One in Love

One in Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Cin is a freshman college student, she grew up in a small town and now is hitting the big city... what she doesn't know is this year is the one to rememeber.


Cin is a freshman college student, she grew up in a small town and now is hitting the big city... what she doesn't know is this year is the one to rememeber.


Submitted: July 02, 2012

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Submitted: July 02, 2012



Chapter One...

"You'll be fine, just call me when you get everything unloaded, OK."  Cin was nervous and alone. She had been on the road for 6 hours driving to her new college campus. She choose this school because it was so far away from home. "I'm leaving my past behind and everything it included." she thought. But this was scaring the shit out of her.  Cin was half black and half white and from a small town in Maine. She has a hell of a lot of curves and big breast. The only thing she didn't like about her features was that if she was half black where was her ghetto bootie that it promised. Cin's hair fell to her mid back in array of colors the went from copper red to bleached blonde. She always liked to experiment with her hair since it was so curly she could pull off any color and style she wanted to.  Her friend Justin, who was going to a neighboring college, dropped her off at her dorm and had to leave because he had orientation soon.

"I'll miss you." Cin told Justin.

"I'll miss you too. Call me, ok."

"Oh alright." Cin waved goodbye to her closest friend. She had told him earlier that she wanted to cut her ties she had with everyone back home and that included him. She was sad to see him go, but knew that this is what she wanted and needed. "I'm all myself for the first time in eighteen years."

Moving in was hard because she had brought way to many things. That was always a problem for Cin, she never packed light. 

"Here let me help you" Cin looked up to the stranger who had spoke to her. 

Instantly she felt attraction toward the god of a man. He was about six four and had curly golden brown hair that fell at his shoulders. He was fit looking and she could see his abs from under his shirt. With piercing blue eyes that sent shivers down her spine.

"Um... thanks.... my room is this way." Cin picked up some of her belongings and showed him the way to her dorm room. Her hands were shaking and she dropped the keys. "Oh my god I'm such an idiot." Quickly picking them up she open the door to the place she would be staying for the rest of the year. The ceiling was high, which was a good thing and there was two built in closets and a night stand. The floor was tile, two twin size beds were in the corner looking used and abused and the walls where a bland white color. 

"They sure out did themselves didn't they?" The stranger said. "Oh my he has a sense of humor." 

"Just put them on the bed. Thanks..."

"Oh, sorry I'm Alex."

"Hi Alex. My name is Cin."

"Cin... wow that unusual"

"Yeah I get that a lot" Not looking where she was going she ran into the night stand. "OW."

"Are you ok?" Alex came rushing to her side. She had banged her knee into the night stand and was jumping up and down swearing like a sailor.

"Yeah, I'm fine the pain will pass." As soon as she said this, he knelt down and gave her knee a small kiss. "Oh my god." Lust shot its way to her aching pussy. 

"Um..." She was at all lost of words. Alex stood up and just for a moment looked into her eyes. She felt as if she would faint from just that. Cin had a very big imagination, and images of him ripping off her shirt and exposing her 32D breast and sucking them popped into her mind. 

"Wow...You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen." Alex caressed her cheek, still looking into her eyes.

"Can I ask you something forward." What was she doing? This was her first day and she would not become the campus slut. But looking at Alex's face she couldn't help herself.

Alex chucked, "Sure, anything."

"Can you take me right now, right here?" Without saying a word, Alex pulls Cin toward him and kisses her. His lips felt velvety smooth. He puts his hand into her curly locks and pulls them till she can't take it anymore and stops kissing him. Lifting her chin so she can be in a more comfortable potions. He starts kissing he way down her neck. The shirt she had on up buttons in the front and Alex waste no time with them. He rips it off and see that she's not wearing a bra. Taking one nipple in his mouth he starts sucking. Cin puts her hands in his golden hair, moaning loudly. "Yes, Alex right there" Alex unzips his pants and than slowly takes her off squatting down to do so and than kissing his way up her legs. He than notices some writing on her underwear.

"What does your panties say?" Blushing Cin backs up and mutters something. "I can't hear you. Come on, I won't laugh."

"They say 'stay the night'." 

"Of course I will." Alex picks her up, and sets her on the twin bed. Taking her thong off with his teeth, he starts rubbing her pussy.

"Oh my god your so wet. Your loving this aren't you. You driry girl." Cin moans loudly enough for him to put his finger to her lip to quite her. Alex starts fingering her and Cin can't take it anymore. She starts screaming his name over and over again. Alex stops her with a kiss and at the same time thrust his huge cock inside of her hitting that spot at the back of her pussy. 

"Yes, yes yes... faster Alex!" Cin is in heaven. Alex was great and he knew exactly how to work her. He pulls out and flips her on her back and just as quickly as he pulled out he thrust back into her tight pussy at full force. Cin lets out a very load moan, but faintly remembers to quite the rest. Alex picks up his pace, he needs to stay in control just a little longer he can tell that Cin is almost about to cum. Cin can feel the pressure start to build. She almost hits her breaking point when she hears a key enter the lock at the door and the doorknob turn.

"Oh my God." Cin and Alex come at the same  time, shouting each others names into the air. They finally turn around and see a small brunette looking at them with horror and also lust on her face. 

"Hey roomie." Cin says. 

More to come.....




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