Rebel With A Cause

Rebel With A Cause

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Hungry to relive the days of his adolescence, a substitute teacher seeks erotic companionship from his most over the top student.


Hungry to relive the days of his adolescence, a substitute teacher seeks erotic companionship from his most over the top student.


Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



Students began shuffling into class as the 8 a.m. bell for class rang. Mr. Donivic stared with detached attention to the zombies drag their feet behind them as they fell into empty desks, every child staring on with either a dead gaze or sleepy eyes. Not a single one of them appeared to be in the mood for school today, which surprised the substitute. 

He could remember the many wonderful times he had in high school, some even better than college. Those four years of teenage ignorance and lust were a wonderful series of adventure and amusement, and Mr. Donivic could find himself getting lost in the memories that were the best times of his life.

However, he felt an unwelcome dread settle on his shoulders as he watched the unenthusiastic students settle in for first period, some seeming as though they were already thinking of the end of the day. The young man couldn't fathom how times had changed in such a short period of time; he had only graduated five years ago. Most of these students he watched with unease looked no less than 17 years old. 

"Whoa, who is that guy," a high voice whispered, making Mr. Donivic lightly turn his eyes to the two girls standing at the door. They both watched the older man with both intrigue and desire. "Is he, like, a new student or something?" The Asian one whispered, covering her mouth as she giggled.

"No, I don't think so," the slightly taller and bustier brunette replied with wonder. "He looks way older than most of the seniors do."

"And hotter, too," the Asian purred as she stalked past. "I hope I have to stay after class today." She made a point of checking out the man South of his equator with a wink. 

Mr. Donivic snickered to himself. Five years out of here and I still woo these ignorant little girls, he thought. Of course, he couldn't very well deny the beauty he was blessed with. Toned and lean muscularity, the perfect physical balance between strong and passionate. A neatly chiseled, almost boyish face and jaw with short brown stubble. Grey eyes that made stars when he smiled. Mr. Donivic knew that he was pretty damn hot, and he had always been used to hearing it. 

"Okay, everyone, my name is Mr. Donivic," the sub stated when all the mentally dead students settled into their desks and watched him with both confusion and relief. "Your teacher Ms. Thatch had to go to a funeral today, so I will be here subbing your class. Now I am going to take roll, so I want you to say 'here' when your name." Mr. Donivic turned for his roster, hearing the already expected giggles and quiet whistles from some of the females in the room.

He turned back to the class and started reading names aloud. "Christopher Abernathy?"

"Here," a slightly chubby kid with an acne problem raised his hand.

Mr. Donivic shook his head and called another. "Quinn Allen?" 

A Hawaiian guy, most likely the school douche raised his hand as he slouched in his chair, his neon Nikes reflecting light from the fluorescent lights on the ceiling.

"Nikki Carter?"

"Here." The Asian girl purred as she flipped her hair over her shoulder with a wink.

The sub rolled his eyes, continuing. "Nathan Ease?"


"Cathy Hains?"


"Pamela Jenkins?"


"Heather Reese?" No one responded, and Mr. Donivic lifted his eyes from the clipboard. "Heather Reese?"

Suddenly the class room door flew open, and every one turned their heads to a female student walk in, kicking her boots to whatever was playing out of her obnoxiously loud headphones. Students giggled, watching the seemingly delinquent girl bang her head and play air guitar, looking like a rockstar on meth. 

A hot rockstar on meth. 

"Excuse me," Mr. Donivic spoke sternly watching the girl bounce further and further into the classroom and closer to his desk, without her paying any attention. He noticed the girl's luscious chest jiggle in her tight fitting ACDC t shirt. 

"Ba-da-dadadada-da-da-dadada-bada bada," The girl made noises as she hopped around, and the man's patience began to thin out rapidly. 

"Ma'am?" The teacher spoke, pulling the girl's headphones from her ears. Her head snapped up, and she had sunglasses on, hiding her eyes from. That along with the slight smell of Jack Daniels didn't leave much else for the man to figure about this student. 

"Hey, what the hell," she snapped, cocking her head at me with her hands on her hips. "What was that for?"

"Well, we can start with the fact that you are in several dress code violations right now, you are disrupting the class and-" The man paused, then stepped slightly closer to the teen girl. "You smell like a goddamn bar." He whispered. 

