Scarlet's House of Necessities

Scarlet's House of Necessities

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Jared Arlington is a twenty-five-year-old sexually frustrated recent college graduate who has spent saving all of his money earned from working at a coffee shop to finally do what he has wanted to do ever since he heard of it: sleep with a prostitute from Scarlet's House of Necessities, a brothel well-known in the adult world for its exclusiveness and uniqueness. However, Jared's night with a beautiful prostitute turns into an unexpected job offer.


Jared Arlington is a twenty-five-year-old sexually frustrated recent college graduate who has spent saving all of his money earned from working at a coffee shop to finally do what he has wanted to do ever since he heard of it: sleep with a prostitute from Scarlet's House of Necessities, a brothel well-known in the adult world for its exclusiveness and uniqueness. However, Jared's night with a beautiful prostitute turns into an unexpected job offer.

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Sex. What did that even mean? It was a word that Jared still didn't quite comprehend. When he first heard it, he asked his father what it meant, and his father replied, "it means whether you're male or female", but when Jared was in sixth grade, the word sex had a whole new meaning. His sex-ed teacher had explained that sex was an act between couples to make a baby. So, what did sex mean? Or did that word have two meanings? Jared was confused about its meaning, but one thing was certain: he wanted to experience sex. He wanted to know what it feels like. Ever since his first sex class in sixth grade, he'd wanted to know what it feels like.

Now, he was no longer a sixth-grader or a teenager with uncontrollable hormones. Now, he was a college graduate. He was twenty-five. He was still a virgin. And that thought bothered him so much, because in middle school, his best friend told him he'd had sex with his girlfriend, and in high school, let's not even get started. Rumors flew like a flock of birds around school about who was sleeping with who. He himself had wanted to have sex, and if he only had had better luck with the ladies, he wouldn't be a virgin right now. He hadn't been anywhere near to handsome in middle school and high school, having suffered from very bad acne and dandruff. Now, he no longer had acne or dandruff, but his features just weren't attractive per say.

He was tall, his height being 6"2, and he was considerably muscular; not too much, not too little. His eyes were the color of the Pacific Ocean, and his hair was ruffled and the color of peanut butter. He made a vow to himself to take better care of himself once he started college, and he stayed true to that vow. He looked better now.

Jared sighed, looking up at the town house in front of him. The windows were covered in silk, scarlet red curtains, light glowing behind them, giving the windows a red glow. Here he was, about to make his dream come true. He worked at his university's coffee shop to earn side money, and he saved up all that money for this very moment, to finally sleep with a prostitute from Scarlet's House of Necessities, the famed brothel in the entire country, but only to those involved in the adult world. Jared made sure he was well dressed, with a slate gray business suit and a pair of Gucci black dress shoes that used to be his dad's, but they were still in very good shape. He had majored in Psychology, so he had to look the part.

He crossed the street and stood outside the door, suddenly incredibly nervous. He was going to do this. He was actually going to do this. Of course, he hadn't told a soul about this, not even his roommate, Charlie, who was also his best friend. Jared knocked on the door, letting out a shaky sigh. He remembered all he had to do in order to be approved for this. Yes, the Scarlet House of Necessities was very exclusive. In order to have sex with one of their prostitutes, you had to book an appointment for an interview, fill out a form, and get tested for any STDs or STIs. Jared was clean, and he surprisingly managed to impress his interviewer, a cross-dressing man by the name of Donny. 

The door creaked open, and a woman in her mid-thirties peeked through.

"Yes?" She asked.

"Um... my name is Jared. Jared Arlington. I have an appointment for tonight." He stammered, his face heating up.

"Ah, yes. Donny mentioned you. Come on in." The woman said, letting him in. The interior smelled like roses and cologne, and the decor was modern Victorian. 

"My name is Daisy, and I'm the secretary here. Scarlet will be with you in a moment." Daisy said, going back to her desk. Jared simply nodded, and after a minute of waiting, another woman came in, in her late thirties, Jared guessed. 

