My First Experience

My First Experience My First Experience

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


My first experience with another woman after many, many years of yearning for it but hiding and running from it.


My first experience with another woman after many, many years of yearning for it but hiding and running from it.


Submitted: February 01, 2012

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Submitted: February 01, 2012




  Part I

It all started out innocently enough when they signed up to coach their kids basketball team and were thrown together to co-coach.  Since then they have been inseparable.  Their kids play basketball together, sleep over at each other’s homes and spend as much time together as possible.  They are always being thrown together because of their kids.  But that is not the only time they choose to see each other.  They have gone out to parties and the movies.  They play basketball, softball and soccer on adult leagues together.  They love each other’s company and spend time together whenever they can.  They are BFF’s.  At least that is what they tell themselves and anyone else who asks. 

Andrea is a successful office administrator in a large law firm.  She studied law in college but was unable to finish her degree because she got pregnant with her first child and then a second one quickly followed.  Then came the nasty divorce and she never did quite get back into school.  She has her bachelor’s degree but not her law degree.  She makes good money but sometimes it doesn’t go far, not with five kids.  Yeah there were three more kids and another failed marriage after the first.  She has an on again, off again boyfriend that doesn’t treat her very well most of the time and when he is treating her well she is treating him like crap.

Jane is a professor at the local university.  She is a lifetime student.  She is married with three kids and life looks like a storybook fairytale from the outside.  Truth be told there is nothing really wrong with her life.  She has plenty of money, a great relationship with her husband, awesome kids and anything anyone could want in life.  There is absolutely no reason for her to be dissatisfied with her life but she is.  There is the fact that she has never really felt desired for by her husband.But maybe that is just the way it is when you have been married for so long.  Maybe she has just forgotten what it was like in the beginning.So she is dissatisfied with some part of her that she can’t quite put her finger on.

Tonight Jane and Andrea  are going to a class reunion for Andrea.  She wanted to go and didn’t want to go alone so she asked Jane to join her. 

“It will be fun. You get to meet the guy I dated in high school and some of my girlfriends and they get to meet you.  Please say you will go?” Andrea pleaded.

“Okay.  But we will have to go shopping because I have nothing to wear.”, said Jane.

“That is not true.  You know I like the way you look in that green sweater you wore the other night when we went out after basketball.  Just wear that with your best jeans and you are good to go.”, said Andrea.

“Hmmmm.  Well should I wear my hair up or down?”

Jane, I like your hair up or down.  You pick.  You always look good.  Quit worrying about it.  Just be yourself and let’s go have a good time.”

Why was Jane so nervous?  Maybe because she was going to meet Andrea’s friends and she didn’t know if she would feel like a third wheel or what was going to happen.  It was a bit unnerving.  Andrea was so beautiful.  Long blonde hair, perfect body, bright eyes and a gorgeous smile.  Jane felt like an ugly duckling when she was with her sometimes.  She loved spending time with Andrea but sometimes she was jealous when  other people came around and started paying attention to her.  It was so high school and yet she couldn’t help herself.  Jane didn’t really know why she felt that way.  It was silly really.  I mean what was there to be jealous about?  Andrea was not going to quit being her friend.  She felt secure in their friendship so she couldn’t identify why she would feel jealous.  She had felt that way before with a girlfriend she had in high school but she had always chalked that up to immaturity.  Maybe you just never grew up.

Part II

Jane’s phone rang.  She put down her curling iron and went to answer it.

“Hey I know you usually drive but I am already out.  I had to take one of the kids to a party, so I will just swing by and get you.  Are you ready?  Oh well if you aren’t I will just come over and we can visit while you finish up.  Be there in a few.” Andrea spilled out in a few breathless sentences.

“Okay, see you soon.”

A few minutes later there was banging at the door and it flew open as Andrea swept in out of the snow storm that was raging outside.

“Hey where is everybody?”

“Oh Jason took the kids out to eat and then they were gonna catch a movie.” Jane called from upstairs.

