Sex Sells- Closing The Deal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Melissa is about to make her first sales as an Estate Agent, but it comes with a catch...

I’d only been working at Turner and Huntley’s Estate Agents for 3 weeks, and I’d pulled the dreaded weekend shift.  Sat in the office in my regulation nylon uniform- green patterned blouse and red knee-length skirt- I looked out at the beautiful spring day unfold before me.  People flocked past the plate-glass windows, all dressed for the sun, and all headed somewhere other than house-hunting.  I sighed, resigning myself to another long day.  I’d straightened my desk numerous times and was on my third cup of tea when the phone rang.

“Good afternoon, Turner and Huntley, Melissa speaking.  How can I help you?”

The voice on the other end introduced himself as Michael Duggan, and enquired about one of our more prestigious properties, a penthouse flat on the Castle Mews complex.  My heart skipped a beat.  A chance to show the boss I could sell, at last.  The commission on a sale this size would double my wages, I thought. Taking some details from Mr Duggan, I began running through the specifications on the telephone, private parking, private elevator, panoramic views. 

“Can I arrange a viewing today?” he asked.

“Of course, Mr Duggan,” trying not to sound too eager, “when would be suitable for you?”



I pulled up at the gated entrance to Castle Mews, entering the four digit code, and the gates swung open.  I parked in the visitor’s space, leaving the private space for Mr Duggan, hoping he’d be impressed.  I got out of the car, straightening my skirt, and made sure I had all the details to mind.

A low rumble disturbed my thoughts; I turned to see a dark blue Maserati pull into the private parking spot.  The passenger door opened, and out stepped an attractive blonde woman, about my age, pencil thin with an impressive pair of boobs clad in a lace wraparound top.  Her legs looked endless in pink pedal-pushers, flat pumps on her feet.  She smiled at me as I approached.  The driver door opened as I introduced myself to the woman.

“Hello, I’m Melissa, from Turner and Huntley.”

“Hi Melissa, I’m Mia.” She ignored my outstretched hand and leaned in, kissing me on each cheek.  I blushed, self-consciously.  

I heard a soft chuckle as Mr Duggan came around the car. “Don’t mind Mia, she’s just being friendly.”  I shook his hand.

“Hi, Mr Duggan, I’m Melissa...”

“Call me Michael. “ He smiled. “Thanks for arranging a viewing at such short notice.”

“Not at all, it’s nice to be out the office on a day like this.”

We made small talk as we made our way to the main entrance, a concierge waiting in the lobby to show us to the private lift.  Once in the lift I pressed the one and only button on the panel, and the lift doors closed. With barely a whisper the lift began to rise.

I turned to the couple; Mia was draped around Michael, whispering to him, her hand twisted in his soft brown hair. She looked somehow familiar, but I couldn’t place where I’d seen her.  He smiled at her, gently caressing her back and ass.  Mia looked at me, a wry smile playing on her lips.  I smiled back, a little embarrassed by their open affections, but decided today was the day I made a sale so I could just suck it up.  The lift slowed, stopped with a small bump, and the doors slid open.

Stepping out of the lift we stood in a marble floored foyer, a wall in front of us.  I waved my arm, inviting their gaze around the open area. 

“To this side of the lift is a cloakroom,” I announced, glad I’d taken the time to read the layout details, “And to this side is a small guest bathroom. “ I opened the door, standing back to let the pair of them take a look inside.  We moved along the foyer to the guest apartment, with built-in wardrobes, en-suite shower and stunning views.  Mia and Michael oohed and aahed at the features.

“Nicely furnished, “Michael said, “Is it all included in the asking price?”

Unsure, I told him I would speak to the vendor and check, adding that the only item of furniture I knew to be included was the waterbed in the master bedroom.  Mia’s eyes lit up.

“Ooh, a waterbed! How decadent!”

“It was built specifically for the apartment, and probably wouldn’t fit in another place,” I said.

Mia wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck, pressing her body against him seductively. “Always wanted to shag on a waterbed.” Her voice was husky.

Michael slapped her playfully on her ass, whispering in her ear.  Mia giggled, looking at me, and then turned to the full length windows that ran across one whole wall of the living area.

