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Do what I say Do what I say

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


kyle escaped his bully 2 years ago by sheer luck, and a series of public humiliations were put behind him. Unfortunately for Kyle, history has a way of being brought back up, and when faced with a new tormentor, his days of being humiliated were about to come back twice as bad.


kyle escaped his bully 2 years ago by sheer luck, and a series of public humiliations were put behind him. Unfortunately for Kyle, history has a way of being brought back up, and when faced with a new tormentor, his days of being humiliated were about to come back twice as bad.

Chapter1 (v.1) - whats old is new

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Submitted: September 26, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 26, 2020



Kyle Cobb moved to town with his mother and father a little over two years ago, His time in school hasn’t been all that eventful, he’s mostly kept a low profile for the most part, which he absolutely prefers, especially when he thinks about life BEFORE the move.


Kyle had been bullied, one in particular, Scott Johnson, had made his life hell on a constant basis. Scott and his friends would torment kyle, sometimes roughing him up, sometimes destroying his books, one time they even pantsed him in front of the whole school, and even made him run around the halls in nothing but his underwear!

Kyle never thought he’d be free until the day his father told him they were moving, he was ecstatic to find out they were moving a whole state away, far from Scott and his friends, from the humiliating reputation he had, the laughs he’d put up with, all gone and a chance to start a new life.


Until today


Two great years of peace, of making friends, of being a normal student. No bullies, no unwanted attention.


Until today


It was simple enough, Kyle went to his locker in the morning to get set for the day, when he noticed a note sticking out of the side. Kyle rarely got notes like this, he had some friends but wasn’t super social, he didn’t know anyone who left notes like this for him before. He pulled out the small envelope and opened it, inside was a letter and another folded paper. As he glanced at the note, he unfolded the paper, revealing a printout of an old picture of a boy in his tighty whiteys in front of a set of lockers, his clothes strewn about around him, a terrified look splashed across his face, students pointing and laughing in the background.


The boy was Kyle from 4 years ago, from a school he didn’t keep in co0nctact with, he didn’t have anyone of his old classmates on his social media, he even went as far as blocking them all so they couldn’t ever try to find him, yet here he was, staring at a picture of his younger self, humiliated beyond belief. He hurriedly read the note to determine what was going on.


You my friend are a legend. I’ve heard so much about you, at least I did until you left! Every few months I’d hear about Kyle! Kyle the wimp who got pantsed in the hall! Kyle the wuss who got beat up! The Kyle that was so sweet and shy that it was just to easy to not mess with!

But that’s all I knew, Kyle, your first name. Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, I heard about Kyle and then didn’t hear about Kyle. Your tales went from being updates to nostalgia trips, that is until the most recent one I had with my Cousin Scott…..”


No. Not that name. Kyle started to sweat, his heartbeat went up, he read on…


“he was telling me about the time he and his friends locked you out of the locker room, a little freshmen in just his towel, all wet and helpless, and at the end he said it, the thing he’d never bothered to mention, your last name! he said “man, little Kyle Cobb, wonder what happened to him?”


I had to wait to get home to look in last years yearbook but THERE YOU WERE, little Kyle Cobb, a little older but exactly the way he had always described you.


I’ve been thinking about how to approach you but I just CANT WAIT anymore, I simply must meet you properly.


You’ll meet me after school, out back behind the gym. If you don’t, everyone who’s been wondering what happened to you are going to find out, and I’m sure that’s the last thing you want.  You don’t even realize I’m watching you read this, just watching you in the hall reacting to my words…”


Kyle looked up and scanned the hall, it was filled with students, nobody he really knew but nobody he could think would be behind this either. He looked to the end of the note.


“I so look forward to finally meeting you, face to face,



Taylor Johnson”


Great, just great, now he’d been found out. His past was catching up to him when he thought he was finally free from it. Who was Taylor? He didn’t know a Taylor or even anyone with the name Taylor, but they sure knew him.



The rest of the day was incredibly hard to get through, minutes seemed to drag as Kyle waited for his last class to end. The last bell rang and it sent shivers up his spine and Goosebumps all over his body.

