Legend Of The Notloc

Legend Of The Notloc Legend Of The Notloc

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


The story is about a killer from 1935 who comes after his great-great-great granddaughter and grandson. Who terrorizes them until he is finish with his whole family. But only a Notloc could kill a Notloc.


The story is about a killer from 1935 who comes after his great-great-great granddaughter and grandson. Who terrorizes them until he is finish with his whole family. But only a Notloc could kill a Notloc.


Submitted: April 12, 2012

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Submitted: April 12, 2012



If you want to hear a story about a couple of friends who run into trouble. But almost lose their friendship and lives, then I would want to listen. In the year 1935, five friends go on a road trip. But end up lost in the woods.

(Van zooming by) Are we almost there.This is really boring...just waiting here; said Jesse. Well...you shouldn't of come. Anyway I don't need to be watched. Especially by my younger brother. So sit back and relax. Why am I always being spied on; asked Cloe. Just sit back and relax. We'll be there soon. (Crickets chirping, van zooming by) You know you could go to sleep.Don't worry...I'll be here still driving. What...you afraid someone's gonna come here to hurt us. Go on...go to sleep;said Jack. (Jack humming and picks up map, Notloc groans, van swerves and crashes)

(All groaning) Yo...watch what your doing; said Steve. Is everyone alright. (All groaning, Notloc growls, eyes flash red, Notloc disappears) Whoa...I hit someone. (All talking) But he's gone; said Jack. Let's just get out of here; said Daphne. (Engine flooding) Well...we're stuck. So...what are we going to do; asked Jack.Well maybe we could; said Cloe. (Banging on window, all gasp) Sorry for scaring you...but do you need help; asked the Hotel Manager. Well yes...but it might take a few hours to get it out; said Jack. Yeah...I suppose your right. Hey...you know there's a hotel down by the next town. Here I could drive you to it. And then I'll help you out tomorrow; said the Hotel Manager.

Why thank you...but how will we get in touch with you;asked Jack. I own the hotel...and there is a few rooms left. (Car stops, doors open and shut)Yeah...this is my hotel.Here...let me get those. Now girls here's your key. And...oh...there's only two per room; said the Hotel Manager.Oh...it's alright...I could get one myself.I mean it'll be fun by myself; said Jesse. (Music playing, Jesse wooing, Knocking on door) Uh son...could you turn that down.You disturbing the residence; said the Hotel Manager. I'm sorry...that was my fault. Excuse me sir...but is there anything to do around this place; asked Jesse. Why there's a bar down the street. And sometimes it gets crazy; said theHotel Manager.

Thanks...and don't tell my sister. I'm not suppose to lose her out of my sight. Oh...here...thanks for telling me about the bar; said Jesse giving him money. You know...your brother's kind of cute.Well...besides Steve...but is Jesse dating anyone; asked Daphne. Yeah...his girlfriend isin Germany on a trip.She wont be back for awhile; said Cloe.(Daphne sees Jesse walking)Uh...I'll be back...I need to talk to Steve; said Daphne.(Crickets chirping) Hey...your girlfriend's brother is going somewhere. I wonder where; asked Steve. He's probably looking for some service. It looks like it's gonna rain; said Jack. (Footsteps walking, thunder rumbles and lightning flashes, hotel manager groans, other footsteps walking) Oh...you startled me. So...may I help you with something; asked the Hotel Manager.

(Notloc grabs his throat,deep voice) I only want one thing...your soul. (Notloc brings out nailbat then smashes hotel manager's face in) Now my next victim...Cloe Notloc. One of my great nieces.It's your time to die, said the Notloc. Hey Jesse wait up...sp where you heading. Is it alright if i come to, asked Daphne.Sure you could come. So...how's everything with you and Steve.I mean it's none of my business, said Jesse. Why do you want to know. Come on you can tell me, said Daphne. (Women screams) Come on, said Jesse. Wait...please come here Jesse. I need to tell you something; said Daphne. Can't it wait...a women could be in trouble. Just come on Daphne, said Jesse. (All groaning, footsteps running) I think I'm gonna be sick. said Daphne. What happen...did anyone see anything, asked Jack.

No one saw anything. And we think a rock might have smashed him in the face. He was a great man...he will be missed, said an employee. Well it's gonna be hard to get the van out of the ditch...especially without him, said Jack. Hey you five...come here. You want to know what happened. It was the Notloc. He is a disturbing sight. he wares ripped clothing, has half of a mask. He's a huge man. And his weapon is a nailbat. Also he only comes when there's a family member around. But their hasn't been since he was alive, said a hobo.