Both Michael and Mia were impressed by the stunning view, uninterrupted across the fields.  A church spire pierced the skyline in the distance.

“South facing, so you get sunlight all day long.  These doors slide out, giving access to the terrace.”

I stepped out, hoping they’d follow me, eager to show them the inbuilt barbecue area, but they both looked reluctant to come outside.

“The master bedroom is this way?” Mia pointed towards the far end of the living space.

I came back inside, pulling the glass door shut behind me. 

“Yes, that’s right,” I followed them across the room, indicating the large dressing room and the walk in wardrobes. I opened the door at the far end, standing aside and flourishing an arm to guide them in to the room.

“The Master Suite.”

The water bed dominated the room, bigger than a king size bed.  The room was bright, the sunshine streaming in from skylights.  Behind the bed was a short wall, which hid the en-suite bathroom and ‘his and hers’ sinks.  I made to move around and show them, but Mia caught my arm.

“Melissa, honey, I think maybe we’ve got you here under false pretences…”

I could see my sale slipping away.  I looked at her angrily.

“What do you mean,” I demanded.

“Relax, babe, we’ve already decided to buy it. “ Michael chimed in, “We’ve had the tour a couple of times already, but before we put pen to paper we just have to try this bed.”

Mia had removed the wraparound top, her bra-less breasts defying gravity.  She kicked off her pumps and turned to Michael, kissing him deeply.

“I… I should go…” I stammered. “I’ll wait outside, on the terrace...” This was against the rules, I felt sure, allowing potential clients to fuck on the bed. 

Mia had her hand on Michael’s crotch, nursing his rapidly growing erection. “You could do that, or you could stay here and close the deal with us?” She smiled at me, eyes wide.

Michael caressed her tits, pinching her nipples.

“We’d both love you to join us, but it’s entirely up to you.”

Mia began to unbuckle Michael’s chinos, pulling the zip down and sliding his trousers and pants down.  His semi erect cock pointed at Mia’s tits.  She took him in her hand, slipping her hand up and down the shaft.

“I really could do with some help here, babe,” she looked at me, pouting.

Every fibre of my body told me to get out, or yell at them to leave, to phone the concierge and get them thrown out.  Instead, I took two steps forward. 

Mia was kneeling on the bed, still with Michael’s cock in hand.  I sat on the edge next to her, eyes fixated on her.  She smiled, and took my hand in her free hand.

“Stroke him.”

I found my hand wrapping around his cock, the warmth filling my palm.  Mia shifted, kneeling behind me, and I could feel her tits against my back, the nipples hard. She reached around and cupped Michael’s balls. I ran my hand up and down his shaft, thumb rubbing across the head.

Michael pulled off his shirt, joining Mia’s top on the floor. His body was lean, not overly muscled.  He pushed his hips forward, fucking my hand.  Mia’s free hand ran up my leg, almost touching my knickers. I thought with horror to the tatty, striped pair I had on.  I hadn’t dressed for fucking this morning.

Mia’s hand ran up to my breasts, her fingers finding the buttons on my blouse.Slowly, one by one, she snapped the buttons open.  Michael watched intently, his cock thick in my hand.  Mia pulled the blouse from me, making me lose my grip on his cock.  Michael stepped back, kicking off his shoes and trousers.  He sat beside me on the bed, turning my face to his.  He kissed me, deeply.

I felt my bra being unhooked, the air feeling cool against my now exposed breasts before Mia’s hand caressed each of them, my tiny cup size looking inadequate beside her mountainous jugs.  Her thumbs caressed my nipples, sending waves of delight through me. I pushed back against her, feeling her nipples against my skin. 

“Hmmm, nice tits, babe.” 

Michael broke the kiss, and dipped his head. Mia removed one hand, allowing him access to my rapidly swelling bud. His tongue flicked across it, then circled it before his lips closed and suckled me.

Mia had moved to the side of me, our lips met in a deep, frenzied kiss.  I raised one arm and draped it around her shoulder, pulling her closer.  My other hand found her left breast, and I kneaded the fleshy mound, causing Mia to moan softly.

