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De Sade De Sade

Status: In Progress

Genre: Mystery and Crime



Status: In Progress

Genre: Mystery and Crime



A female Assasin infiltrates a high end Brothel to steal computer data. A twist in the story gets her shipped to a black site


A female Assasin infiltrates a high end Brothel to steal computer data. A twist in the story gets her shipped to a black site


Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017



“ Fantasy Five”

Cyborg  De Sade and his Living Dolls 

Manny Ross loved the dessert and Susie Q knew exactly why. She knew that Ross was on his last leg of his monthly run from the Vegas strip to the sunny shores of the Cayman islands to move the skim off shore and he was at his last stop on the way.

The Oasis Social club was a high-end Brothel out in the middle of the desert. Despite the fact that prostitution was legal in the state, they still were kicking back to the family for political protection and Ross took an extra few days to enjoy all the oasis had to offer. The place catered to the elite of the real world as well as the underworld and Susie Q new all of this which why she spent the last six months getting hired and into position to get to Ross. While the twelve million in cash he had on him was a tempting target it wasn't the main one. What she was really after was the access codes that would unlock 10 times that amount off shore and cripple the Families finances for years to come.

The main attraction at the oasis was its fantasy wing. A whole wing of the building devoted to whatever sick demented desire that anyone could dream up. From fully equipped dungeon's for the S& M freaks to classrooms where one could bring out one's inner Pedophile. that's what Ross was into. Susie's Research had dug up the fact when he was a kid, the girls from the private school looked down on him because he was a poor kid from the block. He had sworn up and down that he would make those girls pay for thinking that way and he's been staging these little scenes in one form or another ever since.

 The scene was set in a mocked up looking classroom complete with desks and a chalkboard. Manny was seated at what was suppose to be the teacher's desk up in the front of the room when Susie Q came bouncing past the door.

" Miss Quigly, may I see you in here for a minute please" Barked Manny in a somewhat stern voice.

She stopped dead in her tracks and gave him the coyest look that she could muster up.

" Is there something you wanted to see me about" she replied with an evil ear to ear smile.

" Yes come in here, you and I need to talk abut your midterm Grades" he replied, " you haven't brought your progress report back signed by your parents yet”.

“ Well”, she continued “ I was meaning to talk to you about that”.

Now, Susie, you're a senior now, and there isn't a whole lot of wiggle room when it comes to my class".

She sighed as she slowly sauntered around to the side of his desk and parked her firm round ass on it.

" Mister Ross, It's my senior year and I know I have been slacking a bit, but I really do need some help if I' going to pass your class".

She pouted a bit and then crossed her legs revealing more skin. Ross smile got wider and wider as he continued to shuffle papers on his desk.

" Miss Quigly, I'm well aware of your lack of effort and the fact that you do need this class won't get you any special favors with me".

She pouted a little more then hopped down off the desk and walked around in front of the desk and bent over bracing herself.

“ I’ll do anything you need to pass your class mister Ross, ANYTHING” she cooed doing her best little School girl.

" Well", he replied " I can't let this go totally, you'll need to bee punished.

Ross reached into his lap drawer of his desk and pulled out an oversized ping pong paddle with some holes in it. His grinned got bigger and more evil as he slowly stood up and walked around front to where Susie was bent over the desk bracing for something

“ Assume the position” He laughed while slapping the paddle in the palm of his hand.

She bent over further on the desk exposing that firm ripe Backside and the black thong she was wearing to him. He lined the paddle up to that almost perfect plum and let the first crack go.

Susie Jumped at the impact and then bent over further arched her ass higher. The second blow was a bit harder and her firm checks were ripening red with each blow. He gave her three or four quick ones and the reached out to feel the heat radiating from her ripe red Apple.

" Are you absolutely sure that you'll do anything to pass my class?" he asked while he slowly rubbed her inflamed ass. She nodded her head and so he hooked his thumbs the G-strings and slowly pulled them over her swollen Bum and let them drop to the floor. He stepped back and started frantically stripping away his clothes. Within in a few seconds, he was down to his boxers trying to free his swelling Willie. He began to slowly stroke his swelling manhood while he lowered himself to his knees. He stuck his whole face between her rosy cheeks and began to paint her swelling clit with broad strokes. He rolled it around and flicked at it with the tip all the while stroking his on a monster to the point that it was almost pointing at the ceiling.

# He stood up and shed his boxers quickly while she also stood up and turned around. She grabbed his pulsing man flesh and while he removed her blouse and bra revealing her ample, perky young tits. He then unzipped the side of that very short plaid skirt and let it drop to the floor.

She then got down on her knees in front of him and began to slowly take his swollen monster into her salivating wet mouth.

" Ooh yeah, that will surely get your grade up a few notches" he panted while the young girl kept going further and further down his rock hard shaft

As soon as it was wet enough she raised up a bit and placed the huge cock in her cleavage and began to tit fuck him. Pushing the two perky boobs together around it moving them up and down his dick, she could feel him start to tighten up a bit.

" Oh Noo, can't let you pop off just yet" she laughed while she stood up and turned back around like she was before. She bent over the desk and raised that magnificent ass once again. The teacher guided his missile to the edge and plunged inside her. She bucked hard and gasped.

" Ahhh yes, fuck me hard" she screamed while the "Teacher plowed her from behind smacking her ass each time. Susie made sure to keep a tight a grip on his love Muscle so he wouldn't blow his load before she was ready.

The telltale sounds of flesh slapping flesh filled the room as Susie Q's but bounced off his hips over and over again. She reached down between her legs to rub her clit and his balls to see if she could get him to pick up the pace a bit and he did to the point that he was almost lifting her off the floor.

" Yess, pound my ass, fuck me hard" she screamed while he pounded away. He pulled out and turned her over. She laid on the desk with her legs in the air and her plunged himself back in her.

It wasn't long before he was tightening up again. It was time for the big finish and she was ready.

" Ohh yes , I'm Cumming" he screamed as he pulled out of her and blow his whole wad all over her. She lay on the desk in a heap and when he struggled to get his legs under him she sprung into action. She grabbed his wrist and pulled it between her legs and then slapped him in leg scissors hold that to some used to be the triangle choke.

" Ah ah, what the fuck are you doing" he choked out before she tightened the grip. She quickly chokes the older more out of shape man and left him in a heap on the floor. She then got up and got her clothes on and then opened up the large briefcase that was over on the table in the corner. There was a tune of neatly bundled cash and two Computer Disks.

" Jack pot time to fly," she said while she closed the case. She took off down the hall and made it all the way outside only to be greeted by a tactical extraction team. One Tranq Dart later and she was in a chopper headed off to an undisclosed location……

Well, lets hope I can get back into this one and eventually get it out there. I have some really twisted ideas about this one based on some of the robotic sex machines I have seen online,

And the last of volume one has an average older couple who while on the way to an outdoor swinger conclave run into a handsome young Biker stud and include him in their little games that they play……

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