Get To Know Her

Get To Know Her

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Two teens are stuck in the house during a storm. After a little bit of liquor and wild imaginations, they both come to the realization that they are as attracted to each other as they are repulsed.


Two teens are stuck in the house during a storm. After a little bit of liquor and wild imaginations, they both come to the realization that they are as attracted to each other as they are repulsed.


Submitted: July 09, 2016

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Submitted: July 09, 2016




As the thunder cloud rolled on, Kimi and Jake sat in the living room of Jake's house with lit candles and calculus textbooks in front of them. It had been raining heavily all night and the lightning finally blew the power out.

About half an hour ago, Jake was more than ready to shoot himself in the face. He couldn't stand Kimi or her superior personality in any way. She was the definition of a spoiled brat, always having anything and everything handed to her and never worries about breaking a nail because she doesn't work for anything in her life.

Kimi is the kind of girl who thinks that the whole world revolves around how she thinks. On the contrary, however, the way she thinks and feels is solely dependent on the idea that she is the only person in the world with a brain. The way Jake sees it is that she is vey narcissistic and close minded for no real reason. In other words, Kimi was a total bitch with a capital B.

Now don't get him wrong; even though Kimi was a terrible person on the inside, he felt the Lord didn't condemn her on the outside. Her personality and physical appearance differed in so many ways. Where she was coldhearted, she had a heart shaped, caramel colored face with a slim and curvy body to match. Where she was narrow minded, she had generous sized breasts that strained against the thin cotton shirts she wore all the time. Where she was rude and criticizing, she has the most perfect ass Jake had ever seen on a light skin girl. Kimi's ass was the only thing that made him walk into a light pole on the way to his next class when they were in the hall that morning.

She was also a huge slut. Jake could literally go to every single football and basketball player, even the team managers, and they could give him a step by step description of how she gives blow jobs. Kimi was a hot girl, but Jake hated how his secluded demeanor could be so easily influenced by lust for her body.

One thing Jake couldn't understand was how much she hated her body. Kimi and her best friend Mariah would always come back from lunch to our last two classes, arguing about lunch. It was the same thing every day; Mariah wanted Kimi to eat, Kimi refused but eventually gave in only to sneak off from class the first five minutes to the bathroom to, uhm, relive herself of the food she ate. He tried his hardest at not caring about Kimi's obvious eating problems that he constantly eavesdropped on, but he always found himself wanting to reassure her of the beauty she had in every curve and crevice that made her Kimi. The lust for her beauty over rid Jake's hatred for her attitude.

That morning, the history teacher requested that Jake, the most intelligent student in our class, tutor the rebel without a cause before she ended up in the teacher's class again for another year. He wasn't all that into helping the egotistical girl, but he sympathized with his teacher. No one should have to put up with that mouth for another whole school year.

"Hey, cracker," Kimi snapped her fingers in front of Jake's eyes, and he blinked in the semi darkness, trying to find her caramel colored face in the shadows. The fact that he was slightly intoxicated didn't help his vision, either.

"What, Kimi," Jake snapped, rolling his eyes at her intended racist remark. She always made jokes or puns about white people. For what reason, The boy wasn't sure.

There was a loud smack! before Jake realized that Kimi had shut her book with too much force. "This is boring," she whined. "I wanna do something fun."

Jake didn't respond to the whiny girl, partly because he was irritated but mostly because he was feeling slightly bothered in his Southern Hemisphere because of the girl's tone. He tried to keep his hot fantasies at bay to reduce the level of awkward in the room.

"Jake!" Kimi shouted.

"What?" Jake hissed, resting the back of his head against the arm of the couch he was sat against. He could only put up with Kimi for so long; her sex appeal was slowly dimming, in place of irritation.

"I wanna do something fun," Kimi whined again.

"Is studying about gunfire in the three main empires in history not interesting enough for you," Jake sighed sarcastically. Kimi had barely been paying any attention to what he tried to teach her for hours. There was always something on her mind, whether it was a new t shirt or gossip or a celebrity, but Kimi's attention span was as short as a fish's. Jake had poured them both some vodka and cranberry juice before the lights were knocked out in hopes of settling both Kimi's ditziness and his own sexual feelings. However, it seemed the only thing the alcohol did was make Kimi more reluctant to study and Jake more bothered by her company.

