Baby, the stars shine brightly

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Short, flash fiction story about a starlight encounter on the way home from the pub.

Why else would a girl go sans Victoria’s Secret?

I suggest a quick drink in the local pub followed by an early night, but how long does it take to drink one pint?  I’d nurse my half pint of Guinness for too long.  I yawn theatrically.

“Tired?  Let’s get you home.” He finishes his pint and, saying goodnight to the landlord and one or two locals, we head out.

“Let’s take a detour over the fields,” I suggest, “Fresh air might make me less sleepy.”

We cross the road and through the gate, me clinging to his arm.  He turns, kissing me, a look of contentment on his face.  The grass is bone dry against my legs, the short summer dress that he liked so much cool against my skin, yet the fire burning in me growing hotter.

His arm now around me, we walk along the fringe of the field, the bats in flight overhead, and the chorus of birdsong long since silenced.  There is no moon, and the stars shine brightly overhead.

Reaching the stile, he stands back to let me cross first.  I take his hand and climb up; instead of stepping over I sit back, gazing at him.  My hands on the hem of my skirt, he looks at me quizzically.

Biting my lip, I raise the hem, higher.  His mouth forms a perfect ‘O’.  I look at him, an attempt at a shy smile on my face.

“Naughty Collette.”

He steps forward, hands on my thighs, then steps closer still.  I part my legs slightly; in the starlight I’m sure he can see my anticipation.  I bend, kissing him hard on the lips, the bitter, hoppy taste enticing.

His hands pushed the skirt higher, and his head dips, kissing my lower stomach before his tongue traces lower.  His fingers rub against my slit, and then his mouth envelopes me, taking delight in the gasp of pleasure eliciting from my throat.

Balancing myself with one hand I place the other hand against the back of his head, pulling him hard against me- not that he needs any encouraging. His tongue finds my burgeoning clit and begins to flick against it.

I can feel my nipples hardening, rubbing against the soft cotton.  His tongue probes inside me, dipping firmly between my moist lips.  One hand reaches up, fondling my breasts through the cotton, his fingers on the buttons.

Breast exposed, his touch is urgent.  Caressing me perhaps harder than usual, but the urgency of the situation drives him.

His oral ministrations continue, my juices lapped and spread across my upper thighs from his chin.  His fingers dip inside me, causing my stomach to flutter.  He bites gently on my clit.

“Oh, fuck, yessss!” I hiss, thrusting my pelvis at his face.  The fingers spin inside me, his thumb on my hard clit. His other hand pinches my nipple, pulling it as I’ve shown him I like.

I come, hard. I’m sure my gasps echo across the fields.  He looks at me, eyes blazing.  I reach down, grasping his face, lifting it to mine.  We kiss, the taste of my juices turning me on.

I scoot off the top rail and sit on the stile.  He looks around – a man in his position taking a big risk- but the night is still.  I undo his belt and zip, pulling them down.  His erection covered by the tenting of his briefs.  I run my hand over the bulge, feeling the heat and moistness of his hard tip.

I slip a hand into the waistband, feeling his weight, and then pull his thickening shaft free.  I look at him then lean forward, my tongue tasting him.  I feel him shudder, push forward just a little. I take him in my mouth.

I coat his hardness with saliva, even in the dark I can see his eyes burning with desire. 

Holding him in one hand I stand, turning to face the stile.  He lifts my dress as I bend forward, one knee on the smooth wood of the step. Still holding him, I guide him towards my opening.

He pushes against me, his cock teasing my entrance- already slick but enjoying the build-up.  His hand on my ass-cheeks, he pushes against, penetrating me. I suck air through my teeth as he pulls back then slides fully inside me. 

“Oh, god.”

He thrusts into me, no time for the subtleties of our bedroom regime.  Lust has taken over as I feel his fingers dig into my hips, pulling me hard against him as he fucks me.  The primal urges bind us both together, the night air drying the sweat of our bodies in seconds. 

I reach under and caress him as each thrust drives us both nearer to climax.  He reaches up to cup my still uncovered breast, the weight in his hand, the nipple agonisingly sensitive in his palm.

I feel him shift position, his angle of penetration deepens and my mind spins as I start to orgasm again.  I speak harsh words softly.  He knows when I’m about to cum, and slows, shifting position again, keeping me on the edge.

I squeeze his balls softly, a gentle warning.  He slaps my ass playfully, and then quickens his pace.

His hand on my breast closes, kneading the flesh urgently yet tenderly.  I push back hard to meet his thrusts.

“Cum for me, baby,” he mutters, and I feel his balls contract, sending warmth to fill me inside.  I climax, the release almost simultaneous.  He pushes into me, two short then one long, quivering stroke.  I can feel him inside me. He leans forward, his mouth nuzzling my neck, feeling his heart pound against me.


Much later, as we lay in bed, we make love, tender, long and slow.

Outside, the stars shine brightly. 

Submitted: July 25, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Collette Parrish. All rights reserved.

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