Raveled By You (#1, Enflamed Series)

Raveled By You (#1, Enflamed Series)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When regular middle class girl Chloe Young meets the mysterious, sexy and Japanese kaito Nagao during a coffee break, her life is turned upside down. Even though Chloe has a boyfriend, they engage in a hot and titillating affair, one that will lead her to question her life as it used to be.


When regular middle class girl Chloe Young meets the mysterious, sexy and Japanese kaito Nagao during a coffee break, her life is turned upside down. Even though Chloe has a boyfriend, they engage in a hot and titillating affair, one that will lead her to question her life as it used to be.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Raveled By You (#1, Enflamed Series)

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When regular middle class girl Chloe Young meets the mysterious, sexy and Japanese kaito Nagao during a coffee break, her life is turned upside down. Even though Chloe has a boyfriend, they engage in a hot and titillating affair, one that will lead her to question her life as it used to be.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Raveled By You

Clarissa Wild

Copyright 2013 Clarissa Wild

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WARNING: This story contains explicit sex and erotic scenes, M/F. For 18+ adults only.




Chapter 1


I could never have imagined my life turning upside down just from having a coffee. I was sitting at the local coffee shop, checking out the job section of the day’s paper, when the waitress placed my café latté in front of me. Before I had a chance to take a sip and tell her I was missing the milk, she’d already gone back to bussing the other tables.

I had to be home soon. I didn’t have time to wait for her second round, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and get it from the bar myself. I stood up with the hot mug in my hand, still staring at the newspaper, where an ad mentioning a hefty sum for pay caught my eye. Too late did I realize a man was walking past me as I turned.

The black liquid splattered all over his white shirt.

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” I gasped at the stain. Only then did I notice how tight the shirt was around his sleek body. My gaze drifted up, trailing his buffed torso to the androgynous looking face of a twenty-something man with a square jaw and smooth, shaved skin. His eyes, dark and hooded, black hair lightly falling over them, were focused on mine.

“It’s okay,” he said, his low voice made me warm in my innermost parts, though it was clear he was not from here. I stared at his mouth; the movement of his sultry lips as he spoke the words mesmerized me.

“Are you alright?” He chuckled.

“I … I,” I stammered. I was like a silly little girl with a crush, but this guy definitely deserved it; he was hot.

I blinked and set the mug on an adjacent table.

“I should be asking you that.” I grabbed a napkin from the table and dabbed it on his shirt. The short trousers and floppy sandals he was wearing were unharmed, as were the sunglasses stuck on the collar of his shirt.

“It didn’t burn.” His calloused fingers gently touched my skin as he took the napkin from my hand. “Arigato. Thank you.”

A shiver ran through me, the sensation of contact between us titillating. No man had ever had this effect on me. Not even my boyfriend, Ethan. I was trembling as if an ice cube had just been slid down my blouse.

He patted the napkin onto his shirt until it removed as much of the coffee as possible, which wasn’t a lot.

“I can pay for it,” I muttered, even though I knew I didn’t have much.

“No, it’s fine, you don’t have to.” The intense look on his face kept my attention; everything around us faded away. I was hanging on his next words, waiting for him to speak with that dark, sexy voice of his.

“Well, your coffee is all over me, I’m afraid,” he said. The words ‘all over me’ replayed in my head, making me think of the dirty things I wanted to do to him. I flushed red hot from my bust to the top of my head. “Guess we’ll have to get you a fresh one,” he continued.

“Oh, no, don’t, it’s my fault.” I wanted to slap myself for saying that. Why was I turning down a coffee from this hunk of a man? Then again, the temptation might’ve been bad for me, especially considering the current situation with my boyfriend.

“I insist.” He rested his chin on his chest, his dark eyes gazing into mine, as if he was staring into my very soul. I felt like I couldn’t even have said no. I wanted to obey his demanding eyes.

“Two café latté’s, please,” he commanded the waitress. She jumped into action, as if told by her master. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one he had this effect on.

He guided me to a table with his hand on my back, the light touch sending electric shocks through my body. As we sat down, the waitress rushed over to bring our coffees—this time with the proper amount of milk.

“Thank you very much,” he said to her, making her smile from ear to ear. His tone of voice and the way he formed the words were awkward, as if he didn’t quite know what to say.

“You’re not from here, are you?” The words slipped out of my mouth.

Hai. That’s correct. I’m from Japan.”

“Is it normal there for men to sit and have a coffee with a woman they just met?”

A smile appeared on his face. “Well, at first I wanted to get a place behind your table, but since I’m alone and you’re alone and we’ve started talking, I thought I’d sit down with you, instead.” He stirred the teaspoon through his mug and I was following every gentle movement.

“You have very beautiful eyes, Miss … ?”

I almost jolted up and down in my seat. My eyes flashed back to his, as he continued to gaze at me. He must’ve been talking about my heterochromia. I have one brown eye and one green eye. It was genetic.

I blushed and fiddled with my fingers. “Thanks. It’s Chloe Young. Yours?”


Japanese indeed; I’ve never heard of someone with that name.

“So, Chloe Young, what is a beautiful lady like you doing in a place like this?” He said as he pointed to the crooked paintings hanging on the wall and the broken chairs in the corner. The place had been through a rough time the last couple of years, but it was my favorite.

“Well … I’m done with work for today, so I decided to check out some jobs in the paper before I go home. Didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of everyone at work.”

Without moving a muscle, his eyes shifted toward the newspaper lying on the table. “Are you not happy with your current job?”

I was about to take a sip, but hesitated. “So many questions for a stranger.” The coffee felt hot to my lips.

“Please let me indulge in my strange obsession. I like talking to gorgeous ladies. Nothing wrong with that, or is there?”

I raised an eyebrow and smiled. “You’ve got a way with words, Kaito.”

“Thank you.” His broad smile made me want to giggle.

“So, what is it you do then?” he asked.

“I’m a telephone operator at the service desk for the biggest telephone company here in the city. It pays the bills, but the screaming customers can get on my nerves sometimes. And you?”

“I’d rather not disclose.”

I snorted. “Right.”

“It’s got nothing to do with you. I prefer being in the company of people who don’t know my profession. It prevents certain prejudice, you know?” he said, still stirring in his coffee, taking all the time in the world for it. “I hope my English is okay.”

