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Status: In Progress

Genre: Other


someone trying to control


someone trying to control


Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



You almost got me to slip

Yeah I almost fell

Thankfully I woke the fuck up

Woke up before letting you prevail

You only want to control

I can tell because of the way you assume

Assume things you don’t have any knoweledge of

Only things you think which your thoughts all only negative

So don’t try to say different now

Just because I don’t speak on it

I want you to know I seen it all before

The spirit you harbor

It means me no good

Acting like you care doesn’t do a bit of good

I see right through all that

What you thought some nice words when I was feeling down

Would convince me otherwise and you would just win like that

Might work on alot but you shouldn’t be suprised

You got lucky yes but the more I listened to you

The more I became aware of what you were trying to do.

No you cant control me even though I feel your jealousy rising

Does it upset you because I don’t have my hand out

Am smarter than you assumed

Oh your getting mad because unlike others you met

The fact that I don’t ask you for anything and do my best to get it on my own

Keeps you away from me which it should because theres nothing for you to hold over me

It pisses you off I think because I refuse to give up ownership

Now what made you think that because I seemed so alone

That I was that weak and would be okay with anything you said to me

I have my moments but I aint that brainless

I am not that dumb. Instead of getting mad be glad you didn’t get hurt.

At least you got to meet someone that wanted nothing from you

Or is that not good enough for you . Its pretty clear nothing you say to me

Will change the way I see this

Nothing will change the fact that you will not have any say so in my life

Accept this fact and get over your need to be in control

You know more about me you seem to think anyway but the one fact you missed that was truth

Is the simple fact that I am in control of me .

That will never change , it’s not for discussion, it cant be based on oh I think I  deserve .

What you deserve is an ass kick for even thinking in those terms.

Our paths crossed okay cool but that doesn’t mean I am just gonna let you

A stranger just take over and allow you full or any for that matter control.

Work on controlling your self and those that say oh ok here you go

You cant run my life it’s not yours to run .

See all those comments and false thoughts you had of me

Let me know right then if I slipped and totally didn’t give a fuck about myself

I was gonna end up with someone trying to control me and what I did

Not sorry to say this but I take orders from me not another

I put up with that weak shit couple years back and it aint never gonna get the

Chance to happen once again.

I rather stay to myself like I usually do

Before I give you the chance to manipulate me because you want something

So go judge that converse with your judging friends

I really don’t care what you think of me

You know nothing accurate of me except the fact that

I refuse to let you in.


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