I felt myself being pushed back on to the bed, the water warm beneath, the bed surprisingly firm and supportive.  Michael’s fingers found the zip on my skirt, and then the garment slid from my legs.  I cringed at the uncovering of my non-flattering knickers, but I guess they didn’t notice or care.  Mia leant over me, her tongue wrapped around mine, her hand on my tits, caressing my peaks.

I felt Michael’s hands on my thighs, moving upwards, then his warm breath on the front of my knickers.  His tongue began to lick at the fabric, pushing the cotton against my lips. I moaned and shifted, spreading myself wider.  Mia broke the kiss, her hand stroking my face as she got up from the bed, and slid her pedal pushers down her legs.  She turned, her ass towards me, and pulled her thong off, her perfectly shaped ass framing her hairless lips.

His tongue dipped harder against me, the fabric of my knickers soaked with our combined fluids.  Michael’s hands pulled at the waistband, sliding them down my legs, exposing my trimmed hair.

“Wow, a natural redhead!”

Mia giggled, “She’s just too gorgeous. “  She knelt back on the bed, offering her breasts to my mouth.  I caressed each in turn, before pulling her closer and licking the nipples, settling my mouth around one and biting gently.  Mia’s left hand travelled down my body, over my aching nipples and my quivering stomach, before nestling her fingers in my short pubic hair, twisting her fingers around.

Michael’s mouth was close to my pussy, I could feel the warmth of his breath on my dampening lips. His fingers ran lightly over my outer lips, causing my hips to buck involuntarily.  Mia’s finger dipped, resting on my burgeoning clit.  Michael rubbed my opening with his thumb before dipping his face close, his tongue flicking over my aching lips, before plunging its way inside.

I moaned against Mia’s breast, relishing the combined attention  my pussy was getting. Mia’s fingers rubbed hard on my clit, Michael’s tongue flicked and dipped in between my lips.  She pulled her nipple from my mouth, replacing it with her tongue. We kissed as Michael buried his tongue deep in my snatch.

“I want to taste you,” I said to Mia, between a break in our extended kiss.  She smiled, exchanging a glance with Michael, and then knelt on either side of my head.  She lowered her hairless box to my mouth.

I could taste her jasmine body spray as my lips found her damp cunt.  Mia let out a soft  “Ooh” as I settled into eating her peach, lapping deeply into her soft, musky centre.  She leaned forward, her breasts crushing down on my stomach, and I felt her competing with Michael to bring me off.  I spread my legs wider, opening myself up to their eager mouths.

Mia’s juices flowed and I lapped hungrily at her, the hardening clit pressing against my lower lip.  My hands were on her firm ass, pulling her cheeks apart so I could explore her hot pussy in full.  I could feel fingers entering me, probing my soft interior. 

As my orgasm gripped I moaned hard against Mia’s cunt, and she responded by grinding hard against my face.  My nose was buried against her ass, and I bit her none too gently to get her to shift, allowing me to breathe momentarily before she pushed down again. 

My knees shook as I came, their combined tonguing and fingering bringing me to a rapturous climax. My nipples rubbing against Mia’s body intensified the orgasm.

There was no let-up; I felt Michael shifting, standing.  Mia’s mouth left my pussy for a second, I could hear her slurping on his cock, and then I felt his wetness against my upper thigh before the head pressed against my opening.  Mia’s hands pulled my knees apart, her tongue flicking my clit as Michael slid his cock inside me.

The bed cushioned our bodies as I continued to tongue fuck Mia, while Michael fucked my wet pussy.  I could sense Mia starting to cum, her thrusts against my mouth and tongue becoming frantic.  Her hair whipped across my thigh and she let out a groan, her body shook and my mouth flooded with her release.

I lapped eagerly at her juices and felt Michael pull out of me once more, I guessed he was fucking Mia’s throat from the noises I could hear.

“Lay on the bed, babe, let me ride you.”

Michael slid onto the bed, the water rippling softly beneath our combined weight.  Mia quickly straddled him, one hand around his girth as she fed his length into her.  Her body shone with perspiration, her tits dancing as she began to ride Michael’s cock.  He slapped my ass, pulling me onto his face.