“Oh, it’s fine, don’t worry about it,” I said, as I took a sip from my hot coffee.

“Good, because you’re probably going to hear it for some time.” He licked the inside of the spoon, almost making me choke on the coffee. I could barely swallow the rest, thinking about his tongue fondling with something other than silverware.

Stop it Chloe … Don’t think like that, you’ve got a boyfriend.

I cleared my throat. “What do you mean?”

“I was wondering if you would go out with me some time.”

My heart thumped at an abnormal pace. This guy …

“And you think I would just take you up on the offer? You do realize I just met you, right?”

“Of course,” he answered with a smug face.

I shook my head in disbelief and smiled a cheesy smile, before looking at the newspaper again, trying to find a good job, so I could focus on something else for a second. As I started tearing out the ad, he pressed his finger onto the paper, making it impossible for me to continue. I lifted my eyes, meeting his gaze.

“Allow me.” He took the paper and split the two parts as if it were child’s play. Then, folding it up neatly, he tucked the paper into his breast pocket.


From the same pocket he fetched a card and held it out to me. “Please, if you change your mind, call me.” I didn’t take the card. He shoved his seat back, the squeaking alerting other customers, and stood up.

“Where are you going with my job ad? I need that.” I came up from my seat.

He closed in on me, his faces only inches away. My breath hitched as I clenched my fingers around the table to keep my balance; being in his presence clearly had its effect on me.

He pointed at his pocket. “I’ll return this to you once you agree.” His face came closer. His fingers caressed my skin as he put the card inside my hand. The warm breath near my ear entranced me, as he whispered, “and if you still won’t, I’ll make it even harder for you to resist.” The sound made my knees wobble and moist built up between my legs.

“I’ll see you soon, Chloe.” It was the last thing he said before he strolled out the door, leaving me breathless.




Chapter 2


As I went home, the thought of that delicious young man still filled my mind with fiery thoughts, making me blush, even though there was no one around. I didn’t want to think about Kaito, but his deep voice was stuck in my head, his words repeating over and over again. ‘I’ll make it even harder for you to resist.’ The mere memory heated me up on the inside. I felt like a teenager again, every word having a double meaning to it, making me giggle.

I turned the key in the lock and entered my shabby, one-bedroom house. Ethan was already sitting on the couch with a beer in one hand and the remote control in the other. I swallowed and sighed, preparing myself before I walked in. I pulled my skirt down and brushed my blouse to remove any wrinkles. The card was tucked deep inside my purse.

“Hi, honey.” I put my purse under the dresser. He growled, nothing more, but he kept switching the channel without stopping. I hung my arms around his neck and gave him a peck, but he pulled away and leaned forward on his elbows.

“Something wrong?” I took off my shoes and straightened my blouse.

“Don’t want to talk about it.” Ethan stood up and got his coat. “I’ll get some take-out. I’m not in the mood for cooking today.” He smacked the door behind him.

I wondered what was bothering him, but maybe I could find out later, when he settled down. I grabbed my purse from under the dresser and sat down at the table. Rummaging through it, I pulled out the card Kaito gave me. It had an exotic aroma to it, the scent tingling my nose.

Staring at the television, it wasn’t long before Ethan barged in again. I tucked away the card and hid my purse again. Still, he didn’t talk. He just snorted as he placed the food on the table and got some plates.

We sat down and ate our dinner in silence, while I kept my eyes on him, trying to pry it out of him.

But it didn’t work.

I sighed and cleaned the table, while he plopped back down on the couch. I couldn’t put this to rest, I needed to know what was up.

“Ethan …” I mumbled, putting down the cloth in my hand.


“Can you please just tell me what’s wrong?”

He clenched his fists. “Lost my job, no big deal.”

I sat down to absorb the news. “What?”

“Fuck, Chloe. You heard me!”

I stood up, came over to him and tried grabbing his hand to comfort him, but he pulled away.

“Don’t. I don’t need your pity,” he said.

“Oh Ethan… Well, we’ll make it work, somehow. We can find you a new job tomorrow, don’t worry about it. It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not okay.” He jumped up and barged through the living room like a mad man. “Shit!”

“Please Ethan,” I pleaded, but he only puffed and stomped back and forth. Then he raised his arm; I closed my eyes and instinctively put my arms in front of my face.

But he wasn’t aiming for me.

I opened my eyes. As he swooped his hand, I heard the crackling of the vase crashing onto the floor, splintering into a million tiny pieces.

Tears rolled down my face.

“Fuck this. I’m out of here.” Ethan stormed out of the apartment building, leaving me with the broken shards scattered across the floor and crushed flowers between them.

I wiped my face with my blouse and started picking up the pieces. He wasn’t always like this, but lately he couldn’t take the pressure anymore. The last time he actually touched me with love was months ago. Ever since I began working, things had gone downhill.




The next day work was the same as always. Unhappy customers complaining to me as if I were the wrongdoer, even thought I didn’t know what their problems were. Nonetheless, it was a good distraction from Ethan’s outburst though, plus I was grateful I still had a job; the only income in our household.

During lunch break Patricia filled me in on the latest gossip she’d dug up. “Did you know Linda from our yoga classes recently had a filler done?”

“No, you’re kidding!” I munched on my salad.

“I wish! She looks horrible.”

We both giggled.

“Seriously, if I ever tell you I want to get something done, please smack me on the head. I’ll be dammed if I’d pay so much for a whack to wreck my body like that,” she said.

“I’ll do anything for you, Pat, even whip you with a chain if you asked me.” I laughed and sipped my iced tea. “You’re my best friend and you landed me this job, so I owe you one, big time.”

“Oh, stop it, girl, you don’t owe me anything. I did it because I want you here, so I can spill all the dirt I found,” she said, and pricked all the cucumber slices on her fork and put them beside her plate.

“Well, you’ve been a big help. Ethan just lost his job, so it’s up to me now to make sure we have enough.”

She stopped picking her food and gazed at me, her pupils dilated. “Really?”

I sighed. “Yeah … And he wasn’t happy about it either.”