Kimi rolled her eyes at Jake, who couldn't see her. The boy was annoying her to no end and yet, she was hoping the buzz from the drink she had would haze out the attraction she had for the boy. Kimi knew that Jake didn't like her and she wasn't that fond of him either, but she couldn't deny how hot the white boy was. His snow white skin was a startling and sexy contrast to his short black hair. His blue eyes were dark and seemed to hate everything, which turned Kimi on. Jake was also the captain of the baseball team at school, and all the exercising and practice has definitely paid off in one of the sexiest athletic bodies Kimi had ever seen.

Of course the only thing Kimi felt for the boy was lust, nothing more. Even though she couldn't stand when he so much as breathed, just the thought of Jake getting all sweaty during practice made Kimi swell up between her legs.

Kimi moaned slightly as she laid back on the living room floor, wiggling slightly. Jake noticed her body in the candle lit room. He watched her silently, not making any effort at keeping his boner at bay.

With his growing desire also came confusion. He didn't understand how someone as hot and sexy as her could be so insecure about her body. Jake was dreaming of running his tongue along the girl's caramel colored body, exploring her curves and memorizing her facial expressions while she squirmed and begged and screamed for release-

"Kimi," Jake said abruptly, focusing his vision on Kimi's laid out figure. At the moment he was too drunk to process whatever he was about to do.

"Mmhmm," Kimi responded, sounding highly intoxicated. Her inebriation made Jake feel slightly better as he was feeling the same way.

Now all he had to do was just not think. "Come here," he ordered and straightened his back against the couch.

Kimi snickered lightly and sat up to look at the pale boy. "And just who in the fuck do you think you're talking to, Snowball?" She wished the room was lit enough for het to see Jake's eyes change with frustration, but she was also relieved that he couldn't see her right now. The darkness gave her the confidence she needed to feel like she wasn't totally fugly with a capital F.

Now that she thought, the darkness along with the alcohol they both had gave Kimi a pleasurable idea. She decided to obey her annoying tutor.

Jake was beginning to get frustrated at waiting for Kimi when suddenly he felt light pressure on his lap. He opened his eyes to a tipsy girl straddling him, her arms stuck out in front to support her body, which pressed her breasts together under her thin tank top.

This isn't gonna be any easier, Jake thought bitterly.

"What did you want," Kimi asked, rolling her head on her shoulders.

Jake couldn't think how to answer her, so he asked a question instead. "Why don't you eat anything?"

Kimi stopped moving, surprised at his question. She didn't understand why that mattered on any level. "Because....I hate my body," Kimi shrugged. "And I eat occasionally but... I don't really keep any of it down."

"Why," Jake asked, and at that moment Kimi could see his eyes clearly. They held curiosity and maybe a tinge of...worry? Why would the boy worry about her in the first place?

Kimi suddenly felt uncomfortable and moved to get off of Jake, but he grabbed both of her arms and pulled her back down.

The impact of Kimi's pelvis hitting his lap made Jake shake with pleasure as he restrained the rebellious girl.

"Let me go, dickhead," Kimi snapped, trying to snatch her wrists out of Jake's hands.

"Answer my question first, Kimi," Jake pressed, suddenly caring a lot about her answer. Kimi was avoiding even looking at him now and she kept squirming on top of him, which made Jake tingle in his boxers. "Why can't you keep food down?"

"Cause I said so, fuckface," Kimi meant to sound snappish, but her words came out squeaky and slightly slurred. She didn't have the strength to fight against Jake, yet she couldn't stand sitting on him anymore. "I wanna get up."

"Why," Jake asked, smirking. The girl's voice didn't hold the arrogance it usually did, but that could have been due to her being drunk. "Why'd you climb on me in the first place?"

Kimi whined weakly and let her spine go slightly limp. Her forehead fell onto one of Jake's shoulders as her eyes closed. "It seemed like a good idea at the time," she mumbled.

"Kimi, sit up," Jake ordered again, feeling an unnatural amount of confidence again. Kimi seemed to not have the energy to fight against him so she lifted her head to look at him.

Kimi's face looked tired, more than that she looked a little depressed. Jake's heart swelled slightly, suddenly wanting to wrap his arms around the girl's small body and caress her worries away. "What's wrong, Kimi?"

