Johnny has a hard-on

Johnny has a hard-on Johnny has a hard-on

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Johnny was 13, I was 1. Johnny was the first guy to feed me his loaded love muscle a la créme.


Johnny was 13, I was 1. Johnny was the first guy to feed me his loaded love muscle a la créme.


Submitted: June 05, 2013

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Submitted: June 05, 2013



Johnny  Has A Hard-on


Johnny was thirteen and I was eleven when I sucked his cock the first time. I´ll tell you about it. Forty years later I still remember what it was like when I de-boned a guy for the first time.

It was a hot summer night in Omaha. Johnny and me was sitting on the picnic table out in his backyard. It was a Tuesday and our moms had their poker night.  We were all alone with nothing to do. Johnny started feeling himself up. ¨I´m half way to a boner¨.

I admit that I´d tried to size Johnny up. I just couldn´t help it my eyes always ended up were he was always scratching, down between his legs. Johnny wasn´t shy. When I was around Johnny, my cravings for boy flesh was in first gear. I was gay but I didn´t know it yet.

-Fuck, my cock aches. Man I need to fuck a tight, wet, soft, deep hole. I ain´t shot no thick an sticky since this morning.

-Did you stick your dick into a girl this morning, Johnny.

-Shit, no, stupid! I polished my own knob. You know, I beat my love muscle with mother thumb and her four finger daughters.

-I don´t understand, Johnny.

-Come here. Sit on the table next to me. …. Now, I´m gunna lean back on my elbows like this. ….

-I took the chance to give the eye to his crotch.

-What you lookin at?


-Come on! I know you want to see my man meat. I´ve seen you given me the eye and you lick your lips. …. I bet you´r a fag boy looking for a boyfriend who treats you good and often. …. You know. You want to be his pussy boy. …. I´d sure like to be the first jock to feed you his hot and creamy. Come on Sammy baby, touch it. Feel how it jumps to the touch.

I reached over and put my hand on his tented Levis. Sure enough! It jumped! I pushed down and I felt it start to throb through the denim.

-Fuck man. That is fuckin sweet!

Johnny lifted his hips and in a moment his Levis were down at his ankles.

-Hey, Johnny, you don´t have any under ware on! I can see your thing!

-It ain´ a t thing. It´s my cock, my fuck stick, my dick, my love muscle. My pussy wreaker, and for you it´s a long, thick, juice filled lollipop…,  a snack for you.

I could see Johnny´s face. It looked real different. He was breathing different too and his cock was even bigger and it was shivering.

-Johnny, why´s your cock shivering? It ain´t cold.

-Cause I got the real hots for your pussy-mouth. Fuck, your lips are so thick,  … Lick ´em. ….Yah!

I felt so strange! I knew that I wanted to feel his hot, shinny pecker in my mouth.! I reached over and before I knew it, I was giving him a hand job! Up and down and all around my sticky fingers eased his terrible manly need. …. I felt really dirty and fun!

-Go slow, bitch! Treat me slow: Squeeze my love muscle. …. Yah, babe! Do your duty!... Stop!  …. Fuck,  stop jackin my meat! … Fuck, I don´t want to drop my hot and creamy. …. I want to shoot me sticky suds down your throat. … Go down on me! Swallow my fuck stick! …. Do it now, cunt!

Johnny was kinda crazy. I was scared so I opened my mouth and bent over. …He pushed my head down and rubbed his big purple plumb against my lips. Loved it! …. I felt his spongy, meaty, sticky head move between my lips and rest on my tongue.  I Liked the piss hole where the pre-cum was oozing out. …. Tasted salty and a little metallic but is was hot and sticky like real cum.  Johnny moaned. I sucked even harder.

-Swallow me baby! Gag on me. Come on, slut. Make you man happy, pussy face.

I was in glory. It was my first time with a man. Well, since I was 11 and Johnny was13, he seemed like a man as he plowed into my mouth with his swollen, ozzing, throbbing hunk of stiff, male joy stick.

Johnny was thick, not so long since I remember I could swallow him all the way. I real mouth filler of his vein swollen pussy wreaker. My lips and nose, when I was all the way down on him, met his fuzzy pubs. It tickled my nose That dark spot between his strong, firm legs  was paradise for my innocent lips. All I could think of was how sweet it was giving my cherry to this stud.

-Suck slow, slut! Don´t want to drop my load yet! …. Take it slow! You are so fucking good on my meat-pipe! How many guys you been good to? …. Sammy, you´r mine tonight. From now on you´r gunna smell of my fuck juice! … Get ready, bitch! I´m gunna unload!

Suddenly, Johhny´s cock swelled up even more: I really had to work at it to swallow his six by thick. Then I felt it. Ribbon after ribbon of hot, creamy, thick and sticky cum flooded my mouth in wave after wave to nut cream flooded my now aching mouth-pussy! …. All I could do was gulp down the boy juice.

-Fuck, fuck, fuck my cock! You give great head, cunt-face! Keep sucking till I go soft in your mouth!  Give my meat a good tongue bath. Eat me cream! …. Yah! Go bitch! ….Maybe you´ll give me another boner. …. Yah, I want more face pussy!

I loved the feeling of Johhny´s  tail in my mouth. It was so cummy. It tasted a little salty and metallic but I loved it so much I didn´t want to ever stop. I wanted Johnny to carry me around in his pocket so I could always have the chance to taste a pearl of pre-cum on my tongue.

-Ok, bitch, roll it up and pack it back in my pants.  Come on lick it; polish it for me. …. Oh, ya! That is so goog!

Sudenly, he pushed me away. Johnny stood up, zipped up and walked away leaving me sitting there with the taste of cum in my whore-mouth.

-I´ll tell some of the guys what a great blowjob you give. You´r gunna be real popular at school.

I sat there licking my lips. The taste and smell of Johnny´s cock juice just wouldn´t go away! I knew I was addicted after just one session on the noble  knob.  As Johnny went to wash his meat, I felt lonely. I followed him into the bathroom.

-Hey, Johnny, let me give your dick a tongue bath.

-You are really a fucking fairy!

-Come on Johnny. Whose the queer here? You or me or both us us?

-I ain´t no cock sucking fag, fuck-face! I´m a top and your face is my private pussy. Now, get over here an d drain my nuts real good!

I was back on my knees, Johnny´s floppy fuck stick deep in my mouth. When I heard him groan, I knew I was in paradise: deep down in a man´s  hairy crotch. Now it gave off the parfume of spent cum mixed with saliva and crotch sweat. I was in heaven! God, keep him stiff! Don´t let him cum yet!

It was with Johnny´s man meat in my mouth that I discovered that cock sucking was my pleasure. I love cock sticky with cum! Without his fuck juices a blow job is like a summer day without sun shine. Johnny was now humping me.

-Suck, bitch! Open wide! Eat it all! Ohhhhh,…. So fucking goooood!

All I could think was ‘please don´t cum, yet horse cock! Gag me bad! Let me get it down my throat.

-Deep throat me, fuck boy!  ….. Suck! Slobber! …. You´r my whore!

Fuck, I can´t hold it! that escapes from behind a zipper.

Again ribbons of his thick,  sticky boy juice  flooded my mouth! Had to start gulping it down. So sticky, creamy, warm abundant!I was a happy whore! After all these years I still compare Johnny´s dick to every new one that suddenly flops out from behind the zipper where it was waiting for my tender, loving care.






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