“Well if you ask me, you should’ve ditched him a long time ago. Every time I see him, he acts like a gorilla. Storming around, eyes permanently squinted, his eyebrows at six ‘o clock twenty-four-seven. On the upside, though, men like that are usually good in bed … you should know.” She gave me a sly smile.

“Like I would let you in on that.” I snorted and put a cherry tomato in my mouth. It was ages since Ethan last touched me. I wondered if he lost interest entirely.

Right then, my eyes were drawn to a well-built man, sauntering past the window of the deli we were in. His black hair hung a little over his hooded eyes, and it was all I needed to recognize him. With his hands in his black leather pants, Kaito halted, right in front of our table.

I dropped my fork, the clattering noise alerted Patricia to look at him. “Holy—” she began.

“What is he doing here?” I said. I widened my eyes, shook my head and raised my eyebrows at him, wondering if he would explain himself through the window.

From his pocket came a marker and with it he drew a few numbers on the window.

“Who’s that hunkalicious writing on the window?” She smiled and threw him flirtatious winks, which he ignored.

“Kaito. I met him yesterday at the bar.”

Below the number he wrote: ‘Call me.’

Pat’s mouth dropped as she turned her head back and forth from me to him. “Chloe! Is that gorgeous guy here for you?”

I waved at him, talking to Patricia at the same time. “Yeah, Pat, but I can’t seem to shake him off.”

Kaito saluted us and then strolled off like nothing happened. Like he didn’t just use a public window to give me a message.

“Be right back,” I said, scurrying out of the deli. Kaito had his phone to his ear and walked into an alley behind the corner. I bolted after him. Leaning against the wall, with my arms crossed, I gazed at his amazing features, eyeing him from bottom to top. Wearing loose Cuban heel boots, black, leather pants, a tight fitted white tee and a dark blazer on top made him look delicious and much like a rock-star, especially with the silver dragon hanging on a chain from his neck.

I waited for him to finish his conversation. I didn’t catch much of it, other than: “Just let me enjoy this for once.” I didn’t know what it meant, but it didn’t matter anyhow, since he wasn’t talking about me. Or was he?

As he snapped his phone shut, he turned his gaze toward me.

“Had a change of heart?” He stepped closer and gave me a lopsided smile.

“Not quite. What are you doing here?”

He moved his finger from left to right. “The right question is: Why’d you follow me?”

I bit my lip. “I don’t know.”

He gently tugged my arms, so they loosened and I dropped them beside me. “No need to be so defensive. I’m not going to hurt you,” he said and then advanced further. I backed into the wall and let my head rest on it, while he placed his hands next to me on the bricks. I was trapped between him, his firm, muscular arms and the building. I liked it.

The tiny voice inside my head told me to leave, to run away, but I was frozen. My body ached for his touch. A man’s touch. I wanted his lips on mine.

His face was only inches away from mine. “Please go out with me.”

How could I? I had a boyfriend. I couldn’t abandon him or worse; cheat on him.

“I can’t,” I muttered.

“I’ll make you think otherwise.” With those words, he put his lips on mine. His kiss was soft and warm, but also full of passion and lust. It had been a long time since I last felt that.

His hot moisture tasted like green tea, fresh, but dreamy. I wanted more. The sensation of his kisses was driving me insane, making my panties damp. He pressed his lips onto mine, as far as he could. With his tongue he tried to enter my mouth, but I wouldn’t let him. It was like he was hungry for more.

Why am I enjoying this? I shouldn’t!

I pushed him away, gasping for air.

He smiled and blinked a couple of times. “See you soon, Chloe.” He put his fingers to his lips and blew me a kiss in the air before walking off.




It took me five minutes to catch my breath before I went back to the deli again.

“What the fuck did you do with him, Chloe? You were gone for ages.”

“Just a couple of minutes,” I said, still panting.

“Well whatever you two did, I don’t want to know about it,” She swayed her fork up and down.

“We didn’t do anything,” I lied. Well, it was only a kiss, right?

“Okay … Well, if you don’t want him, I’ll have a bite of that yummy tush of his.”

“Pat, please.” I blushed.

She giggled. “Relax, I’m joking. Besides, you wouldn’t mind anyway, you’ve got Ethan.”

I rolled my eyes. I had a boyfriend, that part was true. I just didn’t know for how long. We’d been fighting so much lately. I didn’t know if I wanted to anymore.

When we were back in the building, Patricia and I were still talking about Kaito, but then she poked me in my side. “Look!”

I focused on her finger which was pointing at my desk. On it, stood a vase filled with what had to be about fifty roses.

“Oh my god!” She screamed and ran over to her own desk so she could sit down and watch me open the card that was inside the bouquet.

‘You deserve, and will receive, many more of these when you go out with me. Love, Kaito.’

I spoke the words out loud.

Patricia squealed and turned circles in her chair. “Are you kidding me? Ethan is a jerk, he’s been treating you like shit lately, and now you’re handed a pretty boy on a plate. I say, go for it!”

I plopped down on my chair, my hand on my forehead, not knowing what to do. My head was saying no, I shouldn’t do it, but my body and my heart wanted to. I longed for that man; longed for his fingers to caress me, and more. The mere memory of his lips touching mine sent heat strokes through my body.

“You need someone like him. No, no, wait … Everybody needs someone like him.” Pat threw a pencil at my back. “Do it. Now,” she commanded.

“Alright, alright.”

I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialed the number on the card.

It rang three times.

“Hello, Chloe.”

I held in my breath as the deep voice on the other end of the line lured me into the darkness.




Chapter 3


“Took you long enough,” Kaito said.

“Be careful, or I’ll hang up the phone,” I answered. There, that’ll show him. Though I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to show him. Maybe I just wanted to play his game too.

“Now, now, I’m only trying to get under your skin.”

The way he said it made me feel naked.

I swallowed. “How did you know where I work?”

He laughed, the bellowing sounds making me quiver. “You know, the internet and stuff like that. Doesn’t take long to find out everything about a person, as long as you have their name. Anything’s an open book nowadays. Did you like the flowers I sent you?”

“Yeah, they’re beautiful, thank you, but—”

“I’ll shower you in them. Literally. The prickling needles will prove to arouse you when I make love to you.”