I straddled his head, matching Mia’s movements, bouncing up and down on his stretched tongue.  I leaned forward to kiss Mia, our tongues combining, our hands on each other’s tits.  Mia fucked Michael hard; I dropped my hand to caress her clit before circling my hand underneath her and squeezing at Michael’s balls. Mia ran one hand down to finger my button.  I spread my legs wider.

His tongue dipped deep into me, his hands on my ass. I began to thrust back and forth, in a rocking motion.  Another orgasm hit me, I gasped into Mia’s mouth as I came. She lifted her hand and sucked my juices from her fingers, before we kissed deeply again.  Mia’s head rolled as she pounded Michael’s length into her wet cunt.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk…”  She came, her back arching, her tits stretched taut.  I pounced on her nipples, pinching one while sucking the other hard into my mouth.  Her body shook as her climax rippled through her.

Mia fell onto the bed, her pussy wet. I leaned forward to bury my tongue in her, one hand wrapping around Michael’s thick cock and pumping him.  Then I switched, fingering Mia and taking his cock deep in my mouth, sucking her juices off his shaft before switching back again.  Michael’s tongue was still doing amazing things to my cunt, his lips fastening on my clit and sucking hard, then burying his tongue in my hot slit.

It didn’t take long for me to get Mia off again, her hand pressed hard against the back of my head as she climaxed.  The jasmine was now masked by her musk, her upper thighs wet with juice.  I pushed my head harder against her, humming loudly as I shook my face against her pussy.

Mia’s hand released its grip on my head, and she rolled over, staggering onto her knees.  She rolled me over, off Michael’s tongue.  I was close to cumming again.  She pulled me around so my legs were over the edge of the bed, then crawled on top of me, our mouths locked in a hard kiss.

Michael had moved off the bed, and now both mine and Mia’s pussies were open and exposed.  He took it in turns to feed his cock into Mia, then into me.  He fucked Mia, making her gasp, her breathing hard against my mouth, and then he slipped out of her and plunged hard into me. 

“Yes, that’s the spot. Oooooh, fuck yeah…!”

I came, his cock deep in me, his fingers on my clit. 

Michael pumped hard into me; I could tell he was about close to shooting his load.  Mia slipped off me, kneeling on the bed, her face close to my pussy.

“Come over her cunt for me, babe.”

Michael pulled out, his hot spunk splashing against my spread lips, and over my stomach.  Mia gripped his cock, helping the last globules of white cream out of him.  She then dipped her head to lick at my cunt, slurping up his cum, her fingers rubbing some of it into me.  Mia lapped and licked up my belly before planting a long, spunky kiss on my lips, her tongue whirling against mine.

We lay together for a few moments; Michael had already dressed and was sat on the edge of the bed watching us.  Mia gave me another kiss, then got up and began to dress, too.

“Did you come by the agency earlier today?” I remembered where I’d seen Mia before.

She smiled, “Yes, honey, I wanted to make sure you were working.  Then I got Michael to call up and make the appointment. “

“How did you know I’d be interested?” I asked them.

“We didn’t, “said Michael, “But If Mia sets her mind to something she usually gets what she wants.”

I stretched, pleased with how the day had panned out. I got up and gathered my clothes together.

“Back to the office to sign the paperwork,” said Michael, “but there’s still one condition.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“That you cum for the housewarming, “ Mia said, with a  wink. 

Submitted: June 08, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Collette Parrish. All rights reserved.

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Fantastic Women write the best porn. They can turn me on. Men are too blunt and not as sexy as wo9men.

Tue, June 10th, 2014 6:31am


Hi DMW, glad you enjoyed the tale ;) Cxx

Tue, June 10th, 2014 11:17am


I think DMW is on to something here, anyway, you've done a great job with this little number...

Wed, June 11th, 2014 7:46pm


Very nice story. Will there be a second chapter or this is it?

Wed, June 18th, 2014 8:06pm


Hi Sam, glad you liked the story,working on a second instalment at the moment :) Cxx

Wed, June 18th, 2014 1:19pm

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