Linda's Dungeon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Dark Erotica

An abandoned warehouse, a vague scenario, a dream come true.

Linda insisted that even though I had to agree to a stripping, binding, blindfolding and the remote location, it was not a standard BDSM  scenario by any means. In fact, she equated BDSM with rape and did not approve of it however sane or safe the participants crafted their scenarios. She promised, however, that she would humiliate me. Needless to say, Linda was a conflicted sexual being, not that I should talk.

We had become acquainted  through an online bulletin board system for spirituality. After a couple of years corresponding there we exchanged emails. She put me on her mailing list for a weekly autobiographical text-and-photo  PDF she produced. She described herself and her husband---whom she actually referred to by the name "X"--as homely, and the pictures she sent, many of herself, bore that description out, but neither her canine looks nor her marriage--to say nothing of her surplus i  yesrs over me-prevented me from taking a sexual interest in Linda.

A concern to document her weight and efforts to keep it below 100 pounds on her pet it frame led her to take many selfies focusing on her body, often in workout attire. But nothing quite explained why she sometimes took selfies sitting on the toilet, nor why she dedicated one of these scenes of evacuation to me.

After a getting a little hard seeing workout and toilet pictures, I began to wonder why she didn't just go ahead and share nude pictures of herself with me and her friends. It wasn't long before she sent her first nude selfies. These first experiments had blur applied to all parts of her but her challenged face and shaved head. With the pictures she sent apologies that she was still fat--impossible to tell from the blurring--and that taking the selfies had sexually aroused her. This was the first and last admission to auto-erotic  excitement when taking these nudes. The effect of these blurred pictures on me was one of keen frustration. I put the pictures through every special effect I could to try to suss out hidden detail, but Linda's blurring was deeper than my growing sexual obsession with her.

Blur began to cover less and less of her nudes as she lost weight, but I put them through Photoshop washes just as obsessively to try to see what was going on around those breasts and her crotch. One day she sent an unaltered picture of herself topless. Is it even necessary for me to say that my reaction to seeing this was instant removal of my pants and masturbation to ejaculation?

In a clumsy, indirect way, I tried to tell Linda how excited the topless picture made me. Her reaction was something like horror, and I feared my admission had broken some important boundary in our online relationship. And yet I only wanted to transgress more: send her my own nude selfies and cum tributes. As it was I only hoped that our correspondence would survive and that she would continue to send nudes. I was greatly relieved when there was no break in her emails, and greatly aroused every few months when she would document her gradual emaciation  in  the nude.

Ever the perv, but unwilling to jeopardize our relationship with any more overt expressions of my lust, I would take pictures of myself jacking off and then hide them as watermarks in innocent still lives and landscapes, and I would send her those half hoping she would notice the additions and apply the contrast necessary to bring out their porn content. She never admitted to finding my hidden selfies. But after the last such picture, in which I took a huge risk and pasted its  watermark over the image of a side of a house--the hidden picture this time angled so my small, stroked cock appeared huge--she quickly replied that I should visit her in her home state of Texas. The invitation came complete with the terms of stripping, blindfolding and shackling.

Well, there was no way I was going to turn this down, even though it involved X's participation by driving me to a warehouse. My heart leapt, and I made the airline reservations. A month later I was in the back seat  behind X, who drove be through a light industrial hell district of Austin. There was no need to blindfold me yet. The location defied identification. X drove me through a labyrinth  of nameless buildings and streets that allowed me no orientation.

X was short, a little overweight and had a rim of white hair around his bald head upon which rested thick, steel-rimmed glasses. He was silent and grim, which left my stomach tight wondering how much he actually approved of this scenario with his wife. I tried to break the ice with small talk that elicited grunts. I got sweaty.

We turned down a narrow alley and stopped by an unmarked door. "Get out," X said. My trust was waning. If it hadn't been for years of emails and lust with Linda, I never would have had the guts to go any further. I stepped out of the car into dry warmth, X's keys jingling as he unlocked the building. "Come in." He signaled me ahead with a lowered, open hand, the first civil gesture he offered me.

He turned on a flashlight and showed me through a couple of unlit, abandoned offices. At the last one he showed me a small wheeled office chair with open shackles on the seat. "Take off your clothes and shackle your wrists and ankles, then sit the chair. Linda will blindfold you later." He turned to leave with his flashlight.

"Hey, what about light?"

