Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sky's always wanted to live out her sexual fantasies and now she finds this company online that will let her do just that


Sky's always wanted to live out her sexual fantasies and now she finds this company online that will let her do just that


Submitted: September 27, 2015

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Submitted: September 27, 2015



Hey, I wrote this really quickly so there might be errors,please let me know what you think. Happy reading ****

I laid on the bed imaging  what it would be like to actually play out one of my sexual fantasies, I shivered with excitement, but then shook my head and pondered how could i play this out, i wanted some pretty fucked up shit acted out. i pressed my fingers to my chin and thought, stumped maybe the internet would provide me with some more insight on how to play out these wild dreams of mine. I opened google, and search /Are there companies you can hire to help live out wild sexual fantasies?/ Google quickly generated some answers for me, and i browsed through a few porn websites before actually locating  a company you could hire to have people fuck you...this was a thing! I smile and wrote them an email explaining how interested I was to have hire them and wanted some to contact me back. After I sent the email I decided that I wanted a new toy, I climbed off my bed dressed myself in a nice tight mini skirt and a bright orange tube top and paired it with a pair of 7” stilettos, I checked out my tits which were a nice 36 DD cup and made sure my ass looked good, i slapped on a light coat of make up and made my way into my kitchen, when my phone rang, a number i had never seen before appeared on my screen, I answered hesitantly


“Hello” I said

“Hello is this Sky?” the female voice was perky


“Hey Sky this is Rochelle from Im just calling you in regards to your email, would you mind coming by the office and we can set things up so you ca get everything you want?”

“Yeah I’d love to!” she told me the address and I headed out, I put the address into my GPS and followed the directions until I arrived at a quite office building nestled in the east end of town. I parked and headed inside where I was met by a perky blonde receptionist, I walked over to the counter


“Hello, I’m looking for Rochelle,” I told her

“Sky?” She asked I nodded “Follow me please,”  she said standing up and leading me down a very well decorated hallway to the corner office, she knocked and pushed the door open “Ro, Sky is here,” she stepped back and I was met by yet another perky blond.


she held out her hand “Sky it's lovely to meet you, come on in” she held the door open and I stepped into her office. “please sit,” she directed me to one of two couches that faced each other, I sat down “ Would you like anything to drink?”

“Water please,” she handed me a glass with a lemon slice

“So, shall we get right into it?” she asked picking up an notepad ,

“Yes, lets” I said sipping the water

“Do you have a budget?” She asked

“No, not really, whats a good amount for a through experience?”

“On average we cater to max budgets of 10k, that covers the actors food, a set and or location,”

“That's fine, money isn't an issue for me,” i replied

“Alright Ill put you down for 10k, now tell me what you're looking for, what do you want done to you?”

“Um..” I trailed

“I know it's hard to tell someone you’ve just meet your sexual desires but I need to know everything so we can make sure you're fully satisfied,” she flashed me a big smile,


“Well I’ve got a few ideas.”

“Well tell me and I can help you sort out what we can help you with and what we can’t,”

“Well I want a few guys no matter what situation we go for,” Rochelle made notes

“That we can do, now setting what were you thinking?”

“Well I've always been super turned on by babysitter porn, you know when the dad comes home and his wife is still at work and he’s turned on by you and takes advantage,”

“Okay any others you might want to run with?” she asked

“hmmm, being tied up, I’ve got it, I can be babysitting, the dad and his buddies can come home i can be super slutly and they can just tie me up and abuse me, that would be super hot!”

“I like it,” Rochelle smiled at me, “Now do you want us to randomly assign actors or would you like to pick your gentleman?”

“Random works,”

“Now what is the timeline we are looking at? When do you want this to happen?”

“As soon as it can be arranged,” I said Rochelle nodded and wrote down and few more things,

“Okay sit tight,” she stepped out of her office, I sat there slowly sipping on the water. I watched time slowly tick by, finally after roughly 15 minutes Rochelle returned with a few folders in her hand, “I’ve got some quotes and some paperwork and we will be all good to go,” she smiled “Its gonna run you $4k were giving you a first time discount,”

“That's great, I like it,”

“So we need half down,” she said I pulled out my cheque box, and wrote a cheque quickly, Rochelle handed me a sheet with hard and soft limits on it and what I was okay with and what I wasn’t I quickly checked things off, and handed it back to her, I signed a few other documents,

“So when can we do this?” I asked,

“Actually if you're okay with it we can have everything ready in two hours, does that work for you?” I smiled

“It dose,”

“Perfect, follow me,” Rochelle said leading me out of her office and down to a set of elevators, “Were gonna get you into hair and makeup and costume and get the script to you so you can go over it,”


