Package Delivery

Package Delivery

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


A young lady has a chance encounter with the neighborhood delivery man when she least expects it.


A young lady has a chance encounter with the neighborhood delivery man when she least expects it.


Submitted: July 13, 2016

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Submitted: July 13, 2016



"I know what you think in the morning....When the sun shines on the ground..."  I sang quietly to the song coming out of my earphones as I drove down the quiet street. There was no one in sight in my little suburban neighborhood, which was weird since the local university had let out for lunch about ten minutes ago and almost all of the college kids lived in their own personal home their wealthy parents paid for, including me.

Normally I stayed on campus and grabbed a quick bite from the student union on my way to study hall, but a certain movie starring the beautiful Dylan O'Brien had me in my own little world of filth and smut since my first class this morning. No matter what I tried thinking of- old nuns, dying cats, my cousin's severe acne caked face- nothing calmed the roaring kitty in my denim shorts. 

Just thinking of the adorable but sexy actor had me slightly grinding against my underwear to create friction. My eyes fluttered slightly as I drove, and I squirmed in my seat when I felt my juices seep through the thin material of my bottoms.

When I pulled up to the driveway of my home, the mailman, who couldn't have been more than twenty five, was filling the block's mailbox with envelopes. The white uniform shirt he wore squoze his large arms and enhanced the indentations of his toned muscles. I groaned at the sight, unable to control the dirty thoughts that ran through my head.

This particular mailman had been the center object of many of my late night fantasies....and even a couple of the morning ones.

And maybe a couple accidental wet dreams when I decided to have a sexy guy movie marathon on lazy Saturday nights.

I couldn't help it, though. Everything about the man just screamed sex piston with an extra dosage of kitten wetting potential. And boy did that guy have the potential to work me over. 
When I pulled into the driveway of my small house, the mailman had stepped away from the mail units to get something out of his truck. I took his momentary occupation as a chance to quickly hop out of my car and race inside, shutting the door closed behind me. I knew that man probably didn't even know what the hell my first name was, but that didn't excuse the fact that I wasn't willing to be seen by him. I was very shy, despite my many lewd internet searches over the past several months. 

I removed the heavy backpack from my shoulder and pulled my laptop out. It was time to work some anxiety out of my system, since finals for my classes were around the corner and I had been studying like the library was closing soon. 

The couch was clear and the rest of the house was silent, giving me further encouragement to flop down on the soft blue cushions and pull up my web browser. The browser history had an extensive list of porn searches from past stress wind down sessions, and I never had the need to clear it since I was the only one who used this laptop.

When I typed in my favorite website, hundred of porno video thumbnails popped up, showing me images of girls with huge cocks rammed inside of them, or some guy's face buried in a girl's snatch. The sights were enough to make me cream, and I stood to wiggle out of my shorts. Thoughts of the sexy mailman from outside flooded into my head and I knew exactly what kind of videos I wanted to see.

My core tightened when I sat on the couch again, my clit throbbing for attention. I wiggled around a little, creating some friction as I typed my favorite tag into the search engine. A couple videos came up, showing girls tied to tables with muzzles between their lips. I clicked on a random one and the video started playing as my fingers slid between my legs to rub my moist panties. The sensation of tending to my aching sex made me shiver, feeling a current of electricity slide down my spine. As I watched the girl in the video be fucked senseless by the sexy stud, my fingers moved the fabric of my panties over, exposing my moist kitten.

I let out a low breath and let my eyelids fall, getting lost in the tingles in my body and the moans and grunts of the porn actors, hearing their imminent orgasms. It filled my head with an image of me tied to my own dining room table, with the sexy mailman standing above me, his large hand locked in my hair and attacking my mouth with his own. The image made me moan louder than necessary and my middle finger had slipped between my shaven lips and into my hole before I could notice.

"Ah!" I shrieked in pleasure, my hips bucking off of the couch. A flame I knew all too well was beginning to build in my stomach, spreading through my limbs like tendrils of smoke. They gripped my mind and clouded my vision until-

BING BONG! The doorbell rang through the living room, making me jump. I set the laptop aside, replacing my shorts and walking to the front door, feeling my release slip away and irritation slowly take it's place. Times like this made me wish I had a backbone so that I could give whoever was on the other side of the door a piece of my mind. 

