Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


All characters depicted in this story are 18 years of age or older. Samantha had a brilliant mind. On a busy day, at the Bar & Grill, she could take orders by memory alone. She had a killer body and didn't mind flaunting it and often ended up sharing. But she also had something very special and unique that drove her friend John wild. He says it put him under her spell.


All characters depicted in this story are 18 years of age or older.
Samantha had a brilliant mind. On a busy day, at the Bar & Grill, she could take orders by memory alone. She had a killer body and didn't mind flaunting it and often ended up sharing. But she also had something very special and unique that drove her friend John wild. He says it put him under her spell.


Submitted: January 12, 2016

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Submitted: January 12, 2016



You have to love it. You’re about to leave work on a Friday evening. You’ve tidied up your desk a bit so things are in order on Monday. Check your phone for messages to finalize your plans for that night. You’re all amped up for whatever the weekend may bring and then wham! Your boss drops a stack of legal documents an inch high that needs to be proof-read right away. Would love to grab him by the belt and throw his ass out of the god-damned window…. Wave bye-bye as he screams for 18 stories. But I have bills to pay, so it looks like his feet will stay on solid ground.

So that was my situation on that particular day. I make all of the necessary calls. Canceled my plans and sit my ass back down in the chair and start banging out those fucking pages.

By eleven p.m. I’m all done. My eyes are bloodshot. I have a bit of a headache. I look out my office window, down at the city. The streets are alive and electric with the usual buzz that you see on a weekend. I gulped down a cup of coffee, brought myself back to life and headed out the door.

The day was awash. So I decide to head home, get some sack time and start the day fresh in the morning. I start walking toward the subway. Before I even build up a stride, the street people start advancing. This is a busy time of week for the hookers and panhandlers.

“Want a date, honey?”

“No thanks, sweetheart.”

 I walk a little further.

“Can you spare some change?”

 I always carry some spare singles in my pocket. It’s simpler that way. You can hand them some money without breaking stride. Who knows…. They may even use the money to get some fucking food. Stranger things have happened.

I turn the corner and continue to walk east. I can hear the pounding baseline coming from a nightclub called The Neon. The sound became loader as I walked in that direction.

“Johnny Hayward. Don’t just walk by without saying hello,” says a female voice.

I turn and look. At the top of the stairs is a ghost from my past. I hadn’t seen her in years and never really expected to see her again. Samantha Porter. Her hips swinging side to side as she came down the steps.

“Look at what the wind blew in!” I said.

“Just a stray cat in search of it’s owner.” She still had that million dollar smile.  “Well…… How are you?”

“I’m great. It’s so good to see you….” I could feel a strain in my voice. We embraced for a long time. Her naturally blond hair was soft and smelled fresh. Suddenly, I felt like a teenage schoolboy again. “How long have you been back in town?”

“Since July.”

Well, maybe there’s some hope for this night after all—I thought to myself.


I first met Samantha--or Sam for short--at the Light House Bar and Grill the summer before leaving for college. I set tables and she was a waitress. You would never know by looking at her with the pink and blue hair, but she was a shooting star with a photographic memory. She could wait on eight tables and take all of their orders by memory alone. Her unique talent impressed the hell out of the regulars, usually resulting in huge tips. We were both the same age, but Sam was already prepping for her third year of business school at the University of Chicago. She was on a zip line to the finish line in the world of academia---something that others would consider a marathon.

Yes, she had a brilliant mind…. Did I mention looks?... She was a stunner. Sam looked very much like Joan Blondell in her early years: oval face with high cheek bones; dimples when she smiled; perfect skin. With the exception of maybe a little eyeliner to highlight those hypnotic green eyes, she didn’t wear any make-up at all. Didn’t need it. Her hair was naturally blond; however, in those days she liked to dye it in wild colors. Breasts….  Not very big, but they were high and perky. Her ass was shaped like an inverted heart that one would love to reach out and kiss. In short it was an hourglass body.

Sam liked to dress in tight clothing to accentuate her slamming figure; especially her slim waistline and the undeniably fat mound that always seemed to be aching for penetration. She liked to stand in repose with her hips thrusted outward. Her little cupcake was like the hood ornament on a Jaguar. She was fully aware of that little private hood ornament she possessed; and she knew how to flaunt it. It was an asset that was very desirable among men, but especially me. I was under her spell the first time I laid eyes on it.

