Monster Monster

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I create a Monster


I create a Monster


Submitted: February 02, 2014

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Submitted: February 02, 2014



I have created a Monster- not in the Doctor Frankenstein sense, no scalpel involved, no body parts obtained by nefarious means- but I have created one, nonetheless. Molded with word and deed alone.

It is surprisingly easy- take one male specimen, a simple enough creature, and using feminine wiles, charm and plain old blackmail, I found I could turn him into the almost perfect companion. I call him Monster, which he takes as a term of endearment. I told you they were simple.

I'm not a dominatrix, per se, it's just that after several disastrous affairs I felt I needed to take control. I grew tired of being used, so what better way to be in control than to create my own Monster? 

He learns quickly, my every whim satisfied- well, almost. I have created him, he is mine to order about. Housework all done, shopping carried from the shops to the car, the car chauffeured and the shopping unpacked upon reaching home. Reading had become second nature to him, and my Monster entertains me with stories, keeping me up to date on current affairs. He knows how to lose gracefully at board games. My Monster displays all the outward qualities of the perfect partner without the needy, greedy side. As I say, an almost perfect companion.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I know he wants me, if you catch my drift? When I bathe he sits and reads to me, but I see his eyes wander, taking in my long, red hair, my well-formed breasts, my flat tummy. His eyes wander further, the trimmed hair barely covering my rose coloured lips. I see the dilemma on his face, and the stirring in his trousers. But he knows the rules, he is here for my bidding, and for that reason alone. He does exactly what is asked of him, nothing more.

"Monster," I will say, and he is here beside me. "I am going out tonight, and I want my skirt and blouse ironed, and my underwear laid out." And he will nod, and without question will go about his duties. Good Monster. And later, after I have showered, he will sit in the chair of the bedroom and watch as I dress, without comment unless I ask his opinion. He drives me to my rendezvous, opening the door for me, and will be there to pick me up again at the designated time. Every woman should have a Monster.

I had a particularly gruelling day at work and was in a bad mood when Monster picks me up. My mood doesn't improve when I see a scratch on the car door.

"What happened, Monster?"

He tells me he had parked at the supermarket and had returned to see the damage. Of course, no one had accepted responsibility, no note left on the car. I fume all the way home. Upon entering the house, I instruct him to make me a drink while I change. I trudge upstairs, the beginning of a headache forming over my right temple.

My outer garments are in the laundry basket when I hear him behind me. Turning, I look quizzically as I see his empty hands.


He looks crestfallen.

"Tonic water wasn't on the list. I shall walk to the corner shop and buy some now." He starts to turn.

The words are out of my mouth before I realise it.

"Oh, fuck me."

It is an off the cuff comment, designed to relieve tension, but Monster doesn't see it as such. He takes two strides, his hands on my arms, his face close to mine.

"Of course, if you desire it."

I redden, flustered.

"It's just... I don't mean..."

He looks perplexed, I can see my Monster is trying to understand what is happening. He says, simply. "I have read every book you have given me. I am aware of the concept of 'fucking'. It is my duty to fulfil your request."

He is waiting for me to tell him what to do, that is my Monster's function. I realise I am tingling, anticipation coursing through my body.

"Show me what you have learned."



One hand touches my cheek, the other runs down my arm, fingers tenderly stroking the skin. He leans forward and his lips meet mine, the softest of touches. Then his lips are on my eyes, lightly kissing the closed lids. His hand on my shoulder, then around to the nape of my neck, pulling me closer, the other hand still framing my face, stroking my hair.

He steps back, my legs make contact with the bed. I can feel his arousal against my tummy. He stands a foot taller than me, he leans down to continue kissing me. His hands pull me to him, feeling the warmth of his body against mine for the first time. He breaks the kiss, eyes on mine.

"Does this please you?"

I mutter an affirmative response, slightly blown away by the situation. He resumes kissing me, his hands on my back, one hand dipping to cup my buttock. His hand is warm against the bare skin. I tingle.

With ease, he lifts me, our lips still locked, his tongue pressing lightly against my lips, forcing them apart. Monster holds me close, I feel the fabric of his shirt against my bare stomach, my thigh nudging against his apparent ardour. Stepping forward, he places me on the bed, and sits beside me, one hand sliding down my leg, soft and tender is his touch.