"Oh, so a bitchy sub you are," the girl laughed, shaking her head. "Anyway, gimme my headphones back."

"Oh, these?" Mr. Donivic held the purple Beats up in one hand, swinging them side to side. "This is one of those dress code violations I told you about."

"So fucking what?"

"Language. And so is this." Mr. Donivic stuck his hand behind the short girl's head, pulling the burgundy beanie from her bright red hair. "Now, please take a seat, Heather."

"How the hell did you know my name?"

"Language! And you came in during roll call."

Heather sighed, walking to a seat right in front of his desk. "That sucks. I thought you would have marked me absent already so I could leave."

"Me, too," Mr. Donivic grumbled to himself, reading off the rest of the names on the roster. Though he read and listened for responses, the back of his mind kept pushing thought of the girl in front of him, slouched in her chair with her legs crossed, swinging the toes of her boots back and forth. He had seen obnoxious and childish behavior like this before-hell, he was the same way- and he typically ignored it. But Heather was a sight worth seeing. Her full chest sat like two melons on top of her petite abdomen. Her legs were covered by taut black see-through leggings and ripped Daisy Dukes. Her fiery red hair was chopped in a fluffy layered bob around her heart shaped face. 

Her eyes watched the older man, studying him with her hard hazel eyes as she played with her many bracelets on her wrists. She smirked as though she were taunting him, and Mr. Donivic would have thought otherwise had Heather not been mashing her breasts together with her upper arms. The undercover sexual gesture made Mr. Donivic's crotch tingle with excitement. Hopefully he could get through this class without pouncing on the minor like a savage.
"Okay, class, your teachers left instructions for you all to continue working on your historical analysis papers independently. Any questions?" 

Everyone but Heather kept their hands down. Mr. Donivic could already sense the impending stupid questions, so he tried to turn around and ignore the student.

"Hey, subby!" Heather shouted, slapping the bottom of her leather biker boots down on the tiled floor.

Mr. Donivic flinched from the noisy impact and snapped his head around to the girl. "Subby?" He repeated. "Is that even a word, Ms. Reese?" 

"D'know, d'care," she laughed. "Why do you look like that?"

"Excuse me?" The teacher raised an eyebrow, curious to the girl's answer. He knew he was attractive beyond normal standards, but he had never been asked such a...rude question before. "What exactly do you mean by that, young lady?"

"Well, first of all, I ain't no lady, dude," Heather laughed as she threw her head back, nearly knocking into the forehead of the half asleep student behind her. "And secondly, I meant why do you look so...young?"

Now that was a little more refreshing to hear. "I'm in training for my teaching license, Ms. Reese," the sub spoke evenly, not letting the slight but intentional readjustment of Heather's breasts phase him. He smiled to himself as he continued to stare at the overly attractive but possibly mentally deranged student.

"Oh, so you have to practice sucking at life before you actually get paid, then?" Heather asked rather innocently, but her eyes fluttered with her growing smirk as the majority of the males in the classroom laughed at her comment.

Mr. Donivic's own smirk fell, irritation and a slight sense of challenge settling on his aura. Alright, little girl, he thought to himself, you have no idea who you're fucking with. Let's play this stupid game then.

"Ms. Reese, you have been in class for twenty minutes and do not even have your supplies out," the teacher spoke with as much uniformed detachment from the girl as he could muster. Which was a considerable struggle because the girl's rack was a sight to see. "I would appreciate if you didn't waste anymore of your time and get to work."

"I don't work," she deadpanned, pulling a strip of gum from underneath her shirt and sticking it in her mouth, holding eye contact with the older man the entire time. "You better ask around, dude. I'm just here 'cause my 'rents wouldn't let me sleep."

"Then why don't you do the rest of the class- or the world, for that matter- a favor and be quiet. Maybe then we could actually hear our own thoughts." Mr. Donivic smiled as Heather's face fell, and he could tell his dismissal wasn't something she was expecting nor approved of. At least that shut her up for the rest of class.

And he really meant the rest of class. Heather had not said a word since Mr. Donivic unprofessionally chastised her in front of the entire classroom just about the next forty minutes. It somewhat disappointed the teacher, seeing as he was having a slight amount of fun with their childish argument. He could tell every time Heather made the slightest sexual advance, whether it was by her tone, or her expression, or even how she batted her eyes. The small but noticeable gestures were enough to bring back some of the man's most pleasurable moments just a few years ago.

