After hours...

After hours... After hours...

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I've worked in pubs, and although this has never happened to me it's not that far removed from some experiences :)


I've worked in pubs, and although this has never happened to me it's not that far removed from some experiences :)


Submitted: October 28, 2012

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Submitted: October 28, 2012




I’d not been working in the pub for long, just a couple of weeks, and I was getting to know the locals quite well. I’d made a good impression- well, with my 38C boobs and low-cut tops that was never going to be a problem.

The guys never gave me any trouble, except at closing time. I’d get all the comments, “Want me to see you home, darling?”, that kind of thing.  I’d always reply with a smile, something along the lines of “You couldn’t handle me, love” as I showed the last one the door. 

There were two regulars, a right pair of jokers they were.  Tom and Colin; worked as labourers wherever they could find work, and always ready with a dirty smile and a leer at my boobs.  They always sat at the bar where the crisp boxes were, so every time I leant down to get any they’d get an eyeful.  They were harmless, or so I thought. Mid-fifties, weather-beaten, rugged and, more often than not, drunk.

Tom would constantly ask me out on a date, but I always turned him down. “Old enough to be my dad” I told him. He’d always say, “Experience is what counts, sweetheart”, and give me a wink. I’d laugh it off, but next minute he’d be in deep conversation with Colin, both of them looking at me and smirking to each other. They gave me the shivers.

The landlord was a lazy bastard, and most nights I’d end up alone in the bar to lock up.  I’d do a patrol, make sure there was no-one lurking in the loos.  I drew the line at going into the men’s- it stank to high heaven.

One night, I’d thrown the last man out and bolted the door, went and turned off the loo lights and started to empty the ashtrays. What a glamorous job I had.  I’d cashed up and was taking out the last of the glasses from the washer when I heard the far door opening.

“Oi, who’s that!” I shouted.  Paul, the landlord would have come in behind the bar. I tensed.

“Just us”, came the reply, “Thought we’d show you how experienced we were”

It was Tom, with Colin following behind.  Always the ring-leader, was Tom.

“What are you playing at?  Get out of here before…” I stopped.  Tom was holding a long length of rope in his hands. “What… what do you think you’re doing?” I gasped.

Colin took a chair from one of the tables and stood it in the middle of the room, the only illumination coming from the light over the dartboard.

“Come and sit down, make yourself comfortable” Tom ordered.

I was shaking, partly with rage and partly as I was scared, wondering what they were doing.  Tom looked at me, “Here, now”.

Wide eyed and trembling, I went over to where they stood.

“Sit down, we’re going to have a little fun”

I sat, looking up at these two men. 

“Take your blouse off” said Colin, obviously finding his voice for once.

“Fuck off!” I yelled, hoping Paul might hear and come down to help.

“I’m not asking, I’m telling you”, Colin’s face was inches from mine.

“What… what are you gonna do.. “ I stammered.

“Getting a look at the goods”, said Tom. 

Colin was clawing at my buttons, his rough fingers snagging at the silk.

“Ok, ok”, I said, and took off my blouse.  Tom tossed it to the floor.  My best blouse.

“And the bra, too”, said Tom.

They just want a look, I thought, just a look and then It’s all over.  I unhooked the bra from the front and pulled it off, covering my modesty with my hands.

“Behind your back”, said Colin.

“Wh..what?” I looked stunned.

“Arms behind your back, love, let’s get a good look at your tits”

My arms were pulled behind me and I found out what the rope was for.  My arms were tied securely to the back of the chair.  My chest now on display, thrust forward for these two lecherous old dogs.

They looked at each other, smirking, then both put out a hand and took a breast each, weighing them in their hands.  Colin’s rough fingers began to roll over my left nipple, pulling at it. Tom raised his fingers to his lips, licking them, then rubbing his wet tips over my right nipple. 

I looked at them in terror, I felt dirty, and used, and… really fucking horny.

“Leave me alone”, I said, not meaning it.

“Shut up, bitch”, Tom sneered, “You’ve been driving me mad with those tits for ages, you’re getting what you deserve”.

Both men grabbed at my boobs, fondling them roughly.  I tried to look disgusted, but could feel the front of my panties beginning to dampen.  Fuck, what was going on in my mind?