This was it.

Kyle made his way to the back door by the gym, he hung around for a bit before finally summoning the courage to open the door. He pushed it open and could see someone standing a few feet away near the field, that someone was a beautiful girl with bright blue hair, she looked up to kyle and smiled widely, and waved for him to come meet her. As he approached he looked her over, she was dressed in a black tanktop and short red skirt, but his attention kept going to her blue hair and piercing eyes, she just smiled and looked eager to say hello.

“Hi, Im Taylor. Scotts my cousin, he’s told me so much about you” she said excitedly, as if meeting a celebrity

“yeah, I got that from your note. Listen, does Scott…” Kyle started to say before Taylor interrupted him

“oh no no, Scotty doesn’t know you’re here. Nobody does, Just me” she said, almost in a reassuring tone.

“wow, ok well can you….” He tried to say but again, was cut off

“Nobody does for NOW. If you want to keep it that way, that’s gonna cost ya. They REALLY miss you. And what they’d do”

Taylor laughed as she eyed Kyle up and down. He was average, not ugly but cute in a plain sort of way, short brown hair and dressed in a green t-shirt and blue jeans with some off brand sneakers.

Kyle was nervous, that sounded bad but he didn’t know what to think just yet, he didn’t even know this girl, but if she was anything like her relative, this could be bad.

“Ok, so, here’s the deal, you do WHATEVER I say, and I wont call Scotty. Cool?” Taylor said, sticking her hand out for a handshake

“Uh, what do you mean? I’m sorry this is all just a little much all of a sudden” Kyle responded, looking at her outstretched hand hesitant to shake it

“Kyle, My cousin told me all the things they put you through, and to be honest I was always jealous I never got to meet you, I only just recently got that picture of you from snooping through Scotty’s stuff last Christmas, that made it easier to confirm who you were. Who you are”

Taylor tilted her head slightly

“You’re one of those guys that likes being humiliated, its why you never stand up for yourself”

Kyle looked at her confused, he absolutely didn’t like the humiliation he was put through, he hated the things done to him, this girl didn’t know the first thing about him.

“I don’t know who you think I am, or who you think your cousin is, but he did terrible things to me, and I hated every minute of it”

Taylor seemed shocked by his response

“Oh, than please, explain this to me”

She pulled a folded copy of that same photo she had given him out of the side of her skirt, she turned it to him but hers was different, there was a circle drawn in sharpie around his crotch

“see, what I SEE, is that you’ve got a little boner in this picture. You’re clearly excited to be in your underwear and laughed at by these kids”

Kyle looked and felt ashamed, it was true that in that moment his body reacted to everything happening,  his clothes having been removed forcibly and made to stand there while the other students looked on and laughed, he remembered having the start of an erection before running as far as he could. He couldn’t take it if they saw him like that, but clearly someone had, otherwise this picture wouldn’t exist.

“ah, that blush tells me all I need”  Taylor said as she turned her attention to her phone

“No, you’re wrong, that was just….” Kyle tried to stammer out but Taylor just cut him off again

“Yeah, ok, NOW, here’s how this works. You DO whatever I tell you to right now, Or I’m calling scotty, and he and his friends will be here this weekend. Got it?”

She just smiled at him, he couldn’t believe this sweet looking girl was threatening him like this.

Quickly weighing his options, he simply nodded his head

“That’s what I thought”  Taylor smiled as she eyed him up again

Kyle and Taylor stood there silently for a few seconds, Kyle just stared at her until she broke the tension

“I’ve heard so many stories, so I want to make our first encounter special. So, first things first, I want you to take your shirt off for me. Now”

Kyle’s eyes got wide, but he knew what was at stake, he looked around and saw that they were alone, although for how long he wasn’t sure. Most of the students had gone home but there were still some hanging around inside for after school clubs and groups. He couldn’t bear the thought of someone else seeing this, he lifted his shirt up and slipped it over his head.

