks in the darkness.

(Hello everyone and welcome to a kick ass new world. Fair Warning this is going to be a Short Story so enjoy all the deliciousness while it lasts. Much Luv and if you like this keep an eye out for
the updates!)
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Chapter Two- Whore

Chapter Two- Whore To get through his time in the streets Deric had slowly learned where to congregate with his fellow down on their ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three- Escort Play-By-Play

Erica and Deric ply the rules of the trade... Read Chapter

Cpater 5 - Domino and Caprinell

Chapter 5 – Domino and Caprinell   An hour later found Derik alone. He stood there in the dim light of a street lamp, tryi... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 - The Client

    Chapter 6 - The Client For a long time, Derrick languished in the back of that car. His mind a thous... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 -Burning

Chapter 7 – Burning Cortez was a hung, specimen of testosterone, muscle, and the beauty of something not quite human. Nothing more ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Chapter- Sealing the Deal?   “OH my GOD. Oh my Fucking GOD!!” Deric screamed and as adrenaline and terror shot into his ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 - The Lord

Chapter 9 – The Lord   Caprinell reacted the the attack as if he had seen it coming. Seemingly ignoring the very laws ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 - The Thirst

Chapter 10 – Thirst Master Caprinell traversed the winds as if he were simply another stray wind. He and the prescious burden i... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 - Sire's Request

Chapter 11 The moment the man got close enough Caprinell fought all of his inner voices, and thrust Derick away from him and out towa... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 - Brother to Be

Chapter 12 – Brother to Be Blake carried the mortal close to his body as he raced like a bat out of hell to escape his Master. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 - No Harm

Chapter 13 Derick didn’t wake, but consciousness came to him in bits and pieces of confused sensations. The light was on his ey... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 - Stop Me

Chapter 14- Stop Me Derrick felt a pure shot of terror cut through him freezing him to the spot as he stared up into the ferocious re... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 - Damage

Chapter 15 – Damage Every step, breath and strained muscle that he had to suck in to help him move the 100 ton passed out Caprinell... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 - Connected

Chapter 16 - Connected The alcove that they came to was at the crest of a small set of stairs that looked somewhat less dusty and ign... Read Chapter