Sartorial Musings

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They say 'clothes maketh the man', or in this case, woman. Only often, it's as much about the items that are missing . . .

Sartorial Musings

Life in Panties . . .

At the moment, all I'm wearing is a blue and grey polo shirt and a pair of over-the-knee black socks with red heels and toes.  I just got in about half an hour ago after a day of meetings and then my nephew's school play, so now I'm slobbing it.  Earlier I had on a grey pencil skirt, mid-thigh length; a grey lamb’s wool jumper with scoop neckline and cultured pearl trim on the shoulder; Sloggi knickers, also grey; black hold-up stockings; Ugg boots, grey; black linen jacket.

Yes, you read correctly... knickers - Sloggi knickers; invisible sense string, they call them. Ha, ha, ha! They were a present last Christmas from my oh-so-practical sis-in-law. The seats in the theatre at Jago's school are so steeply tiered that even I thought it sensible to be on the safe side this evening. But oh, how do you do it; you who wear knickers all the time. They're so... confining. And I hate how hot I feel 'down there' when I wear them. I was kind of proud of myself though - I lasted till I got into the carpark before slipping them off. The material is actually lovely and soft, and I stuffed them easily into the cup holder next to my seat; they will make a great cloth for wiping my sunglasses as I squint towards the morning sun.

So here I am at home and gloriously naked below the waist. I'm not a nudist but I really don't know how people can bear to go through life in panties. 'Life in Panties'... Didn't David Attenborough...? Tee hee; perhaps not.

Board Meeting . . .

Well, it's a very busy day today. I'm a board member of an educational trust (we work with adult women in the third world) and we just had a Board meeting. There are three other women on the Board but only two of us were there today. I look serious . . . Seriously good! Power dressing for the twenty-first century, I think of it as. I put on my finest black stockings this morning, savouring their silliness as I smoothed them over my knees and up my thighs. I always glance in the mirror at that point, enjoying the simplicity of being not quite bare. I shrugged on my favourite La Senza bra; black and lacy, and very soft, and over it a white with fine black stripes cotton shirt. It's a heavy cotton, quality cotton; cotton that looks good, feels good . . . asserting my independence whilst acknowledging my womanhood.

There is nothing like a fine wool skirt and jacket for broadcasting: 'Hey; take me seriously, I may not have balls but mess me about and I'll have yours!'  Midnight blue is the colour today. Tied round my neck I have a pink and red silk scarfe; feather earrings from a Navahoe reservation and my usual Lacoste watch. Ankle Docs in black patent with red stitching add attitude and, as I now sit in Starbucks, my black woollen trench coat, Piere Cardin, is keeping me snug and warm.

It's such fun having the men fawn over me... But how surprised they would be if they knew my secret . . .

First Week Back in the UK

God, it's cold after Dubai. I had to go to London on Friday and didn't want to acknowledge the encroaching winter. I was wearing a pale green cotton dress with white cornflowers on it, gathered waist and fitted skirt, hem mid-thigh so it showed off my golden Dubai-kissed legs. I had on bottle green pixie boots and a matching linen jacket. Round my neck I wore a Tiffany print silk scarf from the Met. in NYC and I had silver spiral earrings in. Large stainless steel Lacoste watch and black La Senza bra. It was chilly when I set out from Warrington so I started out with matching knickers but it's been so long since I wore any that I just found them irritating and got rid of them during the train ride to London. I'm not used to feeling cold air between my legs but it was actually very stimulating once I got over the shock . . . rather like the feeling for the first couple of days after shaving smooth following a 'natural' spell.


Lovely, warm early autumn/late summer's day today. I dragged myself out of bed then trod in cat vomit as I put the kettle on for my morning coffee. Great start! So the top and bottom of it is that I showered right away, paying particular attention to my left toes, pulled on a denim skirt (stone-washed pale blue; on the knee; freyed around the hem); Red Sox skinny-rib T-shirt in red and white horizontal wave pattern; loose grey 'cardie' over the top so my nipples don't poke the eyes of passers-by; black 'Alice Band'; red and gray striped thigh-high socks; red 'Docs'.
Enjoyed the admiring glances!
Giggles . . .

Lazy Sunday

I love Sundays... even when they follow a fun night like last night. Lots to do around the house today and I'm feeling kinda domestic. So . . . I have on a pair of well-washed denim jeans (Marlborough), a 'Miami South Beach' T shirt, black ankle socks and deep green moccasins. My hair is in a high Ponytail. No jewelry, no bra, no nix.


