Light Like Magic

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

It's tough to be hated by your boss. Especially one who's only ambition is to rise to the top and keep themselves there.

“In my office. Now.” She said, leaning over the top of my computer monitor. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her rimless glasses framed her crystal blue eyes. But the fire and the flames behind those eyes and the heat of anger radiating from her spoke of a different story. My throat went dry and my guts turned into a pit of snakes.

I knew what she wanted. I done fucked up and this was the end of my career. The good money, the car, the respect, the title all came crashing down about my ears. I could hear it all, was deafened by the silence when the door to my office slammed and my sales award slid askew, and the cheap clocked bounced to the floor, the glass spiderwebbing. I stood, picked up the clock. The hands were frozen, never to move again as I nonchalantly dumped the cheap plastic into the garbage. I slammed the door behind me and heard the thump and the chirp of broken glass.

The hallway was dark except for the occasional fluorescent fixture humming and casting shadows splashing against the wall as I stalked down the hallway. Passing the occasional window, the night was clear, and stars peeked in at me. I paused to look down at the stream of traffic, across at the neon lights, and up at the nearby skyscrapers. Some buildings were speckled with yellow blocks and others were peppered. we were not the only ones working late. I heard the vacuum lowing down the other wing of the office its whining rhythm telling me to just pack it in and go home. Find a new job. Telling me that I know lots of people and someone is hiring.

I thought about Sylvester and going to work for him. I visited him regularly and we did business, and I didn’t know for certain but there was a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that he was involved with the mob. I saw myself sitting down at a little table outside an Italian café with the tiniest cup of espresso I’d ever seen. “Yeah we can help you out, sure. Have I got a deal for you! And the interest rates right now are crazy. What’s that? Collateral? Nah! We know you’re good for it. We don’t need any collateral.” I couldn’t see myself working for Sylv. At least not without drinking a full bottle of Pepto every other day, and never sleeping again.

My hypnosis was shattered when one of the janitors popped out of the office ahead of me. I could barely hear the music coming from his earbuds, Bob Marley. I raised my hand and gave a weak smile as I walked the plank past him. His cheeks flexed a slight smile in return, no teeth. Jesus Christ.

I paused in front of the door and stared at the brass nameplate. I could feel myself wanting to dig deep through the snot and the saliva and spit a load of grease onto that fucking plate and watch it leave a slime trail down the door. Sorry Bob, nice smile you got there but you picked this gig. I breathed before lifting my hand just in time to hear her voice from inside. “Door’s open!”

The thing floated silently inward, revealing a large windowless office, the lighting was dimmed but comfortable. Someone told me once that lighting is done right when you know there is light but can’t see the source. If that were the case, then this was magic. She stood behind the huge desk in the middle of the room all alone. Several oak filing cabinets were along the back and a matching credenza along another wall. It reminded me of my first apartment, not enough furniture to fill the place. My apartment wasn’t far from that now.

The packing tape screeched as she finished taping the box and hefted it across the room. “Lock the door behind you.” She said without turning and I did so. The door stood twice as tall as I was but seemed to float closed with the gentlest of touches and the solid brass lock clunked home. I swallowed and my balls pulled themselves inside. My mouth was a desert and I tried to convince myself that there were more jobs out there and I didn’t need this one and I could work at a grocery store and still make ends meet and Sylvester would look after me even with his high interest rates and his greased back hair and shit eating grin.

“Have a seat.” I walked across the empty expanse, feeling like a prisoner walking across open ground. Armed guards all had their sites on me, waiting for me to turn and make a run for it. I felt sweat pop on my forehead and wiped it off with the back of a hand as I sat. She came around the front and sat on her desk, legs crossed. Now came the cheesy dialogue from the poorly written pornos except the sluts in the pornos didn’t wear Armani skirts, or Versace blouses or Rolex or Coco Chanel.

I sat down, as professional, and comfortable as I could with my tie hanging loose around my neck and shirt undone. Still trying to convince myself that I didn’t need this job. I was better than this. I didn’t deserve to get the ninth degree every time I made a mistake or lost a sale. The first time I fucked up, I deserved it. But it was worth it, the guy was a prick, and we didn’t need his business. But her bonus took a shot in the knee, so I had to pay the price. That time the door was open and the whole sales wing heard me getting raked over the coals. I walked to the bathroom with my head held high and promptly threw up. This time would be different. Maybe I’d wait until she was halfway through her yelling, feign disinterest and walk out the door never to return. And maybe I’d chicken out like the last time.

