Value Added Sex!!!

Value Added Sex!!! Value Added Sex!!!

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


While the cats away... girls will play


While the cats away... girls will play


Submitted: March 06, 2016

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Submitted: March 06, 2016



Friday night arrived at last, and I needed to make a quick stop at the local budget supermarket to pick up supplies. I'd made a mental list on the bus, and, seeing as my house-mate Lucy was away for the weekend, I put a few little treats in my basket as I went round. namely a couple of bottles of crisp, dry white wine.

As usual, there were only two checkouts open, and a long queue at each. I joined which I hoped would be the quickest. The cashier was Kim, a tall, willowy blonde I'd often seen in the store. She caught my eye, and smiled. I returned the smile, watching as she busily scanned the goods of the person in front of me.

"Hi, how are you? she asked when I got to the front of the queue.

"All good. Ready for the weekend!"

"You on your own tonight?" she asked, referring to the fact I usually come in with Lucy.

I laughed, "Yes, Lucy's away with her netball team for the weekend, so I get some me time. Hence the wine," I said in way of explanation.

Kim smiled. "Good for you."

"What time to do you get off?" I asked her.

She bent her head closer to mine.

"If I'm lucky, a couple of hours after I finish here." She gave me a conspiratorial wink. I laughed.

"Ha ha, I hear you!."

I busied myself bagging up my shopping, and took two ten pound notes out of my bag to pay. I looked up, Kim was busy writing on the bottom of the till receipt.

"Ink's running out," she said, "I've written the total on the bottom for you."

"That's okay, I paid cash."

"You may want to check it anyway. Have a great evening, see you again soon?" She handed me the receipt, and I'm sure her face reddened. I thanked her and picked up my bags, the receipt crushed into my purse.



Five minutes later and I was home, letting myself in and busying myself putting the shopping away, the wine going straight into the fridge. I made myself an omelette and washed up before stripping off and taking a shower. The day had been warm and the rushing around had made me feel sticky. I walked naked through the house, leaving wet footprints on the wooden floors. I went up the stairs to my room, picking out a loose skirt and an old t-shirt. I seldom bothered with underwear at home.

Feeling cooler, I went back downstairs and into the back room. I opened the patio doors, enjoying the feeling of fresh air. I picked up my Maeve Binchy and settled onto the small sofa to read.

Something was nagging at the back of my mind, and then I remembered the receipt. I went and got my purse out my shoulder bag, and rummaged for the receipt. Pulling it out, I took a look. Written on the bottom of the receipt wasn't the total, but what looked like a mobile number. Underneath that, 'Kim x'.

I took the receipt with me, and sat back on the sofa. Picking up my phone, I typed a quick message.

"Hi Kim, it's Collette- two bottles of wine and junk food." I pressed 'send'.

A few seconds later, the phone vibrated.

"Hi Collette, if you would like some company tonight, I could bring more wine and junk food. Understand if say no x."

I smiled to myself. Much as I'd looked forward to a night on my own, some company would be good.

"That sounds fun. Half seven?" I gave her my address.

A message pinged back, "Great, see you then x."





I tried to get back into my book, but couldn't. I tidied up a little, then put the oven on and put some frozen nibbles in. I thought about getting changed but decided against it, I was comfortable as I was and not out to make an impression. I took the cooked food out of the oven and put them on a rack to cool.

The doorbell rang a couple of minutes before half seven. I opened the door, and welcomed Kim in. Her blonde hair was shining and loose, coming down past her shoulders. I'd only ever seen her with it tied up in a ponytail. She wore pale blue skinny jeans and a sleeveless yellow cotton shirt. Kim kicked off her flat white pumps, leaving them by the door. She followed me barefoot into the kitchen. I took the offered bottle of wine and put it in the fridge, noticing the other bottles had chilled nicely.

Kim said she liked the house, so I gave her the grand tour. Up the stairs, I showed her Lucy's room- briefly, she's so messy that I'm embarrassed to go in sometimes- at least for once her sex toys weren't strewn all over the place. My room is at the back of the house, light and airy. Kim made nice comments about the decor and furnishings. Back downstairs there's a front room that Lucy uses as an office, the bathroom, kitchen, and then the back room.

"This is lovely," she said, gazing around the room. There's a small garden beyond the patio which she took great interest in. I left her to enjoy it while I went and plated up the snacks and poured two glasses of wine, taking them outside to the round cast-iron table and chairs which stood on the paved patio.

We sat and ate and drank, interspersed with conversation. Kim was easy to talk to, she told me about how she wanted to be a vet, and had gone to university to study, only for her mother to become ill. She'd had to give up on her education to look after her smaller sisters. She told me about her current boyfriend, who sounded like a dick. We talked about the usual girlie things, and I don't think I'd laughed as much in a long time. I told Kim so, she said she hadn't either, and I believed her. 

Before we knew it, one bottle of wine had gone, and most of the second. It had started to chill off so we went inside, Kim sat on the sofa and I made do in one of the mismatched easy chairs.