Do it in the dark. I don't want to see anything. He left, closing the door hard. It went solid black. Well, what else was I going to do now but go through with this. I quickly stripped then felt around for the chair. Finding it I picked up the chains, sat down and fumbled shackling my wrists and ankles. The chains were the kind prisoners wore, with a vertical chain holding the leggings to the chains on the wrists. It wasn't possible for me to stand up all the way. I sighed nervously and sat down in pitch darkness.

A few minutes that felt like many later, a door opened and I heard someone walk into the blacked-out  room. Air from the next room wafted in. It seemed humid and smelled slightly fecal. Footsteps came right up behind me. "Linda?" I asked. I jumped a little when a hand skillfully found the crown of my head and began stroking my hair. I wasn't turned on and felt so shrunken I was hung like a mouse.

"Yes." Then I felt her tie the blindfold around my head. She grabbed the chair and wheeled me out of the office into what must have been a larger room, Judging by the echoes of the chair's tiny wheels on a concrete  floor, the echoes of Linda's calm voice. "You're going to learn a couple of things today."

Linda swung me around and stopped, then a very bright light went on that seeped around the edges of my blindfold.

"In ancient Rome," she continued, "When a man was caught in adultery, the wife's husband was allowed an interesting form of justice."

"Oh?" I said shakily.

"The husband was allowed to rape the man who took his wife in adultery."

"But... but..."

"Oh, don't worry. Rape isn't in store for you, but after the Romans we felt some price should be paid up front." Linda gripped the back of my chair a wheeled it until my knees touched a wall. Then she gently pushed my head forward until my nose touched drywall, and she continued pushing forward and to the side along the wall.

First my cheek felt something rough on the wall's surface, a space, some hair. And then I felt the warm, soft flesh of what had to be a largish, flaccid penis. I recoiled. Was it X? My god.

"You have to suck it and make it hard. It will take some doing, to. X's  cock is even older than I am. Now suck. I know you know how." Indeed she did. I had told her about sucking Jay's cock way back in high school and others since. She had not reacted, but clearly she remembered my stories. The problem was I was hardly in the mood for any sex right now, particularly sucking off a frumpy old man at a glory hole.

But I had come a long way, and this was for Linda. Even flaccid the cock filled half my mouth. I worked my tongue alternately down either side of it. Initially I was sweaty and repulsed. I worked the cock nonetheless. I took to long strokes with my mouth, saliva dripping over him, onto the roughly-cut  drywall of the glory hole. Sweat ran down into my blindfold. Finally the shy X's  cock showed signs of stiffness. The harder he got, the more enthusiastic I became. Eventually he was throat-banging hard, and I was really sucking cock in earnest.

"Okay, that's enough," Linda said. X's cock  slid out of my mouth as she pulled the chair backward. Then she spun the chair around and told me to stand up, which I did in a slight crouch because of the shackles. Linda began walking around me, then stood behind me to the side. "Now you're going to learn how to take cock up the ass. Back up."

I shimmied back with Linda's hand guiding my ass's  direction and elevation. Jesus, I was about to get fucked in the ass by that big cock I was just sucking. Soon I felt it's freshly-lubed head sliding into the crack of my ass to rest against the puckered opening of my anus. God, I wasn't in practice for this! Could I relax enough?

Linda walked in front of me. "I want to see your eyes when this happens." She undid my blindfold, exposing my eyes to a harsh overhead light that back lit her head and brought tears to my squinting  eyes. "One, two, three!" and she shoved me backward as X thrusted  his cock high in my rectum. I was ready as I could be, but my eyes flew wide open, and the tears started flowing down my face as I began throwing my as back against  X's humping hips.

"Agggh!" I choked in pleasure as my ass slapped drywall. X's cock reamed my rectum and punched my prostate.

"Good! Good! You take cock really well up the ass," Linda encouraged.

X's cock just got harder and harder. Jesus, he was about to cum up my slick asshole! I  felt my asshole just get slicker and slicker as he pumped his jism into my rectum. Finally his cock slid out of my hole, and I could hear more cum splatting on the hard floor.

"Good, good." Linda said. She led me forward a little then wheeled the office chair behind me and said to sit back down, which I needed to do because I was dizzy from being fucked.

My eyes had just about adjusted to the glare of the overhead light. Linda was there wearing a white lab coat that came down to her ankles and a pair of sandals. The skin on her ankles became more like crepe the closer it got to her feet, an effect of age and compulsive dieting. I could see that we were in some kind of restroom, with a toilet, an industrial style sink and a shower stall with no curtain. Linda stood next to a small table on rollers from which she picked up a clipboard and pen. Her head was shaved just as in all her pictures, her skin dark, her eyes sunken and expressive of more sympathy than I expected under the circumstances.

