Master Says

Master Says

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Mature Content: Follow Teagan as she finds herself in the throws of passion from the first moment to the very last as she enters into a world of passion, discipline, and sex.


Mature Content: Follow Teagan as she finds herself in the throws of passion from the first moment to the very last as she enters into a world of passion, discipline, and sex.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Master Says

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Mature Content: Follow Teagan as she finds herself in the throws of passion from the first moment to the very last as she enters into a world of passion, discipline, and sex.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 11, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 11, 2013



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Master Says


Teagan looked in the mirror one final time as she turned her body in a complete circle knowing she looked absolutely sexy. After trying on about five different outfits, she decided on a super short mini skirt to accentuate her perfectly toned legs along with a tight belly shirt showing off her tiny waist and full large breasts. Her brown eyes were bright and hopeful as she stood there applying her lip gloss knowing that tonight she going to drive all the men wild with desire.


A horn beeped outside indicating her ride has arrived. She kissed her reflection goodbye, leaving a full pink glossy lip stain on the mirror only to be cleaned off tomorrow by her overly compulsive neat freak sister.


“Let’s go.” Yelled Teagan.


“Coming.” Said both her sister and cousin in unison. The three girls made their way out to the cab in silence while the cab driver stared at them through the rearview mirror every chance he had.


Teagan smiled inwardly as she crossed and uncrossed her legs being sure to give the hot cab driver a sneak peak of her moist, panty less rosebud each time. With a sexy smile she parted her legs and left them open giving him a different view while he drove.


She glanced at both her sister and cousin and realized their faces were buried in their phones oblivious to what was going on. She smirked as she placed her finger in her mouth and began sucking while spreading her legs a little more causing the cabby to strain his eyes and swerve to avoid an accident.


Teagan looked at the driver in the mirror as she asked, “Would you mind stopping at a store so I can by some gum?”


The cab driver winked, immediately pulled over and waited while Teagan fiddled in the store doing his best to keep his raging hard on under control. He spotted Teagan and locked both rear doors forcing her to sit up front with him.


He licked his lips and began to speak in a deep, sexy voice, “Just thought you’d have more room.”


Her cousin managed to look up from her cell phone, “Change of plans, can you drop me off at Havamyers please, it’s about three blocks from here.”


Teagan slightly lifted up her skirt and spread her legs as she turned her body to face her cousin as she asked, “Why are you going there?”


“Maria and April are there and claim there’s a lot of hot guys there.”


Teagan’s sister looked up at her cousin as she nodded, “Yeah, I’ll go with you, sounds like a plan.”


With the girls distracted Teagan sat there a little longer giving the cab driver a view of her bald p*ssy as it leaked a juicy trail down her leg. The cab driver adjusted himself and as he did, he noticed Teagan sat down correctly, placed her hands on her lap and stared out the window as she watched her cousin and sister walk into the club.


Teagan turned her head to face the cabby as soon as she noticed the girls walked into the club, “I’m going to the original address.” And attempted to open the front door and move to the back seat.


“Thanks for the p*ssy show.” Said the cab driver, “I’d rather you stay right where you are.”


Teagan nervously smiled as she adjusted herself to give him another peak.


Doing his best to play his part, he licked his lips and watched as Teagan teased him a little more. She looked at him and asked with an extremely seductive voice, “Wanna touch it.”


“If I touch your p*ssy, it’s mine.”


“Yours?” laughed Teagan, “No, it doesn’t work that way.” Responded Teagan in a breathy whisper as she ran her right hand up and down her thigh in a seductive fashion as she gave him a better view.


“If my finger just grazes your delicate flower, it becomes mine in that very instant.” Said the Cabby in a raspy voice.


Teagan leaned her head back against the headrest as she twisted her body and spread her legs open enticing the cab driver even more. “My sweet little snatch has a mind of her own and does what she pleases, when she pleases.”


“Show me your tits.” Said the cabby as they pulled up to a red light. “And move your body closer to me, I’m gonna finger you and watch you squirm as the guys in that truck watch.”


Teagan lifted her shirt exposing her full, round breasts and moaned as she felt the cab drivers finger find its way inside her pleading mound. Her head rolled off to the side as she felt his finger move in a perfect circle inside her over and over again. The driver in the truck yelled, “Ram it in and out of her, make her squirm.”


The light changed causing horns to sound and the cab driver began to drive as his finger pumped in and out of Teagan’s extremely wet snatch.


“My you’re a wet little girl.” Moaned the cab driver as he felt himself twitch from excitement.


Teagan groaned, “Yes.” As she closed her eyes enjoying what the cabby was doing to her.


“You belong to me, this delicious flower is mine.” Growled the cabby, “If I see another man touching you or vise versa you’ll pay the consequences.”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Said Teagan too consumed in the pleasure as she moved her body in a circular motion while concentrating on her orgasm.


The cabby added two more fingers inside her and began finger fucking her hard and knew she was ready. Just as he felt her first contraction he stopped, “Remember you’re mine, don’t let me catch you even talking to another man.”


“I heard you the first time.” Said Teagan completely frustrated.


“Good girl.” Said the cab driver as he rammed his fingers inside of her pumping her hard and fast.


Teagan let out a loud scream, “I’m coming.” As her body convulsed around his fingers in wild abandon.


Once Teagan came down from her climax, the cabby slid his fingers out of her and placed them in his mouth as he watched her, “Delicious.”


“Thanks. How much do I owe you?” asked Teagan as she opened up her purse took out a twenty-dollar bill and placed it in his glistening hand.


He turned and faced her, “Remember what I said.” As he watched her slide out of the car and slam the door behind her not giving him a second thought. He watched her as she flirted with the two huge men at the door, shook his head and drove off.


Teagan made her way inside and made her way over to the bar, stood on the ledge with her ass up in the air showing just a hint of her rounded ass, just enough to tease. Showing her cleavage she managed to get the attention of the handsome bartender,


“Hi there, may I have a Long Island Iced Tea please.”


“Sure thing babe.” Said the bartender. Once finished, he brought the drink over to her and watched her drink the entire drink down without pausing for a breath. She finished the drink and banged the glass on the bar took out money and placed it down. “Another one please.”


“Someone is looking for trouble.” Said the bartender, “Are you sure you want another one? That drink is potent.”


Teagan took a deep intake of breath and quickly let it out as she debated what the bartender said. After a few minutes thought, she managed a smile as she spoke softly, “Okay, you’re right, I’ll come back in a bit.”


She jumped off the ledge and made her way to the huge dance floor and joined the crowded floor. As she began moving her body, the beat of the music took her to another place as feelings of sexual desire overwhelmed her.





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