Colin knelt down, and took my left nipple into his mouth, his teeth biting gently, his tongue flicking it then taking the whole aureole into his mouth, sucking like a baby. Tom continued to rub and tweak at my right tit, making moaning noises as he did so.  He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, causing my chest to push out even more.  I’ve always been proud of my breasts, they were big but firm, and I loved it when they got attention.  This was driving me crazy!

I could see both men getting aroused by touching my tits, Colin was sporting a sizeable tent in his trousers.  I decided to move things along.

“You aren’t going to…rape me… are you?”

Tom was on his knees, his mouth inches from my nipple.  He looked at me. “You’d love that, wouldn’t you, you cunt” 

I tried to look shocked, but my pussy was soaked.  My skirt had ridden up as I struggled, and I slowly spread my legs, hoping they’d notice.  But they concentrated on my tits.

Both men were now nuzzling on my nipples, Tom pinching roughly at my nipple, and squeezing me hard, Colin was more gentle, fondling the whole breast and kissing the nipple before taking it into his mouth.  They were both suckling away like babies, yet both had visible erections.

I was going to cum, I was that fucking turned on.  I couldn’t move, had no control over these two animals, and my tits were receiving such a sucking.  I could feel the cream build in my cunt.  I gasped as my orgasm started to build.

Tom caught my gasp, “The bitch is loving this!” he said to Colin.  He stood, and his hand went to his belt.  I thought he was going to leather me!! A belt across my tits would be just too much! But he simply undid his belt and unzipped his trousers, pulling them down to his knees.  His grey, dirty-looking Y-fronts followed, his cock exposed.  He began to stroke it.

“I’m gonna spunk on those puppies and you’re gonna like it”, he told me.

Colin continues to suck and fondle my tits.  I took a good look at Tom’s tool.  Not bad for an old man, I thought.  Not too long, but thick. His hairy balls hanged long below.  I could see his cock-head glisten with precum.  Colin stood, hesitating for a second, then his zip came down and his cock came into view.

Fuck, it must have been ten inches long, and as thick as a coke can.  The head was dark, almost purple, his hand not fitting around the shaft as he began to stroke it.

I came, hard.

Both men continued to fondle my tits, pulling at my extended nipples as they pulled at their cocks.  I wanted to reach out and help them, but tied to the chair I felt helpless, and still fucking horny.Those two throbbing meat sausages were just inches from my face, if I’d tried I could have taken either one into my mouth.  I’d have fucking loved that, but these two had other ideas.

Colin had taken off his shoes and removed his trousers and pants, and was now straddling me on the chair.  He pushed my tits together, looked down at me, then spat down my cleavage. His warm spittle dribbled between my tits. He held them apart and inserted his huge cock, then pushing them together began to tit-wank his dick. 

His cock was hitting my chin as he thrust up between my tits, I could feel the precum rubbing on the underside of my chin.  I could smell the musty smell of him.  I could feel the chair beneath me soaking up my cunt juices. 

Tom stood beside me, his cock pointed at my face, as he continued to stroke his cock.

Colin pushed my tits together harder, and began to fuck them harder. I could feel his balls slapping against my ribcage as his cock penetrated my cleavage.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!” he said, not slowing down for a second.

I got ready to cum, too.

For an old guy, he had a lot of spunk, and it flew out of that cock, all over my chin, up my nose, and in my hair.  He came again, and again, and again.  I want that cock in my cunt at some point, I thought.  He grunted and gripped his cock in his hand, wanking the last drops of cum over my tits, his cock slapping against my chest as he released my tits and stood up.

Tom replaced him in straddling me, aiming at my face.  He came, not as much as Colin but a good spray.  I could feel it dripping down my chin and over my tits, running between them and over my belly.  Some landed on my lips, and I put out my tongue to lick it off.  Tom wiped the head of his cock around my throat before stepping back away from me.

They both put on their pants and trousers before untying me, Colin handing me a bar-towel and sliding the bolt on the front door.  Without a word, they both left, leaving me sitting, covered in cooling spunk.

Ten minutes later I was home, peeling off my sopping wet knickers, licking my cum covered nipples and reaching for my favourite dildo, and dreaming of my next encounter with those two tit-lovers. 

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