Dirty Wet Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

There friends going harder and fun.

Amy, Max, and Pete are setting at the table eating breakfast and talking. Max and Pete have On their work clothes black industrial pants, black bottom yellow top safety shirt, and steel toe boots. Amy has on her white tank top, blue jean shorts, and pink socks.

Amy: ( Takes a drink of her coffee looks back and forth at Max and Pete) “ I want to try do what you guys talked about last night.”

Max and Pete just looked at each other shoved.

Max: ( Turned to look at Amy in here eye’s) “ You know we where just playing right?”

Amy: ( Moved her chair closer to Max then slid on Max's lap) “ I know you two where playing but I want to really play that out.”

She moves back and forth on his lap as her hands are placed on her lap as she looks over to Pete as so moves on Max’s lap.

Pete: ( Gets up from his chair and moves into the chair she was setting. He slowly runs his right hand up her left leg to the shorts pant leg he moves his hand in and he pushed two fingers inside her moving them around slowly.)

Amy: ( Moans softly as he fingers her and she feels Max getting hard on her ass. She puts her right foot on Pete’s lap slowly moving her foot around his lap feeling him getting hard on her foot as she moves up and down on Max.)

A truck horn go’s off Max says “ Shit they are here for us Pete.” Pete pulls his fingers out pulls out of her shorts she picks him s fingers as she takes her foot off of his lap and she gets off of Max.

Max and Pete stood up beside Amy Max grabs Amy by her hips pulling her to him and says “ Just wait for tonight.” He lets go of her and walks away as Pete starts to walk away he slaps her ass. Max and Pete head for the front door they pick up the lunch boxs she made for them. As she has the house to herself she cleaned off the table and did the dishes she heads to the front door as she is opening it she puts on her shoes and walks out the door and locks it then she starts to walk to her appointment building across the street.

As night begins to come she is walking back over to Max and Pete’s house as she gets to the house she opens the door and walks in as she takes her shoes off by the door she closes the door and locks it. She walks into the living room and turns right and stands in front of Pete’s bedroom door way covered with curtain she push them a side she looks in the room to see.

Pete: ( Laying in bed only in his gray boxes with headphones in his ears reading a book.)

Amy quietly made her way into his bedroom she walk up slowly to the bed and put her hand on his back.

Pete: ( Looked back to see Amy he closed his book and took his headphones off set them on his night stand and stood up in front of her.) “ Take your shorts off now also your panties now.”

Amy: “ Yes master” ( She took her shorts and panties off she kicked them to the other side of the room.)

Pete : ( Put his hands on the sides of her hips and pulled off her shirt and throw it over the other side of his room.) “bent over the bed now.”

Amy: ( Turns around and bends over the bed her as up in the air.)

Pete: ( Standing behind her runs his hand over her as lightly and softly slapped her left cheek.) “ You are a bad girl for teasing us this morning don’t make a sound you bad girl.”

Pete begin to spank her left ass cheek a little harder then last time each time getting a little more harder in tell she finally let’s out a loud sound “ Oooooo Master.” Max running down the stairs only in his boxers as he runs into Pete’s bedroom to see Amy bent over and her left ass cheek being slapped.

Max: ( Walking up to Amy’s ass and runs his hand over her other cheek.) “This one needs to look like the other one.” (He runs his hand over her other cheek and starts to slap it.)

With each slap she lets out a moan they stopped spanking her Max pulls her up by pulling on her hair she stands up straight and turns to face them Pete push her down on the bed to set on her red marked ass. She smiles as she feels the pain and the pleasure. Pete takes his 2 fingers and pushes them in her pussy deep she lets out a “Oooooo master” as Max plays with her clit as Pete fingers her she moans and bites her bottom lip.

Pete: ( Pulls his fingers out and he pushes in his hard thick cock.)

Amy lets out a moan “ Oooo Master” Pete moves in and out of her as Max sucks on her clit then he also pushes his hard thick cock in her pussy to Amy lays back on the bed moaning and yelling “ Oooooo daddy and master Ooooooo.” They both inside that pussy in and out pussy dripping all over their cock’s Pete sucking on her right nipple as Max pulls on her left nipple. She digging her nails in both of there backs then grabbing on to the bed as they go deeper.

They both pulled out of her she sat back up with a big smile on her face as she looked at them both they smiling at her Pete says “Play time.” She jumps up and runs for the living room they stand there a little then they went running after her. She runs through the living room to the kitchen she makes a turn to the right to go the other way to the stairs as she gets to the stairs she stops as Pete is blocking the stairway as she is standing there Max comes up be hind her and pushes her to the carpet on her stomach.

Amy is on the carpet on her stomach as Max is behind her sliding his cock in her ass holding her down with his hand on her back as he is moving in and out of her pussy Pete walks up to her and gets down on his knees and pulls her face up to look him in the eyes as he pushes his cock down her mouth. Amy is sucking Pete’s cock spit all over his cock as she is gaging on his cock will Max is fucking her ass deep and hard as he plays with her clit at the same time he cum in her ass deep as Pete cum down her throat.

They both pull out of her and stands up Max’s helps her up they both walk over to the couch Max and Pete sets on the couch as Amy sets on Max’s lap. Pete asks “ Is that what you wanted you dirty bitch Amy smiles and holds on to Max and says “yes.

Submitted: June 22, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Cream bear. All rights reserved.

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