Ardurotica: The Abduction

Ardurotica: The Abduction

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Here begins the ordeal of Sindrah Greve, the daughter of a prince turned sex slave in the fantasy world of Ardure.


Here begins the ordeal of Sindrah Greve, the daughter of a prince turned sex slave in the fantasy world of Ardure.


Submitted: February 26, 2015

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Submitted: February 26, 2015




The day dawned sunny and warm, and while Sindrah did not often awaken early enough to see daybreak, she did this morning, as she and her sister Karissa  slipped out of Ironhall through a small side postern, walking their horses. The sentry that one would usually find at the gate was nowhere to be seen, but he could he heard. Sindrah and her sister covered their mouths to stifle giggles as they listened to masculine grunts and groans, accompanied by a woman's gasping squeals of pleasure, issuing from behind the door of a small storeroom located adjacent to the postern. Sindrah knew that the squeals were produced by one of her sister's servants, Gretchen, who had eagerly accepted the task of distracting the sentry. She was wailing loud enough to mask the creak of rusty gate hinges.

Thirty strides from the gate they paused to remove the sacking they had roped to the hooves of their stallions in order to muffle the sound of ironshod hooves on cobblestone. They stole anxious glances at the high perimeter walls of the hold. As the daughters of the Prince of Ironhall, they were not allowed beyond those walls without escort. There were lookouts up there, but if they were awake and had seen the girls below they apparently assumed nothing was out of the ordinary -- that they had passed with permission through a guarded gate. Sindrah's body tingled with excitement as she stuffed rope and sacking into a bag tied to her saddle.

Climbing back aboard her horse Evelard, Karissa listened intently a moment and laughed softly."I can still hear Gretchen from here!" she whispered, eyes wide and sparkling with mischief -- and something more. "That guard must have a very big cock!"

"Karissa!" gasped Sindrah, blushing at hearing that word spoken out loud, and because of wild imaginings in her head as she tried to picture what was transpiring in that storeroom. Her sister laughed at her, and Sindrah, back in the saddle, kicked her horse into a canter, as though trying to flee from her own embarrassment.

Cutting across cultivated fields, jumping low stone fences, they avoided the small hamlets that clustered close by Ironhall and, reaching a strip of woods lining a little creek, stopped and dismounted, elated because they had successfully slipped away. Sindrah tried not to think about what their father would do if he ever found out.

"So what is it you want to show me?" she asked Karissa eagerly. Karissa had insisted that she had to see something that could not be put on display within the walls of Ironhall. Try as she might, Sindrah couldn't imagine what it might be.

Karissa laughed gaily and began to shed her clothes. In no time riding cloak, skirt, boots and camise were laying in a pile at her feet. "I'll show you, I'll show you! But first you must get naked like me!"

Sindrah looked round, her innate shyness making her heart flutter. She felt envious because Karissa was more curvaceous than she, and had more ample breasts -- and, she thought, was prettier. She hesitated, but only a moment. Then, with cheeks burning, undressed more slowly than had her sister, but with the same result. She stood there naked as the day she had been born, eighteen summers ago, an arm folded self-consciously over her small pert breasts, knock-kneed as she pressed her thighs together, sky-blue eyes anxiously scanning the woods that encompassed the little clearing. Then, when she turned her attention back to Karissa her jaw dropped. Her sister was down on hands and knees and crawling under the barrel of her stallion!

"Gads, Karissa!" she gasped. "What are you DOING??"

Karissa looked over her shoulder, eyes bright with excitement as she crouched under the massive, 16-hands-tall stallion and began licking the blunt head of the beast's cock, reaching out to fondle Evelard's huge, dangling ball sac. Her other hand slipped between her own thighs. Sindrah stared, eyes wide, as the stallion's cock lengthened, the mottled pink and gray shaft extending from its sheath, and realized, belatedly, that she had started touching her pussy as she watched her sister stuff the stallion's cock head into her mouth. The beast whickered, stamped, haunches quivering as Karissa noisily sucked away for a moment before coming up for air.

"Sindrah, you should lick Strider's cock!"

Sindrah's heart skipped a beat as she glanced at her own horse and imagined herself kneeling underneath it, wondering what it would taste like ... then snapped out of this naughty reverie and blushed again. "Karissa! No! I can't!"

Karissa laughed at her. "Then at least come and lick Evelard's balls so that he will more quickly bathe me in his cum."

Too embarrassed to even speak at this point, Sindrah shook her head adamantly.

Karissa clucked her tongue as she rubbed her cheek on her stallion's cockhead, which was leaking a fluid that soon covered the lower part of her face. "You are such a prude, Sin, for one who is, allegedly, no longer a virgin! You and that Caskeen boy, what was his name? Andor? Pfft."

That helped Sindrah find her voice. "I'm NOT a virgin," she lied, hoping she sounded convincing. Karissa just chuckled and stuffed her mouth full of horse cock again, moaning as her hips began to gyrate, her fingertips furiously massaging her swollen, glistening clit in plain view of the entire world.

Aroused by watching her sister eagerly sucking on the stallion's immense cock finally trumped Sindrah's shyness. She edged closer and worked up the nerve to get down on hands and knees beside Karissa. Holding the cock in both hands, a steady drip of viscous fluid leaking from the tip onto her face and breasts, Karissa giggled as she offered Sindrah a taste, and laughed at the embarrassed refusal. "Then at least lick his balls, Sin. He's a male, he's bound to like it!"

"What do you know about what a man likes," replied Sindrah, petulantly. She was tired of being laughed at.

"More than you apparently!" Karissa then closed her eyes and took the end of the stallion's cock in her mouth again, a dreamy expression on her face.

