After the Ball- Berlin

After the Ball- Berlin After the Ball- Berlin

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The action moves to Berlin, Lauren follows her lover and surprises him.


The action moves to Berlin, Lauren follows her lover and surprises him.


Submitted: June 18, 2013

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Submitted: June 18, 2013



I told him I was going to see my family while he was in Berlin, I kissed him goodbye at the train station- I'd abstained from giving myself to him for the last couple of days, and the chaste peck on the cheek must have stung him, just a little. As the train pulled out of the station I blew him a kiss and then turned my attention to the magazine I'd made a fuss of buying from the kiosk. In my small suitcase lay my passport, and the ticket for the Eurostar nestled inside that.

I had spoken to Karen at the office, she was responsible for organising the travel and accommodation for the Directors. I'd outlined my plan to her, and she had giggled conspiratorially, making the necessary changes to the hotel room. We'd upgraded the room to the penthouse suite- he was in for a shock when he booked in.

So now, at Waterloo International station, I boarded the Eurostar train, and headed to Berlin. Excitement and anticipation rose inside me, the thought of surprising him in less than twelve hours, in another city, in another country, made my body tingle. I caught a man opposite glancing my way, his eyes on my chest. I'd put on a sports bra and a loose shirt for comfort, and my nipples were hard and apparent. Although I was totally smitten with my man, I wasn't above a little harmless flirting, it would make the journey more fun. I caught his eye, and smiled, letting him know I'd seen his glances. I played with my skirt, making sure he got agood look at my tanned legs. I took a bottle of water from my bag, unscrewing the top and taking a long, suggestive drink of water, my lips wet and parted. I was thinking about my plan for the weekend, how my man was in for a treat, and I felt my nipples respond, becoming stiffer, more pronounced. I was also beginning to get damp, I could feel the heat between my legs, that fire that only he could drench.

I kept up the looks and the show all the way to Paris, where my very frustrated fellow traveller had to get off- the train, that is! I'm sure he took himself in hand at some point and imagined taking me hard and fast on the moving train. The last leg of the journey was quiet, the rain began to fall, and I buried myself in a book to while away the time.

Berlin- what a beautiful city! The taxi driver took the long way to the hotel, but I didn't mind, there was no rush, my man's plane would have arrived before me, but he would have gone straight to the meeting, then drinks afterwards, no doubt. I had asked Karen to call him at about 5pm and tell him there was a problem with the hotel, something she couldn't fix on the phone, so he'd have to come and check in. Us girls can be very crafty!! The taxi drove along one more grand avenue, before pulling up at an imposing building at the far end. A fountain foamed at the front, the sun was now shining and the stonework shone like pale gold in the late afternoon light. I tipped the driver as he took my bag from the car, handing it to the porter, very elegant in his uniform. I climbed the two steps into the hotel lobby.

Checking in was easy, anyone who booked the suite was given the utmost attention, and I felt like a film star. My bag was carried by the porter, the lift operator spoke pleasantly about my stay, and about places I might like to visit. He pressed the button for the penthouse, and the lift rose silently upwards.

The porter opened the door with an electronic card, and ushered me inside. The room was huge! It was a large glass box on top of the original hotel, and light flooded the whole room. The porter took my bag to the master bedroom, and then gave me a guided tour- two bathrooms, a jacuzzi, a wetroom with the biggest shower I'd ever seen, a small kitchen, a separate lounge, a dining room... it all seemed over the top for two people. Mind you, I made a mental note to give my man the chance to use that dining table...

The porter, with a tip I could ill afford, wished me a pleasant stay. I looked at the time- just after three. Karen would phone *** a little  before 5pm, giving me about two hours before he found out about the upgrade. I unpacked my case, and stripped off, padding around the suite naked. The huge glass windows looked out over the city, from this side of the building nothing overlooked the room. I felt liberated, and incredibly horny. I stood in front of the glass, imagining all those people below looking up and seeing me. My nipples stiffened at the thought. I ran my hands over my body, feeling my breasts, small and firm, my taut stomach, my pussy was damp with anticipation. I had to stop myself from fingering myself right there and then. I headed for the shower.

I think I must have used most of a small reservoir taking a shower, there was one shower-head above and one at stomach level. I had never felt so clean in my life. I dried myself, ignoring the soft towelling robe, compliments of the hotel, and walked naked to the bedroom. I dried my hair, moisurised my body, made sure there were no rogue hairs where there shoudn't be any, and applied just a hint of make-up, *** doesn't like women made up like clowns, and who could blame him. I stood, looking at myself in the mirror. My chest was flushed, partly due to the hot shower, but mainly in anticipation of the evening's plans.

Dressed in very expensive underwear, new Manolo Blahniks and a my little black dress, my stomach knotted in anticipation of ***'s arrival.  The champagne stood in the ice-bucket, the crystal glasses spotlessly clean.   I heard the gentle 'ping' of the lift, turned off the lights and stood against the window, the sun low and blinding, but creating the perfect silhouette.  I patted my hair, straightened the front of my dress, and struck a suggestive pose- hip thrust forward, legs apart, hands on hips.

He stepped into the room, his case in hand.  He didn't notice me at first, putting the case on the small table and going to the fridge.  As he opened the fridge door he took out his mobile, speed-dialling a number.  He took a bottle of water from the fridge, pushing the door shut with his butt, the phone pressed against his ear.  

My phone trilled on the bedside table.  

Looking confused, he walked across the plush, woollen carpet towards the bedroom, finally catching sight of me.