Jake's voice sounded different than it had a few minutes ago. Before he sounded irritated at the fact that Kimi even existed and now he sounded sincere, like he actually gave a damn. "A lot," Kimi said simply. She tried to tug at her wrists again, hoping to break free from Jake's restraint, but he held on tighter, a little too tight. "Jake, let go."

Jake groaned slightly at hearing Kimi whine his name. It sounded perfect, both seductive and innocent. He was happy that the lights were out, otherwise Kimi would have seen him blush.

Kimi's eyes widened at Jake's groan and lifted her body off of Jake slightly. "Oh my God, am I heavy?" She asked worriedly.

Jake blinked in confusion, stunned at her question. "Wait, what? N- no," he stuttered, but cleared his voice, "No. Where the hell did that even come from?"

"Y-you just...sounded like you were in pain, like I was crushing your dick or something," Kimi shrugged.

Jake groaned again and let go of Kimi's wrists. Before she could move away, however, Jake gripped her hips tightly, pulling her closer to him. "Say that again," Jake whispered, his voice now deeper and menacing.

The delicious dark sound made Kimi's core tighten with desire again, and she suddenly wished she were alone at the moment to relieve herself of the thoughts Jake was giving her. "Say what again?"

"Dick," Jake answered, looking Kimi in the eye.

Kimi stared back for a moment, then started to laugh. "What the fuck, why?"

"Because I said so."

"Dick," Kimi giggled.

"Don't laugh," Jake growled and squoze Kimi's hips. She jumped up suddenly with a high squeak. "What the hell?" She snapped.

Jake grinned and looked at Kimi again. "Kimi, you have no idea how hot you are," he groaned, letting the ease of the liquor in his system finally settle over him. Jake couldn't keep his lust at bay anymore, and now was the perfect time to relieve himself.

Kimi's cheeks and neck warmed at Jake's comment and she started to squirm again. "Don't say that," she mumbled.

Jake smiled again. "But it's true."

"Shut up, Jake," Kimi hissed.

"Why?" Jake took one of his hands from Kimi's waist and lightly gripped her neck.

"Cause," Kimi mumbled, feeling pressure in between her legs again. She wanted so bad to lock her lips with Jake's, but there wasn't enough alcohol in the world to justify her fucking the guy she hates, let alone making out with him.

"Cause what, Kimi," Jake whispered. "Does it bother you? Do you feel weird when I say it?"

"Yes, you fucking idiot!" Kimi shouted, unable to control her frustration anymore. "Don't gimme compliments! I hate compliments! I don't fucking believe in them and the only reason people gimme compliments is because Im a total fucking whore!"

Jake was silent, staring into Kimi's now misty eyes. He didn't mean to make her feel uncomfortable. "Im sorry," he said softly, not breaking eye contact. "I didn't know. I just wanted you to...well, I don't know." Jake sighed in frustration and tried again. "I do know. You are hot, Kimi."

Kimi tucked her chin into her chest, avoiding eye contact. Her cheeks warmed again and she thanked the universe she wasn't born white. Kimi really didn't like being called anything complimentary because she knew that everyone who said it to her only half meant it, but she felt somewhere in the back of her mind that Jake really was serious.

He didn't make it any better by grabbing Kimi's chin with his thumb and index finger, lifting her gaze to meet his. "Don't hide your eyes," Jake whispered. Kimi looked into his eyes again, and this time they weren't narrowed and playful, but wide and innocent, like she was vulnerable.

Then Jake blurted, "you're beautiful."

They both fell silent, the only sound coming from the heavy rain from outside. Both Jake and Kimi stared at each other with mixed emotions.

Jake feared that he had gone too far, that he had pressed Kimi's limit by her silence and the stunned look on her face. The desire he felt earlier soon faded in place of fear and anxiety, hoping that Kimi didn't hate him because of his big mouth.

"Thank you," Kimi whispered gently.

Jake perked up, staring at the girl straddling him in surprise. Her small smile was bright and friendly, and it made Jake feel hot and bothered all over again. He still had one hand on her chin and the other cupping the back of her neck.

Kimi moved once again to get up from Jake's lap, but he wouldn't let her go. "Uh, Jake?"