My jaw dropped. I was lucky this conversation wasn’t on speaker mode. I cleared my throat. “Kaito, I can’t—”

“You know you want to,” he interrupted me again.

I didn’t know what to say to him. Part of me wanted to say no, hang up the phone and never talk to him again, but the other … it was tempting. I’d never felt this wanted before. Or at least, not in a very long time.

“What’s your favorite food?” He asked.

“Sushi, why?”

“What a fine taste you have, Miss. Wakarimashita. It’s done. Tonight at five, I’ll pick you up from work.”

“Wait!” I stammered, but he’d already hung up the phone.

I stared at the phone in my hand, my fingers trembling, struggling to hold on to it.

What in the world had I done? I hadn’t protested and he’d arranged a dinner date for us without my consent. My brain felt like it was on inactive mode, like I couldn’t, or didn’t want to say no. This man was so overpowering, in every way.

I shook my head in disbelief.

“Well?” Patricia asked, her hands clenched around her knees.

“He’s picking me up at five. Seriously, what did you make me do, Pat?” I muttered.

No, I can’t do this. I mustn’t. I started dialing Kaito’s number again, but Patricia stormed from her chair, raced over to me and snatched the phone out of my hand.

“Pat! Jezus!” I screamed as I jumped after her, but she held it high up in the air, too far for me to reach it.

“Oh for crying out loud, give it to me!” I shouted.

“No. You’ll go with that Kaito dude and you’re gonna have a fantastic night for once. God, Chloe, how long has it been since you last had sex? I can smell your horniness from a mile away. You were almost drooling when you saw him standing in front of the window, so I know you wanna fuck him.”

“Pat! I have Ethan. I can’t just cheat on him.”

“Yeah, well he ain’t doing you, now is he? It’s not cheating if he’s not loving you back. I reckon your pussy’s as dried up as a desert. Girl, if a man’s not loving you, there’s no use in holding on to him. Gotta let him go and follow the good stuff. You’re only twenty three. Live a little.”

I sighed and sat back down again, since there was no way I would get my phone back. What she said was true. It had been a long time since Ethan and I made love. Every time I made an effort, putting on hot lingerie or massaging him, he pushed me away, making me feel rejected and unwanted. After a while, I stopped trying.

“I’ll hold on to this thing ‘till he’s here,” she said with a smirk on her face and went back to her desk.




My nails were chipped to bits after I was done with them. The arrow on the clock already passed the five for a few minutes and I was sweating in my seat.

Then I heard the car horn three times.

My heart started racing and sweat trickled down my back.

“Time to get some hot action, Chloe!” Pat squealed in delight. I imagined she’d rather have him for herself.

I waved and shooed her away. “Stop it, Pat. You’re making me nervous.”

She giggled. “I’ll call Ethan and tell him you’re staying with me for the night. Here’s your phone.” She tossed it over to me as I walked toward the exit, my legs trembling. I caught the phone and frowned at her before walking out.

Right in front of the door was a shiny, white limo.

My mouth dropped, but I laughed at the same time, gazing at the polished, long car of which the engine was still rumbling, until my attention was drawn to him.

He was wearing a smooth, black button-down with a red tie knotted around his open collar. Even though he didn’t show any skin, it was still sexy as hell, his well shaped body visible through the fabric.

The way he walked forward, took my hand and gave it a small peck, sent goose bumps all over my body.

“Evening, Chloe. Let’s go,” he said, as he led me toward the car.

“You got us a Limo?” I asked.

“It’s not that big of a deal.”

“I’m not dressed for this at all,” I stammered and looked at my fitted top paired with a tight, black skirt.

“Don’t worry about it, you look beautiful.” He opened the door for me and held my hand as I stepped inside.

Kaito closed the door, walked to the other side and sat down beside me. A rush of fear swept over me, as I realized what I was doing. I was going with another man. Ethan was my hubby, though we weren’t married or anything, but for a long time he couldn’t love me anymore and I’d gotten so desperate for love, I’d do anything for it.

I squiggled around in my seat. The space Kaito and me shared felt too small, even though at least three people could fit on this couch.

He scooted closer as the driver rode us through the streets, the car was only illuminated by the lampposts outside.

In the darkness it looked like his hooded eyes were checking me out.

Kaito put his arm around my shoulder, his other hand caressing my fingers clenched on my lap. His face came closer, I moved away toward the window, trying not to give in to temptation. His finger trailed a path from my wrist up to my arm all the way to my nape and, as he landed near my cheek, he placed tiny kisses on my neck, which sent electric shocks through my body.

I was giving in. I was letting a stranger seduce me, and yet the mystery of this man felt exhilarating, making me crave for more.

He lisped in my ear. “Dine with me, Chloe. You will be my dessert.”

He pulled me closer and I shut my eyes to let the pleasure in. It was a sin, but I needed his love. I wanted so badly what Ethan couldn’t or wouldn’t give me, even though my mind was still struggling with the idea of doing this.

Kaito’s fingers shifted from my neck to my collarbone, with every slow movement my breath faltered. Tracing my sternum down toward my breasts, I gasped for air as he continued to kiss me on my weakest spot, right below my ear.

With only his index finger he tracked the way across my shirt to my nipple.

My eyes flashed open out of delight, but also out of shame, as I knew what Kaito was doing. It went against every fiber of my being, but my body ached for more.

Circling around the crown of my nipple, still on top of my clothes, he groaned in my ear, making me squeeze my butt cheeks together.

We were still fully clothed, yet I felt naked.

When my nipples were hard, he stopped and let his hand drop down to my leg. Squeezing my thighs with one hand, he grasped me with the other and pulled me in for a kiss on the mouth. His moist lips were massaging mine as he moved his hand closer to my inner thighs. As his fingers came closer to my pubic bone, I moaned, maybe a bit too loud, because Kaito pulled away after a quick bite on my lip.

He smiled, a low, animal-like grunt escaped his mouth. “I knew you wouldn’t resist.”

I leaned forward toward him, but with only two fingers he pushed me away again. “Ah, ah, enough for now, Chloe.”

“What? Why? Why are you stopping now?” I said, my panties getting wetter by the second.