"What the hell is it?" I snapped as I swung the door open, only to be shut up immediately. The sexy mailman, also the center piece of my perverted thoughts, was standing on the front porch with slightly red cheeks and a package in his extended hand.

We both stood in silence for a moment, seeming to try to process whatever was going on. He looked slightly nervous, his cheeks on fire and his bottom lip quivering. I suddenly wanted to take his lip into my mouth and suck senselessly while gripping his bulge.

Holy shit! The sexy mailman has a huge package sitting in his navy blue trousers right now! I could feel myself staring, which was mortifying, but I couldn't muster the will to look away, or at his face at least.

"Uh...Debbie Marshall?" His voice shook slightly, and if I didn't know any better, I'd say it was thickly laced with lust at the moment. The sound of his heavy voice made my core quiver slightly, bringing my previous heat back once again.

I couldn't find the sense to speak, so I just shook my head as an answer to his question.
He nodded in response, thrusting the package toward me along with a pen and a clipboard. "I need you to sign for this."

I nodded again. "Of course," I said squeakily and took the clipboard with trembling fingers. My fingers could barely grip the damn pen but I held it still enough to sign my name the best I could. 

"Uh, this may be kinda awkward right now but...." The mailman paused, scratching the back of his head and bouncing on the balls of his feet. "You should really close your curtains."

My head snapped up to look at his somewhat apologetic, somewhat hungry eyes.

Oh, shit. 
I turned my head to the side, seeing my large living room window, with the drapes pulled. I wouldn't have felt so mortified by them being so wide open...if the window wasn't facing my couch.

My eyes went back to the mailman, whose pale cheeks resembled tomatoes. "Holy shit," I whispered, remembering his bulge.

"For what it's worth," he spoke quickly, trying to calm me, "you're pretty damn hot."

I was silenced once again, trying to interpret where the hell I was at the moment. Okay, so the sexy mailman was standing on my front porch with a package for me and another package because of me, because I was too dumb to shut my damn curtains! "Yeah, well, it doesn't really make up for how embarrassing this is," I snapped, ready to slam the door in the mailman's face to retain what little dignity I had left.

"What would?" The mailman spoke quickly before I got the door shut. I paused, staring at his slightly anxious yet flustered expression.

Thinking of his question, I smirked and looked him in the eye, far too irritated to be ashamed of what I was about to say. "Well, being as you having a raging hard on right now, I feel that you coming into my house and fucking me senseless would make up very well for it." I paused, absorbing the shock and surprise evident in the man's face. "Yeah, you could come in and even help me act out one of my wild fantasies: to be tied to my table by a tall, brooding, sexy man and fucked roughly. So rough that in fact, I'd probably be too sore to leave for my afternoon classes that start in about-" I turned my head to check the digital clock beside my sofa- "twenty minutes."

I let out a breath, letting the mailman's severely shocked expression sink in. It made me warm inside, but did little to remedy my severe irritation and embarrassment. "Goodbye," I snapped and moved to push the door shut. 

A black boot wedged itself between the door and the frame just in time, though, making me sigh and pull the nob back again. "Look, dude, I really don't wanna keep dealing with this so please just take up your complaints about the blonde pervy girl with the city congress, okay?"

Before I could attempt to close the door again, two hands grabbed the back of my neck as my mouth was covered by a hot and moist cavern. My eyes snapped open, wider than they were before, feeling the mailman's lips slide over my own with ease and grace. The careful yet wild movements made my eyes flutter and I moaned in the back of my throat.

The mailman pulled his face back from mine, staring into my eyes with his lust filled orbs. "Was that part of your fantasy?" His voice was low and dripped with sex.

"No," I breathed heavily. "It's way better."

The mailman smiled and brought his lips to mine again, and this time I kissed him back, feeling our tongues dance together as our body heat rose.

He pushed me back into the house, closing the front door with his foot and pushing me onto the sofa. Before joining me, though, he walked over to the window and closed the curtains. "Wouldn't want to give anyone a free show."

"Oh, why not?" I mocked with a giggle. "I thought I was hot?"