Mr. Donivic sighed in his chair, letting his mind wander to the deep, amazing memories of his sexual experience as a teen. The memories of passionate nights in his bedroom, in his car, on his car, the school gym, the school's football field! 

And the best part was that he could remember almost every time. Most of the girls, some of their names, but some of the best times of his life were right between 15 and 19 of growing up. One amazing and intense sexual adventure after another. The man could say he has had his fair share of the rainbow during his adolescence, finding his favorite thing in women is being diverse. There were so many different girls in the preppy douche school he grew up in that he couldn't just have one. They were everywhere! And Mr. Donivic had enjoyed every single moment. The only thing he regretted was not appreciating them more, living in the lustful ignorance of his adolescence without concern that it would all leave him one day and he could do nothing to stop it. 

He thought of that regret more and more as his mind raced with wild and adventurous moments he could share with the girl sitting in front of him, her head down in her folded arms, and her neck seemed awkwardly angled. She seemed stiffened as she rested on her crossed arms, looking so sweet and feminine and beautiful. Heather reminded Mr. Donivic of his more wild than most girls, like Cynthia. He had almost gotten arrested for cocaine one time to fuck that girl in his hotel room after prom. 

And still one of the best.

And now he was growing more and more curious as to how his adventures as a teacher could play out, dazzling these ignorant and self absorbed girls with just his small smile and they would fall to his feet. It would be too easy!

Starting with the obnoxious little brat in front of him. Mr. Donivic laughed to himself, thinking of how easy it would be to crack that little bad ass attitude, maybe teach her a little damn respect while he was at it.

Before his eyes closed and he drifted off into a deep, wet sleep, the bell rang out to end class. All the lifeless and miserable looking teens in the room were suddenly much more alert and eager to be alive, hopping out of their seats and soaring through the door of the classroom. 
Mr. Donivic watched as the Asian girl- he forget her name- leave her desk and approach his with a small smile. "Uh, Mr. Donivic, I wanted to know if you had gone here, like, two years ago." The girl was totally lying. Mr. Donivic rolled his eyes to himself. He wasn't even from this state.  "You're just so familiar, I thought I remembered from one of the previous senior classes-"
Mr. Donivic's attention drifted from the uninteresting girl to a sleeping Heather, who still had her head down in her folded arms and was snoring lightly.

The girl in front of him turned her eyes to his new found source of attention and looked at the sleepy girl. She turned back to the teacher as he watched Heather intently, seeming to forget all about the girl's poor attempt at flirting.

Once she took Mr. Donivic's silence as an obvious lack of interest, she scoffed and strutted out of the classroom. 

Mr. Donivic smiled to himself, but it fell when he took in the almost empty classroom. He and Heather were the only two people in there. Just that sudden, dirty thought was enough to make the young man's cock twitch involuntarily. 

He had to keep himself under control, however, if he was going to make this situation play out in his favor. The girl's outfit was enough to make him spring in his beige slacks, but he wanted to wait. By the time Mr. Donivic completed his little game that he had in store for the sleeping siren, she would be a dripping wet mess under his male dominance.

Mr. Donivic laughed to himself as he stood from his desk and walked toward's Heather's, where the sexy teen was bent forward on her desk, fast asleep. He wanted to stand for a moment and imagine her how he wanted; laid out on his desk with her legs spread and in the air. 

The thought had already made him tingle in the best and worst way, taking him back to earlier in the morning when she walked in late. Mr. Donivic first noticed her sexual appeal in her slender curves, as well as the bouncing mounds on her chest with her energized vigor. It gave the young man a sense of what he'd had in his years of carefree thoughts and actions. He missed high school and it rush to just be young. His life had never felt as complete when he started gaining experience for a professional career as an instructor, something that he had secretly always wanted. But know he saw the most perfect time to relive what was the best part of his youth, laying over on her desk sound asleep.

However, he was a sensible man who didn't want to experience the stress of unemployment and  possible statuary rape charge. As much as the thought of reliving his days as a heartthrob entranced him, he was an adult now.

