John And melina

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

“The Palace of Wisdom”

John Morison's nude body lay on the shower room floor. Last man standing matches were the worst as far what they take out of you and this one tonight had been particularly brutal. All he really cared right now was getting the bumps and bruises enough under control so he could make it back to the hotel suite. With all four shower jets pointed his way and the temperature up almost scalding, it was starting to loosen him up. His mind was drifting when he could hear female voices in the background.

“Just going to grab a quick shower and I’ll meet you back at the Hotel” yelled Melina Perez as she stepped into the shower room wrapped only in a large towel. She quickly peeled the towel and stepped into the shower only to be startled by her former beau lying there on the floor.

“Jesus John, what the Fuck is doin down there?” she barked at him as he slowly rose up.

"What's up to Mel, just chill in trying to work out the kinks" Replied Morrison with a big shit eating grin on his face. He scanned her naked body from head to toe while quickly scrambled to retrieve the towel and cover back up.

"Oh come on Mel, it isn't like I haven't seen it all before," he said to her still grinning from ear to ear.

She tucked the towel back in and then stared at him like she was burning two holes through his chest.

"It was your idea to be nonexclusive you know" she replied, "I have Moved on".

" Baby" Morison said as he sank back down to where he was " it's not like I don't have feelings for you it's just we're both young and with our schedules, it just isn't going to work like that".

She stepped out of the shower room and started pacing back and forth.

" That's a cop-out and you know it" she ranted " It's not like I'm asking for a ring but what do you get hoping from bed to bed that you can't get from just staying with me".

The shaman of sexy shrugged his shoulders and said

“Variety and a par core workout”.

Not saying another word, she whisked off the towel and sauntered back into the shower, placing his head between her feet. Morrison gazed up at her shaved sex almost mesmerized by it as her legs began to slowly get wider and wider apart and the honey pot got closer and closer to Morison’s face. His bare cock began to swell quickly until it was almost pointing a Magnetic north.

She must have remembered how far his tongue would stretch because she hovered in the air just out of reach of it. She slowly bounced up and down in rhythm with his tongue strokes on her swelling love button. As she got slower and more deliberate he began a time-honored technique that he remembered from a wise old comedian and began to lick the letters in the alphabet. This quickly got her going to the point she lowered her knees down and began to grind on his tongue. Morrison slides his chiseled Arms up underneath her ripe, brown ass to help her along and after a few seconds, he noticed something even more flexible about her.

While her naked sex ground hard on his face, her back began to arch and bend back upside down face was inches away from his bloated tool. She guided it to her mouth and began to slowly take in the huge flesh pole in her mouth. Morrison had to glance out of the corner of his eye at the mirrors in the outer shower area to see this twisted act that he was participating in.

Morrison could tell that she was reaching the limits of what she could do, so he tried to help her as bust he could when she put her hands down on the shower floor and popped her legs up into a handstand. She flipped down the other way not losing a single second of his cock probing her eager mouth. When her knees hit the floor on the other side it slid the rest of his man meat down her throat.

" Ohhh, wow that feels so good" Moaned Morrison while she slowly sucks his whole dick up and down, in and out, back and forth.

She came up for air long enough to rip open a condom package with her teeth and hold the tip between her lips. She went back to his, cut knob and slowly rolled the latex love glove down the vein laden meat pipe until she hit the base of it. Her head popped up with a big breathless grin on her face while she worked her hips up to his and straddled his she lowered herself on his rock hard lance.

“Aaaaaaiiiiieeee” she let out one of those Banshees like screams she was famous for inside the ring while she worked her pelvis slowly down on his. Morison grabbed that meaty ass and impaled her down the rest of the way.

"Ohhyeahhh, baby fucks hard like I know you can" she screamed as she rode that pony hard. They were humping and pumping hard when Morrison got his second wind and rolled her over to drill her from the top. For the next few minutes, he banged her around the wet shower floor until they got to the far wall. She then wrapped her hands around his neck and her legs around his waist and he slowly picked her up off the floor and carefully out of the shower onto the bench.

He slipped out of her and rolled her over on the bench with that apple shaped butt up in the air. He went over and got a fresh rubber from the ones she had left on the wall and quickly rolled it on. He walked over guided his rocket between her cheeks to her tight little rosebud. He pushed the lubricated condom through her sphincter.

"Oh yeah, I've wanted to fuck your asshole since the first time we met" panted Morrison as he plunged deeper and deeper into her ass. You could soon her telltale sounds of flesh slapping flesh as Morrison Reamed her hard. Morrison's legs were starting the burn and his balls were starting draw up inside him. He gave her the last few strokes and pulled his cock out. Still stroking it he ripped off the rubber. He quickly blew his wad all over Melina's used up Ass.

After they rested a bit they got in the shower to clean off but ended up going for round two. When they got it all out of their systems, they both got dressed and went their separate ways to the next show. Being on they road isn’t real good for forming lasting relationships, but when a gifted athlete and one of the most flexible limber woman find a connection, it is sure to make some interesting lasting memories.

Submitted: May 14, 2017

© Copyright 2021 CLBolton. All rights reserved.

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