Monster caresses and kisses me, light, butterflies on my skin. His fingers trace the strap of my bra, over my shoulder, and down my back. With one hand the clasp is undone. I feel my breasts hang free, aware my nipples are already stiffening. Monster then looks to me, again for permission. The faintest of nods is all that is necessary.

This is the first time my Monster has been in such close proximity to my naked breasts- touching distance. The bra is slid from my shoulders easily. I am unsure what books he has been reading, but so far, so good. His warm hand reaches up to cup my breast, he seems in awe. 

Monster's touch is sensual, he caresses me gently. His thumb moves up and over my nipple, puckering under his touch. I see a smile on his face, he catches me looking and the smile falters. I smile back, allowing him the knowledge that he is doing well.

My Monster becomes bolder, and his head dips to my breast, his breath warm, his lips moist. His first taste, his tongue tentative, probing. A shiver runs through me, immediately he questions me.

"Are you cold?"

"No, I'm not cold."

Satisfied, Monster returns his attention to my breast. I move to lean back, and he follows my movements, lying beside me, upper body propped up on his elbow, the other hand caressing my skin, my ribcage, the underside of my breasts, my stomach, while his tongue and lips collide with my hardened nipples.

I won't admit how good this feels, not to my Monster. He needs to learn, and he learns by practice. I let out a sigh, a welcome noise to his ears. He looks to me as he continues attending to my breasts, my nipples hardening further, the firm flesh tingling under his touch. I allow my eyes to close, enjoying the sensations, moaning softly in recognition of his work so far.

His right hand skims my skin, across my stomach, fingers playing with the area around my belly button. My skin flutters beneath his touch. Emboldened, Monster's fingers trace along the top of my panties, the cotton already moistened between my legs. I say nothing, my head back against the pillow, my hair creating a halo. My eyes still closed, my lips open, baring teeth, my breath escaping in satisfied hisses.

Monster's teeth close gently on a nipple, his touch gentle but enough to send waves of desire through me. I moan again, shifting slightly, legs ajar. His attention is now torn between my breasts and what remains hidden below, his breath hot against my nipples, I feel his head turn and know he is gazing at my panties. Another dilemma. I wait to see his next move.

"Your panties...?"

His words bring me out of my soft, warm world.

"What of them?"

"May I remove them?"

"What does your book tell you to do?"

Instead of answering, his lips make contact with the skin between my breasts, and travel downwards, gentle, soft kisses. His right hand moves to caress my mound, again his touch is light. I elicit a moan, just for good measure.

Monster's kisses butterfly around my tummy, sometimes his tongue drags gently across my skin, his breath always warm. His body moves along the bed as he goes, his left hand covers my right breast, the nipple hard and urgent against his palm. To his credit he can multi-task, gently kneading and caressing. Good Monster.

Fingers soft across my mound, then along my thighs, then back up again. Over and over. My Monster's lips kiss along the top of my panties, barely touching me. Again and again my stomach muscles flutter, tiny goosebumps of anticipation rising on my skin. I shift, softly, gently, my legs spreading once again, inviting exploration. He reacts, his fingers finally tracing along the outline of my lips. I hear him inhale my scent as his face moves closer to my warm, wet centre.

Monster removes his hand from my breast, and I sense him move from the bed, hear his footfall as he moves to the bottom of the bed, then feel him kneel between my legs. I raise my hands to my breasts, continuing what he has begun, softly but firmly massaging them, gently but with purpose I begin rubbing my nipples.

I feel Monster's hands run up my legs, and his fingers hook under the sides of my cotton panties. He pulls, gently, and I lift my bottom from the bed to allow the garment to be pulled from me. I feel the cool air against my lower stomach, then hear the sound of the fabric against my pubic hair, then my moist lips are finally exposed, the sensation sending a shiver up my body. This time, my Monster understands my reaction.

Almost tenderly, my panties are pulled off my legs, his hands hold my calves as he removes them. I feel him lift one leg, his mouth making contact as his lips kiss my ankle. His free hand is on my thigh, just centimetres from my warm centre. I am sure my Monster can feel my heat without touching me.

Lips begin their journey up along my leg, he appears to savour every kiss, every pause in his journey measured for maximum pleasure- his as well as mine. I am not an impatient woman. Not usually. Monster's timing is exquisite, making me long for more. I almost forget who is in control.

