Sexy Short Stories for Sexy Ladies ;)

Sexy Short Stories for Sexy Ladies ;)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Each chapter is a new story with a little something special. Be warned of Adult contact. Enjoy ;) Please feel free to cretique, as this is my first erotica!



Each chapter is a new story with a little something special. Be warned of Adult contact.

Enjoy ;)

Please feel free to cretique, as this is my first erotica!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Out the window

Author Chapter Note

Each chapter is a new story with a little something special.<br /> <br /> Enjoy ;)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 31, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 31, 2013



12:13am that's what the clock says but I swear to God it's lying, it must have been 12:07 thirty minutes ago.

I know we have to wait till 1am, I know that if we don't we will most likely be caught, but I'm not sure if I can.  I'm just having one of those nights, the ones where you're so fucking horny no matter what you do.  I guess it's a good thing considering what we have planned, but I'm not so sure I can wait for Ky.  But I will try, I want this night to be special.

12:16 are you fucking kidding me three minutes that's all that's gone by.

I arch my back trying to think of unsexy things but all that comes to mind is Ky. His olive skin, eyes so dark they look black, chestnut hair.  God he makes me feel incredible.  The way he smells so unbelievably good, his 6 pack.  He's so strong he can lift me like I weigh nothing.  All of him comes flooding back to me. But most of all the way he touches me.  How with just one of his fingers he can make me feel so fucking good, the way his hand fits perfectly in my arched back.  I love it when he kisses my nipples, it's one of my favourite things.  Sending goosebumps all over my body when he kisses lower and lower down my stomach.

Just the thought of Ky is making me so wet.  I can feel it but I am not going to do anything about it, I will save myself for him.  I look at the time, 12:18.  The wetness drips down my legs.  I flip onto my stomach pleading for time to speed up, just 42 more minutes.  Then I'll be with Ky, I'll be able to kiss him and have his stubble scratch my face.  Oh God I love that he has a beard it so sexy, sometimes he says he wants to shave but I don't let him.

Fuck, I can't wait that long.  God I hate sneaking, I wish he would come here right now and rip off every inch of clothing I have on.  I'm not wearing much just a thong and a tank top, but even still I feel so hot.  I need him to tear off my shirt and just grab my boobs.  Let those magical hands work their wonders.  I don't want any of that gentile bullshit, just for him to throw me on the bed.  He could kiss my stomach like he sometimes does, sending his lips lower and lower with each touch, inching his way towards my panties then ripping them off with his teeth.  Oh, that makes me go crazy.

I bite my lip so aggressively it hurts but I welcome the pain.  Placing my hand on my lower stomach I cum even more.  Gently I rub up and down my belly.  Even this simple touch makes me crave so much more.  I allow my hand to creep up and up my stomach until it finds my breasts, I cup underneath one careful not to touch my nipple.  I can't wait another second.

I got both my hands at it now caressing my breast roughly, squeezing each one with such a fierce power I bite my pillow to stop any noises.  Then I move to my nipples, so hard already I flick them around and rub them.  I can feel my pussy pulsing with every move I make.  Arching my back I thrust my hips with all the power I can into my bed.  I slide to the edge of my bed using the corner to rub my cilt up and down and up and down.  With each rub sends more and more wetness down my leg making me hungry for more rather than satisfy my needs.  I continue at my breads with my hands in hard, hard circles.  I'm climaxing I can feel it deep inside, I'm about to go off.  I throw my head back a let out a massive grown.  Then I quickly throw both hands over my mouth remembering how I must keep quiet.

I pull myself off of the corner, laying back down on my bed face up.  That should hold me off till Ky.  I did try to wait really, I didn't even finger myself or rub my cilt over, and over and over again like I usually do.  That's the best part but I saved it for Ky.  He says he likes watching me squirm as he does it.  It makes me go crazy when he starts to do it with his fingers round and round and rubbing up and down till i get so soaking wet.  Then he continues with his rough tongue.  It just makes me go berserk.

Fuck, I'm still incredibly horny. I cross my legs tightly, squeezing my pussy closed.  I feel the cum dripping out.  I look at the clock 12:42.  Oh thank god, only eighteen more minutes.  I need you now, here beside me to hold me.  I arch my back, bite my cheek and clench my fingers.  I will make it the twenty minutes.  I will.  Maybe if I keep telling myself it will come true.  My body is telling me a different thing though.  I can feel pulsing again, I feel like tonight I have a hollow leg so to speak but in a much different way.  I've just been constantly horny.

12:44, you have got to be kidding me . . .

I gently place my hand on my thong it's soaking.  The motion sends a tingling sensation all throughout my body.  I quickly remove my hand.  Then repeat, god I love teasing myself.  I gently rub up and down for a moment, then use my nails to tickle the outskirts of my thong.  I ever so softly grab the band on my hip and begin pulling it down my legs slowly.  I close my eyes savoring the moment. Then I kick my panties across the room.