"Ms. Reese," Mr. Donivic grumbled as he towered over the sleeping girl's desk. She didn't respond to the man's irritated tone; he assumed she was till asleep. Mr. Donivic rolled his eyes and raised his hand, his patience wearing thin. 

"Don't even think about it," Heather muttered while her head still rested in the pillow of her arms. Mr. Donivic paused, not sure how to respond. Heather didn't make a point of moving, and the older man needed her to leave before he lost what was left of his patience. "There's this thing called a nap. You should try it sometime." 

Mr. Donivic's jaw tightened as he struggled to keep calm. "Adults don't take naps at nine in the morning, Ms. Reese," he said evenly. "Class had ended. Please leave."

At this Heather lifted her head, and Mr. Donivic saw that her eyes slightly glazed over from sleep. A few strands of hair fell over her face, stripes of red and burnt oranges making streaks against her skin. The sight brought inappropriate thoughts to the man's head.

He turned away from the girl and walked to the window of the classroom, his back to Heather. "You need to go to your next class before I write you up for truancy."

"C'mon, subby, I thought I was your fave," Heather purred, the sound triggering Mr. Donivic's sexual hormones. He had to bite down on the inside of his lip to subdue himself. "Can't I just stay here for like, ten minutes and sleep?"

"Heather!" Mr. Donivic snapped, turning his head to the insolent and some what alarmed girl. "Leave. Now!"

The room was silent as both teacher and student stood staring at each other, Mr. Donivic with frustration and Heather with shock. The man turned his eyes back to the window without another word, dismissing Heather.

"Whatever," the teenager muttered, and Mr. Donivic heard her open the large classroom door and close it a moment later. The man let out a heavy breath an let his head fall back, thinking of the agonizing tightness in his slacks. He had never been so sexually frustrated in his entire life. The worst of this situation was that he was powerless in obtaining what he wanted, which only made his need all the greater. Without thinking he let his hand slowly inch toward his crotch, hoping to relieve himself of the obnoxious tension without going to the restroom.

Suddenly a smaller, more confident hand fell over his own, making the man jump as his own palm was forced to cover his demanding bulge. Mr. Donivic's eyes snapped open to see Heather standing with her eyes open wide and innocent, as if she didn't have her hand pressed against his manhood. He could still smell a hint of liquor on the girl's clothes.

"What the fuck are you doing?" The man hissed, feeling his face heat with rage and embarrassment and arousal.  Mostly arousal.

"You seemed a little tense," she spoke simply, as if she were talking about the weather outside. "All this stress causes wrinkles, you know. Why would you wanna mess up that pretty little face with something so senseless." 

"Ms. Reese, you need to leave," Mr. Donivic tried once again to refrain from dominating the younger girl, but he felt as though he wasn't going to last much longer. 

Instead of responding to his demand, Heather simply giggled and turned her attention to the land on the older man's erection. Her fingers moved, attempting to move the man's hand so her own palm rested on the fabric of his crotch.

Mr. Donivic's hand caught Heather's before she went too farm, and glared at the smirking child. "You're pissing me off."

"And you're turning me on," Heather purred, stepping closer to the older man. "Hmm, you're hot when you're mad."

Mr. Donivic glared at the girl, feeling his patience rise beyond his control. Fine, little girl, he thought. You wanna play this game? Let's play, then.

The older man gripped Heather's hand tighter as he pulled her by the hip closer with his other hand. Heather squeaked, her eyes getting wide with slight shock. The twinge of fear in her eyes gave Mr. Donivic the boost of confidence he needed, and he smiled. "So you like pissing men off like this, huh?" He hissed. 

Heather shrugged. "Eh, it passes time."

Mr. Donivic glared. "Do you ever just shut the fuck up?" Before she could answer, Mr. Donivic took his hand from her hip and gripped her chin. The girl glared and tried to snatch away, but she was a petite 125 pounds compared to his lean but muscular 185. She had virtually no power over him. "That smart ass mouth of yours is gonna get you in trouble one day, little girl."

The girl continued to struggle against Mr. Donivic's harsh grip, and he looked down to notice her chest bounce with every twist and pull. He growled under his breath, imagining gripping the mounds of flesh in his hands and squeezing until they bruised. 