Chotto matte. Hold on. You’ll get more soon enough, but we’ve got to behave ourselves at the restaurant.” He settled himself back on the other side of the couch.

I exhaled a couple of times and positioned myself upward, facing straight again. I felt uncomfortable, the way he watched my face as I tried to compose myself.

He licked his lip and pointed at his pants. The visible bump was large enough to tighten his pants.

“Look what you do to me, Chloe,” he said, drawing my gaze to the swelling penis still inside his pants. I swallowed and bit my lip, squeezing my hands together as I fought the urge to undress him and feel his erection.

“Can’t go in like this, now can we? Have to calm down, before we get there.”

I snorted. What a man. He halted like it was no big deal and I was sitting here, yearning for more.

As we came up to the restaurant, I sighed and waited for him to let me out. He took my hand and winked at me, before escorting me inside.

Inside, the lights were dimmed, but I could make out a sign with a smiling fish on it serving itself on a plate. On the walls were multiple photo’s of a chef chopping fish, cooking rice and rolling seaweed.

“Sushi?” I asked.

Kaito guided me to our table for two. “Well, of course, you said this was your favorite and I must say, I love your taste. Not just in food.” He grinned and I blushed as I knew he was referring to my lips.

We got a table with a chair on each end and to the side, a sofa. Kaito pulled the chair out for me to sit down, before he sat down himself. He ordered a few plates with different kinds of sushi and sashimi.

“So, mister …” I realized I didn’t even know his last name.

“Nagao, Kaito,” he said, leaning back in his chair, observing me from a distance, his hands folded.

“Nagao, Kaito, is that how you pronounce surnames in Japan? Backwards?”

Hai. Yes, Chloe, but you needn’t. Call me Kaito.”

“So, what brings you to our country?” I grabbed the water bottle from the table and poured myself some.

“Work … and more,” he said, eyeing me from top to bottom, lingering on my breasts.

I flushed and moved my hand in a circular motion, swirling the water in the glass. “What kind of work do you do?”

“I’m in the entertainment business.”

“What kind of entertainment business?” I needed to know who this man was who had managed to make me feel so wanted.

“Let’s just say I’m here to entertain you,” he said with a lopsided smile.

I laughed and the waiter came to bring us the delicious sushi and sashimi, the sight made my mouth water.

The waiter also brought a bottle of unknown liquid to the table. I reached for the jar, but Kaito held us hand up.

“Let me do it for you,” he said, and he picked up the jar and poured some into my glass.

I tasted it and it turned out to be a strange kind of alcohol, one I didn’t recognize.

“Sake,” Kaito said.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

He pointed at the glass I was holding. “Sake. It’s a Japanese wine made from rice. Do you like it?”

“Oh.” I took another sip. It wasn’t bad, but my taste buds needed time to adjust. “Well, it’s okay. Any drink will do right now.”

He smiled. “It’s not what I usually drink either.”

“Then what do you drink, Mr. Nagao?”

He scrunched his lips together. “Awamori or Sh?ch?, depending on the type of food.”

“I have no idea what that is, but it sounds fancy,” I said, gulping down the sake.

Kaito laughed. He picked up the two sticks lying on the table in front of him and broke the two apart without much trouble. I fiddled with it for a while, but couldn’t pry them apart. He couldn’t help but suppress a laugh. Then he held out his hand and beckoned me to give them.

“A gentle tug is all it takes,” he said as he put the two sticks between his index fingers and thumbs. “Just like with you.” The chopsticks pulled apart like they were never together in the first place. I was dumbstruck by his continued flirting.

I took another sip of the sake.

With a smirk he handed them back to me. “Now, let’s enjoy, shall we?” He placed the bowls of soy sauce and one with wasabi paste adjacent to the sushi and sashimi plates. “Ladies first.”

I picked up a piece of sashimi and managed to hold onto it, while dipping it into the soy sauce and putting it in my mouth. He seemed to enjoy looking at me putting things in my mouth, as he watched my every move.

Then he brought his finger to his breast pocket and took out a piece of paper.

“This was yours. As promised.” He handed it over to me, and when I opened it, I noticed it was the job ad I was looking at when I met him.

“Chloe, if you dislike working at this call center you were talking about, then why do you?”

“Well, we … I don’t have the means to afford getting a better job,” I almost choked on my words. For some reason I was hesitant to mention I lived together with someone.

“What is your dream then?” he asked, while putting a piece of sushi in his mouth with ease.

“I wanted to become a florist. Someday, maybe.” I sighed.

“Why don’t you?”

“It’s not as easy as it looks. I can’t afford to study and I can’t start all over.”

“Who says you can’t? It’s your life. If you want to, you can do anything. Anywhere. With anyone.” He squinted as he put another piece of sushi in his mouth, licking his lips after he swallowed it. I stared at his adam’s apple moving with the food that slid inside.

“That’s true,” I said, giggling.

A buzz somewhere in my purse made me jolt up and down. I took my phone out and looked at the message.

‘How’s the piece of man-meat? You riding him yet? xoxo Pat.’

Shaking my head, I put my phone on mute.

I tried picking up a piece of sushi, but my chopsticks kept flicking off, letting the rice drop out and spill on the table. Every time I tried, it got worse. At some point it even splattered the soy sauce all over my fingers, making a mess. “I’m sorry, I love eating this, but I forgot to mention I’m horrible at using chopsticks.”

He laughed again and then scooted his chair backward. I watched as he moved to the sofa and came closer to me. With his chopsticks, he picked up one of the pieces I dropped and then put his finger on my chin, coaxing me to open my mouth. As he put the fishy rice wrapped in seaweed on my tongue, his mouth slightly opened, watching me swallow the food like it was all he ever wanted to see.

“Are you going to feed me or something?” I said, laughing at myself. How pathetic was I?

“It makes room for more than just eating,” he said as he took my hand, brought my fingers smeared in soy sauce to his lips and licked them. A shock ran through my body. He opened his mouth and put my finger inside. His tongue swiveled around, as he sucked on my finger, arousing me. I thought of what he could do to my labia with the same rotating movement and warm suckling. A shiver ran across my spine.

He released my finger again, took a napkin and wiped it dry.