"You are," he grunted as he walked toward me again, his frame seeming to grow. "But I saw you first." His comment came out as a throaty growl, making my core clench in need. 

The mailman lowered himself down to my level, taking my face between his huge hands. I shuddered, feeling his lips leave light, feathery kisses around the frame of my face. He kissed my temple, then dragged the tip of his tongue down the side of face, stopping at my jaw. He kissed there, lining my jaw with soft pecks that made my skin prickle with heat. 

My hands came up to grip his shoulders, which were toned and hard. I giggled, thinking of how they would look on camera, with me screaming in pleasure beneath them.

The mailman sat up again, looking into my eyes. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing,"I shrugged. "I just never noticed how hot you were."

The mailman's amber eyes suddenly darkened, and his lips latched onto the side of my neck in a hurry. I moaned and eased my head back, giving him better access to m sensitive skin. "Oh my God," I moaned, aching between my legs. 

Mr. Hot Stuff must have sensed my need as one of his hands slipped from my face to grip one of my breasts. The pressure on my nipples made me tingle all over, and my breath was becoming labored. "So dirty, aren't you, Debbie?"

"How...did you...know my name?" I said between breaths.

"The package." He laughed and latched his lips onto my neck again before I could respond with something smart ass. He ran his tongue over my sweet spot and I gasped loudly.

"Found it," He growled, sucking on the same spot hard. It occurred to me that his force was bound to leave a very obvious hickey, but I was far too gone in my own throws of pleasures to care. I'd figure out how to explain the mark to my classmates later. Right now, all that mattered was opening up a certain package delivery.

While the mailman continued to assault my neck with his tongue, I took the time to stick my hand between us and run it over the front of his pants, feeling his bulge. I grinned as he growled against my skin. "Mailman, is this package for me?"

"Go ahead and open it," he growled, lifting himself up. I sat up with him, taking his zipper between my fingers and pulling down. I stuck my other hand inside his pants, pulling what had to be one of the biggest cocks ever. I suddenly couldn't remember seeing anything bigger, on camera or not.

Shaking my head free of my thoughts, I took the man's hard extension in my hands and began to pump while running my tongue over his swelled tip.

"Ohhhh," he moaned above me, sticking a hand behind my head and gripping my hair with force. The painful sensation made my pVssy clench with desire, feeling my juices seep through my shorts.

I was too ready for a good fuck, so I took as much of his length into my mouth as I possibly could, thinking back to all the girls I remember watching in videos. The mailman's hand gripped my hair harder, trying to push more of himself down my throat until I started to gag, spitting all over his length. "Oh my God, that feels great," the mailman groaned above me, throwing his head back. I smiled as I pumped his length with my hands, letting them slide up and down his shaft with ease from my spit.

Suddenly the hand that the mailman had knotted in my hair yanked me up from the couch to his face as his mouth fell on mine again. His lips worked over mine, seeming to match my movements.

As we kissed heavily, the mailman's other hand slid under the hem of my shirt and slid my bra up, squeezing my nipple hard. "Ah!" I gasped, my lips detaching themselves from the man, and he took it as a time to push back onto the sofa. Before I could recover, he gripped the bottom of my cotton blouse with his hands and pulled it up over my face. "What the hell are you d-"
Something warm and let started to make circles around my navel, and I gasped, arching my back. I felt his lips curl up as he smiled against my flat stomach. "Don't worry, baby, it gets way better."

I had planned on asking what he meant exactly, but he beat me to it when he unbuttoned my shorts and slid them down to my ankles, along with my panties. For a moment it was silent and still, making my nerves spike with worry. Suddenly I couldn't remember if I was shaven down there, or if I had even showered this morning. Or what if I just look weird to him period? I mean, he was this unbelievably sexy guy with too much potential, and I was just some shy college student too dumb to close her drapes.

"Baby, you are the hottest chick I have ever seen," the mailman growled, gripping my hips tightly. "I can't believe I get to do this."

"Wait- do what?" I asked, my voice spiking with worry at his incredulous tone. What was he thinking about?

"This," he growled, then used a hand to push my legs apart and lightly rub my swelled cl1t. I gasped and squirmed on the couch, loving the feel of his calloused finger sliding over my aching sex.