"Huh?" He responded, his eyes trained on the girl's bow shaped lips.

"Can you let me go?" Kimi looked at the boy and noticed his eyes on her mouth. It made Kimi think of what he may be thinking, that he may be thinking of leaning forward tenderly, grazing his lips across her own ever so slightly. She thought of him holding her face as he made love to her mouth with his tongue, rolling it over her inner cheeks and teeth and her own tongue and lips.

Kimi had become very bothered by the boy's presence and was thankful that she had alcohol to blame these odd thoughts on.

"Kimi," Jake said firmly and took his hand away from her chin to hold her side again. The skin that was exposed between the top of her shorts and the bottom of her crop top felt warmer than it had before. Suddenly the boy had a foolish thought that she may be as horny right now as he was.

The thought of Kimi horny, spread out on a large bed, with a light layer of sweat that made her caramel colored skin glisten in the candle lit room.

"Oh my God," Kimi squeaked. Jake shook his head and looked at the girl, who looked stunned and a little...lustful?

"What's wrong?" Jake asked immediately.

Kimi cleared her throat and looked down at his lap. Jake followed her gazed to his lap, where his jeans had been slightly raised up from his half hard extension. "Oh shit," he whispered.

Kimi giggled, still feeling Jake's unexpected bulge against her inner thigh. "Are you ok?" She asked.

"Uh, not really," Jake answered, refusing to look at the girl, out of embarrassment.

Kimi giggled again, thinking Jake's embarrassment was adorable. "How'd that happen?"

Jake sighed and looked at Kimi again. "Honestly?" He asked.

"Yeah, dumbass," Kimi giggled again.

Jake sighed. "You did this," he said simply.

Kimi's mouth fell open in half amazement and half excitement. She didn't expect to be the cause of Jake's sudden boner, but she also was kind of happy that she was. That meant that he felt somewhat horny as well, at least while they were drunk.

"Are you still drunk?" Jake asked.

Kimi was stunned a little at his random question. "Yeah, a little."

"Are you horny?"

Now Kimi understood where he was getting at. She felt her walls tighten between her legs. "A little," she whispered.

"Good," Jake said and pulled her head down by her neck to kiss her.

Kimi sat somewhat stunned at Jake's impulse, but secretly loved the feel of his mouth on her lips. "Jake, wait," she mumbled against his lips and put her hands against his chest. Suddenly she felt his thumb press into her side, and squeaked at the pleasure she felt.

Aw, fuck it. I am technically drunk, Kimi thought and started to kiss Jake back, feeling the heat between her legs grow.

Kimi sat straddled on Jake's lap as they made out, passionately exploring the insides of each other's mouths as their burning need for each other came apparent. By then Kimi's hands had traveled under Jake's t shirt expertly, running her hands over the smooth skin. She felt every indentation of his lean muscular frame, like she wanted to memorize the different rises and curves of his chest and abs.

Jake rolled his tongue around Kimi's mouth, losing himself in the pleasure of the girl's soft hands running over his stomach and pecs. The sensation pushed the remaining blood in his body down south, his boner growing by the second. He couldn't tell if Kimi still felt it against her leg, but he was too far gone to care.

They continued to make out, Jake never wanting to let go of this seemingly perfect moment. Then suddenly, Kimi's mouth left his own, leaving a feeling of abandonment. "Kimi?" He called out and scanned his surroundings, even though he barely saw anything.

"Busy," Kimi responded, busying herself with Jake's belt buckle.

The boy's eyes widened as realization set in. "Kimi, wait," he said out of breath. "You don't have to do that. I didn't mean for you t-" His sentence stopped short as Kimi's lips placed a feather like kiss on the tip of his hard on.

He was at a complete loss for words, which made Kimi smile proudly. "You were saying," she giggled.

Jake didn't respond, so Kimi put her head back down and wrapped her lips around the boy's tip. Her tongue made circles all around the head, lightly stroking and rubbing and caressing.

It took everything in Jake's power not to grab the girl's head and start plowing into her mouth. Instead he sat agonizingly still as the pleasure of Kimi's tongue washed over him, steadily feeding the heat in the pit of his stomach.