"Let me see your peter," she said. I spread my legs. She seemed to check something off a list on her clipboard. "It's kind of small. You ever satisfy any women with it?"


"I have my doubts," Linda retorted to my stutter. "At least your face and asshole can satisfy a man. Do you have regular bowel movements?"


"That's good," she said, checking something else off her list. "I myself have some problems in that department." It was then I noticed fluids leaking out of me and polluting  the seat of my chair.

"Now masturbate. Let's see how long it takes for you to get that little peter erect." I started to reach for my cock. "Wait a minute. You don't need those anymore." She put down the clipboard and picked up a small key. "You're not Houdini, but you ought to be able to get yourself out of these chains with this." She handed the key to me the touch of her finger setting off a thrill in my heart and penis, and it wasn't long before I figured out how to release myself. Linda took back the key along with the chains. "Now. Masturbate."

I started manipulating my cock as Linda folded her arms beneath  her breasts and began to watch me impassively. It was then I noticed her erect nipples and realized she was wearing nothing under her lab coat. In no time at all I had an erection and actually began to enjoy rubbing it. One of her hands slipped down to her crotch for a brief feel of herself.

"Interesting. X has such a big penis. Big for a small woman like me. Big for my purposes. But yours...." She trailed off, losing her detached composure as she stared at the mechanics of my jacking off.

"I'm not really a dominatrix here," she continued. "Yes, I wanted to humiliate you, but total domination is not what I'm here for today. We're here for the function of your penis. Some domination, some turning you into an object. But I can become an object too."

At this she began to unbuttoning her lab coat then dropped it off her shoulders onto the floor. Her homely, shaved head sat atop her body ravaged by diet and exercise. She was thin, and yet the traces of an old, fat life clung to her, to the wrinkled backs of her upper arms and around her waist forming a crease where a larger stomach once hung. It was all familiar to me from her pictures. It was the vision of a dream come true. I got super hard.

"You can stop masturbating now," Linda said, momentarily rubbing her drooping, medium-sized breasts, then wheeling her table toward the shower. It was then I noticed the red rubber water bottle and hose hanging from the nozzle in the stall. "We are learning to be objects today," she said, taking a tube of lube from the table. Then she applied it to the white plastic wand at the end of the hose. "Objects with a function. I leave it to you to discover what the function is." While facing me she stooped slightly and stuck to wand up her ass. Then she undid a clamp on the hose, and her big round eyes closed for a moment at the sensation that must have filled her colon. Then she quickly clamped the hose and pulled out the wand which clattered against the shower stall.

Keeping her eyes on me she walked over to the sink, then turned her back to me and braced herself against its  rim. "Now. Come over here and fuck me up the ass." I leapt to my feet and crossed the concrete to her. The floor felt dusty and gritty, and I noticed noticed Linda still wore her sandals. My butt cheeks slid on each other. I maintained my steely erection. When I got to her I parted her emaciated glutes  to expose her slick and dripping anus.

"Go ahead. What are you waiting for?" I grabbed her hips, slid my short rod into her silky rectum and immediately  began a slow hump. "Yes," she moaned, "That's it. Fuck my ass." I humped her some more. "Ahh!" She exclaimed, and a little burst of warm water escaped from around my cock and ran down my legs. "Stop! Stop now!"

We broke our anal union, and she quickly stepped over to the toilet where she plopped herself down on the seat, and without a moment to spare there was a huge whooshing  as she evacuated  her bowels at once into the bowl. Her mouth hung open and her eyes screwed closed orgasmically  as her whole body spasmed forward, and she seemed locked in that posture for a few seconds. Slowly, she sat up and opened her tender, homely eyes to me. I started jacking off as the fresh whiff of shit hit my nose.

Almost instantly I let out a moan as ribbons of my jism hit the floor and stitched across her discarded lab coat. I moaned and jacked off until there wasn't any more jizz in me. My knees practically knocked with weakness.

"Thank you," she said. "Thank you for the best bowel movements I've had in months."

"No." I whispered. "Thank you."

What followed was a long and sensuous shower that Linda and I took together. I ran my hands  all over her stubbly  head, and she massaged my balls.

Linda sat up front with X for the ride to the airport, The mood was much lighter during this car trip even though X said very little. Linda made small talk about the weather. All the time I pondered just what it was I was supposed to learn in that Texas warehouse. Damn ed if I could figure it out, or X, or Linda.

At the airport I leaned into the car from the passenger's side. I almost kissed Linda, but thought better of it. "Thank you," I said, "Thank you both."

Submitted: February 26, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Colin Pleasant. All rights reserved.

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