The Other Side of Suburbia

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

*Mind Over Matter has been edited!*
Braden is in the hospital. His friends are reeling. How could this have happened? What if this is just the beginning?

TW for themes of violence.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Connor

Chapter One: Connor I was browsing Facebook, bored as hell on a Thursday. It was summer, and the days still felt endless. Late July a... Read Chapter

Chapter Two: Braden

Chapter Two: Braden I was so cold. I didn’t know what I was expecting was going to happen when I did it. I mean, the actually c... Read Chapter

Chapter Three: Christina

Chapter Three: Christina I paced the hallway, not knowing what the hell to even do with myself. That doctor, Grayson?—what did she ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four: Braden

Chapter Four: Braden “What are they gonna do?” I asked softly. Dr. Grayson looked at me as though I was the only one in the r... Read Chapter

Chapter Five: Jaxx

Chapter Five: Jaxx I was so bored, I thought I was going to go insane. We were entertaining at the house that night, which meant I di... Read Chapter

Chapter Six: Christina

Chapter Six: Christina “Ms. Anderson?” A headache throbbed behind my eyes. I was exhausted but I couldn’t just go back home... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven: Braden

Chapter Seven: Braden Dr. Grayson kept asking me how I was feeling after everything and I just didn’t know how to answer her. Hones... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight: Connor

Chapter Eight: Connor I knew my mom wasn’t going to tell me about anything that was happening with Braden, especially not about any... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine: Jaxx

Chapter Nine: Jaxx The first time I had sex with Kenny, it was two days after I moved in with him. It goes without saying that it was... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten: Christina

Chapter Ten: Christina The knock at the door came after dinner the day after Braden’s attempt. Well, not that I made dinner, unless... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven: Braden

Chapter Eleven: Braden “Hey,” a nurse or someone came into my room. “You got group.” As if I didn’t already know the schedu... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve: Connor

Chapter Twelve: Connor “Connor,” Mom called, coming into my room without knocking. I pulled a shirt over my head quickly, having ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen: Christina

Chapter Thirteen: Christina Charlotte and I were on the back patio, as crickets chirped in the distance. I was staring off into the a... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen: Jaxx

Chapter Fourteen: Jaxx What is going on?? I’m freaking out. Call me back! Hello?! Where are you? “Who are you... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen: Braden

Chapter Fifteen: Braden “Hey,” one of the psych techs said, walking into my room—without knocking as always—“you’ve got a... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen: Connor

Chapter Sixteen: Connor I sat in my car for a long time, thinking about what Braden had said. His birthday? It was October. We were w... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen: Braden

Chapter Seventeen: Braden It felt like I hadn’t slept in months. I probably hadn’t. Not really, at least. Between Richard com... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen: Christina

Chapter Eighteen: Christina I called a lawyer. After talking to Charlotte, it seemed like the only thing to do. But I didn’t tell R... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen: Jaxx

Chapter Nineteen: Jaxx I stared at the burn on my hand as I sat at the bar, alone. Being here was lonely enough, but now it was even ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty: Connor

Chapter Twenty: Connor All I could think about was what Braden and Nate said. All I felt was straight guilt. I stayed in my room ever... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-One: Braden

Chapter Twenty-One: Braden Virginity was a weird fucking concept. After what happened with Richard, it just got even more weird. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Two: Christina

Chapter Twenty-Two: Christina Braden was coming home from the hospital, and it still felt like there was so much left to do before th... Read Chapter