"Kimi, what the fuck," Jake growled none too kindly, but the sound still made Kimi moisten between her legs. She could tell that he wanted her to go further even though he wouldn't say it. It made her a little happy that he didn't try to force her, like a lot of her exes had.

"Jake," Kimi mumbled, her mouth still partially full of Jake's tip.

"Huh?" Jake breathed out. His chest was rising and falling rather quickly as he restrained himself from stripping the girl and taking her right there.

Kimi sat up and brought her lips to Jake's ear, kissing the area lightly. "What do you want me to do?" Kimi whispered and ran her tongue along the side of Jake's neck.

"Oh my God," Jake groaned and reached for his hardened member.

Kimi quickly swatted his hand away, however, and locked eyes with the horny boy. "No," she said. "Tell me what you want, Jake."

"Keep...keep..." Jake was caught up between panting and not wanting to sound like an ass to get his request out. Kimi seemed to understand, though, as she turned back to Jake's hardened member.

She wrapped one of her small hands around his member and started to pump him. She felt Jake's cock twitch slightly and smiled. "You like that," she cooed.

"Mmhhmm," Jake said, resting his head against the couch.

"Is this what you want?" Kimi asked, squeezing slightly.

"Mmmm," Jake refused but still didn't say anything.

Kimi sat up once again, her hand still wrapped around the boy's manhood. "C'mon, Jake. You can tell me. What is it?"

"Suck it," Jake grunted, too far gone to care. "Suck my cock. Now."

Kimi didn't need anymore encouraging as she lowered her head down and took Jake entirely into her mouth. Jake's hips bucked slightly at the sensation and he let his head loll back.

Kimi continued to blow him, wrapping her tongue around the tip or running her tongue along the sides or trying to deep throat his whole eight inch extension.

Jake's breathing became more labored as he felt his release build from his toes. Then suddenly he thought, How am I the one trapped under her touch? It should be the other way around.

Before he shot his load into the girl's mouth, he grabbed her face and pulled her up to face him. "What's wr-" Kimi started, but Jake cut her off by shoving his tongue into the girl's mouth.

Kimi settled against Jake with her hands cupping the boy's face. Their tongues fought back and forth to dominate the other but no one was giving in.

Jake got frustrated with the girl's persistence, so he decided to play a little dirty. He wanted to have control over the beautiful girl, to bring her the pleasure and satisfaction he'd been fantasizing about all night.

As their mouths kissed and licked and sucked at each other, Jake swiftly stuck his hand under the waistband of Kimi's shorts, running his fingers over the smooth triangle of skin between her legs.

Kimi gasped and lightly bit down on Jake's bottom lip. The pleasure/ pain made his cock twitch with need. "Oh my God, Jake," she breathed out and rested her forehead in the crook of the pale boy's neck. Her body had slumped over for a moment, giving Jake the opportunity to wrap his arms around the girl's body, lift her up and lightly toss her on the couch.

"Oh!" Kimi squeaked but quickly recovered when Jake mounted her. She wasn't sure how to interpret the situation they were in other than two people who hate each other suddenly became horny on a stormy night because they were drinking when they should have been studying. The girl couldn't say that she wasn't enjoying the moment, though. This wasn't the only night she thought of Jake's body, or his lips, or his package.

Jake lowered his mouth to the girl's ear while tracing circles over her exposed stomach. "My turn," he whispered and moved his hand under Kimi's top to massage her plump breast.

"Holy fuck," Kimi breathed and let her eyes flutter close. This felt a thousand times better than any wet dream she'd ever had, and Jake was only groping her! His long calloused fingers slid over her breasts, massaging and squeezing and shaking. Kimi was breathing heavy, wanting to feel Jake's lips again.

"Jake," Kimi whined, wrapping her arms around Jake's neck. "C'mere."

"Busy," Jake responded with a smirk and lifted Kimi's shirt up over her chest. Her breasts seemed to glow under the light of the candle, and Jake was so distracted that all he could do was stare.

"Oh my God, what's wrong?" Kimi squeaked and moved to cover herself, but Jake caught her arms in time.

"Nothing, beautiful," he said and took one of Kimi's nipples between his teeth.

