Possession .. Revenge Fanfiction

Possession .. Revenge Fanfiction

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Revenge: Tyler/Emily .. series of unrelated oneshots about Tyler, in his usual psychotic deliciousness, claiming Emily as his.


Revenge: Tyler/Emily .. series of unrelated oneshots about Tyler, in his usual psychotic deliciousness, claiming Emily as his.


Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




A/N: I have a major obsession with Tyler. My biggest crush is Nolan. I love him like hell. But there's something utterly delicious about psychopathic Tyler that I just can't help but LOVE. So I wrote a oneshot about Tyler, losing it and sneaking into Emily's house - but things don't exactly go to plan.

It's almost too easy to break in. The lock is one of the most easiest I've ever had to pick - and with Danny Boy not being here, things are a hell of a lot more simpler.

The house is quiet, the silence filling my head. I feel a familiar twitch and swallow hard, trying to ignore the familiar budding anger. It doesn't even make sense, why it's there. It shouldn't be. I'm not angry. Yet.

I stand above her as she sleeps. Her skin is lightly tanned, creamy and flawless. Her eyes, despite being closed, I know are as beautiful as ever. Little slut.

I bite my lip hard when she stretches out one long, slim leg, wrapping it around the blanket. I walk forward, as if pulled towards her. I skim my fingertips up her leg, from her ankle, pausing at her knee to create a perfect circle.

She let's out a small moan and shifts, hands and feet curling tightly in response to the light touch, I smirk slightly, sliding the palm of my hand up to rest on her thigh. She chews on her lip, once again shifting beneath my touch.

I pull back and shuck out of the suit jacket. I look down at the brilliant blue of the shirt I'm wearing and reluctantly kick my shoes off. I climb on top of her, not touching her, just on my hands and knees. She gleams. The light of the moon shinning through the window and resting on her face.

Anger simmers once more, threatening to make me lose it. Thoughts of Daniel and this little slut cause my control to splinter. I lean down and just gently touch my lips to hers. It's not enough. I need her. All of her. I need to possess her and make her mine, not Daniels. Not anyone's but mine.

My hands tighten into fists on the sheets and I struggle to keep myself in check, to not lose it and just slap her to wake her. Instead I trail my fingers back and forth across her collarbones, enjoying the breathless response my touch elicits. I wonder if she was awake, how would she react?

The thought of her flinching out of revulsion has flashes of anger shooting through me.

As I look down at her, I realise that beneath a thin black vest, she's bra-less and her nipples are slowly hardening. I smile a slightly crooked smile, feeling my blood rush a little faster at her reaction.

I bend my head and flick my tongue over one hardened nipple through the material of her vest. She groans, arching herself against me. Her breast grinds against my mouth. I bite down hard and she cries out, snapping out of her sleep.

"Wha... what?" She gasps softly.

I move to her other nipple, sucking on it hard and her breath comes out jerky and sharp. Her hands are suddenly in my hair, fingers gripping tightly.

"Tyler." She grinds out with difficulty. "What are you doing?!"

I pull back slowly and kiss her. There's nothing gentle about this kiss, it's simply animalistic and rough. I bite her lower lip, hard enough to almost make her bleed. She groans in release and wraps her legs around my waist. As she grinds herself against me it's almost my undoing, her heat pressing against my errection.

She kisses me back with just as much force. I'm a little surprised at the intensity. I thought she'd be digusted.

I grab her around the legs and jerk her lower down the bed so that she's more firmly beneath me. She writhes with a loud moan. She grabs my shirt suddenly and rips it open. I gasp as her mouth latches onto my own nipple, biting it hard and causing a shuddering breath to escape my mouth.

I grip the back of her head, my fingers roughly jerking her head backwards. She gasps but doesn't fight me, simply exposes her throat to me without a fight. Instantly, I claim her as my own. I dig my teeth into her warm, inviting skin, drawing blood.

Rather than screaming or panicking or trying to push me away, she holds me closer, crying out loudly. Her lips grasp at mine again, breaking me down with her teeth and tongue, delicious.

"Slut." I growl.

"Yes." She cries faintly.

"My slut." I can't help my animalistic tone. She brings it out in me.

"Yours!" She replies.

"Good girl."

I can't help but move myself against her, my erection throbbing painfully now. It's almost too much to handle.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" I growl out, my teeth nipping at her ear.

"Yes." She pants.

"Tell me!" I snap.

"I want you to fuck me!"

"Say please." I whisper, her tantalizingly delicious body writhing beneath mine.

"Please!" She almost screams the word.

I hook my fingers into her knickers and slide them down without another word. She lets out a soft whine, anoise of need, as I press a finger inside her. She's incredibly hot, tight and wet. She wants me.

I pull my finger back out, raise it to her lips. She sucks on it, a moan emitting from her throat, her eyes against mine. I thrust inside her, letting out every ounce of anger and frustration. She let's out a scream as I grip onto her tightly. Her nails bite into my back, making the pleasure more intense as I build up the right rhythm.

Her lips are against mine, rough and wild. She's hot and wet, wrapping tightly around me and making it almost difficult to keep up the rythmn. I grip her hair tightly, keeping her firmly in position.

I can feel it coming. Quickening through my body, making it impossible to do anything than groan out of intense pleasure. She cries out loudly as she comes, only a few seconds before myself. It explodes throughout my entire body. Instantly my bones turn to jelly and I collapse on top of her, still deep within her sweet warmth.

She holds onto my tightly as I shift so that we lie on our sides, entirely entwined. She runs her trembling through my hair and it feels good, soothing, as we both recover from the sweet aftershocks of our orgasms.

I trail my hand down her side, pauses at her bare backside. "My slut." I tease, giving her a solid slap.

She clings to me tighter, pressing a kiss to my chin, flicking her tongue across my skin. "Your slut. Always."

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