She steepled her fingers in her lap, ankles crossed, skirt drawn tight over her thighs. Her shoulders were back slightly, blouse tight over the globes of her breasts. She did this every time and she fucking loved it. I think she was just a slut for attention in the male dominated office. She liked to get the other sales reps all wired up and then slap them down like a cold shower. I started into her eyes, unstaring and repeating to myself. You don’t need this job. There are other jobs. You don’t have to take this. There are other jobs. Don’t play into her hands. There are other jobs. You don’t need this. She’s just toying with you. She loves this. You don’t need this job, you can get another one.

“I’m giving you Sunrise Home Furnishings.” She said, deadpan. Her gaze was unflinching. Like a trusting dog I almost jumped at the opportunity. Almost tore the steak from her hand. But held back. There was more to this.

“Ok.” I said. I was somewhat surprised and excited. One of the biggest contracts in the furniture busines. I fought to keep my cool. There was something else. Something beneath the surface, like a lone sailor on a calm glassy sea. But there was a shark under the boat. A big one. I waited for it to bite.

“That’s all.”

“That’s all?” I repeated. “I thought you enjoyed looking after Sunrise?” Ripples in the water.

“I did. Between you and I: I’m tired of the bullshit. I need a change, something different something more laid back. I want to deal with the small accounts again. Try and grow them into big fish like I did with SHF.” Her eyes were still piercing, firm and steady. A single fin sliced through the water, somehow, I could see it in my mind’s eye but like the unwary swimmer had no idea I was being targeted.

“I see. So starting tomorrow you want me to look after SHF?” My heart thumped in my chest at the surreal news. My bonus at the end of this year was going to look pretty good.

“Yes. It’s yours tomorrow morning. 8 AM. Sharp. I’ll email the lawyers and let them know that the account will be your responsibility starting tomorrow. Close the door behind you on your way out.” She stood and circled back around to her computer.

I stood, my mind reeling and walked to the door. I buttoned up my shirt and tightened my tie. I slid the bolt back with a solid clunk and after the words registered, I turned, hand on the doorknob. “What do the lawyers have to do with Sunrise Home Furnishings?” I asked.

“SHF is filing for Chapter Eleven and until they can get their shit together, I’m letting you handle the account.”

There it was. Massive jaws bursting from the water, to engulf me and tear me from my little boat of safety.

“You’re putting my name on the account so I can deal with all the bullshit? So, I can take the blame when sales tank in the not too distant future? So, I’ll lose my bonus when the time comes? And you’ll come out on top smelling like a rose after the dust settles!? Fuck that!” I shouted and locked the door again. Like the last two remaining warriors on the battlefield, we stalked toward each other. She made it to the front of her desk, and we came almost nose to nose. I could smell the rich loam of Chanel and our gaze locked.

“Honey! I’ve always been on top!” She said, teeth bared eyes flaring.

I felt the world drop out from underneath me. A sudden calm overcame me, and I felt relaxed, like I was floating. The tension and anxiety subsided. I felt my eyes go empty, void of emotion and I took a deep breath.

I reached up and grabbed her by the throat, my heart suddenly racing and slammed her flat onto her back. Her glasses flew from her face into the background and her feet kicked off her stilettos. Her hands flew up to her throat and she struggled, as I wedged myself between her legs. I leaned down, pressing my weight onto her; nose to nose again.

“Now I’m the one on top!” I dropped my head quickly and popped her nose firmly against my forehead. She arched her back, and her hands went to her face. No blood. It gave me time to swivel around the desk, stretching out the packing tape as I moved and made a dozen quick wraps around her wrists. “Don’t forget I started with this company working in shipping.” I taped her to the keyboard tray as she blinked, trying to regain focus, her arms stretched far above her head. She blinked and flexed her face, bringing me into focus.

Then she laughed, a deep hearty laugh that filled the room. “I knew you had it in you. I’ve been pushing you for two years and now. Now! You finally rise to the challenge. It’s about fucking time!” I was caught off guard and leaned down so she could feel my power, my hot breath on her lips, so she could know I was serious. And she lifted her head smashing her mouth into mine and drawing a coppery taste into my mouth.