 “Wow, I almost feel guilty taking you out tonight when you could have an evening to yourself.” Andrea said in a pseudo whiny voice.

“Come on up Andrea.  I will be just a few more minutes.”

When Andrea walked in Jane could not believe how great she looked.  “Wow you look awesome!”

“Thanks and so do you.”, Andrea laughed.

Jane looked down and at her unmatching bra and panties and said, “I was just about to get dressed, I don’t like to put on my clothes until my hair is fixed.  Hand me that sweater off the bed please.”

Andrea grabbed the sweater and walked toward Jane.  “I like your necklace.”, she said as she reached out and took it in her fingers.“Did you get that today?  I hope you didn’t buy it just for tonight.  You would have looked great without it. “She let her hand fall away and as it did it brushed against Jane’s chest and breasts.

Jane turned away and quickly put the sweater on.  What in the world was she feeling.  She was aroused by Janie’s touch.  As she turned away though,  Andrea ran a finger down the middle of Jane’s back.  “You went to the tanning salon today too.  I can see you are a little burned.  Do you need me to put some lotion on it for you?”

“Uhmmm no,” Jane said as she whirled back around, confused and a little off kilter.  Wow she felt a little uncomfortable…no make that a lot but she also found herself thrilled at the same time.  She quickly stepped into her jeans and then sat down on the bed to put on her shoes.  Andrea stepped back watching her get ready.

“Hey Jane, no need to hurry.  We have time.”, Andrea said as she took a step in Jane’s direction.

Jane stood up and when she did it drew her even closer to Jane.  There they stood face to face.  Suddenly Jane had the distinct urge to lean in and kiss Andrea.  They looked at each other for far too long and then Jane dropped her head and said, “Well, let’s go.  We are all ready now.”  She looked up and smiled at Andrea and Andrea smiled back with a little bit if a twinkle in her eye.

Part III

The ride to the reunion which was being held in a local sports bar was a tad quiet and a little uncomfortable for Jane. Andrea had to take a few phone calls on the way over so it helped to alleviate some of the awkwardness.  When they arrived at the sports bar they took a bar side table and waited for the rest of the group to arrive. Andrea had been right, there was no hurry.They had time to have two drinks before anybody else arrived.  The evening picked up as more and more of her ex classmates arrived.  People were laughing and having a great time getting reacquainted.  Jane was introduced to everyone and the evening was going well.  The crew then decided that they wanted to go over to another local hangout because they could shoot some pool and play darts.  Andrea turned to ask Jane if she wanted to go and at the same time knocking over her drink spilling it all over her  jeans.

“Jane I want to go over to the other place but I’ll need to run back home and change.  Is that okay with you?”

“Sure Andrea.  This is your night, I am just along for the ride so whatever you want.”

They climbed back into the car and headed for Andrea’s house.  When they arrived Jane noticed that it was dark and no one seemed to be at home.

“Jane, come on in.  It will take me a while to locate a good pair of jeans.  I haven’t done laundry or put away what I have done in ages.”

“Okay I am right behind you.” Jane said.

“Hey do me a favor and get the wine out of the fridge and pour us a glass.  I will be upstairs.  Thanks  Jane.”

Jane headed for the familiar kitchen and grabbed the red wine.  She opened the dishwasher and got out two wine glasses , filled them and headed upstairs.  She knocked on Andrea’s door and it opened as she did so.  The room was dark but there was a glow resonating from the bathroom.  As she rounded the corner Andrea did as well bumping into her and causing the wine to spill on the green sweater she had worn at Andrea’s recommendation. 

“Oh shit.” Cried Jane.

Andrea laughed and took the wine glasses from Jane’s hands.  “Don’t worry I can get that out for you.  Here let me help you.”

Andrea’s hands were on her waistline and pulling the sweater up over her head faster than she could react .  As she did she drew her closer and bent down toward her face.  She looked Jane in the eyes for a moment and seeing no protest, kissed her softly on the lips.  Jane didn’t even think about it, she kissed her back.