But how do you know about this. I never heard about some asshole Notloc. Anyways if he was still alive I could kick his ass. I'm not scared of no man or creature. So I'm going to bed and have a goodnight, said Steve. I just have to ask. You...what is your name, asked the hobo. Well my name is Cloe Smart. But whenI was younger everyone said it was Cloe Notloc, said Cloe. So it's true...the Notloc has came back for it's family member, said the hobo running into the distance. Could you believe that guy. No wonder people don't come to the woods like this. That guy was creepy...and that corny story like that, said Steve. (Talking in the distance, evil laughing) So she has some friends. And that rapper will be the first to go, said the Notloc.

(Shower running, room door opens and slams shut) Daph.is that you. (Cloe turns off the shower, shuffling in the room) Daph. what are you doing, said Cloe opening the door. (deep voice) Time to die, said the Notloc. (Cloe screams then wakes up) Hey you alright. You had a nightmare, said Daphne. Everyone up...come on we got to get the van out of the ditch. Jesse get up...something wrong, asked Jack. I've been throwing up. So you guys go ahead...I'll be fine, said Jesse.

Alright...uh someone will stay will you. Girls...will one of you stay, asked Jack. I'll stay with him...don't worry..he'll be fine, said Daphne. I'm gonna go down into the ditch and try to push the truck out. Both of you try and pull on three...One...two... three...pull. (All groaning) This isn't working...we need a truck with a hook, said Jack.Hey..here comes a car...excuse me. Could you help us... last night our van got driven off the road, said Cloe. Well I'm on my way to my garage. So...I could get my tow truck..but it might take about twenty minutes, said the truck driver. Yes we can wait...just hurry back...please, said Cloe. So...what are we gonna do for twenty minutes...since we have to wait now, said Steve.

Hey Daph. let's go over to the bar. Since we didn't get to it last night, said Jesse. Well...I thought we do something else to do, said Daphne kissing Jesse. (Birds chirping) So...do you guys just do nothing in your relationship. I mean you stay in your house's everyday, said Steve. (Van start shaking) what's going on..hey...stop shaking the van, said Jack. (Window smashes, evil laughing, deep voice) Your souls will be mine, said Notloc. (Cloe takes piece of glass and stabs the Notloc's neck, Notloc groans, nailbat goes through van. nail stabs Steve, Steve groans) Steve are you alright...Cloe take this cloth and put it on the wound. (Van door opens) Stay in the van. (Door shuts, gun cocks) Where'd he go. (Door opens) He's gone, said Jack.

Steve hang in there...where's your cell phone. Hopefully Daphne will pick up. (phone rings) Damn it...she didn't pick up. What the hell is she doing, said Cloe. (Daphne moaning...and breathing heavily) Oh...your better then Steve...wow...that was amazing, said Daphne. Its the best I've ever had. And my girlfriend will never know, said Jesse. (Car beeping) You kids still here. Hello...oh there you are...what happened to your window, asked the truck driver. Who cares our friend was stabbed. Could you take hum to the hospital. He might die if we don't hurry, said Jack. Put him in the back. (Truck starts, tires squealing) What wrong with this truck, asked the truck driver.

It's the Notloc...Cloe get down. Get off our ass;said Jack firing the gun. (Notloc groans, tires squealing, deep voice) You wont get away that easy. I will find you and kill your precious friends; said the Notloc. I wonder what's taking them so long. Maybe we should go find them; said Daphne. Yeah...let's go find them. Maybe they got lost; said Jesse. Steve...hang in there. Can't you go any faster; asked Cloe. I'm giving all she's got. Don't worry kids...I wont let him die; said the truck driver.

(Thud on roof) Oh shit...it's him. Cloe...stay with Steve. Get him to the hospital. I love you. (Jack kisses Cloe) Protect them. (Hand goes through roof) Stomp on the brakes. (Tires squealing) I will be back. (Door opens then shuts) Over here...mother fucker; said Jack running into the woods. (Notloc growls and chases Jack, tires squealing) Be safe...how much longer to the hospital; asked Cloe. About three minutes...don't worry...he'll be fine; said the truck driver. (Jack runs through bushes) Ha. (Thud) You can't run away from me. Now give me what I want; said the Notloc. And that would be; asked Jack. Your soul; said the Notoc. Why are you after us. We didn't do anything; said Jack.

Are you sure about that. Because I remember you almost running me over with your van. Here...let's take you back...you were driving and you fell into the ditch. Then looked into the mirror and I disappeared; said the Notloc. Your mad about us almost running you over; asked Jack. No...I'm after my family member...named Cloe Notloc. And whoever protects her is getting in my way. That really pisses me off; said the Notloc. Don't even think of touching her or you'll regret it; said Jack. Such a pity...you were just a young lad. And now your dead. (Notlc swings at Jack, Jack falls, Notloc keeps hitting Jack, Jack groans) Well...your done...you weren't much of a fight. NowI let you rest...'cause I have others to find; said the Notloc.