"Did you and Lucy meet at uni? she asked me. She leaned forward to pour some more wine, and I noticed she wore no bra, giving me a clear view of her small breasts. I tried not to look, but failed. Kim caught me looking.

"Yes, we were on different courses but had a mutual friend who introduced us. I played netball, too, so we had a common interest in that."

"And you've been close friends ever since then?"

The question was more probing than it seemed.

"We're friends, with benefits, I'd guess you'd call it. We aren't exclusive. Separate bedrooms, separate lives for the most part. She's working her way through the netball team as we speak." I laughed. "Anyway, you sound pretty settled..."

Kim took a gulp of her wine, "Warren spends more time with his mates than me. Friday night and I had to take a chance on you calling me. How sad does that sound? Otherwise I'd be sat on my own... I'm going to move back to my mum's." I could see she was close to tears.

I moved to sit next to her, and put my arm around her.

"I'm glad you did, I'd have been sat on my own, too. And it's nice to have some company."

I can't remember who instigated the kiss, but it was long, and lingering. She tasted of peaches. I gently grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her close. Her tongue probed my mouth. I had a moment of clarity. Breaking the kiss, I made a little distance between us. Kim's eyes searched my face.

"Is this what you want?"

"I'm not sure what I want, but right now this is what I need. Please, don't push me away."

I ran a hand up and down her arm, "Have you ever...?"

"When I was at university, a couple of times. Collette, I know what I'm doing, okay?"

I smiled and nodded, my hand on her shoulder I pulled her close. We kissed again, this time her hand gripped my hair and pulled me hard to her.

I raised a hand to slowly unbutton her shirt, feeling her damp skin beneath my fingertips, Her lips crushed against mine as one by one I snapped the buttons open. My right hand gently stroked her stomach, slowly up her ribcage, softly caressing her, until I could stand it no more. Reaching up, I cupped her left breast, feeling her hardening nipple on my palm. I began to knead it, gently at first, then with more urgency.

Kim broke the kiss, placing her mouth close to my ear.

"God, yes, that's it. Don't stop."

I had no intention of stopping, and moved my other hand to push the shirt from her, my fingernails raking her shoulder as I did so.

Kim had the frame of a swimmer, long, lithe limbs and broad shoulders. Her breasts, although small, filled my hands. I looked in her eyes, her cheeks flushed, lips parted. Dipping my head, I ran my tongue around the nipple of her right breast, enjoying the feeling as I felt it stiffen at my touch, and hearing Kim's intake of breath. I continued to tease her hardening bud as I helped her remove the shirt.

"Stand up, let's loose those jeans."

Kim stood facing me, and I took my time with the belt and buttons on her jeans. Once the white fabric of her thong was visible, I made her turn around and slowly peeled the demin down her long legs. I feathered her backside with kisses. She had to lean forward to remove the jeans from her legs, giving me a glimpse of the shape of her pussy as she did so.

I pulled her backwards so she was sitting between my legs, facing away. She turned her face and we continued to kiss deeply, my hands cupping and caressing her breasts. I played with her nipples, feeling her tremble beneath my touch.

I moved one hand down and across her stomach, feeling down towards the outline of her thong. I stroked her thigh, moving my hand ever closer to her pussy. I stopped for a second and pulled my t-shirt over my head, Kim pressing her back into my chest, the feeling of her skin on mine exquisite.

My own pussy was wet as my fingers finally brushed against hers, the heat apparent beneath the cotton. Our mouths were crushed together, our tongues exploring, and I slipped my fingers under the side of the thong, making contact with her engorging labia. I heard her gasp as I rubbed a finger over her clit hood.

Kim squirmed, pushing herself harder against me as I began to coat my fingers in her stickiness. I felt the small patch of hair above her pussy, already drenched/ Lifting my hand I brought it to our mouths, and we both sucked on my fingers, tasting her juice.

I resumed the kiss, and the ministration of her pussy. In turn I rubbed her clit, then rubbed her lips, before thrusting one, then two fingers gently inside her. The fabric of the thong kept my hand in constant contact. I circled her clit with one finger, drawing lazy patterns on her button. I felt Kim shudder as she began to climax, and moved my fingers to copy her mood. If I played with her clit, I brought her closer, if I moved my fingers down to her lips the sensation was the same but the pressure not so great. I kept her close for a couple of minutes before giving in to both our urges, and she came hard, her face reddened and her breath came in gasps, her blonde hair clinging to her face and framing her beauty.

I slowly abated the pressure on her pussy, slowly circling with a lighter and lighter touch, before moving my hand away from her groin and softly caressing her breasts, then bringing her into a soft hug, my mouth on her neck.

I felt her heart beating so fast, her chest rising and falling, and she caught her breath slowly.

She turned and kissed me.

"Thank you, that was... fuck... that was... amazing!" Her smile lit the darkening room.

