The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A short break on an island leads to an unexpected encounter. A dream holiday becomes a nightmare due to an unthinking boyfriend, however a decision to skinny dip leads to some attention from an unexpected source. A visit to a lighthouse seals the deal. * Apologies for the story taking a while to get to the sex, hope you stick with it!!


A short break on an island leads to an unexpected encounter.

A dream holiday becomes a nightmare due to an unthinking boyfriend, however a decision to skinny dip leads to some attention from an unexpected source. A visit to a lighthouse seals the deal.

* Apologies for the story taking a while to get to the sex, hope you stick with it!!


Submitted: November 23, 2013

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Submitted: November 23, 2013



The holiday had been a long time in the planning, I'd often had childhood holidays on the mainland, looking out to the island some seven miles offshore.  Now, the dream would become a reality. My boyfriend, Mike, had been in charge of all the bookings, we were travelling down the night before and staying in a quaint hotel before the early morning sailing.  I'd had my eye on the smallest property on the island, a small, one bedroomed brick and wood house, originally the island schoolroom.  It sat above the bay with unspoilt views over the sea.  I'd been a little disappointed when he'd booked a bigger property, a little further back from the coast.  It looked like a concrete animal shelter.  I was determined not to be down-hearted about it, thinking about the freedom we'd have on the island, the wonderful walks, the little shop and pub, the wildlife, the lighthouse, and the secluded beaches.  The weather had been unseasonably warm for the time of year, so I was hoping Mike and I could have some alfresco fun- a swim in the sea, and then lazy love-making on a secret beach.

Fast forward to the day of the sailing, we were queueing on the quay waiting to embark when Mike's brother strolled up and joined us, an overflowing rucksack on his back!  I turned to Mike, who looked at me sheepishly.

"What's going on, Mike?" I tried to keep the anger from my voice.

"Listen, err, Chris's split with Janey, and was feeling low, so I told him he could come along..."

I was livid!  My dream holiday, and Mike's asshole of a brother would be joining us!  The guy creeped me out, always hanging around, I was surprised he'd ever landed a girl as nice as Janey, and could understand her dumping him. That explained Mike booking the bigger property!! He must have planned this all along!! I stormed onto the boat, ignoring Mike's imploring voice, and made straight to the top deck, picking a seat next to an older couple, making sure there was no room for Mike and Chris.

I tried to enjoy the journey, the sea like silk, the boat making good time, the sun beating down.  I could feel my skin tingling as I began to tan.  The two boys stood by the rail, deep in conversation.  I made a meal of ignoring them, the couple next to me being so nice, getting me a cup of tea and a bacon roll and engaging me in their chatting.  The journey took a little over two hours, the boat sailing smoothly, the diesel engine chugging fatly below.

We approached the island, a small group of people on the harbour, waiting to welcome us.  A tractor took the luggage up the steep road while we all meandered our way upwards.  I was still fuming with the pair of them.  I noticed a couple, about our age, just ahead.  She seemed to be giving him a hard time, and I began to mellow somewhat.  At the top, we were handed our keys and left to roam the island.  I made my way to the accommodation, unpacking my things and putting them away in the drawers and cupboards in one of the rooms, and leaving Mike's clothes on the bed in the other room. "You can share with your brother", I told him, before heading out to explore. 

Mike and Chris soon found me- the island was only half a mile across and a little under 3 miles long, apart from low stone walls and a few trees it was pretty open terrain.  I'd perched up on the cliffs at one end, watching the seals below. Determined to make the most of the break, I planned on exploring the whole island. A lighthouse stood on the clifftop, unmanned now, but still operational in bad weather.  It was open to the public. I pulled open the heavy metal door at the base, wanting to see the panoramic view from the top.

"I'm going up, you joining me, Mike?"

He turned to Chris, who shook his head vigourously. 

"Chris is afraid of heights, I'll wait here..."