Monster finally plants a kiss on the dimple at the top of my thigh, his tongue tracing along the muscle in my leg, up towards my pubic hair. He kisses his way around the hair, from the left side up, his tongue flicking out every now and again, his kisses so soft. Involuntarily, I push my pubis towards him, silently cursing myself for doing so.

Maddeningly, this only serves to slow him down.

Hands on my thighs, Monster's face close to my Mons Venus. I shudder in anticipation, my mind pleading with him to continue. His thumbs trace from the tops of my thighs, up and alongside my labia. I can feel my clitoris hardening, willing the hood to retract and expose myself to him, sensing the blood flooding and reddening my vulva.

Monster appears to be studying the area, I can feel his warm, steady breath against my dampness, his fingers almost mechanically tracing up and down, not quite touching my outer labial lips.

I pinch my nipples, hard, causing me to moan louder, pushing my mound towards him.

His flat tongue finally ran across my lips, followed by another lick. Monster's thumbs moved inwards, running across my outer lips, the folds of flesh pliant under his caress. Each downward motion of his thumbs is followed by an upward sweep of his tongue. With each caress the strength of his touch changed, first firm, then soft, then fast, then slow. His tongue, first flat, then pointed and hard, licks then probe. My clitoris hardens further, and I can feel the wetness increase tenfold.

I moan, louder than intended. Monster's lips settle on my clitoris, gently sucking it between them. His fingers continued to caress my outer labia, running down towards my perineum. I feel a digit against my opening, already slick from my juices. I could feel my face flushing with desire, my chest glistening with perspiration.

His finger presses gently into me, my opening folding back to allow him access.

Monster continues to service my clitoris, lips closing around the hardened nub, sucking gently. The finger pushes deeper between my lips, his knuckle pressing against my opening. He withdraws the finger before pushing back in, each time deeper, then I feel a second finger slipping almost effortlessly alongside the first. I can feel the slickness of my juices easing his passage, can feel my tight inner lips gripping his fingers.

The tentacles of orgasm began to build within, that familiar feeling of electricity deep inside.

I feel my chest constrict as my breath becomes laboured, my right hand no longer on my breast but clenched tightly beside me, fist full of bed sheet. My legs shift, opening wider, and I thrust my hips to meet his fingers, driving my Monster deeper inside me. His tongue flicks rapidly over my distended clitoris, prompting me to cry out as the first wave hits me. My legs tremble as I come, Monster's fingers and tongue giving me the most intense climax.

Monster slips his fingers from me, his hands move to my thighs, holding them wide, and he buries his face against my mound, tongue flicking and licking me, keeping me on the edge, the trembling spreading through my body. My left hand pinches my nipple hard, pulling and twisting the hard aroused peak, intensifying my orgasm. My Monster does not relent.

Tongue flat against my labia, then hard and pointed against my clitoris, then circling my inner lips, constantly keeping the pressure right where I need it. I gasp as another climax rips through me, my lower body jolts as if I am a puppet, and my Monster is pulling the strings. I guess, in effect, he is. My mind clouds, I hear noises that are animal, not realising they come from my mouth, driving him on, making me come again.

I untangle my hand from the bed sheet, and place it on his head. I hold him hard against me as another climax blurs my senses, my back arches as I thrust into his face. My legs feel like dead weights, I am unable to move, and don't want to. My Monster continues his oral ministrations until I cannot take any more, my body wracks with another orgasm and I become too sensitive.

"Enough, enough..."

Monster stops, planting one final kiss on my labia, another on my mound, then lifts his face. I look down and see his lower face wet from my juices, a smile on his face. I gasp for breath, my heart beats hard against my breast. He shifts his weight back, and off the bed. Standing, I can see his erection, straining painfully hard against his trousers. Monster looks at me, expectantly.

I have no strength left, my eyes tell him all he needs to know. His eyes bow, no longer keeping eye contact.

I turn on my side, my knees raised and my hands across my chest and under my head. He picks the quilt up and gently covers me. Without a word, I hear him close the door behind him, his footsteps on the stairs.

Part of me feels for him, though just a small part. My Monster will continue his studying, he will devour every word he can find on the subject. And next time, well, next time I shall allow him to show me what else he's learned.

© Copyright 2018 Collette Parrish. All rights reserved.

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