One would think that she was a fitness freak, but she wasn’t. In-fact she lived on junk-food. I guess her figure had to be credited to a high metabolism and favorable genes handed down to her from who-knows-where. Sam admitted to being a hyper active person—especially as a child. She enjoyed jumping up and down on her bed like some monkey on crack in order to release all of the pent-up energy. Plowed her little coconut right through the dry-wall in the ceiling. The Foster system considered her a problem child after that episode.

She stirred up resentment among the women. But the men loved her…. And she loved them. She always preferred older men over the younger ones--even if it meant choosing a frumpy middle-aged business man over a tanned and toned twenty year old. Why older men?--you ask. I don’t know for sure. But maybe it was because she liked the experienced man…. Someone who could educate her in the ways of the world. For her to fuck some cocky young punk with muscles and a T-shirt would be a waste of her time. That’s my guess anyway.

She slept with many of the supervisors at the Light House Bar and Grill. But you would only know this if you saw them getting into a car after closing time or the smug look on the asshole’s faces as he walked in the next day.

So, as I was saying before, the women resented her--not only for being different, but for her beauty. They created names for Sam behind her back: Sam the dirty tramp; Sam and her clam; Slut; Whore. You get the idea. But by far, the most popular name they had for her was Wild Child. Because this was the name that rang truest of them all. They called her by this name to her face and it never seemed to faze her. Sam was never going to argue with claims she that believed to be true.  

Most everyone knew that she was a product of the Foster care system, and because of this, I always thought they were cruel considering all she had been through. But there were other things that they didn’t know about her and they sure as hell weren’t going to hear about it from me--a past speckled with legal transgressions. Theft: the charges were dropped for one reason or another. Assault with a deadly weapon: her Foster parent just couldn’t keep his hands off of her. One day she grabbed a Ginsu knife. Stabbed his fucking ass. Nearly killed him--he bled out so badly.

So Sam was treated like an outsider. She always said it didn’t bother her, but deep down I think it really did. But she found me—the skinny little geek—who was more than happy to befriend her. 

She was a tease…. Touching me and talking dirty. She liked to torture me on a regular basis. But I loved every minute of it--the little dork that I was. I made a couple of meager attempts to get in her pants, but she would say something like, We’re friends. Let’s not spoil it. And then she’d give me a kiss on the cheek. But Sam and I loved each other’s company. We would slip into a booth and have dinner breaks together. She would tell me what college life was like and what I had to look forward to. She would look at me seductively and tell me about all of the exciting experiences I would have in my dorm-room as she ran her bare foot up my leg.

I had just started training in the martial arts and was a mere novice. Sam would stop me. Make a Karate stance and make the kiai scream as she kicked her leg toward my groin. She rattled me a little bit every time she did that. She would say something like take that Karate kid! I would remind her that I was practicing Jujitsu and not Karate. It made no difference as she continued to call me Karate kid.

On one day that summer, I was feeling the teenage angst of a bad break up with a girl.  To make matters worse, the clientele were being difficult--especially those finishing off their third or fourth drink. I went into the kitchen, leaned on the brim of the sink, closed my eyes, and tried to get my mind into a Zen state. Years from now, all of this will be gone from your life and forgotten--I thought as I breathed deeply.

Sam saw me standing there and then approached. She looked me in the eyes, smiled and said softly, “This day will be trifling and forgotten a year from now.”  

It was funny how we were often on the same wavelength—thinking the same thoughts; finishing off each other’s sentences. I treasured her. Yes, she was attracted to older men; but, as I said before, I always regretted the fact that I didn’t try harder to take our friendship to the next level.

Her smile faded as she continued to stare into my eyes. Sam never looked at me this way before. She took me by the hand.

 “We’re taking our break.” She said to the manager as we headed out the front door to the parking lot.

She looked around to see if anyone was watching and then we climbed into her Buick. She kissed me softly on my lips and cheek and quickly moved down to my neck. Her lips were soft and her breath was sweet. She placed her hand on my groin and began to massage it. 

“Let’s see what you’re packing Karate kid.”

She unzipped my trousers, reached in and pulled out my Uncle Grumpy. I was already hard as a rock.  She began to lick my shaft and balls.

“Wow!” she said. “I had no idea, Johnny.”

Now, to be honest, I don’t have a monstrous penis, but it’s a respectable size. I imagine she was just being polite with the Wow comment. She shoved my meat popsicle into her mouth and began to take it all the way down her throat. It moved easily in and out of her mouth. I could tell she had had a lot of practice in the oral department.  