"You must be Jared Arlington. I'm Scarlet, founder and owner of this house." She extended a pale and bony, but beautiful hand, her nails polished in red. Jared shook her hand carefully, and smiled nervously.

"Don't be nervous. I have the perfect woman for you, since it's clearly your first time." Scarlet said, as if reading his mind.

"H-How do you know it's my first time?" Jared stuttered out, and Scarlet chuckled.

"Darling, I am an expert at reading body language. I know when a man is a virgin and when he isn't." Scarlet winked, making Jared blush redder than the curtains covering the windows.

"Now, come. Your companion is waiting for you." Scarlet motioned to Jared to follow her, which he did, passing door after door in a dimly lit hallway. They stopped at a door at the very end of the hallway, and Scarlet knocked.

"Yes?" Said a female voice on the other side.

"Abby, your companion has arrived." Scarlet informed. Jared's stomach did a tumbling pass suddenly.

"Oh. Finally." Abby said, opening the door. Jared's heart nearly stopped. Abby, his companion for the night, was incredibly cute. She was petite, with curly dirty blonde hair and wide green eyes. Her cheeks were dotted with freckles and she was dressed in some sort of burlesque costume. She looked innocent yet naughty, and that turned on Jared unimaginably.

"Scarlet, you didn't tell me he was cute." Abby drawled, shooting a coy look at Jared, who stiffened. She thought he was cute? A smile appeared on Jared's lips. This had to be a dream, but it wasn't.

"Well, I wanted it to be a surprise. Enjoy yourselves you two." Scarlet said, walking away.

"Come on in." Abby said, and Jared walked into her room. It was decorated in a pink and white girly vintage theme, and it smelled like rosemary.

"So, I read your form, and you just graduated university, right?" Abby asked, and Jared nodded.

"Indeed I have. I have a major in psychology." He informed.

"I'm aware. Here, we make it our business to know everything about our clients. Sorry if that sounds creepy." Abby said, applying a peachy pink lip gloss to her already pink lips.

"No, it's not creepy at all. I understand you guys like to be cautious, and that's always a good thing." Jared said, making Abby giggle.

"Exactly. You're a smart man, Jared. It's no wonder you majored in psychology. Psychologists need to be highly intelligent." Abby went on, adjusting the silk, white ribbons of her corset.

"I suppose so." Jared said, looking down.

"Now, since you're a virgin, I understand you're nervous, but there's no need to be. I will teach you how to lose your shyness in the bedroom, that way when this is over, you'll have better luck with the ladies." Abby winked.

"Tell me, have you watched porn?" Abby asked, facing him.

"Of course. Who doesn't?" Jared said.

"Excellent. So you have an idea of what sex looks like, right?"

Jared nodded, blushing again.

"Good. I'm sure you have masturbated while fantasizing as well, right?"

"Yes." Jared replied.

"Then this shouldn't be difficult. I want you to remember what you watched on those porn sites, and immitate their actions." Abby ordered.

"Abby, the thing is, I haven't kissed a girl yet either." Jared confessed, his face heating up, his gaze on the pink, carpeted floor. Instead of reacting negatively, Abby gasped in surprise.

"My God... you're 100% pure." She mused, and now it was Jared's turn to be surprised. He was expecting her to call him a pathetic loser or something, but no, she was amused.

"You're pure, very pure, but impure in your mind." Abby said.

"Yes. I do have a dirty mind." Jared admitted.

"Don't say that like it's a bad thing. We're human. We get aroused very easily." Abby reassured.

"I agree." Jared concurred.

"Good. Now, before we engage in sex, we must be romantic and kiss first. All right?" Abby looked at Jared, and he nodded, gulping.

She smiled, then sat at her vanity, starting to brush her hair. Jared was baffled at first, but then understood what he had to do. He needed to seduce Abby. His mind went to the many porn films he had watched online, and his arousal grew. Here he was, at the famed and incredibly exclusive brothel Scarlet's House of Necessities, about to have sex with a small-framed, incredibly cute girl with blonde princess curls. The thought made his cock harden, and for cold sweat to drip down the sides of his head. He could do this.

