I Wanted My Teacher But Got Something Else

I Wanted My Teacher But Got Something Else I Wanted My Teacher But Got Something Else

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


What starts as a fantasy becomes something real and unexpected.


What starts as a fantasy becomes something real and unexpected.


Submitted: February 06, 2019

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Submitted: February 06, 2019




I owe this incident to my German teacher, Mrs. Scharnhorst, and her love of camera surveillance, and of  course to my well-endowed friend, Jay.

It was summer of our junior year of high school and I needed money. I mentioned this need of money to Jay, a red-headed guy I was acquainted with at school, and he suggested we use his ancient pickup truck to get hauling jobs. Jay was muscular from working on his father's farm, and I hoped his strength would make up for my skinny wimp in essence on the job, at least until I got toughened up some by the work. I mentioned my need for a summer job to Mrs. Scharnhorst before school let out until fall. She gave us our first task.

Now I had known Mrs. Scharnhorst since I was a freshman in her German class. She was grey - haired yet of indeterminate age, grey-eyed and petite. I had already spent a lot of time at her house for German club parties or for make out sessions with my girlfriend when she house sat for our teacher, which was often and had introduced me to a few of the lady's secrets. I had always had a crush on her, and she was the center of my masturbation fantasies.

Anyway, Mrs. Scharnhorst told me and Jay she wanted all the furniture in her living room cleared out and taken to Goodwill. We showed up at her place that Saturday. It was warm, and Jay and I wore cutoffs  and t-shirts, ready to work up a sweat. She greeted us wearing a housecoat."Take everything out of here, but don't touch this cabinet," she said, pointing to a beautiful, double-doored item. Little did she know--or did she?--that I was wise to its contents. "I'll be out back swimming, if you need me."

"Yes, ma'am," I said.

When she left, Jay was ready to get down to business and propped open the front door. "Wonder what the big deal is about the cabinet," he said, jolting me out of my imaginary visions of Mrs. Scharnhorst in her swimsuit. "Who knows?" I said to cover up my knowledge. We grabbed a couch and made our way to the truck.

About a half an hour later we had finished packing our first load to haul. I was bushed. We got in the cab of the truck, and Jay stuck in the key and turned it, generating a rhythmic whine that failed to turn into the hum of a running engine. "Fuck!" said Jay. He quickly stepped out and opened the hood. I meekly followed him. I was swaying in the heat of the sun. Jay tinkered then tried the ignition again. It failed. After he had made three trips back and forth between the engine in the driver's seat, I said, "You mind if I go back in and get a drink of water?"

From Mrs. Scharnhorst's kitchen I could see the patio and pool, now empty. On the floor I saw her wet footprints going to the stairs. I gulped a little too hard on the water I drank from a glass. As tired as I was, I was also a horny teenager, and I had an Idea.

My girlfriend had shown me the contents of that cabinet. Opening the double doors revealed a couple of computer monitors. When the system was booted up, which I started doing, and the correct password, which my girlfriend had told me, was entered, it accessed a house-wide  surveillance system with cameras in virtually every room. The screens came up. From the menu I chose "BEDROOM A". My heart was pounding. Outside Jay's truck wheezed without catching.

When the bedroom appeared there on the monitor, it showed me my greatest wet dream. Mrs. Scharnhorst was nude and drying herself almost off the screen. The bed lay in focus in the middle. My cock instantly got stiff in my cutoffs. I could see her ass and every once in a while the flash of a small, slightly sagging tit. I could barely breathe. I rubbed the front of jeans and wondered what I would now that my number one fantasy had partly come true. Then she laid down in the bed, her hair wrapped in a towel.

Her public hair seemed to be as gray as her roof. She split her thin legs and rested a hand there, another one manipulating the nipple of her left breast. Her mouth hung slightly open.

I had no choice in the matter. I pulled down my cutoffs and shorts, my small cock sprang forth, and I started stroking dry, my eyes locked alternately on Mrs. Scharnhorst  and the purple head of my penis.

I don't know how long I had been rubbing my cock raw when Jay opened the door. I didn't think my heart was capable of jumping any faster than it was, but it did. I folded in half at my waist, my hands covering my cock. I looked for more cover, but we had emptied half the room. I stood there frozen, half turned toward Jay.

"What the fuck is going on? You jacking off or something?" A half grin spread on his face. He took a few steps forward and looked at the screen where Mrs. Scharnhorst masturbated. "What are you watching? The old lady's porn collection?" "Oh, crap, that IS the old lady, he said after squinting. Then he looked at me in my tortured posture. "Hey, don't let me stop you!"

Unbelievably my erection had only gotten stiffer, but I was too embarrassed to move. "Oh, hell," Jay said, "don't be shy." Then he pulled down his pants.

I already know from the locker room that Jay, unlike me, had a monster cock, but wow! It fell out from between his legs like an albino snake emerging from the copper wires of his public hair and stood up at once at at least nine red, veined inches. I came out of my bent posture. My hands fell away from my cock, my jaw dropped as I ogled his penis.

"What's the matter? Want to suck it?"

If I had been capable of speech in that moment, I would have said, "Who wouldn't want to suck a cock like that?"

As it was I only felt my lips get warm as I deliriously sank to my knees. My right hand started working furiously at my cock again as I wrapped my mouth around his erection then ran my tongue down the vein-ribbed  shaft.

"That's good," said Jay. "I always figured you could suck cock." And suck I did. He placed his hands lightly on my head but didn't grab it the way I grabbed my girlfriend's head when she was trying to suck .me.

I ejaculated first all over over May's legs and Mrs. Scharnhorst's  shag carpet. I kept sucking Jay like the good business partner I was, my tongue feeling his cock get steely beneath the glans. I knew what was about to happen. With both hands I grabbed his butt cheeks, and then I started sucking all those inches harder and faster. When Jay came it was in volume, over and over again. I had to swallow his jism  so fast I barely had time to notice it's strong flavor.

Things are pretty much of a blur after that. Pants back on. Quickly turning off the surveillance  system and closing the cabinet doors. Doing my best to wipe the semen off the carpet.

We were just in time. Mrs. Scharnhorst  came down stairs again in the same house coat, a wry smile on her face. She regarded each of us. "Well," she said in a low voice, "It seems you men have been very busy. Is your truck fixed, Jay?"

"Well, don't just stand there."

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