My balls felt like they were on fire. Throbbing. Here I was, looking down at this gorgeous girl, who I was crazy about, but clearly out of my league. This has to be a fucking dream.

And there was Sam, looking up at me with those green eyes as she simultaneously went down on me. This was clearly a charitable donation, but I didn’t care. I tensed up as I felt like I was going to cum. She sensed this and moved down to my balls and began to suck and lick them. I couldn’t stop moaning as I tried like hell to maintain control. But I was losing the battle.

“Sam… I’m gonna cum.”

She wrapped her lips tightly around the head of my cock and started stroking it’s length. Suddenly it exploded and convulsed as my load shot into her mouth. She continued stroking me and sucking on my head, like she was sucking a thick milkshake threw a narrow straw. She took every drop down her throat--sucking it right out of my balls and straight into her stomach. Never wasting a drop. It was a sensational orgasm. After I was finished cumming, I was breathing like a racehorse.

“Wow,” was all I could think to say as I looked down at her.

 “Holy shit, Johnny! That was the biggest load I’ve ever seen! You been saving that up?” Sam said. She was still swallowing it down. “I guess you really needed that.”

“You have no idea!”

We both started laughing. She stroked my balls and shaft a little more as she kissed the tip.

“Well I needed that too. I haven’t eaten for hours.”

I reached over and felt her pussy through the fabric of her slacks…. It felt amazing. Fat, round and plump. She smiled as she sat there. “Do you like my peach…. My little girl?”

“Oh yes!” I said. Breathing heavily again.  I had to explore some more. I stuck my hand down her pants, into her underwear. It was soft, like a kitten’s belly and shaped like a peach. Just as Sam described it. I wanted to bury my face in it and stay there for a couple of years. But our moment was doomed to be only temporary.

Samantha smiled. “We don’t have time, Johnny. We’re already late. Next time big boy”

I reached over. Gave her a huge hug. She laughed as I squeezed the breath out of her. At that moment, I wanted to tell her that I loved her, but then thought better of it. So I stored away the prized memory as if I was locking away a precious gem.

We headed back inside.

 “Breaks are only fifteen minutes you two.” said Larry the manager. He looked pissed off, but I don’t think it was for the fact that we were late. He was jealous. He thought I was trespassing on his terrain.

Sam grabbed a mint from the bowl on the front counter, popped it into her mouth and said spitefully, “Don’t worry Larry. It won’t happen again…. Golly whiz!”

One afternoon, Sam didn’t show-up for work. It was unusual for her to be a no show without contacting anyone. After hours of searching, Sam’s Group Home called back to inform management that she was in the hospital after checking into a motel and taking a vile of sleeping pills. The assholes working at the Light House acted shocked, but failed to show even a bit of guilt or remorse for the way they had treated her; because in their minds, they never did anything wrong.

Later that summer, I received a brief letter from Sam: Hi Johnny. I’m so sorry that I never had a chance to say goodbye. I needed a change. But I know that you’ll understand. We always seemed to understand one another. Didn’t we? I’m currently in Massachusetts, finishing off my education. I know things will work out great for the both of us. I just have that feeling. I’ll see you again someday, at the other end of the rainbow. Take care for now. Love—Sam

That was the last time I heard from Sam…. Up until now.


The elevated train screamed from overhead, but Samantha didn’t even hear it.  She was looking beyond the train beyond the towering buildings.  She smiled yet her eyes looked sad as she gazed into the universe. Those eyes must’ve seen a lot. Too much, maybe. Life is full of blessings and curses and she certainly had her share of both.

“I think the stars are in alignment tonight, Johnny,” she said. I noticed that Sam had started wearing cosmetics since last seeing her—only a small amount--but never-the-less, her face was more radiant than ever.

“Yes. It was a long and painful wait”, I replied.

Sam and I began to play catch-up on what had been happening in our lives. We were both married for a short period--both ending in disaster. She explained how after years on the east coast she acquired an executive position at one of the leading pharmaceutical companies. She was happy to be back home. I told her how after 52 years of business; the Light House closed their doors. I told her about my job as a paralegal at the Law Firm Burns, Hegel and Schmidt. She asked if I was stilled training in jujitsu. I explained how I earned my black belt in Brazilian jujitsu and was currently working on my belt in Muay Thai. I told her that my training partner snapped my ulna like a toothpick while grappling and realized that I needed skills to defend myself on my feet. She asked me if I had tattoos like so many of the other martial artists. I unfastened a few buttons on my shirt, revealing a wicked looking dragon inked onto my sculptured chest. Her eyes widened as she turned away. I could see that this stirred her emotions.  