Andrea’s hands slid down Jane’s back as she let the sweater fall to the ground and she ran her finger along her bra strap sliding it off her shoulder.  There was a sigh of pleasure that escaped Jane’s mouth.  Jane found herself reaching under Andrea’s shirt and pulling it off over her head.  Her hands went back down to Andrea’s breasts and she took them in.  They felt so good to her.  She ran her fingers along the lace that adorned the cups of the bra and then down Andrea’s stomach.  When she did, she realized that Andrea  was in her panties and not her jeans.  She pulled away so she could look at her.  She wasn’t thinking now, she was just acting.  She slid down and kissed her stomach and ran her fingers along the inside edge of Andrea’s lacy panties.  Andrea was breathing hard and her hands were in Jane’s hair.

Jane slid back up and kissed Andrea on the mouth.  As she did so she unlatched her bra and let it fall to the ground.  Andrea likewise released Jane’s bra and it too fell by the wayside.  Her hands trailed down Jane’s body and along the waistband of her pants.  She unclasped the jeans and dropped to her knees kissing Jane’s stomach and pulling the jeans off at the same time.  She kissed her way back up Jane’s body until she was back where they began.  Their mouths were hungry for each other and theykissed fervently and passionately.  Jane felt pleasure she had not felt in a long, long time maybe ever.


Part IV

Jane pulled away and dropped her head.

“I don’t think that  I can do this.” She said.

“Jane, I am sorry.  I really don’t know what came over me.  We just had too much to drink.  That’s all.  It was a silly mistake. “  Andrea said as she pulled a towel from the counter and around her chest, securing it tightly.

“Andrea,”  Jane whispered, “I…um, you don’t have to apologize to me.  Everything is fine.”

Jane reached down on the floor to pick up her bra and put it back on.  She pulled it on and then looked in Andrea’s dresser drawer for a t-shirt.  She knew where it was because she had put laundry up in this house as much as she did her own.  How could she have let this happen?  This could end up ruining one of the best friendships she had ever enjoyed.  Damn it.

Andrea walked out of the bathroom with a t-shirt and shorts on.  She plopped on the bed and sighed.  “Wow, what an evening huh?  Still friends?”

“Oh Andrea, of course we are still friends.”, Jane said as she sat down next to Andrea on the bed.  She hugged Andrea to her and kissed her on the top of the head. 

“You want to hear something funny?”, Andrea asked.  “I have never kissed a girl before tonight.  I have plenty of gay friends and have had ample opportunity but no one has ever made me want to try it before you.  I know that I am taking a chance telling you this but I feel like I have to.”

“Andrea, I know we had a lot to drink but the truth is that I am attracted to you and I find myself enjoying and wanting to do things with you that I have never done with a woman before.  I have found the thoughts to be both perplexing and exhilarating.  So, Andrea, you don’t need to apologize.  I understand completely.”

Andrea reached over and laid her hand on Jane’s hand.  And when Jane turned to look her in the eye, passion sparked between them and there was no stopping this time.  Their mouths came together in sweet surrender as they embraced each other passionately removing the remaining clothing they each wore. 

Although neither of them had ever  made love to another woman, it seemed so natural.  There were no awkward pauses and no hesitations.  They made love like they knew what they were doing and it was the sweetest love making that Jane had ever enjoyed.  The passion that enveloped her as she ran her hands and mouth over Andrea’s body was overwhelming.  It was a slow and explorative scene.  Never had she taken so much time to kiss and touch.  When her mouth came to Andrea’s center, she became even more excited as her mouth found what it needed and she could hear the pleasured breaths of her lover.  She slipped first one finger and then another into Andrea and moved rhythmically.  Andrea’s back arched in pleasure as she came.  It was the most exciting and thrilling experience of Jane’s life.  She could not believe how amazing this all felt.

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