Fairy magic

Fairy magic Fairy magic

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Gray chose the wrong time to pick a fight with Natsu.


Gray chose the wrong time to pick a fight with Natsu.


Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Submitted: February 19, 2013



Fairy Magic


Gray's PoV


"LUCY!" I call out as I enter the guild hall. "The payment for my last quest was a Spirit key, here i dont need it" I toss a golden key towards Lucy who catches it.

"THANKS GRAY!!!!!" She started talking about what spirit that key would open the gate too, but i lost thought and started to look around for Natsu. Now I would never confront anyone with this, but ever since I joined the guild I've always thought Natsu as a hot kid, and I'm not just talking about his flames. But to cover for me I had to make up excuses to stop everyone from trying to pair us together as Mirajane would always start trying to pair guild members up with each other.

I spotted Natsu talking to Happy about going out fishing to catch their dinner, but I didn't want Natsu to go without giving me a bit of contact. So as i have been doing for the past years I found an excuse to fight him just so I could feel his touch.

"Natsu, you hot headed freak get your butt over hear and explain why you and Happy are about to go fishing without inviting the rest of our team?" I made it sound harsher than I meant to, as I realised it sounded a bit harsh his fist became enveloped in flames and smashed into my stomachgic


"Gray. Don't even bother, I've been trying to help Happy get some decent fish for us to eat for dinner and for him to try and woo Charle." His voice was in a soft sad whisper, I felt shattered as he picked me up and carried me out of the guild hall to his house.


Natsu's  PoV


God Gray has no idea what I have planned for him, he believes my story about having to help Happy? I think it's time for him to see how I really feel.

Since the Journey is so long Gray fell asleep on my shoulder, I took him into my house and strapped him to the bed and I laid down on top of him being careful not to crush him. I whispered a few words into Gray's ears explaining how I felt and he woke up.

"My... My body... I CAN'T MOVE!" He shouted. He looks up and sees me close to his face with our mouths almost touching. "Natsu, What are you doing?"

I smirk a little as he says my name again in desperation. I stare deeply into Gray's dark onyx eyes, I lick me lips and dive in for a kiss. I hear a little gasp escape from his mouth, pleased with this I start to move my hands across his body and I rip off his shirt. I kiss Gray's soft cold forehead.

"I have wanted to do this ever since we first met Gray." I Whispered into the shocked raven haired boys ears. As I start to move down his body I notice a few tears streaming down his face.

"why are you crying?" I smirk a little bit. "Am I that good?"

"P...Please.. I... I don't want this Natsu!"

"Are you sure Ice boy?" as I ask this his face changes expression and he shakes his head as if to withdraw his statement.

"Natsu... Just don't hurt me."

"Trust me, It will feel good." I start to make my was down his toned body I kiss his chest, his stomach and then I unbuckle his trousers and pull them down with his boxers. 

I hear Gray say "I love you Natsu."

Gray's PoV

I close my eyes trying to forget what I just said. Natsu just strapped me down and is now taking advantage of me? My thought was broken as I felt a warm mouth cover my cock. Natsu starts to slowly suck me off while I was just laying down hoping I don't get hurt.

I release my load into his mouth  and he takes it all and swallows. WOW! Natsu Dragneel. The guy I have adored since childhood just swallowed my load?

He starts making his way up my body touching me softly and before I know it he had his cock in my face as if it was begging to be sucked. I opened my mouth inviting him inside.

Natsu started to thrust every few seconds causing my eyes to water and me to choke as he keeps hitting the back of my throat. His hot sweet load fills my mouth quickly and I struggle to swallow it all down. I don't know why, but I felt ashamed of what I just done, I looked down for a few moments before asking Natsu to untie me and let me be more than just a toy.

Natsu's PoV

"Only if you do exactly as I say." I announced feeling a little guilty for taking advantage of Gray like this. I saw him nod so and I untie the ropes. Gray laid down slowly and I decide it's the perfect time to get inside of his tight ass. I take a condom out and pass it to Gray.

" Put this on my only using your mouth!" I  let out a cheeky smile.

He unwrapped it and used his teeth to position the condom and used his lips to roll the rest of it on. I lick my finger and insert it into Gray as I heard a startled moan. I add another finger and start to finger Gray slowly.

"That's it, I'm going in now."

I withdraw my fingers and ram my cock into Gray and I hear a loud Scream cry escape his mouth. I notice a tear in his eyes but I continue anyway and I get rougher and faster.

"It hurts... So much... NATSU!!!" he shrieked my name.

"I said it would feel nice didn't say it wouldn't hurt" I smirk again admiring Gray's body as I grab Grays cock and masturbate him in time to my thrusts.


"AAAHHHH!!" I let out a moan as we both release another load.

I pulled out and looked at Gray. He had passed out at some point when we was climaxing.

"Told ya you would enjoy it." I left and took a shower. When I returned gray was awake.

"When are we telling the guild?" He asked as if nothing had happened.

"How about tomorrow?" I laughed a little bit and laid down next to him and we fell asleep with Gray in my arms.

At least we both know how we both feel about each other now.


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