Sindrah stared at Evelard's balls, and then crawled a little closer and began to run the flat of her tongue over the leathery flesh. It had a pungent taste, but just the act of licking balls made her moan, so aroused did she become. She wondered what their father would do to them if he suddenly appeared in the clearing. Several times she paused and looked around nervously.

She never saw the man who stood at the edge of the trees, watching. He was tall, gaunt, and dressed in black, a long cloak over well-tailored tunic and trousers. From his vantage point all he could see of the girls now were their asses in the air, knees spread wide, hands on their cunts. He smirked and glanced around at the four men who stood behind him. They were all staring at the naked girls like men who had survived a long desert trek and finally come upon some water.

"Looks like we're in luck, boys. New slaves for the taking. Ordis, Sorn, go get them."

When Sindrah felt the strong hands clamp down on her ankles it felt as though an invisible fist was squeezing her heart, and for an instant she thought her father had found them, or at the very least an Ironhall patrol, or perhaps a farmer or hunter. Whoever had her in his grasp pulled her knees out from under her and dragged her from beneath the horse, which veered off into the brush, startled. Sindrah kicked wildly, trying in vain to free her legs so she could follow Evelard, her first priority to hide her nakedness. She half-rolled over and saw the ugly, heavy-jowled face of a leering Ordis and screeched in terror. Beside her, Karissa was kicking and screaming, as another man had her by the ankles. And still other men stood by and watched. The man who had hold of Karissa lifted her legs straight up and then spread them wide, rolling her onto her shoulders to stop her kicking. He bent his head down and sniffed.

"I do believe this one is in heat!" The comment elicited some gruff laughter from the others.

"They must be hungry for cock, being as they were sucking horse dick when we snuck up," said one of the spectators, a lean, hawk-nosed man.

"Reckon she'll get plenty of cock before her time is done," said another of the spectators, this one swarthy and muscle-bound.

Ordis grinned at Sindrah. "Maybe a thousand. You ready for a thousand cocks, girly?"

Panic-stricken, Sindrah suddenly found it hard to breathe. She looked at Karissa and saw her own horror reflected in her sister's expression. These were no hunters, and certainly not farmers. Sindrah was certain that whatever they were, they intended to rape her and her sister!

"I am so sorry!" whispered Karissa, and then began to sob inconsolably. This caused Sindrah to burst into tears. She depended on her bold and confident older sister because Karissa had always been the one with the answer to every question, the solution to every problem. To see her like this confirmed the helplessness of their situation. She began to twist and kick violently, while draping an arm over her breasts and trying to hide her pussy behind her hand. "Please!" she shrieked. "Please let us go! We-we are the daughters of Rycard Greve! You-you can't do this!"

Four of the men were dressed in rough-hewn garb. The one in the fine black cloak had seemed rather indifferent to the goings-on -- until Sindrah spoke. Then he strode closer to her, staring at her curiously.

"They be hardly more than girls," observed the lanky one.

"Old enough to give a man pleasure," replied the one who was holding Karissa's legs wide. He glanced hopefully at the man in black. "I got an achin' to try this one's wet little quish, Cap'n."

The one holding Sindrah's ankles looked up at the man in the black cloak as he drew near. "Cap'n Moran, seems like I heard that name before. Who is this Greve feller?"

"The Prince of Ironhall himself, you idiot," said Moran, staring at Sindrah, a cold smile curling his thin lips. Then he glanced sternly at the man who had hold of Karissa. "You know the rules, Sorn. Mouth and ass only. The quish belongs to him -- or her -- who buys the wench. Especially these two noble-born wenches. I have a feeling our own prince may pay a handsome sum for them both."

"Why's that?" asked Sorn.

"Because Tycho is the sworn enemy of Rycard Greve. Do any of you pay attention to anything besides whores and wine?" Moran looked around, frowning. "Ironhall is close by. Quickly, bind and gag them. We make haste for Wolfrune!"

Ordis flipped Sindrah over and sat on the back of her thighs, pinning her to the ground, ignoring her heels banging against his broad back as her lower legs flailed. Wrenching her arms behind her, he took a length of leather from his belt and secured her wrists. Then he spread her ass cheeks to admire her little pink star a moment before rising, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling her to her feet. Sindrah cried out in pain as it felt like he was tearing her hair out by the roots. The dark, muscular man approached her with a wadded up cloth in one hand and another long strip of leather in the other. Realizing she was on the verge of being gagged she blurted, "Please PLEASE let us put on our clothes!!" And then the foul-tasting rag was stuffed in her mouth and secured there by the strip of leather.

Still keeping a good grip on her hair, Ordis chuckled. "You won't be needin' to worry about clothes ever again, girly. Clothes get in the way when a man wants to do this ... " and he clamped his teeth down on one of her nipples, then flicked his tongue over it a few times. Sindrah's muffled squeal of helpless outrage was accompanied by frantic squirming when Ordis stuffed a hand between her thighs. One of his blunt fingers pressed up between her plump pink folds. Never had Sindrah been more humiliated, or more terrified. Her eyes, brimming with a fresh wave of tears, darted to Karissa. Her sister was similarly bound and gagged. She was no longer sobbing, but stood there, quivering, pale, eyes downcast, the most forlorn expression on her face. It was the expression of one who had given up hope.

Sindrah hadn't. A quick glance around the clearing informed her that their horses and disappeared. She thought perhaps this was one reason why Moran had suddenly been so eager to travel. With any luck the horses would find their way back to Ironhall. Sindrah's father would muster every able-bodied man and all of his knights to conduct a search for his missing daughters. So there was a chance that she and Karissa might be rescued from the horrific new life these awful men had in mind for them.

The life a sex slave.

(continued in Ardurotica: [2] The Ride)

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