I slammed the door shut and took off, tears in my eyes as I made my way back to the accommodation. The holiday was as good as ruined!  I hated Mike as much as I hated Chris.  I grabbed my beach towel and a trashy novel, and headed back out before they could catch up with me.  I headed towards the sunnier side of the island, as I crossed a field I saw the young couple from the boat. He smiled at me, she scowled and resumed her tirade towards him.  I shared a smile with him, then made my way down a small path to a deserted patch of sand by the sea.

Sod it, I'd forgotten my bikini.  I looked around, the cliffs were high above me, and there were no boats in the water, so I stripped off to my bra and panties.  Feeling more adventurous, I quickly shed those, too.  I'd intended to skinny dip, I'd just do it solo instead of with Mike.  I slipped into the water, shreiking a little at the initial coldness, but once in it was lovely.

I felt so free, the sunlight on the water reflecting on the ripples.  I dived deep, fish and seaweed to be explored.  I rose, breaking the surface, legs kicking to keep me afloat.  I looked up, and thought I saw someone watching me.  I dove again, the cold water tingling my skin.  It felt so sensual.  

I swam for a good half an hour, then decided it was time to get dry.  I still had the feeling I was being watched. I'm not an exhibitionist, but I thought, "What the hell".  I rose slowly from the sea, smoothing my long hair, the water running down my naked body.  I was sure my nipples must be visible from space!  The sun felt good on my skin, I could almost feel the freckles exploding as my skin began to dry.  I walked slowly to where the towel was, and, instead of drying myself, I lay the towel out on the white sand, and lay down, face up.  I picked up my sunglasses and put them on.  I could see the top of the cliff above now, and I could swear I saw someone looking down at me.  Feeling more daring, I ran my hands up my sides, feeling my breasts, then dipped on hand down between my legs...


The voice shook me back to reality, I sat up quickly, covering myself with my hands,  Mike scuttled down the path, with Chris leering behind him.  

"For fucks sake, Mike!" I shouted.

"I didn't know where you were.  We just stumbled on you, I didn't realise you were naked". 

"Oh, sure, like you weren't spying on me!  Is it going to be like this all week?  Your idiot brother trotting along behind? Well, fuck off, both of you, and let me get dressed". 

MIke turned, as did Chris- with one final leer, and left me alone.  I felt tears welling again, but I gritted my teeth, determined not to show my feelings to those two.  I dressed quickly, picking up my towel and book, and headed back.


The rest of the day we all kept our distance- rather I kept away from them.  That evening we made our way to the pub for a meal, as Chris was buying I ordered myself a bottle of wine.  I drank half of it before the meal arrived, and felt a little light-headed.  I excused myself and went outside for some air. I found a dark spot, away from the windows, and gazed at the stars.  I heard the door to the pub open and then swing shut, then footsteps behind me.  My heart sank, thinking it was Mike, or worse, Chris.

I heard someone snap a cigarette lighter, and caught the whiff of smoke.  A figure moved into my line of sight.

"Hi, want one?"

I turned, and saw the guy from earlier.  He held a packet of cigarettes out, gently shaking them in my direction.  Not a big smoker, I thought I'd have one, just the same.  I took one, the lighter sparking in the dark, and I got a look at him close up.

"Thanks.  You look like you're having a shit a time here as me...".  It's amazing what you say when you've had a drink. I immediately regretted saying it. I cringed inwardly. 

"Sorry to hear you're not having a good time, it's beautiful here." He smiled at me, "I'm Tom, by the way".  

"I'm Clare, nice to meet you".

We stood, smoking, staring at the stars.  I glanced sideways at Tom, he was a bit taller than me, slim, sandy coloured hair.  I couldn't tell what colour his eyes were in the dark.  He must have sensed me looking as his eyes moved to meet mine.  He smiled again, a warm smile that lit up his face.  I returned the smile.  "That's better", he said, "The few times I've seen you today you've looked incredibly sad.  A smile really suits you". 