Kim gently pushed me back into the corner of the sofa, before standing and removing the soaking thong. I could see her lips full and puffy and crimson. She dropped the thong onto her discarded jeans, then knelt between my outstretched legs. Her hands ran up and down my thighs before she leaned in and gave my aching breasts some much needed attention.

She traced the freckles between my breasts with the back of her fingers, moving the hand down between them and tracing the underside of my boobs. She kept the tease up for a minute or so, her touch getting ever closer to my nipples. I'm prone to orgasming just through breast play, and Kim was doing everything just right. Her long fingers stroked around my areola, ever closer. I arched my back, pushing my breasts towards her, almost begging her for more.

Kim finally began to explore my aching nipples, running her thumb and fingers over and around them. She whetted her fingers in her mouth before returning them to my aching nipples, and gently brought me to the first sweet climax. My body convulsing and my soft squealing my have given me away.

She looked up at me. "Did you just cum?"

"Uh huh..."

Kim smiled, leaned up and kissed me, her breasts against mine. Her hands rested on my thighs, stroking me through my skirt. When she leaned back, I purposefully raised my bum, inviting her to remove the garment. She shook her head, instead placing her hands on my ankles and running them slowly up my calves, over my knees and gently caressed my quivering thighs, before reaching the top. Her fingers brushed against my trim pubic hair.

"No panties!"

I laughed, shaking my head, coquettishly.

Kim moved her hands back down my legs, clutching at the hem of my skirt, and began to pull the fabric up, exposing my skin, inch by inch. Each new exposure bought a kiss from her, a butterfly tickling my skin. My pussy burned in anticipation.

The skirt bunched up around my buttocks, and I shifted to pull it up under my bum and around my lower back. Kim continued to slowly roll it up and kiss her way along my legs, until I was sitting there, fully exposed. I knew without looking that my labia was engorged and creamy, wet and ready to be touched.

Kim's eyes were transfixed as her fingers gently touched my outer lips. I let out a sigh to let her know I wanted her to continue. She didn't disappoint.

She ran the back of her middle finger up between my lips, causing me to spread my legs a little further. Kim toyed with my tuft of hair, before placing both her hands high up on my thighs and began to rub me gently with her thumbs, stroking my outer lips, and pressing the thumbs together on my quickly stiffening clit.

I felt my face flushing, and I reached out to stroke her face. She smiled into my eyes, her tongue running across her lower lip. I pushed further forward, sinking deeper into the corner of the sofa, opening myself more to her.

I felt her thumb slide up between my wet inner lips, gently probing my opening. I raised my hands to my tits, feeling the weight of them, the heat. My nipples, like my pussy, had darkened and were extremely sensitive.

Kim placed one hand on the back of my right knee, indicating for me to lift it. I put my foot up on the sofa, and she moved forwards. My stomach did a somersault as her tongue flicked out and licked my opening. I placed a hand softly on the back of her head, willing her to continue.

She didn't disappoint, her tongue tracing the outline of my labia, her fingers softly holding my lips apart as she worked me into a frenzy. I've only ever had four people go down on me, and only one female before, but Kim drove me wild. She took me to heights I'd never been.

Her fingers dipped in and out of me as her tongue concentrated on my clit. I'd never felt so wet, and she lapped up every drop. I fondled my breasts and pinched my nipples and spread my legs as wide as I could, and enjoyed every single second as she brought me to orgasm. I realised my grip on her head had tightened, grinding her face into my cunt. Fuck, it felt so good.

I almost sobbed as I came, the gasp echoing around the room. Kim looked up at me, her eyes bright, her face sticky with my juice. My breath wracked within me.

I dropped my face to hers, kissing her deeply, savouring my taste on her lips and tongue.

Breaking the kiss, she asked, "Was that good for you?"

"Amazing. Fuck, I've never come so hard."

She grinned.

"That was my first time. I've never been intimate with a girl before..."

"You little bitch!" I smiled. "I feel bad for corrupting you... only a little..."

We continued to kiss, before falling to the floor and settling into a sixty nine, me on top and directing the action. I made sure she climaxed before I ground my pussy into her face, just to teach her a lesson...

Finally, we laid together, half on and half off the sofa, naked and damp and sated- well, partially.

"So, do you need to get back home tonight?" I asked her.

"Right now, I'm my own boss. I think I'll be going back to pick up my clothes, then I'm moving back to mum's until I can figure out what I want to do." Kim smiled, hugging me. "Thanks for being a friend."

"You/re welcome to stay." I said to her, "Just for tonight..."

Kim stood, stretching. Her lithe, naked body made me want her even more... just for tonight, at least.

"That would be great. If you're sure..?"

"I'm sure. Why don't you grab a shower, then we can raid Lucy's toys and see if something takes your fancy..." I'd already made up my mind she was sleeping in my bed.

Kim moved close, putting her arms around my neck, and drawing me close.

"Has she got anything double ended? Cos I so want to fuck you and watch you cum again..."

I knew just the toy...


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