Heather giggled, breaking the man's perverted train of thought. "I see I'm not the only one who notices the obvious sexual tension in the room," she smirked. "You know I could tell you were in to me from the beginning of class, you douche. Acting like it didn't exist was just a waste of time."

"Little girl, you're a waste of time," Mr. Donivic snarled. 

Heather giggled once again; the sound was becoming a nuisance in the man's ears. "Says the super hot guy with the raging boner in his trousers." Heather smiled and lifted her small hand to Mr. Donivic's wrist, wrapping her fingertips around until she lightly gripped his hand. Mr. Donivic watched as the girl's face softened and she lightly pulled his hand away from her jaw. "That's better," she whispered, then leaned forward onto her toes. Her face was mere inches from his. Suddenly the idea to ravish Heather until she was slick with sweat didn't seem so bad. "C'mon, subby, we both know we want this." She let her lips peck the edge of his jaw, making his heart skip. Then the older man thought of something.

"You still don't know what my name is, do you?" He muttered in a low tone. Heather seemed slightly confused by the question, but shrugged it off. "Why does it matter? Flings like this don't usually require formalities." 

She leaned her head forward again, but this time Mr. Donivic surprised her. He grabbed both sides of the girl's face and covered her mouth with his own, hearing her squeak in response. His tongue slipped through her lips and explored his way around the wet caverns of her mouth. They both pulled away, breathless, and Mr. Donivic noticed that the girl's eyes were dilated with lust and desire. The sight made his crotch tingle in the worst way. "Little girl," he spoke evenly as his hand slipped to the back of her neck. "I'm not just a fling. I'm a full blown goddamn experience." He gripped her neck hard and began to push her down. "On your knees. Now."

Surprisingly, Heather fell to the ground with no objection. It was almost as if she were eager for what would transpire. 

Mr. Donivic smirked as he reached to undo his slacks. "I believe you are in need of a serious attitude check, Ms. Reese. You are the epitome of disrespectful and I do not appreciate it whatsoever." The eager teen sat on her knees as the older man pulled down his zipper, pulling his length out through his boxers.

Heather's eyes got noticeably larger when she saw Mr. Donivic's manhood, which made the older man smirk. "Oh, what's wrong, Ms. Reese? Certainly you're used to facing consequences for your actions, are you not? This can't be the first time that someone has decided to reprimand you for your disrespect and rudeness."

"Dude, if you're trying to make a joke about me being a hoe," Heather said, turning her large eyes up at the older man, " you totally failed." Before Mr. Donivic could respond, Heather wrapped her hands around him and covered his head with her lips.

The sudden surge of electricity made the man jerk, pushing almost half of himself deeper into the girl's mouth. He felt her giggle around his length. "I see someone's getting excited."

The man growled, fed up with Heather's mouth. He figured it was time someone put something in it. "Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much?" Without waiting for a response, Mr. Donivic put his hands on the back of the young girl's head and forced her head forward so that she would take all of him deep into her mouth.

Heather resisted at first, gagging and sputtering around his thick member before adjusting, even taking initiative herself.

Her tongue felt like a silk ribbon around the man's member, licking around his shaft as she sucked. Familiar tingles rushed through Donivic's core in the way he missed about his youth. A woman's soft, ample lips sliding back and forth over his erect cock, with the thrill of danger or excitement in his subconscious. He was indeed excited by the young lady with her mouth swallowing Donivic whole. And should someone come in at any moment and catch the new teacher with the school's delinquent? Well, he'd never be hired in any state let alone any school again. The possibility of being labeled a sex offender was too discerning to even think about.
But at the moment, while Heather's head now bobbed of her own free will back and forth on his shaft, Donivic didn't find the will to care. 

"Oh God, this is...incredible," He said to himself, getting lost in the impossibly euphoric sensations in his mind and body.

Heather's mouth soon released Donivic, giggling innocently. "Oh really? Didn't think you were so...sensitive right here. Here I am thinking you're some kind of sex demon and-"
Donivic's hands grabbed Heather by her head, one hand gripping her neck and another on her mouth,  and pulled her up to meet the man's eyes. "Oh, trust me honey," he said huskily, pulling Heather's startled face close to his lips. "You assumed right. I'm just not anything you've ever dealt with before."