Taylor pumped her fists in excitement when Kyle stood there, his bare chest on display as he just held his shirt in his hands, unsure what to do with it

“YES, oh this is gonna be great, you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this. You can drop the shirt on the grass, won’t need it anytime soon” she smiled.


Kyle dropped his shirt to the ground, a breeze tickling his bare skin out in the open air. He looked up shamefully as he waited for Taylors next instruction, although he had a feeling he knew where it was headed.


“Now, the photo is one thing but the real thing is always better, SO, lets get those pants off. Shoes and socks too.”


Kyle swallowed hard, he looked around again and they were still alone, but now he’s be in his underwear outside, in front of someone for the first time in years. He couldn’t believe this was happening again after all this time. He reached down and slowly unfastened his jeans and pulled them open.

As he started sliding them down, his grey boxer briefs came into view, Taylor laughed as he continued downward

“well at least you don’t wear the little kid undies anymore, but I’ll be honest, I was hoping you would be. Im a fan of the classics”

Kyle stepped out of his jeans while pulling off his shoes and socks, he was now only wearing his underwear outside in front of this girl, once again stripped and shamed at school. He was beginning to think he’d never escape this.

Kyle just stood there, absorbing his shame while taylor just looked at him, a smile on her face.

“are we done? Can I go, please?” asked Kyle sheepishly

Taylor shook her head


“oh no, far from over im afraid. See scotty always told me about the things he did to you, what he got others to do to you, and even what he wished he had done to you if given the chance”

Taylor stepped closer to him.

“and I have to say, I thought of a few myself. And what would be more embarrassing than having your NEW bully surpass what your old bully used to do?

Kyle was growing more scared as she went on

“I always thought scotty never went far enough, and I wont be making that mistake. Maybe he had no interest in seeing another boys penis, but…”

“WHAT?!” Kyle yelped as Taylor just laughed

“look at you, so shaky. What’s wrong? The thought of being naked in front of me that terrifying?”

“YES” snapped Kyle, he motioned behind him “OUT HERE?! Its bad enough that Im in my UNDERWEAR but now you want to make me take THOSE off?! Your cousin never made me do that this is too far!”

“oh kyle, you have no idea what “too far” is. Do you have ANY idea how many boys like you get humiliated like this? Or how often?  Ive seen and read some stuff online that makes everything you’ve been through look like a Disney movie. Now, no more stalling, or im calling scotty right now.”

Taylor pointed to kyles boxers

“Off. Now”

Kyle looked around, they were still alone but he felt the sand in that hourglass was going to run out eventually, he needed to act fast to avo8id being seen by anyone else. He looked around cautiously before making up his mind, he was going to do it, despite everything screaming at him not to

He hooked his thumbs into the waistband and quickly shoved them downward, in a flash they fell to his ankles, he stepped out of them and stood dumbfounded in front of a now laughing taylor, his completely naked body on full display.

“OH MY GOD. YOU DID IT, YOU ACTUALLY DID IT!!” taylor laughed, pointing at Kyle’s exposed penis and balls. All he could do was try to look away sheepishly as she laughed and pointed at his naked form. His penis wasn’t the smallest but he didn’t want it to be seen in such a public fashion.


“THIS IS AMAZING! You lived up to my hype” laughed taylor as she turned her back to him, and raised up her phone in front of her


“Cmon, lets have an updated picture!”

“what?!, no way” said kyle as he backed away, his hands quickly trying to obscure his face and cover his genitals from her phone. Taylor whipped around and stared down kyle, her laughing and fun demeanor had switched in an  instant, like a bolt of lightning she reached out and grabbed onto kyle’s face and squeezed his cheeks together as she brought his face closer to hers.


“Now LISTEN to me. I’ve told you TWICE, and this is the LAST time. You do WHATEVER I say, WHEN I SAY IT. Understand?!” she squeezed his face for emphasis to make sure her point got across, her hand firmly pressing into his face, their eyes locked.