He approached Abby slowly, and with shaky hands, he pulled her hair aside, exposing her neck. He took the brush from Abby's hand, and put it on her vanity, starting to leave butterfly kisses on her soft neck. Abby grinned, but then moaned at Jared's kisses. His lips moved to hers, and fireworks exploded in his stomach, goosebumps crawling all over his skin.

She tasted like honey, and he could only hope he tasted good to her. Jared had prepared for this night. He had showered thoroughly, had maintained a healthy diet and exercised for three weeks, and had made sure his breath smelled like mint prior to coming here.

Abby opened her mouth, and Jared got the message. He slid his tongue into Abby's mouth, exploring every inch of it. She was delicious. His cock became even harder, threatening to explode right out of his pants. His fingers undid the ribbons of Abby's corset, then his hands reached behind her, unclipping the loosened corset, until it came off. Jared tossed the corset aside, leading Abby to her bed, climbing on top of her. Where this side of him was coming from he did not know, nor care. Abby gasped once they pulled away to breathe.

"You know, I'm starting to think you're lying about being a virgin." She breathed.

"I'm a virgin, not a priest." Jared reminded her, and she laughed, but Jared silenced her by resuming their kissing. Jared's hands squeezed her round and pinkish white, soft breasts, making her whimper, his lips traveling down her stomach, stopping right before her flower.

"I don't think we should engage in oral sex yet." Abby gasped out.

"Why not?" Jared raised his eyebrow.

"Fuck me in missionary style first." She said. Jared complied, unzipping his pants and taking them off, followed by his boxers. Abby took the time to study his cock. It was nine inches long, pink, and shaven, just the way she liked them. Jared climbed on top of her again, and stared into her eyes.

"Are you ready?"

"I've always been ready." Abby smirked, making Jared grin, then he pushed his cock inside her, slowly at first, then all the way, making her cry out. Arousal flared up Jared's body, and he continued to go in and out of Abby, growling and gasping with each thrust. Abby whimpered and squeaked as Jared pounded her, and when he stopped, both were drenched with sweat and gasping for breath.

"You are not a virgin." Abby gasped out.

"Not anymore I'm not." Jared exhaled, turning to face Abby.

"I knew I wouldn't regret this." He said, looking into her eyes.

"Nobody ever regrets the experiences lived here." Abby said.

"I'm aware, but I'm also grateful now for the existence of this place." Jared said.

"And why so?" Abby asked curiously, sensing there was something Jared wanted to tell her.

"The reason why I was a virgin for so long is because I never quite had the charm to attract a woman. I was ugly back in middle school and high school, not to mention a huge nerd, and I still am, so it's no wonder no females were attracted to me." Jared confessed.

"Well, I think nerds are hot and adorable." Abby admitted.

"Yes, but what I'm saying is that I wasn't a cute nerd or adorable in any way." Jared said.

"That's in the past, and you should leave it there. You're cute now and a college graduate. If no females have paid attention to you is because they're either taken or blind." Abby said, propping herself up on her elbow, facing Jared.

"Thanks, Abby." Jared smiled.

"No problem. Scarlet's House of Necessities lives to please people after all." She smiled. Jared kissed her again, and once again did he trail kisses down her stomach, stopping right before her flower.

"You may do it." Abby breathed out.

Jared licked his lips, but then watched how Abby spread her legs in eagerness. This turned him on, and he pressed his warm tongue against the bottom of her lips. Abby moaned, as Jared's tongue worked its way up, then down. He continued this pattern, but then stopped, and slid two fingers in. Abby cried out, and Jared took this as a sign of pleasure. He slid his fingers in and out, making Abby gasp and whimper and mewl, his fingers now drenched.

Abby then sat up, and pushed Jared on the bed, climbing on top of him. She gave him a voracious grin, then went down, her curls sprawled all over his hips. He gasped and arched his back when she took his dick in her mouth, goosebumps crawling all over his skin again. Abby began to run circles around his tip with her tongue, making him moan. She then took his dick all the way in, bobbing up and down. Jared's hands gripped the bedsheet, moans and growls escaping his mouth. He still had a hard time believing this was happening. He actually did it. He slept with a prostitute from Scarlet's House of Necessities. 

