Adorable Adam

Adorable Adam Adorable Adam

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Adam's grades have always been perfect, but now he finds his grades are slipping. Is this caused by his ever burning love for his best friend?


Adam's grades have always been perfect, but now he finds his grades are slipping. Is this caused by his ever burning love for his best friend?


Submitted: July 18, 2011

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Submitted: July 18, 2011



I couldn’t believe that my grade had dropped so low! I had had an A only a week ago and now it was down to a C. As I walked away from the grade sheet, I started to go over all of the assignments we had had since I had last looked at my grade. Just as I thought I had found the assignment that I had done poorly on, Elliott came up behind me and blew on my neck. I nearly jumped out of my skin! All rational thought left my body and I was only thinking about how I was going to murder that jerk!

“What the heck was that for? I was trying to concentrate.” I yelled at him.

“That’s why I did it. I was trying to make you forget about whatever was making you look so down.” He laughed as he dodged the book I threw at him.

“I have a right to be down. My grade dropped from an A to a lowly and pitiful C.” I replied with a sigh.

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles, Adam. I don’t get why a C is such a bad grade for you, it’s still passing.” Elliott said as we walked down the hall towards lunch.

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand, Mr. D’s are worth praise.” I said looking him in the eyes. He always knew when I was sad and he always came over to make it worse. He tilted his head back and laughed a huge, loud laugh, it was like everything else he did. We walked for a while in silence. It was starting to get a bit awkward when Elliott said,” Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk?”

“Where did that come from?” I asked a little shocked.

“My sister just got the new Alice in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter says it when everything goes quiet, you know, to break the tension.” He replied as we walked into the lunch room.

“Oh, that makes sense, I guess. Lewis Carroll didn’t originally intend for there to be an answer, but so many people asked that he made up one, to get them off his back.” I recited. I had just read an article about it last week.

“So, what is the answer?” Elliott asked as we sat down at our table. No one sat at it except us, we were sort of outcasts, but that didn’t bother either of us.

“The answer is that they can both produce a few notes.” I said as I took a bite of my chicken sandwich. I only had hot lunch when they were serving chicken sandwiches; otherwise I brought my own lunch.

“That’s smart. I knew you would know the answer.” He said with a mouth full of lettuce.

“What made you think I would know?” I asked as I got up to throw my tray away.

“You know everything. There isn’t a question you don’t know the answer to.” He said smiling at me.

“That’s not true. I don’t know a lot of things. You have a piece of lettuce stuck to your chin.” I said sitting back down.

“How many stomachs does a cow have?” He said wiping his chin.

“They have four stomachs, why do you ask?” I questioned.

“See, you knew the answer to that question right away.” He laughed.

“I don’t know the answer to every question that was just an easy one.” I said angrily.

“Name one question that you don’t know the answer to.” He said smugly. I thought for a minuet and came up with one.

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” I mused. He leaned back and laughed. After he finished laughing, he turned back to me and looked me square in the face and said,” That’s not fair, no one knows the answer to that question. You cheated, so it doesn’t count.”

“You never said I couldn’t use a question like that. It was your fault that you lost, you weren’t specific enough.” I said with a smirk.

“Hey freaks, you gonna make out or somethin’?” A football player yelled from across the room.

“Hey asshole, you gonna learn some manners or maybe you’ll learn to catch a ball.” Elliott yelled back.

“You lookin’ for a fight homo?” Said the huge landmass, which was the linebacker on the football team.

“It wouldn’t be a fair fight; he would have you down before you even knew what hit you.” I said. This was a normal, everyday activity for us at lunch. The jocks always made fun of us.

“You little punk, I’m gonna kill you.” He said rushing towards me.

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” The principal said walking towards us. “Go to class boys or you’ll all get detention.”  The bell rang for the end of lunch, so Elliott and I went our separate ways because he had English and I had Spanish next.

During Spanish, I couldn’t focus because I was trying to figure out what assignment I had done so badly on, but I couldn’t think of it. About halfway through Spanish, my English teacher came in and asked for me to talk to her in the hall. I was worried that I would get a lecture for letting my grade slip in her class, but that’s not what it was about. As soon as the door closed, she said,” I made a mistake on the grade reports I posted in the hall. Your grade was supposed to be an A, but I entered a grade in incorrectly and that dropped you to a C. I went back and changed it, but I wanted to let you know so that you didn’t worry about it all day, you seem like you take grades very seriously.”

“Thank you for letting me know. I was really scared about that.” I said trying to stay calm.