That made me beam even more. "I've not had much to smile about today", I told him, "and it's nice to see you smile, too".

Suddenly the door of the pub opened, the dark area we stood in flooded with light. Chris stuck his head out, "Food's here". 

I ground the cigarette out and dropped the butt into the bin.  "I'd better get back", I told Tom, who nodded, "thanks for the ciggie".

"Thanks for the smile", he replied.  I turned and walked into the pub, wishing for more time with Tom.  


I had a slight hangover the following morning, so while Chris and Mike made their way across the island, I grabbed a deckchair from the accommodation and sunned myself outside, reading my book.  Typical chick-lit, the heroine found herself in more and more impossibly comic situations while the hunky hero rescued her time and again.  I thought it must be nice to have a hero to rescue me.  I'd made the decision that Mike and I were through, he and his brother deserved each other.  I'd always thought I'd be terribly sad if we ever split up, but all I felt was a calm relief.  I didn't love Mike, not that deep love that should have been there.  

I was deeply engrossed in my book and didn't notice Tom until he was stood right in front of me.  "Hi Clare, how's the head?"

I smiled up at him, "Kind of sore", I said, "but I'll live".

"Glad to hear it".  I was wearing my bikini, and I could see Tom struggling not to give me the once over, his eyes fixed to mine.  I dropped the book to the ground and stretched, rather dramatically, but allowing him the opportunity to get a good look.  I'm such a tart, sometimes! 

We made small talk, I could feel my cheeks burning, and I didn't know if it was from the sun or just being this close to Tom.  I stood up, "Would you like a cup of tea? I'm having one".  I turned and walked towards the house, giving Tom a look at my bum.  

Before he could answer, someone yelled his name, rather yelled at him.  I turned back, watching as Tom's partner came stomping across the path towards him. 

"You're supposed to be getting milk, not standing around chatting to half dressed women!"  Her face like thunder.

He muttered an apology, more to me than her.  She gave me a look that could kill, before grabbing his arm and practically dragging him away.  I didn't know whether to feel sorry for him, or wish he'd grow a backbone.  I try not to judge people on first impressions, but decided that I'd make an exception for her.  


The rest of the day passed, I tried to get back into my book but my thoughts kept turning to Tom.  I was beginning to get frustrated, I'd tried to masturbate in the shower but the thought of Chris being in the next room was a total turn off.  By late afternoon I forced myself to go for another swim, hoping the cold water would take the edge off.  When I returned the two were back.  I had a chaste shower, pulled on jeans and a thin jumper, and we made our way to the pub for our evening meal.  I stuck to soft drinks that evening.


The rest of the week dragged by, I explored the small island, taking in the church, the ruined manor house, watching the birds nesting in the fields, the seals at play, the puffins diving for fish, always with a double shadow following me.  The last day dawned, a hot, sunny day.  I woke early, leaving the boys sleeping, and made my way down to the secluded beach for a swim.  I stripped off, and swam naked, the cold water doing nothing to appease my wants.  Once again, I had the sensation of being watched.  I took my time drying myself, making sure my voyeur had a good look at my body. I dressed and made my way back. 

Mike was making coffee. "Where's Chris?" I asked. 

"Gone to the shop"

I was sure it must have been him spying on me.  When he returned I watched him closely, but he gave no sign to confirm that he'd been watching me.

Determined to make the most of the last day, we packed sandwiches, snacks and a thermos and walked the perimeter of the island, making our way down the paths to the beaches, wildlife watching, discovering the ruins of cottages.  We sat and ate lunch on a rocky outcrop at the far end, the waves lapping softly below us.  It should have been heavenly, but what should have been a romantic getaway had been far from it.

The lighthouse shone bright white against the almost clear blue sky, the glass top reflecting the sunlight across the sea.  I headed towards it.  As I reached the base, I saw Tom and his partner already there, obviously arguing.  I waited for Mike and Chris to catch up.

"I'm going up".  