As if the strong grip locking her in place weren't noticeable, she rolls her eyes at the older man. 
It's ridiculous trying to talk to her, he decides. Guess she'll need a little bit of a push.
In place of a response or acknowledgment of her, Donivic takes his hand away from her mouth and reaches down to grip her breast through her shirt.

Heather gasps sharply, the teacher's hand grabbing her so suddenly. The sound strikes Donivic's cock and he ached to hear the girl make more noises. His hand slid rough circles around Heather's melon-shaped breast, enjoying her patched, labored breathing. She took sharp breaths when he grabbed her firmly through her thin t shirt.

Heather seemed so distracted when Mr. Donivic glided her back up to her feet, keeping her in this silent but erotic trance while groping her chest, that the man took a leap and ripped the front of Heather's shirt in two. He expected a surprised gasp from the girl, but she only narrowed her eyes in intense lust, waiting for Donivic's next move.

"Turn around," he ordered, reaching down to take his cock in his hands. He decided that he was going to tease the girl for a minute. "Bend over and pull your shorts down, slowly." 
Heather rolled her eyes, not that the teacher could see her, but laid her upper body on one of the small desks while reaching back for her shorts. She undid the button and zipper, then slowly slipped her shorts down mid-thigh. 

Donivic grabbed the female's wrists in each of his hand, stepping closer to the teen as she laid bent over the desk. He guided her hands up toward the top of her head, his groin pressed firmly up against her backside. He put both the small girl's wrists in one of his large hands, gripping firmly. "Leave these here," he spoke evenly.

The girl lay obedient bent over as Donivic pulled his free hand back and slipped it in between his crotch and her ass. He felt the soft meat of her pussy on his fingertips, bringing back the epic surge of control and power he missed most. 

Donivic wasn't surprised to feel her aroused moisture on his hand. He was used to having such satisfying results from the many times he fooled around. Heather shuddered under his hand, her hips shaking slightly. He didn't expect that she would start talking. "Don't you think it would be a little more satisfying to skip the foreplay and dive straight into the action?"

The teacher shook his head to himself, sliding his finger down to stroke her clit. Heather's hips bucked slightly, making Donivic chuckle. "I think our current situation is satisfying," he spoke evenly. The girl whimpered lightly, but her sounds of frustration only made the man's cock harder. "Oh, I think maybe you want to be a little quieter, Ms. Reese," the man leant forward and whispered against her ear, "someone might hear us."

"Would you just fuck me already?" Heather whined. She rolled her hips against Donivic's hand and crotch to reinforce her request, but he ignored the girl's actions. 

Instead, he removed his hand and rubbed his member against her exposed sex. The contact made Donivic's head blur for a moment, but he refocused his mind and trained his eyes on the back of the student's fiery red head.  "You've seem to have forgotten who's in charge here, little girl," Donivic hissed. "Just for that, I think I'll tease you for a little bit longer."

Donivic felt Heather tense a little under his hands, making him smile. It was girls like this that he hoped to see a rise out of most of all, the ones who thought they were bigger than him. He had had his fair share of hard to get girls when he was younger, some more stubborn than others. They all did eventually succumb to what he wanted.

Right now, all Donivic wanted was to release all the pent up passion he had building inside his aging body since he signed his first apartment lease. Heather was the object of his demon lust, and she was playing a dangerous game she didn't even know was taking place. Donivic replaced his hand on her wet entrance, circling around the folds of her pussy. He could feel the skin pulse with arousal and need, just as how his cock throbbed to be enveloped by Heather's wet sex. His hands slid forward, using Heather's juices against his fingers to build friction. 

The girl's hips jerked against the table as she let out a low mewl of pleasure. She rotated her hips in expectation that Donivic would follow, but instead he pressed his free hand into the small of her back. "Don't move," he hissed, continuing to rub her pussy. Donivic smiled as the girl squirmed under his hand, seeming to ache for more intense contact. "What is it, Ms. Reese?" He rolled his index finger over the ball of nerves above Heather's sopping entrance, making her moan out loudly.

"Oh my God, quit fucking teasing me," Heather whined, turning her head slightly against the table to peer up at the man behind her. 

Donivic shook his head, running his finger over the girl's clit again. "Hmm, I didn't like that answer. Is that anyway to talk to your teacher?"