"Happy Birthday, ***"

He finally took the phone from his ear, pressing the cancel button.  My phone trilled once more, then fell silent.

"How did you..?"  he walked towards me. looking confused, but delighted. 

"How did I what?  Arrange all this behind your back? Well, I can be devious..."  I took one step towards him, the sun still behind me, "And what better way to spend your birthday than with me?" 

He smiled, that wonderful smile that could light up a room.  He put the phone on the side table and stood in front of me.

"So beautiful, what a fantastic surprise!  Berlin's fantastic, let's go out for dinner and..."

"Oh, no, that won't do at all", I said. "You can order room service, after you've serviced me..."

He took me in his arms, our lips locked, his hands on my hair, then pressing his body against mine he found the zip on the side of the dress.  His hardness was apparent. 

I broke our kiss for a second, just to step back and let the dress fall to the floor.  He took in the black, silky underwear, sheer and tight, my nipples raging for his touch and pressing hard against the fabric.  I could feel the gusset of the French knickers dampening in anticipation. 

He shrugged off his jacket, so fastidious at home he now dropped the garment to the floor, my fingers on his shirt buttons as we continued our deep, lustful kisses. His hands found my breasts, caressing them through the fabric, his mouth tracing a wet trail down my neck, locking on one nipple, then the other.  His touch ran up my thighs. 

His shirt now off, my hands on his chest, running down to the front of his trousers, feeling the warmth and weight of his erect penis.  

"I'm thirsty. Let's have some champagne"

He pulled me across to the table, pushing me back against the hard mahogany.  It was cold against my bum, the silk offering no protection.  I lay back, arms behind me, legs slightly apart, trying hard to look like those models for perfumes. He popped the cork and poured two glasses, offering one to me. We clinked glasses and drank. 

He refilled his glass, then, standing between my legs, poured a little down my shoulder blade, the ice cold liquid running between my breasts.  His mouth followed, licking the drink from my skin. I shuddered.  He poured a little more, and a little more.  My bra was soaked, both from champagne and his wet kisses.  My nipples ached.  Some of the champagne dribbled down to my knickers.  *** knelt down in front of me, and poured a little drink into my belly button.  I nearly came.  His tongue lapped the liquid, then he poured a little more and watched it soak down to my knickers.

He put the glass on the table and gently lifted me on to the table, my legs hanging in the air.  He carefully lifted one leg over his shoulder, and leaned forward, his face now pressed against the front of my knickers, breathing in the heat and aroma.  His eyes locked onto mine, and his mouth closed over my sopping wet pussy.

I pushed forward, one hand on his head, pulling him in to me, His hands closed around my ass and he began to eat me through the fabric.  The silk rubbed against me as his lips and tongue devoured me, my lips and clit visible through the soaking silk.  My nipples rubbed against the bra, and the combined friction made me cum, hard against his face.  

His free hand found my breast and fondled it through the material,  I bucked against his face as I rode orgasm after orgasm.  I took my glass and poured a liberal amount down between my breasts, the icy liquid making my skin tremble, his tongue lapping the juice as it ran between my legs, the bubbles working their magic on my cunt.  My knickers soaking wet, the table slippery underneath me.  His tongue probed me through the silk and I came again,  almost sliding off the surface.

I pulled his hair, pulling his face away from my crotch.  

"Your turn", I said.

I dropped to my knees and undid his trousers, slowly, taking his shoes and socks off in the process.  His erection was straining against his boxer shorts.  I ran my hands up his legs, teasing him through the cotton fabric.  His cock twitched.

I pulled the shorts off, his cock bouncing in relief.  I took my champagne and drank, filling my mouth, then slowly took his head against my lips, feeding him into my mouth, slowly, slowly, the champagne tingling his penis.  The head of his cock  found the back of my throat.  I held him there, humming softly, the drink losing it's sparkle and chill.  I drew him out, slowly, slowly, swallowing the drink.  

Maybe it was the drink, maybe it was the stunning view, but I suddenly stood, took him by the hand, and led him to the huge window. I knelt, facing into the room, and he faced out.  I began to fellate him, knowing full well that anyone looking in could see me. 

It seemed to turn me on, and him.  His cock felt harder than I'd ever felt, he filled my mouth and it felt hotter than usual.  I sucked him, licked him, stroked him, slowly, softly, looking up into his eyes.  My pussy ached for him.  He must have felt the same. He gently lifted me, his cock shining with my saliva and champagne.  The sun was on the horizon, dropping down quicker now. 

He slid the bra and knickers from my body, then turned me and pushed me forward.  My hands on the glass, my legs apart, he took me from behind, his cock slipping inside me so easily.  His right hand found my breast, my left hand dipped between my legs to massage his balls as he gently began to thrust into me. I pushed back to meet him.  I was so   turned on. Opposite I could see lights going on in apartments, knowing that every one of those people could potentially be watching.  The sun blazed on the window, bathing us both in a bright glow.  My skin felt tingly and flushed.  I could feel another orgasm building.

"Come for me, baby, fill me..."

He grasped my hips, his rigid cock pounding me, filling my cunt, his breathing quickened.  My palms were wet on the glass, I was in danger of losing contact.  

We came together, as we often do, his hot cum splashing into me, my walls milking his cock, rippling as I came against him.  His thrusts ceased, he held me tight to him, his lips on my back, telling me over and over again that he loved me.  His cock slid from me, and I could almost imagine the cheers from the building opposite.  My legs ached, but I managed to turn and wrap my arms around him, kissing him deeply, as the sun disappeared from the sky.





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