Mike shrugged, looking at Chris, who sat down on the grass, arms crossed.  

"Ok, fuck the pair of you", I said, matter-of-factly.  I walked towards the door.  I could hear Tom's conversation, it sounded like he was having as hard a time as me.

"Look, Terri, I'm going up.  I won't be long, just wait here".

"Typical selfish you.  If you go up, don't expect me to be here when you get back"

I guess Tom had grown a backbone. "Where are you going to go?  It's an island, for heaven's sake! I'm sorry you're having a shit time at work, but I've had enough of you taking it out on me. If you want to go, then go.  I think we're done, don't you?"

I turned to watch, feeling a little rude doing so. She looked at him as if he'd slapped her. "Well, if that's how you feel...."  she left it sounding like she expected an apology.

"That's how I feel. See you around".


I held the door open for Tom, then let it close behind me, the loud clang echoing in the confines of the tower, a comforting sound.  Tom laughed, a smile on his face. "That felt surprisingly good", he said.  He headed to the spiral stairs that lead around the inside of the lighthouse, "Come on, let's go up".

I followed him, a calmness descending on us.  The inside of the tower was dark, small window punctured the structure at intervals, casting pockets of light and shade.  We stopped at one, looking out over the island, the houses and structures looking different from our elevated view.  The window was small, our shoulders touched, and our heads were close as we peered out. Tom turned to me, his smile lighting his face.  My eyes darted from his eyes to his mouth, making it obvious that I was interested. I could feel my nipples hardening, and a dampness between my legs. He broke the moment, grabbing my hand and pulling me upwards.  

We reached the second level, a wooden door opened into the accommodation section.  To get to the top, we had to climb a ladder that ran steeply upwards.  

"After you", he said.

"You just want to look up my skirt", I joked. 

"Damn, you got me there!" He laughed.

I went first, hoping my arousal wasn't that apparent.  Tom began to climb up after me.

"Getting a good look?"

"I saw you... on the beach"

I stopped suddenly. So it had been him! I should have been angry, shouldn't I?  I looked down at him.  He looked up at me.

"So, the fact that you haven't kicked me off the ladder.... is that a good sign?"

Instead of answering him, I manouvered myself around on the ladder so I was facing away from it  I pulled up my skirt, showing him how turned on I was.  He got the message, climbing upwards, until his face was level with my crotch.  He slid one hand up and under the side of my panties, while he planted a kiss on my tummy, then dipped his head lower.  I felt a fire inside me as his lips made contact with my wet pussy through the cotton of my underwear.  His eyes met mine, a look of desire in his.  I gripped the ladder behind me, thinking my legs would give way.  Tom pulled at my panties, slipping them down my legs.  I lifted each foot off the rungs in turn so he could remove them, and put them in his pocket. 

He turned his attention back to me, one hand on my arse, pulling me to him, his lips and tongue working at my wet centre.  I bent my legs, opening myself to him, my juices covering his lower face.  He bit gently at my clit, the light covering of hair sticky from his attention.  His fingers dipped inside me, gently probing me.  I pushed hard against him, wanting his tongue deep inside me, wanting his cock in me, needing some release from a weeks frustration.  I let out a soft moan as my orgasm began to build.  Tom's mouth closed over my mound, lapping, licking.  He sucked my clit hard into his mouth before flicking it with his tongue, his fingers moving in and out of my hole, his fingertips rubbing my sensitive spot. 

"Oh, fuuuuuuuuuck", I groaned as I came, my palms sweaty, my chest heaving as I gasped air in, my face flushing, my hair sticking to my forehead as my body shook.  Tom pressed hard against me, in part to stop me falling.  I felt as if my whole body was pinned to his tongue.  He kept up his oral skills, prolonging the intensity of my orgasm.  I bucked hard against him, almost making him fall.  Slowly, Tom removed his fingers, licking them clean as I watched him.  I could see that he was just as aroused as I was.