Animal instinct ignited inside me like a flash. I felt it in the back of my mind, right to the core of my being, in my loins.

Her legs wrapped around my waist and I was surprised at how lithe and flexible she was. Her teeth clenched and I could see something in her eyes. Something different. Not anger but a hunger. “Fuck me!” She grimaced and pulled at me reminding me of a caged animal, or a savage dog on a leash. I couldn’t tell which.

She arched her back. I reached up and flipped the zipper on her skirt. It slid it off and onto the floor. I tore off her thong with a free hand while unbuttoning my pants with my other. The material fluttered to the side. I dropped to my knees and kissed the inside of her thigh, left then right. I slid my tongue up her groin and inside her. I felt her legs wrap around my head. Ankles locked and I felt her tense. Muffled moans escaped her, and my tongue massaged her clitoris. Her legs tried to draw me in closer as she clenched her teeth then suddenly nudged me away.

I stood, tie and shirt were spread across the floor. I slid into her and her eyes went wide. “Fucking CHRIST!” Her head lifted and we our gaze locked. For a fleeting moment I saw what looked like fear in her eyes. Was she afraid of me? Afraid of the enjoyment? Was she afraid that our professional relationship wouldn’t ever be the same?

Thrust, thrust, thrust. Her back arched and the keyboard rattled and clattered to the floor. Her legs wrapped around my waist again and she pulled me in time with my thrusting, gaining momentum. Faster and faster

“Stop, let me suck your cock.”

I stepped out of my pants and shoes and walked around the desk, stroking myself. She slid back to the edge of the desk and I could feel her hot breath on the underside of my balls. She took them in her mouth and sucked hard; almost hurting. I ripped her shirt open, popping buttons and I popped the clasp on the front of her bra. She bit and I grabbed a fistful of perfect breast.

“Thirty-five hundred each.” I heard her say underneath me. Her tongue explored my taint. She bit again. I gave her nipples a pinch in each thumb. We both moaned in pleasure. I masturbated as she sucked, and I was getting close.

She slid on the shiny oak and took my cock in her mouth; I felt her nose against my stomach. She was taking it all. Deep. I felt her hot breath against my skin.

I climbed on the desk and pulled her legs back under my arms, opening her up wide. I buried my tongue inside her and she moaned, her mouth full. I licked and massaged her pussy inside and out, I sucked on her clitoris. I bit. She flinched and I felt her suck in air cooling my cock with the intake of a gasp.

She pulled away and her breathing quickened. She was coming. I quickly unpeeled the tape and tossed the sticky ball across the room. I hopped back to the front of the desk and twisted her over. Wrists free, she was on her knees, ass in the air.

I slid inside her again, hot, and warm and slick. She pushed back with my rhythm and she had her teeth clenched. She twisted slightly with my thrusts and I could hear her. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuck.” She gasped and I could feel her start to shudder. “I’ve never tried it before. Fuck. Fuck. But. Fuck. Try it in my ass. Fuck fuck fuck. Be gentle.”

Fuck that.

I slid out of her and inside her ass, just one powerful thrust.

“Cocksucker!” She shouted, and her fist pounded on the table. “ok, ok. Stop.”

“I’m just pushing you.” I said through gritted teeth. She turned and looked back at me, and this time I did see it. Fear. Bright and shiny. Her lip quivered because I knew she saw something in my eyes. Revenge.

I slid my cock back into her pussy.

“Aaah fuck.”

And back into her ass. “Jesus Fuck!” Her fist pounded on the desktop again. She dropped to her stomach. I reached out and grabbed her wrists still thrusting, her head fell forward, ponytail draped over her shoulder.

Then in the ass.

Her whole body tightened and flexed like 600 volts were coursing through her veins. The muscles in her thighs went hard. Her buttocks became rocks. Toes pointed. Toned arms flexed. Shoulders buckled and she almost pulled free of my grip. Almost.

I let her go, and she flopped to the desk. I couldn’t tell if her moan this time was pleasure or pain. I didn’t fucking care at this point. She rolled onto her back, sweat covered her face, the hot smell of sex was thick in the air. Her ponytail had come loose, dark hair was pasted to her back and shoulders. Her chest heaved, nipples pert as she caught her breath.