Monday Morning Feeling

Lovely bright sunny day today so I'm feeling all summery. I'm in the office all day so I have on a cotton summer dress; very bright yellow and blue flower print, cap sleeves and scoop neckline. I have on a light-weight lacy bra in white (Agent Provocateur) with matching and very skimpy briefs. Bare lags today, but I have a cobalt blue ankle ribbon on my left ankle (think scrunchie, only bigger). Comfy but stylish shoes by Sole-Mate. Hair pulled up in a high pony . . .

Tuesday . . .  Should be wearing a ruby

Tuesday always feels like a bit of a 'dog-day' . . .  Nothing much of import happens on a tuesday. So, here I am, in my office, sitting at my desk with a coffee, thinking about how I can liven-up the world. Even my clothes feel a little bit Tuesday-esque . . .  White tailored blouse with fine lilac stripe, open neck with a steel blue neckerchief; white camisole (no bra today); two-tone grey, 'houndstooth' pencil skirt with black leather belt. Large buckle in front; black pumps (kicked-off under my desk); grey and black horizontal striped bikini briefs; Lillettes Light (does that count?); two rings and a pair of large, spiral silver earrings; black linen jacket slung over the chair back.

Wednesday . . .

Brrrrr... chilly morning!

Grey, Lambswool jumper over ivory camisole; Black Linen jacket. Going to be outside much of the day so wearing jeans (Oasis crop - coral) and Sketchers shoes.


Black linen jacket over black silk shirt; black lacey bra; black pencil skirt, linen and just above the knee; black lacey briefs; black pumps; two rings; black hairband with black feathers and a black poppy flower.

Friday . . .

Commando Friday . . . Yay!

Denim jacket with 'Stars and Stripes' panels on the bodice over salmon coloured 'Black Dog' long sleeve T shirt; salmon denim skirt with frayed hem (2" above knees); salmon and gray horizontal banded long socks with pink ribbon garters (English meaning) over the knee to about skirt hem level; 'irregular Choice' ankle boots with peacock feathers (yeah, I know... But I needed cheering up today). Long, feathered earrings; red silk scarf knotted round my neck. No underwear today (feels wonderful).


Just my salmon pink long sleeve T shirt at the moment! My niece was staying with me overnight and I just took her home; threw on some sweatpants and this T shirt. Now I'm sitting in bed with my laptop and a coffee, catching up with the goss and savouring my lovely, smooth... well, you get the picture!

Sunday, Bloody Sunday . . .

Well, I just got up and made the first coffee of the day; croissants in the oven. So I just have on a large Mickey Mouse T shirt (white with lots of little pencil-sketch Mickeys all over it) and soft, grey, cotton shorts. It's raining (again) and grey out so it's a jeans and jacket day later. I'm going for a walk in Delamere Forest this afternoon so I'll be wearing calf length boots over my jeans and my Driaz-bone riding jacket, probably with a Chico's top under it. Not intending to wear bra or panties today. And I'll wear a Barbour baseball cap.

I Don't Like Mondays

Day of important meetings in London today so I caught the early train. Nice morning with just a slight chill so wearing ivory cotton Capris (Jaeger); scoop neck silk top with cap sleeves (also Jaeger); plain white very soft bra in a broderie Anglaise cotton; Bronze linen jacket; Irregular Choice shoes, black with a 'tape measure' design on them (Google them and you'll understand); two rings and one choker. All very nice till the stewardess on the train spilt coffee down my left leg.

Now in a bar near Southwark for a late supper, feeling truly pee’d off after sitting waiting for 90 minutes for my food to arrive.  They did warn me they were busy, but really . . .


Tedious Tuesday

Well . . . I eventually got fed last night and the lovely manager of the bar didn't charge me for my food so I gave him a really good tip. He was quite cute, actually, in a shaggy blonde, heterosexual kinda way... Sigh!

However, back to the present now, as authors describe it... Had to buy a new skirt yesterday after the coffee incident, so here I am in Starbucks wearing a very nice if simple pale grey skirt, tailored waistband with three buttons at the front, slightly flaired skirt that flows nicely as I move; ivory blouse with a flower design embroidered also in ivory over my left breast; white, broderie Anglaise bra; black hairband with a bow on it; same bronze linen jacket as yesterday; same irregular choice shoes; same choice in knickers (giggles)

Feeling a bit muzzy headed, though; probably had one too many glasses of vino last night.

Woden's Day

Well, I kinda fell out of the habit of keeping my sartorial diary when I was away in the States recently . . . but to celebrate the Norse God of war in the middle of the week I decided it was time to rekindle my interest.