I looked around the restaurant and saw people staring at us. I felt embarrassed, even though it was exciting as hell. Picking up the glass of sake again, I gulped it down at once.

Kaito picked up another piece of sushi and raised his eyebrows at me, as he slipped his other hand under the table. I felt his fingers touch my leg. I flinched, but tried to compose myself so the other customers wouldn’t notice what he was doing. Kaito’s finger slid from my knee to my upper leg, pushing my skirt back and as he came closer to my mouth with the chopsticks, his hand moved toward my inner thigh. When he placed the delicious sushi in my mouth, his index finger grazed my panty.

I had a hard time swallowing, one of the rice grains falling out onto my chin, as I withheld a squeal.

“Oh, you’ve got a little bit of rice on you,” he said and he leaned forward, kissing me on my chin, sucking off the grain of rice. As his warm lips left a passionate kiss, his index finger softly brushed my clit.

The other customers were gaping at us, some talking to each other as their eyes were focused on us. I didn’t know if they had seen anything, but I didn’t care. The feeling of his touch lingering on my private parts aroused me and left me craving more when he stopped. Plus, I was getting tipsy, which was always a sure way to get into my pants.

I wasn’t hungry for food, I was hungry for his love.

“What do you say we get out of here?” he said, grinning at me while squinting.

I took the napkin and patted my mouth. “I guess …” I stammered. My clit was still thumping from his touch.

“I’ll pay the bill, be right back.” He stood up, pecking me on my head, before walking to the counter.

Looking around at the other people in this place, I cleared my throat, and they turned their heads away from me. I patted my skirt and pulled it down before scooting back my seat, picking up my bag and standing up. Just then, a hand stroke my back. “Ready?” Kaito said.

I nodded, but I still wasn’t sure what I was doing. I wasn’t thinking clearly, in fact I wasn’t thinking at all, but I couldn’t help going with it. The way he groped me was as unnerving as it was exciting.

He grabbed my hand as I walked outside. “If you want me to stop, I will. I can take you home, if you want that,” he said.

I turned to look into his eyes and thought I saw a hint of concern, something I hadn’t seen in him before. Even though he was seducing me, he still asked me if I wanted to continue with it. He cared for my feelings and wellbeing. He could’ve dragged me to his place and fucked me like there was no tomorrow, but he didn’t. He waited for me to say something. He asked my consent.

“I … I don’t want to go home.” The words escaped my mouth before I realized it.

He smiled a gentle smile and took my hand as he led me toward the limo. “I’m glad.”

As we stepped back into the limo, I forbade myself to think of anything but this moment. I didn’t want to look into the future, because I knew I eventually had to face Ethan. Not now though; now was the time to enjoy someone loving me.




Chapter 4


Rain poured down like the sky had cracked open and a plug was pulled. Me and Kaito ran out of the car toward the nearest building, sheltering under the roof. My clothes were soaked, even from running only a few steps, but so were his and the lines of his six pack were becoming visible. I swallowed and it felt like there was a lump in my throat. As I looked at his trained torso, the hard muscles turned me on.

“Come,” he said, and he tugged my hand and pulled me inside. It was a hotel, with a large lobby, the walls painted gold with velvet red panels beneath it and the floor covered with oak boards. A man dressed in an expensive suit stood behind the shiny counter, holding out a pen.

“Sign in, please,” the man said. Kaito took the pen, scribbled down some notes, before leading me up the giant staircase.

“What is this place?”

“Just a hotel I’m staying at.”

“For how long? Isn’t this way too pricy? I can’t pay for this,” I said, thinking we would split the bill of our stay.

He came to a halt and turned around to face me. “Chloe, what kind of man do you think I am?”

“I uh … Well,” I stuttered. “I don’t know actually, you tell me.”

“I would never, ever, let a woman pay.” He brought my hand to his lips and gave it a quick peck. “Money is not an issue.”

“How do you pay for all of this?” I asked, curious as to why he kept this a secret.

“Now is not the time for questions, Miss Young.” He pulled me through a hallway to a door, put his card in the lock until it bleeped and opened it. I stared at the massive room in front of me. There were two velvet black couches in the middle, a high definition screen hanging on the wall with a fireplace underneath, a window stretching from one end to the other and a king size bed at the right, black sheets covering it.

Kaito sauntered in, closing the curtains, creating an eerie, dark room, illuminated only by the candles he lit one by one. He took off his shoes and placed them beside the fireplace already crackling and radiating heat.

“It’s beautiful here, but … so dark,” I said, as he walked toward me, took my hand and pulled me inside, closing the door behind me.

Looking into his dark, dreamy eyes, I swallowed, knowing there was no way back after this. Still, I let him tug me closer to him.

“I enjoy the darkness, it’s much more romantic,” he said taking my purse and putting it on the table beside the door. Then he took a bottle of champagne from a bucket of ice and poured it into two glasses.

“Champagne?” he asked, handing me a glass.

I didn’t think twice and finished it in one gulp.

Kaito chuckled, seeing me buckle from the sudden rush of alcohol and then drank up his champagne too. He loosened his tie, pulled it over his head and hung it on the hallstand. He winked, before turning his back to me and taking off his shirt. The wet clothes were still sticking to his drenched body, the drops on him glistening from the tiny flames of the candles. My heart was pounding in my chest as I looked at his cut muscles writhing with every movement, his dewy skin and tousled black hair.

He turned to face me again, but stood still, giving me time to take in his sculpted body, the hard biceps and bulky pectorals.

“Like what you see?” Kaito said, stepping forward.

I flinched, feeling the door with my hand, not knowing what to do. My gaze was still on his perfect body and I was trying to keep myself from lunging at him. I wanted to touch him; longed to glide my fingers across his muscles and slip my hands into his pants.

Ko-wa-i no? Are you afraid?” he asked.

I bit my lip, thinking about it. “No, I’m just not sure.”

“Then let me take your insecurities away.” He drew my hands away from the door and placed it on his broad shoulders as he pulled me in closer. “Don’t be afraid.” he said, urging me to feel him. “It’s okay.”

He leaned forward. I closed my eyes as he licked my lips, inviting me to kiss him back. I opened my lips, letting him inside, and felt his tongue explore my mouth. My hand slid across his back, his muscles contracting when my fingers dug into his skin.