That's weird...the van's still here...but where can they be; asked Daphne. Uh...Daph. someone broke into the van. Look...glass eveywhere and theres also blood; said Jesse. Jesse come over here; said Daphne. Daphne...behind you. (Daphne screams, Notloc grabs Daphne by her throat) Let her go. Let her go...please; asked Jesse. (Deep voice) Why should I...you and your friends tried to kill me. So I'm paying back the favor; said the Notloc ready to strike. Wait...there has to be something you want; said Jesse.

Yes...I'm looking for a family member. She is a really great niece of mine. Her name is Cloe Notloc; said the Notloc. Why are you looking for my sister; asked Jesse.So...you are Jesse Notloc. The youngest of the Notloc's; said the Notloc.My name was changed to Smart; said Jesse.Now...who's this pretty little lady. Maybe she'll be my next victim. And when she's dead...I'll go after you; said the Notloc. Wait...what if I give you my sister. Will you let her go...'cause she is a person I love; said Jesse. (Gun cocks then fires, Notloc groans, Daphne runs to Jesse) Who fired...you...how did you get up; asked the Notloc.You didn't kill me...now I will kill you; said Jack.

Well...where's your girlfriend. Let's go take a trip; said the Notloc disappearing and laughing. No; all screaming. We have to stop him. But how are going to; asked Jack. (Truck stops) Here let me help. We need help over here. Where's a doctor...please hurry...he has a deep cut; said the truck driver. (Explosion, evil laughing)You thought you could get rid of me. So now you die like your mother. And she would be proud...also I want you to beg for your life. She almost killed me; said the Notloc. You killed my mother...but she; said Cloe getting interrupted. But she gave you up. I couldn't touch you until the youngest of the Notloc's were adults. And now...I can kill you and your brother; said the Notloc.

Hey asshole...forgetting something; said Jack jamming sword into the Notloc's chest. Notloc groans) I'll be back fo her. And when I do...I'm gonna take your souls; said the Notloc. Hey...you guys alright. (Jack kisses Cloe) Thank you for protecting them; said Jack shaking hands with the truck driver. Your welco...oh shit; said the trcuk driver in shock. (Evil laughing) You can't get rid of me. And now...it's time to get rid of you; said the Notloc swinging nailbat at Jack. (Truck driver pushes Jack and Cloe then gets hit by nailbat, truck driver gasps) It was an honor to help you kids. Just get out of here; said the truck driver. Jack...watch out. (Cloe saves Jack) Guys come on; said Cloe. Go Daphne. (Notloc swings at Daphne but misses) Hey jackass...come after me. Guys I'll meet up with you later; said Jesse running. Be careful. (Jesse runs into woods, Notloc follows) I love you; said Daphne.

(Jesse running and breathing heavily, footsteps walking) Come on...you son of a bitch. (Jesse jumps over fence) Yeah try that. (Notloc jumps over fence, ground thudding) Oh shit...farm house. (footsteps running) Where to hide;said Jesse. (Footsteps walking) I know your in here boy. And I have the only way out. The door is blocked...and once I find you. You better beg for mercy; said the Notloc.Hopefully Jesse is alright; said Daphne. He will be alright. He's a Smart...I know he'' survive. Here let's pray for both Jesse and Steve;said Cloe.

(Dramatic musc, Notloc grabs Jesse and throws him around farm house) Jesse...it's time to go. Say hello to your mother for me... you pathetic little worm, said the Notloc swinging the nailbat. (Jesse groans Notloc laughs) He'll be alright... we'll see Jesse agian. And we will kill that monster, said Cloe. (footsteps walking) Cloe...I...I...I want you to give our step parents the news. That I'm dead. (Cloe and Daphne scream) You know I love you Daph. I...I...I love you. Jack...you we're like a brother. And tell Steve I always respected him. It's time for me to go, said Jesse. Jesse...Jesse...no Jesse...please come back. Jesse...please...no, said Cloe. (Evil laughing) So...whats your next move. It's almost like playing chess. And I took your bishop. Whats your next move...just choose wisely. All you have is a knight, rook, and the king with the queen, said the Notloc

Guys...run...I need to finish this once and for all. Hello all the nurse's and doctor's to get out. Go now...and it's not a decision your gonna make, said Cloe. I love you...don't even think your leaving me, said Jack. Well, well, well...your choosing your queen to come out. Now to kill you slowly, said the Notloc. You know I'm not afraid of you. And when I kill you...you'll deserve to die, said Cloe. Make you first move...it's your turn, said the Notloc. Well...I make my first move. And you won't know what it is. You will die...and beg for mercy, said Cloe. (Door locks) So...you lock yourself in...I don't know either to give courage or not. But by the end of the day...you'll see your mother again. Just like your brother, said the Notloc. (Cloe runs) Your not gonna kill me...I'm gonna kill you, said Cloe.

