Eve's Blood - Happy New Kill

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Darkness is real. It lives. It breathes. It plots. There in a seedy motel it lies and cackles at society.

The media ate up the murders like a child in a candy store, while the citizens cowered beneath the darkness. A fowl shadow stalked the night gobbling up girls and leaving empty husks behind. All the questions twisted and branched, but none of them had an ending...terror reigned. Then terror died.

Seven cold years have passed for Mcdonely, the lead detective on the case and it has never showed signs of heating back up. Now he is retired and training a new gutsy ball of fire and brains. A damn good cop by the name of Robin Walls.

So when the trail of something dark and twisted begins to heat up once more, soon after New years in 2014, Robin becomes the head detective on the case, in an attempt to redeemed her mentor, but is she ready?

There are things about this case that haunt her...literally. As Robin works her way through body after body, crime scene after crime scene, things just won’t add up for her and as she closes in, the danger proves too much...so she is forced into a partnership with FBI agent Cameron Lucas, aka Cam.

Cam hates her guts and more often then not he refuses to acknowledge her or her opinions, but something about this case is more complex then either of them can ever know. They will have to put their heads if not their hearts together to survive, but can Robin trust someone who hates her so much. Someone who is keeping secret that can get her killed?

So hers my attempt at making a compelling thriller crime novel, mixed with some romance and other elements that you just have to read to find. Enjoy the start of a new series and as always tell me what you think! Happy New Kill

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Curiosity

  Chapter 1 - Curiosity Clark Newel rubbed his gray stormy eyes and drug his long spider like finger across his full lips an... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 - HDYCAP

  Chapter 2 - HDYCAP Clark continued to scroll. He rolled his finger along the mouse almost lovingly, unaware of the intimat... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 - New Kill

Chapter 3 – New Kill The Phantom exited the bathroom and the hotel, carrying his computer and a duffel bag that no one could possib... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 - Echoes

Chapter 4 - Echo's McDonely squinted his eyes tightly as yet another blinding flash of light speared into his tired eyes. Large sweat... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 - Past

Chapter 5 – Past Mcdonely listened to Paul shuffle out of his room, he knew Paul wouldn't want to disturb Martha, his wife of thirt... Read Chapter