“I was told that you would never let your grade fall so low and that you were extremely worried about the grade, so I went back and looked.”

“Who told you that?” I asked.

“It may sound odd, but it was Elliott that told me. He doesn’t seem like the type to care about his own grades let alone someone else’s.”She said as she walked back down the hall toward her room. When I got back into Spanish class, I still couldn’t focus. I was so happy I felt that I could fly! I wasn’t sure if it was because I still had an A or if it was because Elliott was the one who told her.

After school was over, Elliott and I started walking towards our houses.

“Why did you talk to the teacher about my grade?” I asked as we walked out of the school.

“I didn’t want you to be so worried about it, and I knew you wouldn’t be able to get a C, even if you tried.” He replied. Just as he finished, half of the football team came up to us. I stopped walking and Elliott stepped in front of me.

“How cute, he’s protecting his little boyfriend.” One of them said.

“You mean how gross, don’t you?” Another laughed.

“Get out of our way.” Elliott said coldly.

“Look who’s talking tough.” The linebacker chuckled.

“I said move.” Elliott said with a little more anger in his voice.

“Get ‘im boys.” The linebacker said to the others. They all rushed towards Elliott. He hit one of them in the stomach and knocked the wind out of him. To another one, he simply stuck his foot out and tripped him. One by one they all fell, until only the linebacker was left. Elliott walked up to him and he attempted a haymaker, but Elliott dodged and ran up to him. He thrust his palm upward and it contacted with the linebacker’s nose. I knew that it had broken on impact. Blood squirted from his nose and got on Elliott’s sleeve. He ran, just like the others had done. Elliott turned to face me, and he smiled.

“You alright?” He asked walking towards me.

“Ya, I’m fine, but what about you?”

“I’m fine, they were pushovers.” He laughed as we started walking again.

“You have blood on your sleeve.” I said pointing at his arm.

“Crap! My mom is gonna kill me if it stains.” He panicked.

“That’s all you’re worried about?” I questioned.

“Ya, what else would I be worried about?” He asked looking at me.

“You should be worried about getting suspended.” I exploded.

“They started it.”

“Ok. Thanks for protecting me, by the way.” I said blushing.

“It was nothing. I really like you, so I had to.” He said stopping. I stopped too.


“I like you and want you to go out with me, will you?” He asked seriously.

“I’m not sure.” I replied. I had never thought of him as more than a friend.

“I found a question you didn’t know the answer to. I guess you win.” He said as he started walking again. I walked, too. The rest of the trip we walked in silence. When we got to my house, I walked up to the door and said,” Thanks for all of that.”

“It was nothing. Please think about what I asked. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Elliott said as he walked down the road. I went inside and walked up to my room. I don’t remember how late I stayed up thinking about Elliott’s confession, all I know is that I was so tired the next morning that I almost didn’t get up for school.

When I got to school, I looked for Elliott, but he wasn’t anywhere to be found. I went through the whole day and didn’t see a sign of him. I wondered if he was angry about what I had said, or what I hadn’t said.

He wasn’t there for the rest of the week and I began to worry. I decided that I would go over to his house and see if he was ok. So, after school I walked to his house.

When I got to his house, I had a sudden feeling that made me want to turn around, but I forced myself to knock on the door. Elliott came to the door and was only wearing underwear. He looked like he had just woken up.

“Uhm… Can I come in?” I asked looking away from him.

“Adam! Ya, you can come in.” He said grabbing my arm and dragging me into his room. He sat me down on his bed and ran over to his closet.

“You don’t need to get ready just because I’m here” I said blushing. He came back out with pants on and a shirt in his hand.

“I think I need to or I might end up doing something stupid.” He said pulling the shirt over his head.

“Everything you do is stupid.” I said smiling.

“That’s true.” He laughed.

“Why weren’t you at school all week?” I asked getting straight to the point.

“I got suspended.” He said sitting on the bed.

“I told you that you would.” I said laughing.

“Ya, you did. The principal called my parents before I even got home and said that, even though I didn’t start it I still took part, so I got suspended for the week.” He said staring at the floor.

“Haha. At least you get to go back on Monday. I was worried.” I said blushing.

“I didn’t mean to worry you, sorry.” He said holding his head in his hands.

“Well, it’s not that bad because it gave me time to think about what you said.”

“Really?! I’m glad you thought about it.” He said sitting up.

“I came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be too bad going out with you.” I said looking away.