"Bite me," Heather hissed in response. Out of annoyance, Donivic leaned forward and sank his teeth into the girl's naked shoulder. 

Heather screamed out, the sensation not in the least form pleasurable. Donivic smiled, running his tongue over the indents of his jaw in her skin to soothe the skin. "Maybe you wanna try that response again, Ms. Reese? A little more pleasant this time?"

Heather wasted no time, growing wetter by the feel of Donivic's tongue running over her skin. "Please make me cum, Mr. Donivic," she sighed.

Donivic smiled in triumph, then pulled his fingers away from Heather's clit to insert one inside her dripping cave. Her hips bucked forward but Donivic held the girl in place as he glided his middle finger in and out of her with aggressive strokes. Sighs of passion turned into moans of pleasure, an erotic song Donivic wouldn't tire of hearing. "You like this, don't you, Ms. Reese?" 

The girl nodded against the desk, moaning her approval and desperate need. 

"Yeah, you love your teacher's fingers in your pussy don't you?" He pushed in another, pumping hard. "Say it!"

"Ahh! I like my teacher's fingers in my pussy!" Heather gasped, her moans increasing with her growing arousal. 

Donivic's cock throbbed at every sound the girl made. He retracted his fingers, reaching forward to stick them in Heather's mouths. "Yeah, I bet you like how that tastes, don't you?" Heather's tongue slid over the man's long fingers in her mouth, and Donivic's eyes rolled back for a minute. He wasn't sure he could last much longer, holding Heather down and teasing her for his own amusement. He wanted to be inside of her now. He also wanted to hear Heather beg for it. 

He pulled his hands back while lifting Heather up and turning her to face him, watching her chest rise and fall heavily. "I'm going to fuck you, little girl," he growled and brought his lips closer to her ear. "But I want to hear you beg for it."

"I don't beg, dude," Heather giggled, bringing her own hands forward to grip Donivic's exposed member. "I make people beg." 

The sudden contact of Heather's hands on his cock made Donivic's vision blur for a moment, but he kept his focus and looked Heather in the eye. "Not today," he growled.

Soon Heather was laid back on Donivic's desk with her legs in the air. The teacher reached in front of him to stroke his cock, pulling Heather's eyes down to his stroking with pure need. "I. Want. You. To. Beg." Donivic said simply. But Heather proved to be more stubborn than she let on, which made Donivic smile. He brought his hand back to the girl's pussy, inserting four fingers without warning and pumping harshly. 

Heather cried out, the sudden wave of pleasure hitting her like a truck. Donivic's fingers slid in and out of her with ease, yet the walls of her pussy squoze around the man's hands as if they meant to suck in his entire arm. "Oh shit," Heather gasped as Donivic worked his fingers in and out of her. "Oh God, that's so good!"

"Beg for it, Heather," Donivic hissed, slowing his pace and listening to the girl whimper in disappointment. "Tell me what you want."

"I-I want you to make me cum," Heather panted.

Donivic nodded his head, taking his cock in his hand again. "And how do you want me to do that, Ms Reese?"

"With your cock."

"I'm sorry, Ms. Reese, but I don't think I'm understanding you fully," Donivic laughed as he stroked himself, watching Heather eye his hard on like a hungry dog. The sight made him more desperate for the girl's young pussy, but he wanted to hear her beg for him first. He wanted to hear what they both knew she wanted. 

Heather raised her chin and spread her legs open wider. "I want you," she spoke lowly, "to stick you cock inside of me and ram my pussy until I cum all over this fucking desk." 

The need and desperation he expected-wanted-to hear in Heather's voice was absent, but her words were enough for Donivic to lose all self control and grab the girl's hips harshly. He pulled Heather to the edge of the desk and raised his cock to meet her entrance. "If that's what you want, Ms. Reese," he purred and slid his entire hardened length into the girl's tight hole. 

"Oh fuck!" Heather gasped, reaching up to grip Donivic's biceps. She hadn't been ready for the sudden delicious intrusion, and neither had Donivic. He had expected the troublesome and talkative teen to be less tight than she was-not that he was complaining-as his cock pulsed against the walls of Heather's pussy. He groaned as he pulled his hips back, drawing back so as to leave but his tip resting in the girl's hole. 