It was quite a warm day in Manchester today so I wore bare legs all day . . . bare all the way; right to the top and back down again.  I was in the office most of the day so I needed something really comfortable.  I bought this amazing charcoal grey lamb’s wool and cashmere fine-knit dress in Denver and it's gorgeous. I feel like a soft, cuddly bunny rabbit in it.  I wear it without a bra but it's lose enough for my nipples not to show unless I want them to.  Belted drop waist and a slip under it because it does give the game away a bit if I don't.  I was wearing fire-engine red Docs with black ankle socks (yes, it does work) and my hair in bobbles. Lacosste watch (steel with green strap).

. . . but now in jeans and a polo shirt!


Thinking Druidical on a Thursday and waiting for Thor to bang his hammer . . .  I thought about dancing nude at midnight but settled for a blue and white cotton, floaty in a sixties commune kinda way, mid-calf length dress with a sash tied round the waist.  I have a blue scarfe holding my hair back and coloured glass drop earrings.  I have on a white 'barely there' bra and grey and blue striped over the knee socks (it was cold at 6:30 when I left home).  White lacy nix and Lillettes regular today . . .Hoping for 'light' in time for 'Commando Friday'.  Sketchers sandals on my feet.


Manchester Tart

 . . . as anyone who used to have school dinners will know is a pastry base with raspberry jam and sliced bananas covered with set custard; and it's yummy!  So what made me think about it today?  It's a soggy, rainy, missy Manchester Friday and I need cheering up, and we always used to have Manchester Tart on Fridays!

So . . .  To the point.  Smart tailored blouse today; white cotton with broderie Anglaise detail over a camisole; tan and white 'houndstooth' tweed skirt over bare legs and high ankle booties in brown (a bit pixiesque); still have my little bit of blue thread but probably only till lunchtime.  My fave black linen jacket over my chair and a couple of scrunchies (black) in my hair.

All That Glisters . . .

Saturday night . . . I went to a cocktail party in aid of charity.  When I was getting ready, I had the sudden urge to paint my nipples with gold body paint.  I was wearing a tailored jacket with nothing under it, over a mid-thigh length black pencil skirt and black, spider-web stockings, all finished off with tasteful jewelry (including some that couldn't be seen!).  I amused myself all evening watching people trying to see inside my top without getting caught staring!  Only my escort got to glimpse the twinkle of gold from time to time . . .

The Sunday after the Carnival before . . .

Well, I just had to do stuff to the garden today before I leave for a month, so it's been old, Old, OLD jeans (wrangler, Stone Washed with far too many holes to be decent); Cotton Traders polo shirt in dark blue with yellow collar and trim; 'Hunter' wellies with thick wooly socks in puke green; baseball cap from NASA with Apollo XIII badge and motto . . .  'Failure is not an option'; leather gardening gloves (lovely soft, yellow kid skin from J.C.Penney).  Gave up when I filled the green bin and now drinking the remains of last night's champs wearing sweat pants (navy blue; unbranded) and a Miami South-Beach T-shirt with a design of three lifeguard stations on it. Before you ask; no, I don't do underwear at home.

. . . and the pizza man is on his way!!!! (don't worry, I'll run it off later!)

Go For It . . .

Do it!  Do it at least once . . .  but if you keep it up for two days, I bet you'll never look back. Wear a sensible skirt and don't flash anyone . . .  but enjoy knowing what others don't.  It's amazing!  And I'll bet a year later, you'll be totally cool about it.


Tee hee... What fun!

I'm sitting in my office wearing a deep navy fine wool business suit; jacket and pencil skirt.  I have a blue and white fine striped blouse on with a white soft lace bra (Pink; the brand, not the colour) under it.  I have on black stockings; kinda fishnet but with a spider web pattern and black lacy suspenders.  Black slip, No nix . . .  Black pumps.  I also have a hairband, a couple of rings (one visible) a watch and a silver chain.

Feeling pretty good!

Woden's Day

Well . . .  I really should be wearing Wode today; bit messy though and might spook the clients!  A blue theme instead, starting with deep blue and glittery lip gloss; blue, summery dress (as in my Jubilee photos), no bra today . . .  Far too warm; blue and pink striped briefs and little ‘blue string’; navy pumps; vibrant blue nail varnish.

Omg . . .  Just had a thought; am I beginning to dress in anticipation of writing this commentary? Gulp!

Submitted: November 01, 2015

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The multi-mention of brand names would imply your traveling background and lifestyle, but for whom are you dressing so teasingly?

Sun, November 1st, 2015 3:28pm


Oh, mostly for my own fun.

Mon, November 2nd, 2015 10:18am


BTW, I posted a "like" for the sexy picture posted in your profile. Nice.

Sun, November 1st, 2015 3:42pm



Mon, November 2nd, 2015 10:18am

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