Cruel Pleasures

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


Two Lovers broken apart by a cruel event.

One of the lovers is a young girl named Maybelle. And Maybell is responsible for a heinous act. She is responsible, and so she deserves to be punished. She deserves everything that he does to her. Doesn’t she?

The other Lover is a powerful man. Isiah Lee. And he wants to get revenge. He wants to stop the pain. The painful madness of love betrayed. She deserves everything that he does to her. Doesn’t she?

A short story of cruelty, pleasure…and maybe renewal.

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Come (Cum)

A short story for you wonderful people. Enjoy! Read Chapter

Chapter Two - Lee Residence

Chapter Two –  Lee Residence   Maybell parked the car at 7:28 pm. Nearly twisting her ankle, she dashed from the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 - Anything

Chapter Three- Anything Isiah Lee was maddeningly in love.  Such a thing he had never known he could feel. Emotion like ligh... Read Chapter

Chapter Four- Regret

?Chapter Four- Regrets Maybell trembled as Isiah walked / pulled her deeper into his large quiet home. Every now and then the wom... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 - Apologize

Chapter Five- Apologize Isiah watched Maybell shiver and unconsciously wrap her arms around her shoulders. Finally she turned, and wa... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 - Do it

Chapter Six – Do it Maybell blanched, backing away from the bed and shaking her head. “Isiah you can’t be serious…” “... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 - The Tape

Chapter Seven – The Tape Isiah had cleaned himself up, tucked away his cock, and discarded the vibrator…signaling to Maybell that... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 - Losing Her

Chapter 8 - Losing Her Sheltering her smaller body in his arms Isiah made a quick anxious call to "911"  as he carried Mayb... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 - The Lee's

I'm sorry for my late update. But there are a million excuses I've got and no time to type. Please don't hate me and enjoy this batch. I truly love you all and hope for your best in the upcoming year. Thx again for the patience and sorry for the delays. Really. Read Chapter

Chapter 10 - Hospitals

Chapter 10 Hospital When Isiah rejoined his parents, he was mildly surprised to be informed that Drake had asked for them to be moved... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 - Why?

Chapter 11 - Why Vomit, sour like stale water and old oranges gurgled up from Isiahs core. And sorrowful tears swam in his eyes as th... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 - The Harm Remains

Chapter 12 - The Harm Remains   Isiah was pulled from a uncomfortable sleep by the sudden “shick” of metal sliding acros... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Wrath When Isiah went into the room the first and only thing he had eyes for was the woman lying calmly in the bed. Ma... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 - Fix

Chapter 14 –  Fix The soft cushion beneath her, the pleasant and somewhat disconcerting sound of machines whirring and the dul... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 - Too Much

Chapter 15 Too Much A long moment passed. Then Maybell tightened her fists and glanced at the only other person still standing in the... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 - The Hunt

  Chapter 16- The Hunt   The building came alive as the morning rose above the clouds and dissipated the cool d... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 - The Wily Fox

Chapter 17- The Wily Fox Fox sat at the computer. The area around them was a den of flashing screens, tarps, cool air, and ropes o... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 - Terrible

Chapter 18 - Terrible Maybell clutched at her lower back as she shifted far too fast in the bed. Everything lower than her breasts hu... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 - From 6 to 4

Chapter 15 - From 6 to 4 “Mr Lee?” Came a soft voice through the door. “Mr Lee? Its me?” Isiah sighed as he sat back and ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20- Hindered

Chapter 20- Hindered   Isiah was in a flurry of typing and a place of ferocious focus. The last thing he remembered doing be... Read Chapter

Chapter 21- From 4 to 2

Chapter 21-  From 4 to 2 Hacking was a finite art…and also something deeply intimate and horribly twisted by the perversions o... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 - Enduring Love

This update took FOREVER to get done and its not even that long. I just man I suffered for all this downtime and finishing school and a new baby in the family...and moving apartments....and so much mental and spiritual stuff as well.


Please enjoy this new update and know that I have put extra in because I want you to know I do care about this story and plan to get it finished.

Alright Muc Luv. Enjoy!
Read Chapter

Chapter 23 - Ships in the Night

Chapter 23 – Ships In the Night Thoughtless, frightened and with a heart twisted around by sorrow and anxiety Maybell checked herse... Read Chapter

Chapter 24 - Mr & Mrs Caudwell

Chapter 24 – Mr & Mrs Caudwell Isiah exited the front of the building after gathering the package he needed from the mail room. The... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 - Gracie

Chapter 25 - Gracie An hour later Isiah sat, in the dining room, quietly palming the glock in his lap as he sat waiting for his prey ... Read Chapter

Chapter 26 - The Fox's Tale

Chapter 26—The Fox's Tale Sitting in a passenger seat Maybell looked at the petite man, mapping his profile in silent curiosity. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 27 - Monsters

Chapter 27 – Monsters Maybell and Orson tore off down the road in the opposite direction of the sirens. With silent tension between... Read Chapter

Chapter 28 - The Crow & The Pig

Slowly but surely Im getting more updates to you guys. thank you for all the support and reads up till now! Read Chapter

Chapter 29 - The Crows Mate

Chapter 29 – The Crows Mate Maybells heart was hammering in her chest as she slowly approached the front of the brick building. She... Read Chapter