A current of electricity spiked through her body, which made her back arch off of the couch. It was amazing, his tongue flicking over her hardened nipple with ease, like he was licking candy. Kimi wondered for a split second if he had a lot of practice with this, or if it was only a side effect of the liquor. Either way, it was an amazing experience.

"Oh my God, Jake, how'd you learn to do this," Kimi panted, putting her hands in her hair out of frustration.

"D'know," was all Jake said before claiming Kimi's other breast in his mouth. He was too far gone to process what he was doing, especially when he had never done it before. But Kimi was just so tempting and inviting that Jake hadn't found it necessary to question boundaries. Neither of them was pushing to end their sexscapade anytime soon, either.

As Jake swiveled his tongue over Kimi's breast, a heat started to build in her stomach. She knew the earth shattering orgasm that would take over her entire body was well on it's way. "J-Jake," she moaned, throwing her head from side to side on the couch. "Im gonna...Im gonna..." Her voice caught every time she tried to finish, the pleasure Jake was giving her becoming too much to bear.

"Go ahead," he breathed out, rolling Kimi's moist nipple between his thumb and index finger as his other hand drew circles on the inside of her thighs.

But the girl never reached her peak. As soon as the flame in her body appeared, it vanished, leaving a sense of irritation and need in it's wake.

Jake noticed Kimi's sudden rigidness and sat up. "What's wrong," he asked slightly concerned.

"I- I don't know," she breathed out in response and threw her head against the couch cushion. Now she was getting frustrated mentally and physically, and she didn't even know what was happening. Jake was perfect, and she was so damn close. The pain in her core didn't cease, however. In fact, she was starting to want Jake more than ever, and in more ways than one.

"Kimi," Jake suddenly whispered in her ear, making the girl shake with excitement and surprise. "What are you thinking about?"

"Y-you," Kimi breathed, aching to run her fingers over Jake's skin.

Jake smirked, then ran his lips over Kimi's neck and across her collarbone. "What about me?"

Kimi swallowed hard, thinking to herself. What if Jake thought she was a skeeze for thinking so fast, or if he didn't really look at her that intimately. He'd probably just play with the idea' hanging it over Kimi's head like the little slut that she knew she was. The need in her body was slowly drifting in place of nerves, making her shake with explainable hurt and embarrassment.

"Hey, hey, hey," Jake whispered and caught Kimi's chin between his thumb and index finger, forcing her eyes to meet his. "Why are you freaking? What did I do?"

Kimi didn't trust herself to speak coherently or confidently, so she just shook her head like a wet dog.

Jake grunted in frustration. Unlike Kimi, he wasn't going to tease the truth out of her. She was too...sweet for that, and he didn't want to tease her. If anything, all he wanted was to hold her through the night until the heavy storm outside deadened to a soft patter of drizzle. Well, after fucking her senseless, of course. "That's bullshit," he said. "What's wrong?"

"I'm embarrassed," she deadpanned. "I am embarrassed 'cause I was so damn close but couldn't cum. And I know exactly why I couldn't." She shook her head again and covered her face with her hands.

Jake thought of playing dumb and asking what it was that she was thinking about, but he already knew. He figured it out when she wouldn't cum.

Guess Kimi was a little more horny than he thought. The idea pleased Jake to no end.

"Kimi, look at me," Jake said firmly, but didn't expect for her to remove her hands so quickly. Her facial expression was blank, and very unlike her. Jake was sure what he was going to say, so he kissed her instead.

The kiss took Kimi by surprise. She didn't resist, though. She was overcome with a sudden flush of emotion and emphasis that Jake was putting into the kiss. "Wha- what are you doing?" She murmured against his mouth.

"Saying fuck it," Jake breathed when he released the girl's now swollen lips. "You're probably the hottest girl I have ever seen in my entire life, and I have been feeling like...this... all night. I don't know what it is, but I don't wanna cover it up anymore. Right now the only way I can think of showing you how fucking crazy I feel is by fucking the hell out of you all night. I know you feel the same, so don't try to deny it. Tell me right now if this isn't what you want, and I'll stop. Otherwise, I can't hold back after this, Kimi."

Kimi watched the pale boy above her in amazement. She didn't know how to explain that she did in fact want this, more than anything right now. She wanted to say it, but every time she attempted to open her mouth, nothing came out. She felt like she looked like a dead fish.