When Abby stopped, Jared, if he hadn't known better, he'd think both of them had just gotten out of a pool; that is how drenched in sweat they were. He pulled Abby's face to him and kissed her deeply, making her climb on top of him. 

"Ride me." Jared ordered. Abby's eyes gleamed in surprise, but then she grinned wickedly, complying. She gasped as she pushed herself down onto Jared's cock, and started pushing up and down. Jared started growling and mewling again, with Abby's chest heaving up and down as she gasped and whimpered. The squeaks she was making were turning Jared on like a firework on New Year's Eve. She stopped, her chest heaving up and down uncontrollably, sweat shining on her forehead.

"T-T-That was the best fuck I've had in a long time." Abby breathed, lying down next to Jared.

"Really?" Jared gasped out, facing her.

"Yes. All the other men I've fucked have been either too rough or too shy, but you, goodness. You were a combination of both, the perfect mix." Abby admitted. Jared's heart fluttered at that comment, his cheeks turning pink.

"You know, you could work here." Abby commented, taking Jared by surprise.


"Yeah. You could work here. Scarlet is always looking for employees who know just how to fuck." Abby continued.

"Abby, no offense, but I'm a college graduate with a degree in Psychology. I don't see how I could work here." Jared said, still in shock at the comment Abby had just made. Was he so good in bed that she was suggesting he work here? Goosebumps crawled all over his skin again at the thought.

"So? You think that because we're all prostitutes here we're uneducated?" Abby snapped, and Jared shook his head.

"N-No! That's not what I meant. It's just that... I was planning for this to be a one time thing only. I mean, I can't continue sleeping with women who work here. I still don't have a job and I'm afraid that without a job I can't afford to come here often." Jared rambled.

"Exactly. You don't have a job, but you could work here. You'd be making quite a small fortune and making people all over the world happy. By the way, if you don't have a job, how did you afford this night?" Abby asked, looking at Jared.

"I heard about this place during my freshman year of college. I then decided that I wanted to have sex with one of you, so I started working at my university's coffee shop and saved all of my salary for this night." Jared replied.

"Huh. Talk about hard work. Seriously, Scarlet would like you. You'd fit in here very well." Abby insisted.

"You know, you say you know everything about me, yet I know nothing about you." Jared realized, facing Abby.

"Clients are forbidden to know information about their nightly partners. However, if you're so curious to know about me, then perhaps you'll think about applying for a job here." Abby winked.

"Abby, I can't work as a prostitute. It's not something I want to do for a living." Jared admitted.

"You can always make it a night job, like I am." Abby mumbled.


"You think I spend every day of my life here? Nope. During the day, I'm a makeup saleswoman at Nordstrom, in the Bobbi Brown section, but at night, I'm here, pleasing men and having fun." Abby said, to Jared's surprise.

"Wow. Well, now I know one thing about you at least." He grinned.

"Yes, but don't you fucking dare visit me at work when I'm at Nordstrom." Abby warned.

"Hey, I'm not revealing you to anyone. Promise." Jared reassured.

"Good." Abby smiled, then pulled Jared into a long, passionate kiss.


Later that night, Jared walked into his apartment, unusually happy. He had a smile on his face, and appeared to be in a daze. Thank God Charlie was asleep. Jared took off his clothes and put on his pajamas, washing his face then brushing his teeth. He lay down on his bed, staring at the ceiling dreamily, his night with Abby replaying in his head over and over. He wanted to relive that moment again. He wanted to have sex with Abby again. Then his mind reminded him of the job offer Abby made him. She's said he'd be a good fit for the Scarlet House of Necessities. What did she mean? Was he really that good of a fuck? A smile tugged at his lips. This was unbelievable. How did a virgin nerd with a boring life suddenly get a twist of fate like this? 

Jared turned on his side, feeling giddy with joy. There was a lot to think about, but sleep won him over.

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