Chapter 30 - The True Blame

Chapter 30 - The True Blame “NOOOO!” Maybell screamed/ panted/ gasped as she regained her strength and senses enough to get b... Read Chapter

Chapter 31 - The Pig

Chapter 31 -The Pig   Reggie snarled, clearing his throat nastily then spitting a giant clotted blob of blood into the floor... Read Chapter

Chapter 32 - Unwanted / Unneeded

Chapter 32 -  Unwanted/ Unneeded Reggie was admitted to the hospital with a fractured jaw and eye socket and two gun shots to th... Read Chapter

Chapter 33 - Want

Chapter 33 - Want Ann and Drake went to bed soon after they all arrived back at the Lee Mansion. Perhaps they sensed that Maybell and... Read Chapter

Chapter 34 - Try

Chapter 34 - Try   Maybell swallowed and blinked, her chest tight with unshed tears, and her soul burdened suddenly with the... Read Chapter

Chapter 35 - Fear

Chapter 35 - Fear Three weeks later-- The nightmares continued…and in many ways they just made everything harder then Maybell k... Read Chapter

Chapter 36- Changing Relationships

Chapter 36 – Changing Relationships Isiah rolled over in bed and stared up at the ceiling above him. The silence around him nothing... Read Chapter

Chapter 37 - First Step Forwards

Chapter Thirty Seven - First Steps Forward The call came out of the blue to Isiah’s cell phone. With some hope in his heart the man... Read Chapter

Chapter 38 - Disturbed

Chapter  38 Disturbed   Maybell, Isiah and Orson made their way out of the Pavilion a few minutes later.  It h... Read Chapter

Chapter 39 - Wounds Revealed

Chapter 39 – Wounds Revealed Isiah sat in his car for a mull Forty Five minutes after he pulled up outside of Maybells apartment la... Read Chapter

Chapter 40 - New Priorities

*Before we begin I just wanted to say that Im so grateful that you are reading and supporting me. I really want to do justice to this ser... Read Chapter

Chapter 41 - Rage

Chapter 41 - Rage Orson caught sight of the flowers sitting in a glorious display, the chilled vase full of ice cubes and water was i... Read Chapter

Chapter 42 - Help

Chapter 42 - Help A sudden shallow in hail seemed to break façade of cold on Maybells face and a mixture of open rage and indignant ... Read Chapter

Chapter 43 - The Collective

Chapter 43 -  Collective It had been a few days…and Isiah was in a place where he was too exhausted mentally to think about th... Read Chapter

Chapter 44 - Friendship

Chapter 44 -  Friendship After the unnamed stranger departed Isiah was left to cut a deadly glare at Fox, who openly frowned bac... Read Chapter

Chapter 45 - Unburdened

Chapter 45- Unburdened Maybell turned off her car, and she took a shallow breath. She tried to take a deep slow in hail, but she ende... Read Chapter

Chapter 46 - Core

Chapter 46 - Core On the third day of meetings Dr Humble took her in and their session began and yet Maybell sensed a shift in the ai... Read Chapter

Chapter 47 - Love

Chapter 47 - Love   Maybell went back to Dr Humble twice before she knew the answer  to the core of the problem herself... Read Chapter

Chapter 48 - Couple Session

Chapter 48 – Couple Session   For Darkness restores, what light cannot repair. -Joseph Broadston   “Wha... Read Chapter

Chapter 49 - SOD

Chapter 49 - SOD Isiah didn’t have to ask which things or even see the tel tel way Maybells body flinched as she rubbed at her clot... Read Chapter

Chapter 50 - Unsatisfied Needs

Chapter 50 – Unsatisfied Needs Leaving Dr Liliana Humbles office was all kinds of awkward for Maybell and she sensed that it was eq... Read Chapter

Chapter 51 - The Call

Chapter 51 – The Call   After the Couple session with Maybell Isiah returned to his home, his body felt dejected but his s... Read Chapter

Chapter 52 - Coded Choices

Chapter 52 – Coded Choices Isiah had received the promised call over twelve days ago, and at that point faced with the prospect of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 53 - Mountainous Problems

Chapter 53- Mountainous Problems Isiah was quick to awaken the next day, the weight of his many problems mostly having prevented him ... Read Chapter

Chapter 54 - Caution

Chapter 54 – Caution   “Ok! Im here…” Isiah sighed slightly as he lowed himself down onto the couch in Dr Humbles of... Read Chapter

Chapter 55- Kelly

Chapter 55 - Kelly   At this point Isiah tilted his head and he spoke up. “Dr Humble I get what your trying to say already... Read Chapter

Chapter 56 - Guided Sessions

Chapter 55– Guided Sessions Maybell let Isiah proceed her into Dr Liliana’s office where they both took seats on the large white ... Read Chapter

Chapter 57 - Testing The Waters

Chapter – 57 Testing The Waters   “Wait…wait what? Hold on! What!?” Maybell began to ask and shake her head. Isiah c... Read Chapter

Chapter 58 - Pleasure Over Pain

Chapter 58 – Pleasure Over Pain   Dr humble had moved over the last 2 dozen minutes to sitting back behind her desk, and s... Read Chapter