Sam turned her attention back to the skies. She smiled and observed the stars configuration--giving me more than enough time to look her over. My god, after eight years, she hadn’t changed a bit. She was wearing a blouse with a flower pattern, sexy designer jeans. They looked expensive--Ralph Lauren or some shit like that. She wore them very tight around the waist—just as she always did. They draped over a pair of black high heels.  

“She’s the most sensual creature I have ever met,” I thought to myself.

“Shall we walk a little more?” I asked.

“Sure! It’s the perfect night for it. The beautiful sky. The cool air feels wonderful on my skin. “

I just smiled. We were quiet as we headed north on LaSalle street. I didn’t know where the fuck we were heading and I didn’t care. I was just happy to be with her.

“Where are you staying these days, anyway?” She asked.

“I have an apartment in Uptown. How about yourself?”

“I have a condominium in River North…. It has a great view,” Sam said. “As a matter of fact, we seem to have wandered into my neighborhood. You can come up for a drink, if you’d like.”

I looked at her with the calmest face I could muster. “Sounds like a fabulous idea.”


I sat on the couch as Sam mixed a couple of Manhattans. I took a look around. Her condo was furnished with cappuccino color flooring. The walls were a light coco. Furniture cream. It was all contemporary design and went together beautifully.

“Your place is amazing.”

“Thanks…. I actually bought it for the view. I enjoy watching the people down in streets and all of the traffic. It has a life of its own.”

The condominium had enormous glass pane windows that took up the entire length of the apartment’s south end. White vertical blinds. The apartment was on the 7th floor from which many of the other buildings rooftops could be seen. It provided a perfect view of the bars and restaurants down at street level. And the crowds were still rushing in and out of those establishments. 

She handed me a drink and sat down beside me on the couch. She brought her legs up and folded them beside her. The soles of her feet were dark from picking up the floor dust. I thought it was sexy.

“I hope the place doesn’t look too unkempt. I’ve been so busy at work that I haven’t had time to clean. Maybe I should hire a cleaning service to tidy up…. You know…. Every couple of weeks or so.”

I nodded my head and smiled. We reminisced some more as we enjoyed our drinks. She told me how she tracked down her biological parents. They were less than happy to see her and didn’t want to talk about why they gave her up. It was an awkward and heartbreaking encounter. Sam regretted that she had even bothered. I tried to lighten things up and asked if she was still in the habit of jumping on her bed. Sam said she had to give it up since she’d grown. We both laughed.

“So anyway. What other kinds of ink work have you on that body of yours?” She smirked while staring at my chest.

I unbuttoned my shirt again. She asked me questions about martial arts as she touched the dragon tattoo with her finger tips. I removed my shirt. I had a variety of other tattoos. A scorpion on one shoulder and a lion on the other. On my back was a crucifix that spanned from one shoulder blade to the other. Her eyes were fixed as she touched each one of them, like a child in a candy store. She commented on how I had gained a substantial amount of weight in lean muscle mass. I could hear her breathing.

“Looks like you’ve turned into one of those bad-asses, Johnny.”

I smiled and said, “Inside it’s still the same old me, Sammy.”

We began to kiss and continued to kiss for a long time as my mind wandered into another universe.

I caressed her face. She reached down and unzipped my pants. She stroked me for a while and then got up and headed toward her bedroom.  

“I’ll be back in a flash.”

Before I know it, she came out in silk black panties and bra. Her body looked toned and even more beautiful than I had ever imagined.

“Have you been working out much these days? You look sensational.”

“Oh thanks! I sit behind a desk all day, so I thought it would be in my best interest to join a gym.”

“Looks like you’ve had some ink work done as well.”

“A little bit.”

“Let me see.”

A lavender colored ribbon burst across her back in an array of stars. By her left foot was a chain anklet clinging to a black feather to which the edges were falling away. Below her navel was a blue butterfly and written below it in fine script letters were the words Wild Child.

I could feel my face beaming as I looked up at Sam.

She smiled back as she grabbed onto my erect cock and led me to the window. She opened all of the blinds.

