Formal Formal

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


At night at formal she will never forget


At night at formal she will never forget


Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



It had been an incredibly romantic night. Dressing up and going over to Notre Dame to meet the love of my life. He was dressed in his best. Black pants that showed off his incredibly round ass. I was glowing in my purple dress. He smiled as he saw me, and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“You look beautiful.” He said with a grin.

I replied with a thank you and a wink.

All the boys were in Chris’s room that night. We all decided to pregame together before we went to the dance. We all drank, and I remember the way the Mike’s lemonade felt on my tongue. It tasted like summer, even though it was raining that night. I remember feeling so cold until the alcohol hit my veins. Before long I was laughing and giggling with my man by my side.

Before I knew it, it was time to go.

Of course after I stepped outside, I refused to get my hair wet, so I wrapped my sweater around my head. The guys laughed at me, “Sarah, what are you doing?”

“Didn’t you know?” I responded. “I’m becoming a nun.”

He looked at me to make sure I was kidding. I beamed at him, and said, “Justin, how could I become a nun when I have a man like you in my life.”

He kissed me, and all of my girlfriends sighed.

As we passed alumnae to go off to South Dining Hall, a couple of bastard freshman decided it would be funny to throw water balloons at us as we passed through. Justin grabbed my hand and we began to run. By the time we reached our formal, we began to laugh. I was breathing like a fat kid who just ate McDonalds too fast, and Justin hardly broke a sweat.

It was sort of embarrassing. Justin was an all-star athlete in high school. He had a strong, sexy build. He played everything from football to baseball. Not only was he strong and athletic, he was a genius. Handling 300-level classes at 18, and doing well! I was definitely the direct opposite. Although I received excellent grades in high school and managing to get one of the top scholarships at my school, I was nowhere near as smart as Justin. I studied Nursing, while he studied history. Our academic interests were nothing like. He was athletic; I was more musical. I had been playing piano my whole life, and singing about half. Even though I knew Justin was not into music as I was, he managed to show up at my concerts even when we were fighting. I was the luckiest girl in the world to have such a man.

As we walk in to formal hand in hand, Father greeted us and told us to have a good time.

The inside was beautiful. Decorated with dark wood that covered the walls. And the grand crystal chandlers that hung from the ceiling. The booming base welcomed us as we took our first steps into the enchanting room. Immediately, my best friend Margaret and I hit the dance floor. Of course we were drunk and acting like a couple of idiots. As everyone started to join in, Margaret and I were touching and kissing on each other. I looked back, and I could see Justin’s package hardening through his dress pants.

He asked if I would like something to eat, and I obliged.

We walked over to the chocolate strawberries. Before I could say anything, he gently touched my chin, opening my mouth, and slid the chocolate dipped strawberry onto my tongue. The sweet taste of the strawberry and his strong hand against my face already had me in stitches. I let out a small groan, and he took my waist and kissed me on the lips before I finished my sweet treat.

He stuck his tongue in my mouth and licked the chocolate sauce off my teeth. I could already feel my underwear getting wet.

He kissed my forehead, and led me back to the dance floor. We danced for about an hour before we couldn’t take it any longer. Justin definitely wasn’t a dancer, and I could tell he was getting anxious to go. As he led me out putting my sweater over my shoulders, he knew I wanted to stay.

I loved dancing, although I’m not the best. For me being surrounded by people and pushing my body up against Justin did something for me, but I knew Justin had other ideas in mind.

He told me he was upset for letting him leave. He told me how he would have stayed if I wanted him to. I told him not to worry and he took my hand.

“How would you feel about going back to my room?” He asked.

Of course I wasn’t going to deny him. I could still feel the wetness rubbing me in my silky underwear.

He grabbed my waist and led me back to his dorm room.

As we walked in, he said, “My roommate said he wouldn’t come back for a while. We have the place to ourselves.”

He locked the door and grabbed the back of my head and kissed me passionately. I could feel him pulling the zipper of the back of my dress down. Gently taking my dress off, he laid me down on his couch. As he was kissing my neck, he unhooked my bra and that came off faster than I expected. Those kisses soon turned into kisses on my breasts. He knew what I liked and started making my nipples hard. He licked around them until I couldn’t take it, and started to suck on me. I let out a moan. He licked between my breasts. I could feel myself getting wetter. As he was still kissing my breasts, I could feel him move his hand lower. He pushed his hand under my underwear and let out a moan.

“Sarah, you’re so wet for me.”

And kissed me on the lips.

He started to gently rub me. As he did, he took my underwear off. I couldn’t take it. He was avoiding my clit, and I kept moving the lower half of my body down so his hand would go up to relieve me. He laughed at me, and continued to tease me. Soon enough, he touched me there, and I let out a moan.

“Oh GOD”

“Do you want me to go down on you?” He whispered.

I was a little nervous. No one had gone down on me my whole life. I had given to Justin, but I was anxious about it on me. As he was kissing my stomach, I let out a small, “Yes.”

He took his time. He spread my legs even further than he had them. He cupped his hands under my butt and I could feel his tongue gently touch the lips of my vagina. The moans were instantaneous. Nothing had ever felt so good.

He continued to lick around my lips and then started to suck on my clit.

At that moment, felt myself come.

Even though I had orgasmed, He continued to pleasure me. My body was trashing. He held me down, and continued to spread my legs. He put his tongue in my vagina, and I let out a moan.


“Sarah, I want to make you mine, so badly”

He came up and stroked my hair.

I looked at him. We both wanted to have sex. It was the natural thing, but he refused. He got up and told me, “I can’t take your virginity like this.”

I was begging. I wanted him to fill me up so badly.

He laid next to me and kissed me. Silencing me.

He put his finger inside of me. He moaned.

“Sarah, you’re so tight..”

He was right. His finger was enough to fill me up, and Justin was well endowed. I was nervous, but I couldn’t believe how much I wanted him inside of me. I begged him to, and he just continued to kiss me. He took off his pants, and I went down on him, taking off his boxers before I put my mouth on him.

He moaned.

I got him so wet with my mouth, his penis became even harder than it already was. I started moving my hand across his shaft, and put my other hand right underneath his p-spot. He screamed and told me he was going to come. I let go, and he pushed me underneath him, and came on my chest.

He looked at me,

“Sarah you are so beautiful.”

I laughed. It was inconceivable to me. I was lying there with his semen all over me and my eyeliner was smudged. But he took a towel and cleaned off my chest. And we lay there naked together for a long time. He was stroking my hair.

“Sarah I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He was the most incredible lover.

He ran his hand over my body. & He laughed when he reached in between my legs.

“You’re still wet.”

I closed my eyes as he started fingering me again.

I embraced him, but he pushed me back, and spread my legs again.

He told me to close my eyes, and as I did he went back down on me. I wasn’t expecting this again. It came at a total surprise. I yelled out. I was so much pleasure it was almost too much. He switched back and forth between his finger and his tongue. He started pushing on me faster, and spread my legs wider. I couldn’t take it. I started to leak with a second orgasm. He continued to go faster and harder. I could feel myself thrusting up against his hand, and I made his couch wet. After I came, he smiled. Then as I opened my eyes he was looking at me. Almost memorizing the way my body looked at that moment. He came and cuddled next to me. He kissed me again.

“I love you.”

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