Well let's find out. (Notloc throws nailbat snd hits wall, Cloe gasps) You know when your gone...I'll finally be at peace once I'm at peace...maybe I'll kill your friends, said the Notloc. (Cloe hits Notloc, Notloc pushes Cloe) How can you kill me...we're family, asked Cloe. (Notloc brings out sword and throws it at Cloe , sword skims Cloe) Give me that back, said Notloc. You want it...come get it. (Notloc growls) Come on...come get it. (Door opens and is locked) You wont kill me, said Cloe. Well that's where your wrong.(Door gets knocked down) I'm smarter then you. Your mother made the same mistake..like you. And died in a hostipal...just like this, said the Notloc. Yeah..but when you killed her...there wasn't any gas tanks in the room, said Cloe.

(Cloe throws sword at gas tanks, Notloc looks then laughs) Your out of luck...you don't have any matches, said the Notloc. She doesn't. (Notloc gets hit) I do though (match gets lit) Let's go. (Notloc grabs Jack's foot) Cloe go...You don't have time. Leave. Cloe...I love you. (Jack kisses Cloe) Now go...come on Notloc, said Jack. Cloe..come on...hurry up. said Daphne. (Explosion) Hey Cloe...we made it..we survived the Notloc. Don't worry Cloe...Jack's in a better place now, said Steve. Let's go home guys..I love you to Jack, said Cloe. (Sirens and people talking)

(Next morning, footsteps walking) Hey...we have a surviver. (Paramedic moves wood) Hang in there pal...the over here. One...two...three...it's alright pal. You are on the way to another hospital, said the paramedic. (Notloc awakens, sits up, and grabs the paramedic) Your my next victim. (Paramedic's neck snaps, other people scream) Thanks for the wheels..now to find out where she is, said the Notloc. Ready to go...hey..you know we miss him. But do you wany him to come after us...then we leave...come on Cloe, said Daphne. Ready girls...hey...does someone need a hug, asked Steve. (Cloe hugs Steve, people screaming, footsteps walking, evil laughing) You can't kill me...and let's see who dies next, said Notloc. Girls run...let's go ugly face. said Steve trying to hit the Notloc.(Notloc catches his hand) Let's go for a ride. (Notloc kicks him into a wall) Oh...you can't hide forever girls. There you go...here I come, said the Notloc Daphne...shit...why would you run, Hey over here Notloc, said Cloe.

Well look who comes out. The queen of her world. So princess..what's your next move. If you didn't know...I've already taken your bishop and king. So three left to take, said the Notloc. (Steve jumps at Notloc, Steve gets thrown down) Bring it bitch, said Steve. Well princess...your days are getting worse. (Notloc tries to stabbing Steve, but is shot) Are you an idiot. Say good-bye to someone you love, said the Notloc throwing sword at Daphne. (Daphne gasps) No...Daphne...you are such a monster; said Cloe. Well ...at least your gonna die anyways. So...goodbye Cloe Notloc...forever, said the Notloc. (Steve stabs Notloc with a pocket-knife, Notloc groans) Let's get out of here, said Steve.

I'm not done with you; said the Notloc throwing pocket-knife at Cloe. (Steve jumps in front of her) Cloe...get out of here; said Steve. Cloe...where are you going...Cloe. (footsteps running) I will get what I want; said the Notloc. (In Cloe's mind) The cave is his tomb. Put him in it; said the voice. (Truck stops, footsteps walking) This is it...I have to put him back into his tomb; said Cloe. Yes...and I love to see you try...all by yourself; said the Notloc. No...I just need to keep you in here for thirty seconds. And it wont open until you kill me or I kill you; said Cloe. (Notloc looks, door slams shut) No...now I will kill you; said the Notloc. And I found out thar a Notloc could kill you only; said Cloe. (both fighting, Cloe gets thrown everywhere, Notloc opens tomb) I found your resting place; said the Notloc. Then get into it. (Cloe kicks Notloc into tomb) See you in hell. (Cloe takes nailbat and hits Notloc in the head, then takes sword and jams it into Notloc's throat, and cuts off Notloc's head, Notloc gasps, tomb door opens) Now it's over...time to go home; said Cloe driving off. (Tomb shuts, Notloc laughs) I'll be back Cloe...for your soul, said the Notloc.


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