Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Hi Everyone Please fill free to comment as I would like to know where I'm going wrong etc Thank you inadvance for any comments :) ps Just to let you know I did put the beginning of this story under different name but couldn't get back on that page


Hi Everyone

Please fill free to comment
as I would like to know where I'm going wrong etc

Thank you inadvance for any comments :)

ps Just to let you know I did put the beginning of this story under different name but couldn't get back on that page

Chapter1 (v.1) - EARTHBOUND SERIES

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Hi Everyone<br /> <br /> Please fill free to comment<br /> as I would like to know where I'm going wrong etc<br /> <br /> Thank you inadvance for any comments :)<br /> <br /> ps Just to let you know I did put the beginning of this story under different name but couldn't get back on that page <br />

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 15, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 15, 2015






How it came to be they couldn't remember or whom had set the wheels in Motion and as they sat and stared at each other across the large enclosed room. They all knew that they were bound to protect the other no matter what they thought of the other.

They would have to learn to live amongst each other and over the coming Centuries they knew it was going to be damn hard for they had always been enemies.  

Now they had no chose but be comrades. Protectors of this rock

that was called Earth. To watch over these weak creatures that lived on this dry land who called their self’s Humans.  To protect them as much as they had to protect each other.

Each Leader must go to a different continent on this World and in doing so taking some of the other tribus pepulo as well as leaving some of their own behind.

To call upon each other when help was needed, so though unhappy to do so the Lamia, Werewulf and Angeli would come together as a group of protectors watching each other's backs when needed and protecting anyone who needed their help. They would have to become the lemures, the dark shadows that cross the paths of the humans and those that they did cross paths with would not know or understanding what they had seen.

So From that day on they would call their self’s The Protectors of Earth Forever the carers of this Planet and the humans who lived on it.


Earthbound series:#0.




He never knew what hit him. One day he felt normal the next he'd changed completely. He had felt the changes the minute he had woken . How he'd kept it a secret for so long he never knew and if truth be told he didn't give a shit.

As time had passed he'd felt so much stronger than he'd ever been. Stronger and more deadly He couldn't stop the changes that had happened to his body and in the end had stopped fighting it and instead had opened his arms in welcome.

He had slowly built up his army selecting his men on their strength and skills.  It was still small not more than twenty but he was more than happy. As time went on he planned to choose more.  It would take time but he was fine with that. 

In the end he would succeed. He'd been following the woman for weeks now getting to know who she spent time with and most of all her family. He knew her inside and out. To what perfume she liked to wear to what drink she liked. She was the fourth for him. He had gotten to enjoy it from the very beginning. From when he first picked his next prey to thevery end. He couldn't help it and it seemed to get easier every time.

This one was better than the last. She smelt just right and met his Requirements. He'd been watching her 24-7. He loved to watch her strip naked with her large breasts jiggling as she stretched this way and that then swinging from side to side.  Her pussy was completely shaven.

Her blood would taste sweet to his tongue gliding down his throat like sugar. He couldn't wait any longer. Tonight was going to be the night to take her and he couldn't wait. It had been so easy he thought as he tied her hands above her head and secured her legs before walking around her. He stopped in front of her  running one finger down her white throat to the top of her opened blouse just at the cleavage of her breasts. He could fill her heart beating so very fast it felt as if it was going to jump out of herchest and into his hand. She'd join the others in time and eventually except her fate as the others had. If she didn't ... well he was in no doubt there would be more just like her.

He wondered how long it would be before she would start to come to. The drug seemed to be taking its time to leave her system and he was growing impatient. They were going to have so much fun he chucked as he ripped the shirt apart buttons flying in all directions her breasts jiggling with the movement.

He stared at her cupped filled breasts in delight. The lace black bra pushed her breasts up as if they were standing to attention.  The areola poked above the edge of the lace as if they were just waiting for his touch. He pulled down both of the bra cups baring her flesh to his eyes. He cupped one of her breasts squeezing it in his large hand and watching in satisfaction as it bulged over his fingers.  With his other hand he slapped the other breast one side then the other watching in glee as her pale skin turned pink. He watched as he gripped her nipple between two fingers and began to Pull it towards him twisting it left then right licking his lips as he did so.

How He was going to enjoy fucking her. Both her holes where going to be ridden till he was completely satisfied. He'd always loved a good screw and since the changes he'd gone through that feeling that need had only become stronger and he had the feeling she was going to be one of the best he'd taken.

After he'd finished with her he'd throw her to one or two of his men and go hunting again. Until then she was his and his alone to play with. 





Chapter One

Present Day.

Axel shifted in the car seat again trying his hardest to stop his backside going dead which wasn't working.  He also knew that in doing so was driving his partner who was sitting in the other seat around the bend as he'd asked him for what seemed like for the hundredth time to keep still.  He hated nights like these.  With the rain falling heavily banging down onto the roof of the car they were sitting in. It was like a constant boom boom and this waiting for something to happen just seemed to dragged on.He'd Rather be out there. In the pitch black walking the streets At least then he felt he was doing something more useful.