"Stop," Jake said, sounding somewhat disappointed. "You don't have to say it; I understand." He moved to stand up off of her when Kimi groaned in frustration and caught his arm with both of her small hands.

"No, you idiot!" She snapped. " I don't want you to leave! I want you to stay here and fuck the shit out of me!" Her eyes widened suddenly at her confession, and she covered her mouth as if to block the effect of what she did. "I- I mean I-"

"Too late," Jake growled and latched his mouth onto Kimi's again. He ignored her rigidness and brought his back to her breasts, cupping and squeezing them harshly. The force made the moisture between Kimi's legs build again, and she started to respond to Jake's assault in her mouth. She attempted to take dominance, which didn't seem to be the wisest choice.

Jake chuckled lightly and gripped her hips. "Nuh uh," he grunted. "You're not in control, sexy. Just lay there and take it."

"Like hell I w-" Kimi started but was silenced when Jake gripped the back of her thigh. He smiled down at her as he eased his hand up, tracing circles over the soft skin until he felt the curve of her toned ass.

Kimi decided to just lay from there, knowing that Jake was serious about not holding back. She was scared and excited about how serious he was. His hands moved around under her light body to her ass quickly as his fingers slipped under the hem of her shorts. "No panties," he said huskily.

Kimi simply shrugged and tried to reach for Jake, but he lightly pinched the skin of Kimi's buttocks, so as to remind her to keep her hands to herself for now. "You aren't making this any easier."

"Making what any easier?" Kimi asked, confused.

"Trying to resist," Jake replied absentmindedly, working at Kimi's shorts button with his shaky hands. "I was totally convinced that I hated you before tonight. Now I'm sure that's not the case."

Kimi giggled lightly, locking her fingers together behind her head with a smirk on her face. "Well, at least that makes two of us. Well, besides the fact that I've always thought you were totally fuckable."

Jake grunted and released her shorts for a moment, shutting his eyes. "Same here," he said kind of shakily. Cool, soft hands appeared at either side of his face and he looked to see Kimi's eyes on him.

"You okay there, stud?" She laughed.

"Not really, being as I am trying to hold back from just taking you." Jake's head dipped down as he sighed. "You're're not just some chick to fuck. I think you're more than that, despite how bad I wanna rip your shorts off right now."

The room was silent aside from the heavy rain outside for awhile. Then Jake felt cool air brush his ear as she whispered. "Then do it, badboy."

He didn't know what exactly happened after that, other than the fact that Kimi was now once again on her back on the couch, and that Jake had managed to quickly undo the stubborn button of her shorts and yank them from her body. "Be gentle?" Kimi said innocently, but was somewhat serious.

"No promises," Jake replied and gently spread the girl's legs to reveal her shaven p*ssy. He wasted no more time trying to be nice as he dove in, running his tongue over her p*ssy lips.

"Oh my God!" Kimi shook with surprise and pleasure. He was so quick with his actions, like he knew where to go and where to touch that would drive the girl up a wall.

Jake was reveling in the moment, in Kimi's outburst, at how real this moment was. He never thought he'd be so happy and satisfied to be going down on Kimi.

Kimi felt Jake's tongue run over her clit and bucked her hips suddenly. "Jake!" She screamed, squirming and aching for more than the boy's tongue.

Jake groaned at hearing his name through the vixen's heavy pants and whimpers. His cock throbbed suddenly, and he couldn't hold back too much longer.

"Oh," Kimi moaned as Jake tongue fucked her, moving his tongue in and out of her sopping entrance. Suddenly he sat up while Kimi's eyes were closed, pulled his erection out of his undone jeans and held it in one hand as he inserted two fingers from his other hand into the girl's hole.

"Ahhh....J-Jake..." She stammered, like she was on the verge of cumming already. Jake smirked as he worked in and out of her, spreading her walls enough to enter her. The moisture from her sex was so heavy and that Jake didn't even need lube as he lined his member up to meet with Kimi's entrance.

"Kimi," Jake breathed, leaning down and catching her mouth in a deep and passionate kiss. She moaned into the boy's mouth, completely oblivious to his member probing the entrance of her dripping sex. "Relax, baby," Jake whispered.