I came around the desk and kissed her, our teeth clicked together and she lunged for my cock again. I let her suck it. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft, nuzzling into the corners of my groin. I could feel it throbbing.

“Are you ready to go champ?” She asked, smiling and bit the head of my cock.

“Jesus!” I jumped. Lightning shot into my stomach. “Not quite.”

I snatched the packing tape from the floor again.

“Round two? This is going to be a night to remember.” she said, grinning and stretching her legs and angling her arms. She had done this before. Possibly in this office and with this same desk. The tape yawned open in a long strip and she reached up and stroked my cock with her hands. Massaged my balls as I taped her feet to the desk.

I swayed my hips a little and made her reach for it. Made her stretch and reach her arms out as I dodged and weaved. I backed away a little. I looked down at her, helpless. Arms and legs unmoving wrapped right around the desk. “Mouth only.”

She laughed and it sounded nice. This was a laugh that would echo in my mind for a long time to come. I teased her with my cock, closer and back. Her tongue lolled out like a kid trying to catch an ice cream on a string. I let her suck on it for a bit, seeing the shape of my cock in her throat as she took it all. Right down to my balls. She sputtered and I pulled out and started jerking.

“Come on baby. My number one sales guy. Come on. Finish this so we can get back to work.” Mouth open, eyes expectant. Her tongue curled.

Orgasm washed over me and my legs flexed and I was high on my toes and grunting. Semen spat out and between her breasts in a long rope. It dripped onto her chin, and in her mouth, and onto her nose and across the top of her lip. I squeezed every drop and let a long string of spit hang from my mouth. She leaned up for it and sucked it into hers. The adrenaline subsided, and a calm comfort; a warm glow took its place. And I rubbed my balls across her face and down onto her lips for one final lick, smearing opalescent liquid across her nose and forehead.

“Oooooooh. Strong finish.” She cooed.

I walked back to the front of her desk. She arched her head back, eyes closed. Expectant of things to come.

“Can you move?”  I asked, smiling. Playfully. “At all?”

“Not at all.” She said, eyes closed. The tape flexed, but there was no slack just a crinkling sound. “Don’t keep me waiting.”

There was the rustle of fabric as I put my underwear and socks back on. Slacks. Shirt. I picked a few hairs and fibers from the white oxford shirt. Not Armani but affordable.

She craned her head, looking at me. “Well if you’re getting dressed, then I’m done. Let me up. That was a nice romp though, although I could have gone again.

“It was, wasn’t it?” I countered, straightening my tie as best I could without a mirror. I checked my watch. The cleaners would be finished up by now, and she would be all alone until someone came in the morning. I ran my hand through my hair and although still sticky I’d clean up when I got back to the apartment.

“Ok, let me up.” She said. Steam growing, flames igniting.


“What do you mean nope?! What the FUCK do you MEAN? Get me out of this! NOW!”

I walked over to her; semen still sticky on her face. I could see a slight shine. I looked her right in the eyes. She stopped flexing, crinkling the tape waiting to be freed. “I quit.”


I turned on my heel and started toward the door. She continued to curse and swear as I made my exit: stage left. The brass lock clunked back, and my gentle push had the door open and fresh air streamed in. I was sure to close the door behind me.


Soundproofed office. Who would have thought?

I tossed the box of my belongings into the taxi. As I climbed inside, I paused. Leaning on the door. The city noise churning and splashing behind me and I stopped and stared at the tall black obelisk in front of me. There wasn’t a single light on. Except for one. I couldn’t see it but I knew it was there.

It was like magic.

Submitted: December 15, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Christopher Jay. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

LOL! What just revenge! She got just what she wanted. I don't know why she's so unhappy. He gave her what he asked for and then walked out like the champ she called him. Well played and well written. Very enjoyable office romp. :)

Thu, December 17th, 2020 12:29am


I hope you enjoyed it. I don't get to pick the stories, they just flow from my fingers....if I can keep my ass in the chair.

Thu, December 17th, 2020 9:45am


Damn that was good. Spme asshole bosses deserve to have you quit like that after they treat you rge way they do and take credit for your hard work I loved this.

Mon, December 21st, 2020 4:38am


Thanks Story, I thought it as a revenge piece and it seemed to have worked out better than I had planed. I'm glad you liked it.

Mon, December 21st, 2020 5:46pm

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