I looked outside. My stomach began fluttering as I looked down at the streets.. Heights have always had that affect on me.

She pulled over a bar stool, sat down and said ever so softly, “I know this was what you’ve wanted all these years…” She touched the crotch of her panties. “Yes… Ever since we met…. I could always feel your eyes on me.”

“But the people can see us from down below.”

“That’s the whole point. You’re not still that shy boy are you?”

On that cue, I leaned forward and began to kiss her. I caressed her breasts over the bra before removing it. I moved down to her neck and then her chest as I kissed it. Her naked breasts were beautiful, just as expected. Large pink nipples. I began to kiss and lick them.

“That’s nice,” she said in one long breath. 

I continued my descent and stuck my tongue into her naval and then kissed it.

“Yeah. That’s good.”

I slid my face down into her fat little cupcake. She was still wearing her panties, so I began to rub my face into it. It felt like a soft little cushion.

“I can feel your hot breath on my little peach,” she said excitedly.

It kept rubbing my face in it. Up and down, up and down. Left and right, left and right.

 “You’re driving me crazy!” Sam said. She pulled off her panties and shoved my face back into her cunt. “Lick me, Johnny!”

“I want to look at your pussy first.” I pulled my head back and gazed. It was the perfect pussy. It looked very much like a peach with a neat little gash. Sam even allowed some of her blond stubble to grow out for that peach fuzz affect.

“Do you like her?”

“Yes. She’s gorgeous.” I loved her third person reference to her pussy.

Sam’s pussy…. This was ground zero for my entire existence. Eat up, John! Dinner is served! Filet mignon on the menu!

The musk coming from her cute little slice was amazing. I dove in like a deep sea diver searching for treasures. Rhythmically, I began licking, kissing, sucking and tongue fucking her. It wasn’t long before she was screaming from the Himalayas.

“Oh fuck, John!” She gripped the seat of the stool as her entire body went into convulsions. After she was finished she looked down at me and stroked my hair. “That was great.”

“I think I enjoyed that as much as you did.”

Sam looked into the street. There were people watching us.

“Should we close the blinds?”

“No. We’ll keep them open for now.”

She got up from the stool, put her back against the pane and looked at me strait faced.  “OK black belt, I want you to split me in two.”

I heard a groan as I shoved my clam hammer into her tight little box. She was warm and soaking wet. I started out with long slow strokes. I gradually increased the rhythm. Pumping faster and faster. Sam whined and placed her hands on my shoulders as she looked at me through the slits of her eyes.

“Baby, I like that. Keep it up.”

I’m already on the verge of cumming and she’s telling me to keep it up? I gave up all hope of this ever happening. Now that it’s a reality, I’m going to savor every second. I’m gonna hold out as long as I can. Time for mental gymnastics. Let’s see…. I wonder if changing my brand of toothpaste would give me better protection against cavities…. I need to look into that…. I wonder if my Italian loafers are ready at the shoe repair shop.

The more that I tore up that pussy; the more she went crazy.

“Oh!... I’m cumming!”

“Keep it up, beautiful!” Now I’m pumping her like the pistons on a steam locomotive. I can hear her squealing some more.

I knew that I couldn’t take it much longer. My balls felt like they were going to burst.

What else John? Think fast!....Note to self: Remember to get an anniversary card for the folks. Married for thirty years and no homicides. Pretty damn good…. Need to get milk next time I stop at the grocer. I’d better tune in and see how Sam’s doing.

“Oh fuck!... I’m cumming again, Johnny! I love your cock!”

I decided to take the initiative and flipped her around, nudged her head toward the glass. She gasped as she looked down into the street. As I began to pound her from behind, I could see the silhouettes of people standing in their high-rises apartments across the street; staring at us—some with cameras.  

“The neighbors are watching,” she said softly. She looked down into the street. “Oh my god, it’s such a steep drop!”

Note to self: Dry-cleaning will be ready for pick-up this afternoon. The car is overdue for an oil change. Get done ASAP.

“You’re so deep, Johnny. I love it.” Sam panted softly as she continued to stare downward. 

“It’s a long way down, girl. Proceed with caution.” I was catching on. I was hoping those words would get her over the top.

“I think I’m going to cum again!” She pulled her head back and groaned. Her hands were balled up in fists. “Oh fuck, John!”

I couldn’t wait much longer.

A moment later, I found myself saying, “I’m gonna cum too, baby.”

