y did u reawaken mine

y did u reawaken mine y did u reawaken mine

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


girl whom finally let a man touch her but left feeling as he just wanted to experience her on occasion


girl whom finally let a man touch her but left feeling as he just wanted to experience her on occasion


Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016



Take my body as I surrender to you; do as you may .... Have me in everyway . This is what I would love to give you, this is what I wanted to speak softly in to your ear as you and I were making passionate memories together on the regular but now it seems your not into passion nor care to make me anything but an occasional fuck when you feel.

Just remember this is not yours, you can't be upset,

you lead me to feel, you just liked the feel of me 

from time to time, the way my pussy tightned around you ,

every motion you made ,on the few occasions you choose to enjoy 

how your pussy felt , it was your pussy i told you it was yours 

and it was only you that was inside of me, but that changed 

It was because you only wanted to touch me on occasion ,

on occasion randomly nothing more nothing less only on occasion when you felt like being 

touched and that was not supposed to be that way 

I told you for a while that I wasn't into all that but I guess it didn't matter as long as you could have your occasional feel. 

You can not expect my heart which I opened just for you , 

allow you to make me feel like a side bet, a joke, something just unmeaningful just a piece of good pussy for you.

No interest in me , no wondering what I might be doing is all I recieved , so in return 

I did exactly what I said I would because I am not going to let you just be a different face but same torturous repeat.

You dared to awaken me , after several times of me telling you not to 

this is something you don't want to do trust me let it alone you really don't want me.

Instead I gave in to you , you made me believe " I want this to be mine" you said, 

but after agreeing you showed me little to none your interest.

I told you please dont make me feel so alone 

dont make me feel like you don't care for if you do 

I will not beg of you no I will simply leave you alone 

for you made me feel alone and a repeat is something I will not allow myself again to bear.

I guarded my heart for so long 

not because I was afraid

I guarded it , closed off emotions simply b/c 

why should I go thru such torture, such pain,

why should I let another person have me as theirs 

when it was simply just gonna be another rewind they usually are all just one in the same.

You tricked me to believing you tho , only for a short while

I tried and I tried but even someone with no time would manange to make time for what they claimed was their  " mine" 

Now that you have woken me, not knowing what you have caused

don't be upset with me for feeding this thing you have awoken 

you chose to make me feel like I was nothing but an occasion fuck when you would choose  on occasion to sometimes call

If you didn't want it to be this way why didn't you show me 

instead you awoken this thing I have kept asleep for years and years 

so don't be mad at me for embracing my hunger for affection and physical embrace 

you only spoke when you were trying to fuck 

so this not yours its mine 

and mine needs to feel wanted , desired , passion , 

not just an occasion fuck and then quickly your on your way. 

Now I am awake and close to starvation so dont be mad at me 

your the one that chose to awken me 

I just didn't realize you were gonna have no intention 

just trick me out of letting my guard down but its okay 

maybe it was time for me to reawaken anyway 




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