I plant my feet firmly on the bed, keeping my knees bent.  I start with my head and pull myself bit by bit off of the bed, it takes even bit of strength not to submit to my urges and go to town on myself.  Just to rub, and rub, and rub until I squirt everywhere would be a blessing.  But no, I can’t,  not now.  I drag myself to a standing position.  Now I can truly feel the drips running down my thighs as I make my way across the room.  I pull my prettiest panties out of the drawer; green with purple stripes and pull them on.  Fully aware that they will be drenched in no time.

I check myself out in the mirror.  My red curly hair is still voluptuous, my green eyes pop against my brown tank top and my boobs look good.  I apply a tad more mascara and I’m good to go.  know its only 12:50 but I can't wait another moment.  I run to the window practically giddy with excitement.  I slid it open and it creaks.  Shit!  I pause and stain my ears for a moment but hear nothing.  Mom, dad and Dylan must have finally gone to bed.

I open the window enough to climb through and find myself on the roof.  Careful not to make a sound I walk over to where the deck is and lower myself down to the railing.  I jump down to the deck and run three doors down.  Even though I know no one would be out at this time I tread carefully.  The last thing I need is the old couple next door seeing me walk around half naked.  After a minute I'm on his lawn.  People are still up in his living room, I see his mom and his little sister.  God damn it go to bed!  I need to fuck my boyfriend!

The running hadn't made me any less horny, in fact the idea of me being found like this was kinda a turn on.  I doubt anything could help me till I was finished with Kys' big dick.  I needed him to stick it in me, stick it in me hard, and pound the living shit out of me.

I make my way over to the garden with ease as I have so many nights before.  I climb up the wall holding onto the windows.  It's 12:55 by the time I make it to Kys' window, and I couldn't wait a second longer.  I tap the window and he comes.  As he walks I take in just how sexy he is.  His abs, his biceps, his eyes, oh those eyes, they looked me over hungrily as he approaches the window.  The only price of clothing on him are his boxers, red and black my favorite.  Those will be easy enough to tear off his body.

As soon as he opened the window wide enough I'm through and I jump into his arms.  Anyone else may have been knocked off their feet, but not Ky, he was always so steady.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and squeezed so tight I was lifted off the floor slightly.  He smells incredible,as always.  I pull my self of him just enough to let my lips find his.  My eyes close as I take in the moment, I doubt anything could have pulled us apart.  His hands travel down to my ass as he lifts me up off the floor and I wrap my legs around him.  He carries me over to the bed and gently lays me down.  He follows and lays on top of me.  His hands find my waste and travel up my sides underneath my shirt to my breasts he squeezes them but only for a moment.  It makes me excited.  Removing his lips from mine he sits up on my lap.  I could feel his hard cock pushing against me and if possible it made me want him more.  His fingers continued moving up my chest and up my arms taking my shirt with them.  As he pulled it over my head he threw it across the room leaving my breasts fully exposed.  He didn't hesitated he groped at my breasts and I pulled him close locking our lips together once more and dug my fingernails into his scalp.

Finally after a while of caressing and making out he began to slide his fingers down away from my breasts.  Slowly his hands brushed down my stomach causing me to arch pushing us closer together.  His fingers found my panties.  He stopped for a split second and looked at me.  He gave me a shy sort of grin, probably because I'm already so wet.  Then for first time all night fingers found my cilt, but they weren't my own and it was definitely worth the wait.  He made me squirm like he always did but the wait of him on top of me kept me somewhat still.  I started to grown and he removed his hand out of my panties, he looked at me and shook his head teasingly placing a finger to his lips telling me to keep silent, easier said than done.  Then he went back this time with his mouth.  He did it how he knew I loved it and I dug my face into the pillow to drown out any noise during my first orgasm.  When I was finished I pulled myself up.

His turn.  I took just one finger and pushed on his ripped chest.  Not enough power to actually flip him over but he played along. Now it was me on top of him.  I grinned on top of him for a moment allowing my wetness to seep through his boxes onto his hard cock.  Then I pulled off of him and rubbed my hands all down his six pack.  Quickly I removed his boxers and went to work.  Sucking and blowing and rubbing his balls.  I could hear him panting and it made me even hotter knowing I could make him feel this way.  I used my tongue and tongue ring to my advantage making him even louder.  I could feel his dick beginning to climax in my mouth but before he did he pulled me up by the chin.  He wasn't finished with me yet.

He gave me one really strong, really good kiss and threw me onto my back.  I threw my arms over my head and he jumped on top of me.  He interlaced his fingers in mine and stuck his rock hard dick into my pussy.  He pounded me again and again as I begged him for more.  Harder!  Faster!  In and out, and in and out till I could feel my self climaxing again.  My pussy was pulsing around around his cock, as he went faster, harder, deeper.  Then finally I hit my peak and exploded, I could feel him cuming inside me and it felt incredible.

He pulled himself out and laid beside me.  We were both panting now.  After a moment I leaned over for one last kiss stood up, got dressed and left back out the window.  Just before I closed the window he called my name.


"Yeah Ky?"

"Love ya."

"You too."

"I'll see you tomorrow" with that I blew him a kiss and shut the window.

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