Kyle tried to nod but her hand kept his head firmly in place, she then reached her free hand down to where kyle had his hands clasped over his privates, and gripped his top hand, pulling them apart

‘Good, now, Im going to take a picture of you and I. You are going to pose for it, and you are NOT going to cover your penis. Understand?” she squeezed his face again as he released his grip on his privates, letting his hands fall to his sides, exposing himself completely to her.

Taylor released he face and seemingly transitioned back into her formerly bubbly self. She grabbed his right hand and placed it in a peace sign by his face

“there, now don’t move and look directly into the camera, ok?

She put her hand on his waist and positioned herself next to him, making sure to get them both framed perfectly for a picture together. Kyle just looked into the image of himself on the phone screen. This girl laughing and standing next to a completely nude boy, his penis out in the open. He couldn’t help but think of how many people would potentially see this photo, seeing his naked form in all its glory.

Taylor chuckled between clicks of her phone as she took picture after picture

“Oh man, who knew that one day I’d have little kyle all to myself, naked as a jaybird!”

With her hand grasping his bare waist, the breeze of the open field grazing his nude form, the sun beaming down as he heard her words, watched her take these humiliating pictures, it started to have a reaction, and kyle wasn’t the only one to notice

“you know, I thought maybe I was getting a crush on you, I had heard so many thing I just imagined you all defenseless and vulnerable”

her hand gently squeezing his waist as she noticed his penis slowly coming to life

“I always thought scotty should’ve gone all the way, leaving you any shred of dignity is almost unfair”

Kyle tried to think of anything else but couldn’t, his penis was becoming erect with every passing moment

“Could you imagine, this little fella being laughed at, and just think at all the pictures, all the eyes leering at your little balls, its so…..pathetic”

Taylor laughed as she admired her handiwork. Kyle was now sporting a firm hard on, she beamed as he looked down, mortified at the betrayal of his own body in such a humiliating manner.

When he was younger, he had his underpants to shield his shame, but now, fully exposed, his penis was free to show the inner machinations of kyles mind. Maybe he DID enjoy this on some level.

Taylor just laughed as she took picture after picture of his erect penis, his naked frame dying of embarrassment.

Suddenly kyles attention shifted to a sound behind him, in the direction of the school.

“Taylor, I think I heard something” gasped Kyle, glancing over his shoulder

“And, I’m not the one naked as the day I was born, am I?” taylor coyly replied. She stood up and began to examine kyle’s penis closer

“”y’know, I could never really date you, but I could have some fun with this” she said as she began to fondle the head of his penis, slowly moving up his shaft, a gentle, grazing touch caused kyle to shiver all over.

“taylor, please…” kyle stammered, it was then they both heard the sound of a door opening

“What the HELL is going on here?!?” shouted a voice

Kyle turned his torso to see the science teacher, Ms Russell along with two students she must have been tutoring, staring at kyle in disbelief.


Here stood this boy, completely nude on the school field, his clothes scattered around him and a female student was playing with his cock!


“Oh my god, is that…kyle” he heard one of the female students say, the other just mouth agape drinking in the sight of the scene before her.


‘YOUNG MAN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Ms Russell shouted as the three began to approach, taylor looked to them and then released her hold on kyle’s penis

“You can run, but this is far from over between you and I. Unless you’d rather stay? Im sure these ladies would LOVE to see what that can do”  taylor said, giving his penis one last brush with her hand

Kyle took the permission to run and just bolted away, not even taking the time to pick up his clothes. All he knew was that he needed to get home, anywhere really, as long as nobody else saw him in his birthday suit.  As he ran away, his hands cupped over his privates, his mind racing with thought s of the photos, and what taylor may do with those photos, and worse, her ominous warning of being far from over


Taylor just laughed as she watched Kyle run bare assed across the field, watching Ms. Russell completely ignore her and make chase after him, the other two girls with her just doubled over in laughter. She looked down to her phone and looked at her camera roll. She had so many choice shots of kyle, but she was keeping them  to herself, for now. It wasn’t time yet to expose the boy to everyone yet, but when it was time, she’d have a few calls to make.


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