My other hand drifted down toward his butt and I squeezed the squared muscles as he circled his tongue around mine.

He chuckled. “Feisty.”

I flushed, but didn’t have time to respond as he smothered me with kisses, trailing his way back to my sweet spot; right below my ear.

I let out a soft moan as he nibbled my earlobe. Closing my eyes, I stopped thinking. His hand slid under my skirt, the fabric scrunching, as he caressed my outer thighs and moved his way up to my ass, stroking it. I quivered and let out a sigh, while lifting my leg and wrapping it around his.

He eased his other hand under my shirt and it crept up, the touch sending shocks all through my body. Kaito found his way to my breasts, and moved my bra out of the way. Cupping my breast, his thumb skid over my nipple, hardening it. I groaned as he massaged my breast, circling his thumb over the crown of my nipples.

My panties got wetter by the second.

“Let’s get you out of these clammy clothes. Put your arms up,” he growled. I did as he told me to. He pulled up my shirt and unclasped my bra, revealing my naked upper body. He threw my shirt to the ground and frowned. I let him look at me. His eyes shifted up and down, while a grin appeared on his face.

“What?” I snorted.

“You’re beautiful.” Kaito kissed me on the lips, preventing me from reacting, and then moved his way down across my sternum and sideways to my breasts. Leaving soft pecks on his path, he kissed me all the way to my hard nipples and then licked them, making me whimper. I dug my fingernails into his back, as he gently tugged my nipple with his teeth, while fondling with my other breast.

“Oh, Kaito,” I groaned, feeling awkward for saying his name like he was some kind of sex-god. But he was.

Kaito looked into my eyes as if he was inspecting me. “A blue one and a green one. Fascinating.”

I nodded. “Heterochromia. It’s genetic.”

He smiled. “It only makes me want to ravish you.” His firm hands enveloped my body and he pulled me closer. The bulge in his pants poked my belly. I wanted to touch his swelling penis, but Kaito picked me up and brought me to the king size bed. He stopped right at the end, putting me down right in front of it.

I sat down on the soft, silky bed and admired his chiseled body. Tracing my fingers along his carved six-pack, down to his smooth v-line, I tugged his belt so I could unbutton his pants and take out his cock, but he grabbed my wrists.

“No, Miss Young,” he said, bending over so he could look me in the eye. “Not yet.”

“Why not? I want to feel you,” I said, continuing with my other hand, but now he clutched that wrist too, trapping me. It was quite a turn on.

“All in due time, Miss Young. First, you need to enjoy yourself.” He let go of me and then pushed me, making me flop down on the mattress. Looking at the ceiling, I could only guess what he was going to do. Bind me to the bed? Leave me here, without doing anything? No, he wouldn’t be so cruel as to leave me aching for more.

Then I felt his fingertips grazing my feet as he took off my pumps. His warm lips pressed down on my skin, trailing a way up to my knee. With insisting fingers, he pushed my legs open, spreading them apart. He tugged up my skirt all the way to my belly, revealing my panties.

Kaito pulled away from me and left the bed. I sat up straight, pondering what he was doing. He walked to the coffee table and took out a single rose from a vase.

“Close your eyes,” he commanded, getting back onto the bed, crawling over my legs like he was going to devour me.

I shut my eyes and let him do what he wanted to my body.

The needles of the rose stung my skin, the slight pain arousing my core. I let out a swift moan as he caressed my body with the rose, sweeping it across my tender parts.

“I told you I was going to shower you with roses.”

I felt a damp pressure right above my sex and I knew it was a kiss. Then a needle of the rose prickled my clit.

My eyes flashed open in a brief moment of pure lust washing over me.

Trembling, I closed my eyes again to heighten my senses. The little pecks he left sent shivers down my spine, creating goose bumps all over my body, as he worked his way up to my inner thigh. My pussy was convulsing, getting moister by the second, as he used both the rose and his lips to tickle my senses. His kisses became more and more frenzied as he reached higher up my leg.

Is he doing what I think he’s going to do? Oh yes…yes, he is!

I let out a moan when he licked the sides of my groin. Then his fingers swiveled above my sex and he tugged my panties down with his teeth, not taking his eyes off me, while pressing his fingers into my hips. I didn’t feel anything but desire as he took off my underwear, leaving me almost naked, with only a skirt on.

The sound of rose petals snapping off was audible and I felt them fall down on me like feathers, caressing my skin.

Kaito softly kissed my pubic bone, still avoiding my vulva, as if it was his job to torture me. He took my feet in his hands and pushed them up, letting them rest on the bedpost. Then he trailed the other leg, complete with kisses, all the way up to my groin, and stopped right before reaching my labia.

“Please, Kaito, please,” I begged.

A short, laugh escaped his mouth. I looked up and saw his head between my legs; on his face was a sly, lopsided grin. “What?”

“Please, touch me, kiss me,” I said.

“What? You mean here?” he said and spread my lobes. He pinched my clit, rubbing it between his index finger and thumb.

I moaned and a ragged breath escaped my mouth. “Yes!”

“I want you to beg me,” he said, releasing my sex and kissing me near my navel. “Tell me.”

“Please Kaito, I want you to kiss my pussy!”

One of his eyebrows lifted. “Such obscene words for a lady.” He let out a snigger.

I sighed. Then I saw his nose disappear under my sex. The sheer touch of his tongue stroking my clit made me squeal.

My breath caught in my throat. He licked my lower lips, feeling his way across my pussy, making it even wetter than before. Pressuring my nub with his muscled tongue, I was rising to my limit. The long foreplay, that started the moment we got into the limo together, had me on the verge of climax and now his mouth cupping my vulva, made me come even closer.

He licked the sensitive skin around my labia and then inserted his tongue into my pussy. His movement was slow and he took his time to feel the insides of my body. I whimpered, crying, “Yes!” a couple of times.

Kaito went in and out with his tongue, recreating the effect of a penis penetrating. He licked my inner walls and then trailed his way back up to my clitoris, moving his tongue in circular motions, making me moan and scrunch up the blanket underneath me, squeezing my hand tight.