“I’m so happy. Thank you for choosing me. I promise I won’t let you down.” He said hugging me. I turned to face him and he asked,” Can I kiss you?” I leaned up and let my lips touch his. It wasn’t a very long kiss, but it made me happy. Elliott wasn’t as satisfied as me, though. He pushed me down onto the bed. Then he quickly sat up and got off the bed.

“Sorry, I don’t want to rush things.”

“It’s alright. I can handle it, as long as you’re gentle.” I said sitting up.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to leave me.” He said coming back over to sit by me.

“I wouldn’t do that, silly. I just might ignore you for a few days. I couldn’t resist your dirty blonde hair and your green eyes for very long though.” I said kissing him. This time he tried harder and used his tongue. I don’t exactly know what makes you a good kisser, but I was sure that Elliott was one. He pushed me back down and started to push up my shirt.

“Wait!” I cried.

“Sorry, I don’t think I can.” He said kissing my chest.

“Just wait long enough for me to take my glasses off. My mom will kill me if I break them.” I said pushing him down. He stopped just long enough for me to put my glasses on the night stand next to his bed. I leaned back and let him continue. He kissed my chest and pinched my nipples, until I was panting. Then, he unzipped my pants and kissed my cock through my underwear.

“Mmph.” I moaned with my hands covering my mouth,

“Put your hands down so that I can hear you.”

“Why… would you… want that?” I panted.

“Your voice is beautiful, just like the rest of your adorable body, from your silky black hair to your sky-blue eyes.” He said continuing. I dropped my hands and clutched at the sheets as he pulled down my underwear and started sucking my cock. I cried out and made so many awful noises just from his mouth. He licked and sucked for what seemed like ages. I was just about to cum when he pulled back and said,” Even your cock is adorable. It’s such a beautiful color.

“Don’t say such embarrassing things.” I said blushing. He laughed and shoved his finger in my asshole. I was shocked by the sudden change in pace. He wiggled his finger and hit my sweet spot. It sent shivers down my spine.

“I’m going to enter you, so please bare with it.” Elliott said thrusting his warm cock in my ass. It hurt for a minute, but it was completely overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure that shot through my body. With the pleasure, a sensation of heat flowed through my body.

“Oh god… my body is on fire… fuck me more… I want you to… go deeper!” I panted as he thrust his cock in harder. He thrust forward until we completely connected.

“I can’t go any farther. You took me all the way in.” He said looking up at me. I leaned down to kiss him. He moved around and I felt my body go even hotter.

“Mmm… You’re gonna make me cum.” I moaned.

“It’s alright. We can clean up after we’re done. Can I cum in your ass?” He asked moving more and more.

“Yes, please cum in my ass.” We came together just moments after. We did it for almost an hour.

After we were completely satisfied, we laid in bed cuddling close to each other until we heard Elliott’s parents get home.

“Crap! How are we going to explain this?” I said getting out of the bed and grabbing my clothes.

“Don’t worry about it. We can just say you came to visit because I wasn’t at school and we spilt food on my sheets and so we had to wash them.” Elliott said slowly getting up and walking over to me.

“I think they’ll find out if you remain naked.” I said kissing him. We both got dressed and walked down stairs with Elliott’s sheets.

“Oh darling, I didn’t know that Adam was coming over.” Elliott’s mom said when we got down stairs.

“Ya, he came over earlier because I wasn’t at school for the past few days.” Elliott replied as we walked into the laundry room. When we got into the laundry room, Elliott locked the door and put the sheets in the washer. He hoped on top of the dryer and I knelt down in front of it. I slowly unzipped his pants and pulled them down to reveal his fresh pair of boxers. I slowly removed those as well.

“What are you doing? My mom could come in.” He said pushing me down.

“You locked the door, so shut up and let me suck your cock.” I said as I kissed the tip of his cock. I swallowed as much of his hot cock as I could. He covered his mouth and tried not to moan. I could feel that he wanted to cry out as much as I had in his bedroom. I sucked until he finally pushed me back.

“You’re so good at this. How can you be so good?” He said getting off of the dryer and kneeling over me.

“I’m a fast learner.” I said reaching down and grabbing his cock. I stroked it until he pushed my hand away and got up.

“You’re staying the night.”

“Why can’t we just do it now?” I asked.

“I don’t think I can handle doing it once and then letting you leave. I want to fuck you all night long.” He said pulling me up. I knew exactly what he was talking about and agreed completely. We got out of the laundry room and walked back up to Elliott’s room. I called my mom and asked if I could stay over for the night and she was fine with it. We locked ourselves in Elliott’s room for the rest of the night and he fucked me like crazy.

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