We made it to the top, the room flooded with light, the prism bouncing the beams around like stars.  There was a rail that ran around the edge of the room, about three feet high.  I pushed Tom around, up against the rail, and kissed him hard.  His hands in my hair, our tongues met.  I could taste myself on him.  I felt Tom's erect cock pressing against my tummy, and ran my hand down and cupped him.  He groaned. I dropped to my knees.

Unzipping his jeans was difficult as his erection made them unbearable tight, but I managed it.  The front of his pants showed signs of precum.  I kissed his cock through the material, eliciting another groan from him.  My hands on the waistband of his pants, I pulled them down, releasing him.  His cock looked incredibly stiff, a slight upward bend making it perfect for taking into my mouth, so I did just that.  I swallowed as much as I could, feeling the heat in my throat, tasting the muskiness.  I drew him out, letting my teeth gently grate across the skin before I gripped his shaft with one hand and began to lick the head.  Tom was trying to take my shirt off, unsuccessfully.  I placed one hand on his stomach, pushing him back, wanting to concentrate on him. He leaned back, his hands on the rail, pushing his hips forward.

I took him deep, looking up at him as I did so, our eyes locking.  He placed one hand on the side of my head, an act of passion rather than forcing me to take him deeper.  I caressed his balls as I continued to fellate him.  Tom's cock twitched in my mouth as my lips closed tight around his head, my tongue flicking the hole, tasting his precum. 

Tom gently took hold of my hand, pulling me upright, his cock pressing hard against my tummy.  His hands pulled off my shirt, then reached behind to unhook my bra, my breasts now free. He dipped his head to suckle at my nipples, his hands gently lifting each one in turn. 

Wearing just my skirt, shoes and socks, he turned me around so my bum was against the rail.  He moved closer, his cock guiding its way towards my pussy.  I locked my arms around his neck and spread my legs as the head made contact with my wet opening.  He looked at me.  I nodded, pulling him closer, our mouths together as his cock slid slowly into my tight slot.

Oh god, I needed this.  He inched into me, his cock not massive but filling me.  He began to thrust gently in and out, I reached down, lifting my skirt so I could see his shaft penetrating me, my lips almost sucking him in, then reluctantly releasing him before he pushed into me again.  One hand on my breast, pinching my nipple, increasing the pleasure to almost unbearable levels.  I bit my lip as I came again, I could feel my dampness running down my thighs,and almost instantly evaporating in the heat of the glazed room.  Tom kissed me hard, pulling me against him and began to thrust deeper into me.  I lifted one leg, wrapping it around his backside, willing him to fuck me harder.  He began to slam into me, his breath hard against my ear. Our bodies were soaked with perspiration, his shirt clinging to him, the fabric rubbing against my nipples, making me cum again and again.  

Tom pushed hard into me, holding me tight to him as he came deep in me.  He gasped with exertion, then our mouths met and we shared a long, passionate kiss as our orgasms abated.  I heard the heavy clang of the door echo through the tower, Tom bent down to pick up my discarded clothes, helping me to dress.  He pulled up his jeans, making himself presentable. He kissed me again, then climbed down the ladder.  I followed, and saw the older couple from the boat waiting to go up.  The woman gave me a funny look, gave her gawping husband a sharp nudge in the ribs, and made their way up.

Tom giggled, then took my panties from his pocket, handing them to me. "I think they got a good view when you came down the ladder", he laughed.  I blushed even harder, leaning on his arm as I pulled the panties on.  

We stood in the little room, a comfortable silence, and looked out the window.  

"I didn't see a thing from the top", I said.

"You do know we'll both be quizzed on what we could see from the top", Tom said, "I hope you have a good imagination".   He turned to me, "Clare, I'd like to think that what just happened isn't going to be a one-off, holiday thing.  I'd like to see more of you, if that's possible".

"From what I can gather, we're both free agents", I replied, kissing Tom gently on the lips "I think, once we've ditched our unwanted baggage, we could make a go of it". 





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