Then he inserted a finger inside me. In and out, faster and faster, while playing with my nub, sweeping his tongue across my vagina. Two fingers came in and he curved them inside me, finding my G-spot. Flicking my clit up and down while sucking on it, he made me heat up fast. My body was about to explode.

“Oh my god!” I screamed in delight, as I rose to a climax.

“Yes, come for me, Chloe!” he called.

My toes cramped up, my legs stiffened and I felt the explosion waving through me. I was quivering, my body moving along with the delicious contractions near my loin.

His lips curled in a satisfactory smile. Still he continued. Kaito kept his tongue inside my vagina, licking up the fluids as I came. He pushed it inside and groaned at the same time. I was still overcome with my orgasm, yet he kept kissing my vulva, making it even more sensitive.

“You taste so good,” he said.

“Come,” I muttered. “I want you.” The words came out in a slur.

“Oh Chloe.” His head rose from between my legs and he pushed my legs down again. He crawled over me, planting kisses as he went, and came up, sitting right on top of my vagina. He took my hand and guided it across his body; from his neck, to his pectorals, down to his abs and eventually his belt buckle. There he stopped.

“Oh, so you’re giving me permission now?” I giggled.

Hai. Yes,” he said. “Did I give you enough pleasure?”

I grunted. “Not yet.” I let my fingers slide over his bulge as he arched his back, his cock writhing at my every movement. The left corner of his mouth tipped upward, forming a tiny smile.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed him inside; to feel his warmth inside me.

Tugging his belt and unzipping his pants, I took a look at his erection. Oh my god, it’s huge! I swallowed, thinking about his dick coming inside me, filling me whole.

He helped me take his pants off and then he stood up, standing right above me with a fully erect penis. I pushed myself up with my elbows and pulled down the last bit of stretchy cotton standing between me and his penis. The elastic band hung on his engorged shaft as I pulled it, making it bob up and down as his glory was set free.

He was naked and gorgeous. And he made me feel beautiful.

I didn’t have time to touch his penis, because he pulled away and took off his boxers. Kaito was reaching for his drawer.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Getting a condom.”

“I hate those things. I’m on the pill, there’s no need. Besides, I don’t have anything, do you?”

“No,” he answered, then grinned.

He moved forward, sliding on his knees, as he lowered himself onto me. Kissing my belly button, my hard nipples and then my lips. His hard prick grazed my labia. I moaned, wanting his cock deep inside of me, but he still kept me waiting, like he was savoring every moment, every touch.

Then, without warning, he thrust himself inside me.

An ecstatic cry escaped my mouth, but he silenced it with a sultry kiss. His tongue was exploring my mouth, as he pushed his hard dick in and out of me. Driving into me, my breathing became ragged and my breasts moved up and down with his rhythm.

“You feel so good,” he said, rolling my nipple between his fingers as he kissed the other. He cupped my breasts in his hands and licked the pink circles as he slowed his pace and pecked me all over my neck. As he increased his speed again, I moaned, and he drove his hard shaft into me repeatedly.

Oh, I feel the heat rising again.

He plunged into me with steady, calculated movements, sweat dripping down his abs.

“Oh, I’m going to come again,” I said, gasping for air as he continued to dig into me with his penis, touching my G-spot.

“Yes, let me come with you,” he groaned as his cock became bigger and bigger, tightening my pussy.

I was climaxing again. It felt like a wave of pleasure crashing into me, convulsing my entire body. His erection inside of me tensed up, releasing right after. He bellowed and groaned, while a hot liquid spouted into me. Another growl escaped his mouth as he thrust himself into me, letting the seed explode all inside, while my muscles were still clamping around his hardened dick.

“Have I satisfied you to your content?” he asked, panting.

“Yes,” I stammered. “It was amazing. I’ve never had sex like that.”

“I make love, Miss Young.” He took my hand and kissed the back of my hand, before moving off me.

He dropped down to the side and laid down next to me, our breaths fast and short. My head tilted and I saw another bottle of champagne standing on the nightstand. I took it, unplugged it and hesitated before I put it to my lips, realizing what I was about to do.

“You don’t mind, do you?”I asked.

“Do as you please.”

I didn’t wait for a concise answer. Putting the bottle on my mouth I gulped down what seemed to be four glasses in one. Then I placed the bottle under the bed, flopped back down on the mattress and pulled up the blanket. It was late and my eyelids were too weak to stay open. Or I was just too drunk.




Chapter 5


With a throbbing head I awoke. I put my hand on my forehead, groaning and squinting at the light peeking through the curtains. I sat up straight and let out a yawn, while rubbing my eyes. I had a terrible headache, as if someone smacked me with a hammer.

I looked around and saw the king size bed I was lying on, the soft sheets enwrapping me. Rose petals were scattered on the exotic scented bed and on me. This wasn’t home.

Oh my god, what did I do? Everything came back in a flash, the kisses, the sex, Kaito. I spent the night with him.

My gaze shifted sideways, but the bed was empty apart from me. From somewhere around the corner, vague splashing sounds were audible. He’s in the shower.

I stepped out of the bed, slipping my feet into my stockings so I wouldn’t make a sound. Picking up the pieces of clothing spread around the room, I tried my best not to make a noise. The pang of guilt grew in my stomach. My fingers trembled as I dressed myself and packed my bag. Why did I do this? How will I ever be able to explain this to Ethan? He’ll never forgive me. The mere thought of having to face him sent bile up my throat. What would he do if he found out?

I made a quick escape to the door, pulling the handle like a crazy woman, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Are you leaving?”

I turned around, Kaito was behind me, his lower body wrapped in only a towel. The chiseled pectorals and abs glistening with dew.

“I … I was…” I stammered. What should I tell him?

Ikanaide kudasai. Please, don’t go.” He took my hand. For the first time since I met him, it looked as though he was concerned; his eyebrows slanted upward, lips pursed.

“But this was just …” I muttered, looking down at the floor, unable to face him.

“Chloe, to me this was more than lust. I can give you anything you want. All that you deserve.”

My cheeks flushed with heat. This man was everything I ever wanted. Why didn’t I meet him sooner?

I turned around, ready to take the walk of shame.

However, his next words shook me to the core. “Let me prove it to you. Stay with me, a little while longer. Be my girl,” Kaito said.





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