Office punishment

Office punishment Office punishment

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Laura went to give the boss the papers, the boss had other ideas.


Laura went to give the boss the papers, the boss had other ideas.


Submitted: November 12, 2013

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Submitted: November 12, 2013



Laura walked into her bosses office. Her plump ass wiggled in her short skirt and her big breasts moved slightly up and down in her blouse with every step she took. She wanted to hand in the files quickly so she could get home to her boyfriend. It was their year anniversary, and she wanted to be home.

she entered his office, her heels clicking. "Sir, the files are sorted and here's the papers you asked about. May I go home now?" She asked hopefully with a small flirtatious grin.

"Laura, what have I told you about your skirts." He said impatiently.

"I'm sorry. I haven't been to the store yet, I'll get a longer one I swear." She pleaded. Her boss didn't like her wearing short skirts. Well, he did, but he really didn't like having a hard in at work.

"and then you have the nerve to ask me if you can go home early.?" He turned to her. "I don't think so." He walked up behind her and grasped her hips. "If you were to, per say, take a punishment from me. I think I could let you go." He said huskily as his thumbs made small circles on her hips.

laura gulped. She needed this job, she couldn't be fired! So she asked him, while trying to distract herself from his circling thumbs, what he meant by that.

"it means, my beautiful, that you are going to let me punish you. Sexually. Or else you will lose your job. And I know how much you need that apartment. So can I punish you Laura?" He asked sweetly.

she looked him in the eye. She needed that new apartment. She needed it because she was planning on starting a family with her boyfriend. She had come off the pill a little while ago and was going to try for the first time tonight. She slowly nodded her head and said. "I'll take the punishment." 

The boss walked over to his door and swiftly locked it. He then moved back to Laura and turned her to face the table. He pushed her down on it so her ass was up in the air and flipped up her skirt. Her red thong was tight up her ass. The boss pulled them even higher up there and moved them back and forth before ripping them off. She gasped.

"now baby, I want you to be a brave girl now. And take the punishment." He said before she felt a stinging on her ass. He spanked her for the very first time in her pale little ass. "Count for me slut." He demanded.

"one." She said. "One what?!" He yelled. She was confused for a moment before she realised what he wanted. "One sir." She yelled.

"two sir" she said as the second slap landed.

"three sir" she muttered. It hurt. His palm left a sting after every hit. A red mark surely.

after many more she finally said "ten sir" he eyes brimmed with tears. She went to get up but her boss pushed her back down.  "Oh, baby girl. We're not done yet."

she flelt something sliding up and down her wet slit. She then realised it was his cock. "Please sir. Not that. Please don't enter me there." She didn't want him to use her cunt. "That's for my boyfriend."

"I guess you don't need the job." He taunted. She whimpered as she felt the head pop into her twat. "ugh, baby your so tight." He growled as he pushed in more. He was big. 8inched and at least 2inch thick. He was the biggest shed ever taken. She moaned. She couldn't help it, he was so big, she loved it.

then he started to pound her. He moved so fast, his balls were slapping her like his hand had earlier. "Yes slut, yes. You like that don't you? You like it when I pound you like this from behind?" 

"Yes. Yes I do sir. Please go faster. Please." Laura was close now. He could sense it too, so he reached around the front of her and pinched her clit between his fingers, before slapping it and circling it hard. "Ooooooooo" she moaned. 

" I'm almost their whore. Are you gunna take your bosses cum all inside you? Are you?" He yelled. "Yes! Yes I will I promise, just make me cum please." She screamed.

she orgasmd first. Her pussy walls clenched around the thick cock as her cunt pulsed. But he still pounded on. And then a few second later, spurted semen into her like a fountain. Laura lay on the desk, feeling relived. While her boss lay on top of her, cock still inside. Her boss soon slid out of her and playfully slapped her ass once more before pulling her skirt down. 

Laura stood up, some of her bosses semen dripped down her leg. She looked at her boss and smiled. "Thank you sir."

"thank you Laura. You may go home now." Her boss said with a smirk. Laura almost reached the door when her boss added. "And Laura?"

"yes sir." 

"Happy anniversary."


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