Two hours later********************************************************************************


I was shaking with anticipation my folds were getting wet with excitement, I could barely sit still, I had signed forms so they could record this I could keep a copy and they weren't going to post it online, I didnt really give a shit if they did, Rochelle came over to me

“Ready?” She asked I nodded my  head, and followed her towards the set, I was wearing a pair of short shorts, a button up shirt that showed off my cleavage without a bra  and a pair of tennis shoes. “Whenever you're ready,” Rochelle said pointing towards a door, “Have fun,” she smiled

I sucked in a big breath and knocked on the door, a man maybe in his early 30’s  with tattoos all down his arms opened the door,

“You must be Sky! Come on in, I’m Mark,” I could hear the TV on in the other room and guys yelling at the TV, “Ignore them were going to a game anyways, so the kids are upstairs sleeping, I don't think they are gonna wake up any time soon so you're free to just hang out watch tv,”

“Okay.” I noticed Mark staring at my chest,

“All the important numbers are here if you need anything,” he rested his hand on my arm I wanted him so bad i got a little wet trying to contain myself, I knew what was gonna happen next, “Alright I’ll be home in a few hours thanks for coming over Sky.” Mark said stepping out I heard the door close that I’d come through, I went and laid on the couch pretending a few hours had passed when I heard the door open again and Mark and his buddies who were now “drunk” stumbled into the living room,

“Oh Mark where did you find this one?” one said

“She’s stunning,” a few of them joined me on the couch rubbing my thigh, draping arms over the back of my shoulders, before I knew what was happening hands grabbed me and held me down the buttons on my shirt were ripped open

“Look she wants this she didn't even wear a bra!” one of the guys called out,  as his mouth claimed on of my nipples, and another claimed the other,  I could feel my hands being bound  behind my back as my shorts were pulled down along with my panties,

“Look at that pretty little cunt,” fingers slide up against my clit “ she’s so wet already” i felt a finger slide into me and I let out a small moan,


“Come on let's take her to my room, i've got a few toys to make this more enjoyable for all of us,i was pulled through the house and thrown onto a king size bed, one of the guys sucked on my nipple, one played with my free breast and i felt someone push their  tongue into my folds and I gasped in pleasure, Mark slide a blindfold over my eyes and pushed a gag into my mouth,


“You're going to enjoy this little slut,” someone whispered into my ear, i could feel my nipples being abused bitten and pulled on and son something cold and metal pressed into the and they felt connected. something that vibrated was presses against my clit and gasped in shock,  hands roamed my body i tried to scream and the vibrator was worked into my clit and the pleasure was just too great, but the gag prevented that, fingers worked quickly into my vag and my ass and someone played with ,my nipples. Every nerve in my body was on fire and I felt my orgaimsim building, i arched up off the bed as i screamed into the gag. i felt my body get dragged off the bed and my hands were untied the gag gag taken out and a massive cock pressed against my face,

“”Suck it you filthy skank!”  I pulled the cock into my mouth and sucked it slow hands grabbed my head and jammed it down my throat, I stroked other cocks while i sucked and soon the cock was replaced with a new one, someone fiddled with a nipple as i sucked, i lost count of how many cocks i had sucked, someone picked me up and slowly placed me down, i felt the cock press against  the outsides of my folds and threatened not to be taken by my tight little hole but with a quick thrust he was inside me, i screamed out in pain and pleasure as i rode the massive cock, his hands pawed at my tits, i was jerking off cocks still in my hands and another cock was forced into my mouth, i was picked up and pressed against as wall as the net cock slipped inside me, his mouth claimed my nipple and he bit it hard i cried out! I was passed off again and laid in the floor as another massive cock forced its way inside of me, i felt my tits bouncing up and down as he slammed into me and almost wished for nipple clamps so i could enjoy it as they slammed up and down, i was flipped over had my ass pulled into the air my hips spread wide as a cock pressed against the outside of my ass,

“Come on baby let me in,” and with that his cock filled my ass i cried out! someone played with my clit and i cried out in pleasure, the cock slammed into me over and over again, he lifted me up so i could lay back against his as he claimed my ass, s mouth claimed my super erect nipples and i moaned even deeper soon i felt a cock pressing at my vag and it slipped in filled both my holes at once,

“You like that slut, my big cock in your tiny ass?” he asked I moaned and nodded my head. they pushed me up onto the bed and threw my legs into the air and claimed my ass over and over again, I orgamsimed mutlilple times,

“OH!” I yelled out, they all fucked me over and over again making me suck cock while i got fucked and filling my holes, finally the blindfold was ripped off and they stood in a circle around me and ejactualed all over me, fianlly i laid down on the floor, exhausted and fell asleep.

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