The sensation was nothing like he could remember experiencing. In his youth, he had dealt with more than a few stubborn virgins and semi-devoted girlfriends, but the memory of sweet, young, high school pussy was a long since distant memory no amount of porn could've made up for. At that very moment, as Donivic held Heather's hips still and drilled her, he had that sweet, animalistic pleasure back. For the first time since he started college and the rest of his mundane life, he felt alive and ready for the world. As Heather stared up at Donivic with lust and need, he relinquished in the joy his young Adonis filled days blessed him with. The feelings of recklessness and  carelessness fueled his veins, sparked his nerves, cleared his mind of hum-drum simplicity. It was the most intense feeling, to feel young and alive. To feel free.

His hands came up to grip the girl's hands in his own, guiding them up over her head as his eyes laid locked on hers. She was distracted long enough for Donivic to drive forward again, pushing his cock deep inside Heather. The girl screamed out this time, attempting to pull her wrists free of Donivic's grips. His hands wouldn't give, however, and he held her hands down above her head as he relentlessly pounded into her. 

Heather's moans came out in throaty huffs that seemed to match up with each of Donivic's thrusts. "Oh shit, that's so good! Don't stop! Harder!"

Her encouragement fueled Donivic's lust as he leant down to take one of Heather's breasts in her mouth. She gasped as he swirled his tongue over her nipple, feeling how soft the skin was. The small bud hardened between his lips as he suckled and licked, feeling the teen shake and shiver under his touch. "If I didn't know any better," Donivic spoke past Heather's nipple in his teeth, "I'd say you were enjoying this very much."

"S-shut...up," Heather panted out through stagnant breaths, her pants seeming to match her teacher's intense thrusts. Donivic could feel the girl's walls tightening around his cock as her chest started to rise and fall faster. "Oh my God, I'm gonna fucking cum! Don't stop, please!"
Her begs turned Donivic on even more, but the need to release Heather felt over her body made Donivic want to tease her. 

Just before Heather's orgasm hit her in a blind wave of nerves, Donivic pulled up and lifted her off the desk. The girl stared wide eyed and agitated as he lowered her down to the floor. "Ride me," Donivic demanded, lowering his own body down onto the ground and letting his cock spring free in front of Heather. 

Heather wasted no time as she mounted the older man's extension with eagerness. Donivic watched, arms folded behind his head as a pillow, while Heather's ass slid down and his cock disappeared inside the young girl's dripping cave. They both let out a labored breath, letting the pleasure wash over them in waves. "I're enjoying this," Heather gave a shaky, labored laugh over her shoulder, sliding her hips up and down Donivic's cock with slow but torturous intensity.

"What the hell are you doing?" Donivic reached forward and grabbed Heather's hips, gliding her up and down with harsh force. She slammed down hard on Donivic's cock several times, making Heather cry out in pleasure. "There you go, fuck that cock like you mean it."

He held his hands under Heather's ass until she supported herself on Donivic's cock. With each rough intrusion of his cock, Heather felt the fire of ultimate pleasure build large in her stomach. Donivic sensed her imminent orgasm as well as he raised his hips, holding Heather's still. While she was suspended in the air, Donivic pounded into her relentlessly. Heather's cries of pure ecstasy clouded the man's mind, grunting violently as he rammed Heather's tight pussy. Her walls began to spasm as her orgasm came, racking her whole body. "Oh shit!" She screamed, rolling her hips around Donivic's cock to ride out her pleasure. 

As the girl sat flushed in her pleasure, Donivic shot up from the floor, gripping his cock in one hand and a handful of Heather's hair in the other. "Now you are going to swallow this," his voice was husky as he beat his cock in Heather's eager face, watching stream after stream of his manhood fly into her face and hair. Heather licked around the edges of her mouth to clean what her tongue could reach and wiped away the rest with her finger. Staring up at her heavy breathing teacher with a smile, she leant forward and licked his tip clean. 

Donivic shuddered, cupping Heather's face in his hands. "Thank you so much, baby," he breathed, leaning forward to kiss his girlfriend with passion. 

Heather smiled, leaning back. "Anything to keep my baby feeling young."

As they both cleaned themselves and put their clothes on, Mr. Donivic silently thanked God for having met such a kinky girl in college.

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