He rubbed his thumb over the ball of nerves, teasing me past comprehension. The heat in my body was growing to immaculate proportions and I knew I wouldn't be able to last much longer, even with him just teasing me with his fingers. "P-please," I panted, shaking my head from side to side in hopes of removing my blindfold. 

"Please what, Debbie," the mailman asked, swirling his thumb in my pVssy juices. "What do you want?"

"I want you to shove your cock inside of me." My voice was dripping with need and confidence, confidence I had no clue of possessing. I didn't understand what the hell my problem was, but I was really enjoying it. 

I heard the man above me chuckle lightly. "No problem, beautiful," he whispered against my ear and moved my legs further apart. My breath started to hitch, the anxiety of not being able to see anything building rapidly. I felt something soft and wet poke at the entrance between my legs, making me gasp. 

He tapped my cl1t with his hard member a couple times before rubbing the head against my pVssy lips. "Get ready, baby," he breathed out.

I nodded my head as my legs shook rapidly. "Yeah, I'm ready."

Without anymore warning he shoved his extension inside of me, spreading the walls of my sex to adjust to his thickness. I cried out as my back arched, tiny fire works going off all over my body. "Oh my God, move!" I shouted. 

He pulled his cock almost out of me completely, making me whimper before quickly burying himself inside of me. It was an amazing feeling, to be stretched so far and to be so filled. His girth swelled and pulsed against the walls of my pVssy, already pushing me to my edge.
After about a minute of letting me adjust to his size, the mailman started thrusting into me at a quick pace, sliding in and out with ease yet intensity. My heavy pants matched his breathing seeming to be in sync. "Oh fuck," he breathed out. "I'm so glad I came into work today."

I couldn't think of anything coherent to say, so I just moaned in response to his comment. He pumped inside of me again with a sudden force, seeming to hit a hidden button. "Ah!" I cried out, feeling my walls clench around his cock. " Do that again!" I cried.

He pulled his hips back again, then rammed himself inside of me again, hitting my button of pleasure. I clenched my teeth in intense pleasure, feeling my orgasm swell up. "Again," I breathed. 

The mailman repeated his past action over again, and again, and again, and again, our juices mixing together to lubricate his length. "Oh my fuck!" I screamed, my whole body shaking from the intense pleasure building in my core.

 Suddenly the man pulled me off of the couch with ease, bending me over the arm of the sofa. "Grab the couch," he breathed before burying himself inside my wet cavern again, I gripped the plush fabric with intense force, feeling my mind cloud over as the heat inside grew.

My walls clenched over his length, and I could tell that I was going to fall apart soon. "Oh my God," I moaned. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Do it, baby," he growled against my ear, knotting his hands in my hair again. "Come all over my cock." With that my core unraveled, my juices spilling out and sliding down my inner thighs. I felt my body slumping down in exhaustion, until the man snaked an arm around my waist, holding me to his chest. "Not done yet," he growled, making me shudder as he continued to pump inside of me, his girth seeming to swell larger than it was before. His against my ear had become labored, letting me know he was close.

I pulled him out of me and fell to my knees, taking the head of his cock in my mouth and sucking mercilessly. "Oh fuck," he groaned, squirting jizz down my throat. The thick fluids coated my mouth and throat, warming my insides up again. I grinned up at him as he breathed heavy, coming down from his sexy high. "Whoa, that was intense," he breathed.

"Tell me about it,"I giggled, then checked the digital clock by the sofa. My eyes widened in shock. "Oh fuck! I was suppose to be back on campus ten minutes ago! I'm gonna be so late!" I moved past him, trying to retrieve my shorts. Two hands caught me around my waist, and I was pulled back into the mailman's chest.

He smiled at me, his eyes glowing with glee and mischief. "Then that means you can stay here with me."

"Aren't you suppose to be delivering mail, though?" I questioned.

He chuckled. "Actually, my shift just ended. Which means I'm totally free for the rest of the day."
I rolled my eyes. "And who's to say that I'm free?"

He responded by knotting one hand in my hair, something I came to love, and the other hand grabbing one of my ass cheeks. "We still haven't made your little table fantasy a reality, have we?"

I giggled like a little girl as I led him into the kitchen, searching for the duck tape.

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