Sam hopped onto to her knees and started stroking my cock. “Cum in my face, Johnny! I want your cum!” Her mouth was wide open and her tongue hanging out. Waiting for it.

My first contraction was like a shot out of a Hollister, but the trajectory was meandering. The wad flew out of my snot rocket and sliced off to the right and splattering onto the glass behind her. She began to laugh and pulled my dick closer to her face. The next shot hit her square between the eyes. Finally, she just put my thing directly into her mouth. She sucked and stroked it until my balls were completely drained.

Sam grabbed a towel and wiped her face.

“That was sensational, Sam.” I held her and gave her a kiss.  “I need to take a piss.”

“Okee dokee,” she said.

I returned from the washroom to witness something I couldn’t believe.  Sam positioned her entire body up against the glass; her arms and legs spread out like the wings of an albatross. She looked down at a large crowd of people that seemed to have gathered along the street.

“Look at them Johnny!” she said with excitement. “The people are gathering.”

She moved perpendicularly with the balls of her feet while grinding her pussy up against the glass. “I hope you don’t mind sitting this one out, black belt. My peach is still aching. She doesn’t like it when I deny her; otherwise she begins to whine and gets all weepy. She’s very spoiled.”

“They’re gonna throw you out of this place someday.” I sat down on the couch and sipped on my drink.

“You worry too much, Johnny.” She said dismissingly. “The management and I have an understanding.”

“What sort of understanding,” I said

“Oh. It’s not what you’re thinking, John…. I pay them a little something each month and they stay mute….. You know…. Pretend that everything is copasetic.”

I took another sip of my drink as I thought: Sounds just like Sam. Covering all of the bases. Thinking everything through to the very last detail.

“Besides,” she said, “my fans out there have been waiting for me.” The crowd across the street was getting enormous. Sam had every damned light in the apartment turned on at this point. The view  from the dark of night into a fully lit seventh floor apartment had to be just about perfect.

I watched as Sam rubbed her kooch on the huge sheet of glass. That blond goddess panting and grinding. Panting and grinding.

“Looking good, kitty cat.”

She looked back at me and purred.  “This feels so good…. Snailing my fat cunt up against this window…. I only hope the glass doesn’t fall through. That would be a game stopper.” She began to laugh.  “It’s been known to happen, you know.”

At that moment I asked myself if Sam’s circuit board had blown, but then thought better of it. This is the same Sam I’ve always known, but behind closed doors. This is Sam unleashed, to which I was more than happy to be witness to.

“Are you watching me, black belt? I want you to watch.” she said loudly across the room.

“I can’t take my eyes off of you, Wild child.”

 “Funny thing…. I have a terrible fear of heights!” she said, still laughing. “Hello down there! I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am! This is really turning me on Johnny! It makes my tummy tingle!”

I laughed softly and continued to enjoy the show. Watching her perform toe raises and the dirty soles of her feet.

“Oh shit, Johnny! I’m going to cum.” I could see all of the muscles in her body tensing as she screamed.  She looked like she was going through some sort of transformation—turning into a classic work of art which you can only behold in the finest museums.

After climaxing, her body wept against the glass until she caught her breath. Then she turned to the crowd and waved.  “Thank you my lovely people! I should be going before the cops come. Thank you all for coming. Thank you and good night!”

She walked away, signifying that the show was over. The space of glass that she once occupied was smeared with sweat and cum. She grabbed a bottle of glass cleaner, returned to the window and began to wipe away the remnants that both of us had left. She waved out the window one last time before closing the blinds.

Sam walked up to me and stood between my legs.  She stared for a moment and said, “Let’s go to my bedroom. Now I want you to make love to me.”


Samantha and I continued to see one another after that encounter. Putting all sex aside, we really cared for one another. Before we knew it, those feelings grew into something more.  To tell you the truth, I think we loved each other right from the beginning. Weeks turned into months and months turned into years and one day we found ourselves walking down the aisle. Now you may think that since we settled down that this tamed the wild child in Sam. Well yes and no. To the general public at large that door has slammed shut, but in respect to our relationship behind closed doors, she is wild as any wildcat that roams the dirt roads of Sasolburg.

Before dawn she paces the floor of our dimly lit bedroom like a caged panther; and in my dreams, I can feel her staring down at me as I sleep. Two hearts in perfect harmony. Her sight is keen; her nails are sharp and her body a raging fire. She waits for me to awaken so she can pounce. 













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