"What're you talking a-" Kimi was cut short when Jake slowly pushed into her, making a thousand fireworks go off in his head.

"HOLY FUCK!" Kimi screamed and gripped Jake's shoulder blades. "Oh my God, Jake, keep going!"

"A- are you sure?" Jake asked nervously, though he was more than happy to obey her command. "I don't want to hurt you."

Instead of wasting time insulting him, Kimi wrapped her legs around Jake's midsection and pulled his hips in, forcing the rest of his member inside. "Fuck," Jake groaned and rested his forehead in the crook of Kimi's neck.

"What's wrong," Kimi breathed.

"Nothing. You just feel so fucking good."

"You feel pretty good, too," Kimi giggled and pushed Jake's shoulders back up, urging him on with her lust filled eyes. "Come on, I can handle it."

Jake nodded half consciously, slowly easing himself out of Kimi until the tip of his member was sheathed inside of her. Then without warning, he bucked his hips forwards and buried himself inside Kimi again.

"Oh fuck," Jake and Kimi moaned in unison, their bodies tingling from the contact. Jake repeated his previous action, slowly picking up a rhythm through his cloud of lustful haze and moaning. His hips rocked back and forth, his thick member sliding in and out of Kimi with ease. Every now and then, Kimi's walls would tighten around Jake, making his mind cloud over. "Holy shit," he groaned. "Kimi, you keep squeezing my dick. It feels amazing."

"Well, you feel amazing," Kimi sighed, letting her eyelids fall over her eyes. Jake noticed her relaxed state and pulled out of her, standing up.

Kimi opened her eyes to question him when Jake lifted the girl off the couch and wrapped her legs around her waist. "What are you doing?" She asked with a light tremor to her voice.

Jake smirked evilly and ran his tongue over Kimi's collarbone, tasting a light layer of sweat that made him growl with desire. "I'm gonna make you scream, baby," he whispered in Kimi's ear, making the small girl shudder with pleasure. Before she could throw a cocky response at him, Jake placed the head of his cock at Kimi's entrance and slid her body down, sheathing his cock inside the girl's dripping core. 

Kimi's head fell back as stars clouded her vision. She moaned, running her hands through Jake's hair and tugging lightly. "I know you can fuck harder than that," she tried to sound cocky and arrogant, but her voice didn't reach anything past a labored whimper. 

Jake didn't seem to notice, however, as he gripped the girl's hips harder and drove his cock inside of her hard. 

"Fuck!" Kimi shouted, throwing her head back and clawing the boy's shoulder blades. He repeated his actions again and again, pounding into the girl in his arms continuously and violently. The head splitting pleasure made the pressure in Kimi's stomach build, feeling her second orgasm creeping up. "Jake?" She whimpered, lost in the throws of heat and lust.

"Huh?" Jake answered absently, already sensing the girl's orgasm as her walls tightened around his cock, making his own release build quickly. He rested his forehead on Kimi's as he stared into her lust filled eyes. "Together?"

Kimi couldn't speak through the heat in her body, so she just nodded. Jake held Kimi by her toned ass this time as he continued pounding his cock inside of her, groaning with each forceful thrust. The girl began to shake, her moans growing loud and animal like. "Oh my God, Jake!"

"Kimi, I'm-" Jake started, but then groaned as his member shot ribbons of his seed deep inside of Kimi. Kimi shuddered at the sudden and wonderful sensation as her own orgasm to her by surprise, coating Jake's cock with her juices. 

Both teens breathed heavily as they remained stuck in their highs, Jake standing still with Kimi drooped over in his arms. "Holy shit," she breathed, shaking her head clear of the fog that clouded her eyes. When they weren't as blurry, Kimi took in the scene before her. 

She was still being cradled in Jake's arms with his forehead resting in the crook of her neck. "Uh...Jake, you can put me down now."

"No," he grunted in response as he eased out of her, making them both shudder. Jake placed Kimi on her feet, but didn't remove his arms from around her body. "You're gonna stay here with me."

Kimi's cheeks heated slightly at the boy's comment, then looked up to meet his eyes. "But I need a shower."

Jake simply smiled as he grabbed the girl and threw her over his shoulder like a doll. "Then let's go get cleaned," he said with a smirk as he carried the girl upstairs to the bathroom.

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