'For fuck sake!' Hale growled opening one green eye which seemed to glow in the darkness at him 'Keep your bloody ass still,’

'It's going numb,' he moaned back clenching and unclenching them as if in some way it would cure the problem.

'Shame it isn't your head,' Hale replied closing his eye again.

 'How can you just sit there,' Axel complained as he watched Hale settle himself down for a long nap 'not two minutes ago you were sleeping,’

Hale raised one dark eyebrow slowly turning his head towards him ‘I appeared to be you mean, ‘he corrected him ,'Looks can be deceiving, ‘he replied opening his eyes while flashing two long fangs 'and you should know that by now,’

'Of course I know that! ‘Axel snapped back flashing his own fangs before turning his eyes back to the street ' but you all seem to go into a kind of coma which can be quite ..... Off putting,’

'That's only when we have to go into a deep sleep for one reason or another,' Hale stated 'which you full well know about, ‘he carried on Saying as he looked down the road as an imagine walking towards them caught his eye.

'You've seen them, ‘A deep rough voice came from the back of the Car as they lent forward.

Hale nodded his head, hoping that he wasn't giving his feelings away in any shape or form. 'I sensed them.... some ten minutes ago,’

'He's stalking the girl, ‘Aaron replied from the back seat 'and she hasn't a clue,’

'Both!? I can only see the girl' Axel said feeling a bit peeved off as she came into view 'where's the one following her?'  He questioned squeezing his eyes shut trying to see the other person in the darkness. Wishing at that moment that he had that gift.

'A few feet behind,' Aaron replied leaning back into the seat. 'He feels,' he paused 'different, ‘thinking of the right word to use and not coming up with one.

Hale nodded his head in agreement having had the same feeling the minute he'd sensed him, something was not right and he couldn't quite put his finger on it. That's why it had taken him so long to realise that somebody was stalking the girl and had been for a while.

'Axel you follow the girl,' Hale instructed him, being one of the best trackers they had 'see where she goes and if anyone else is following her and I know I don't have to tell you to keep out of site,’

 'No you don't ,'Axel replied  feeling a bit insulted as he'd never in all his years had he ever been seen tracking someone 'what are you and Aaron going to do?'

Hale grinned the kind that you gave to someone that wasn't pleasant or welcoming. ‘OH we're going to follow the dirt bag that’s following her,'

'We need to find out what he's up to and how long he's been stalking her,'Aaron chipped in.

 Axel pulled his hood up covering his head, ‘Then I'll see you guys in a few hours, ‘he told them as he opened the car door ‘Happy hunting,’and blended into the darkness as if he had always belonged.

Hale turned his head slightly as he watched Axel slip out of the car and disappear as if he'd never been there.

They sat in complete silence. Each feeling relaxed in the company of the other while waiting patiently for the stalker to fully come into view. They didn't have to wait for long.  

He appeared in a hazy blur and as he moved lifting his head turning it left then right as if sniffing the air for his prey as he walked.

'Can you smell it?'  Aaron question As a strong sweet lilac smell carried across to them and drifted to his Nosestrolls. It was something he hadn't smelt for a hell of a long time and He’d hoped that he would never smell again.

'Fuck,' Hale cursed as the same smell started to drift towards him. 'This is all we fucking need,’

'I think we need to call .....'

 'No...' Hale interrupted 'not yet. If we decide we're going to need more back up we can call it in then,’

His thoughts briefly turned to Nathan and how he was going to react to news that maybe they have a half-bred on their hands and one that had gone through the change but that would have to wait for now. First they had to deal with the problem.

'No verbal Communication from now,'

Aaron nodded his head indicating that he understood. He wasn't inclined to use silent  communication never had liked it but sometimes your own like or dislike had to go out of the window and you just had to go with the flow and others safely had to come into Account.

They watched and waited until he'd passed then got out of the car to follow keeping in the shadows and a good distance away. They didn't want him to realise that he was being watched or by whom.

'Nathan needs to know,' Aaron stated, ‘what’s going on and the sooner that

happens the better,'

Hale signed knowing that he was right and that Aaron would bring the subject up at some point he'd never been the type to let things linger

'He's still in the curatio humus.' Hale told him using the old term for healing ground.

'When was the last time he was awoken,' Aaron questioned him. Not liking where this was going. For though the limia had to go to ground if badly wounded in battle they were given enough blood to last through most of the healing period then after that period had passed they had to be fed once again and when strong enough if they didn't wake on their own accord then someone they trusted had to awaken them every so often where they could feed their self’s and from the vibes he was getting off of Hale he wondered if the later part had been happening. If it hadn't they were going to have one very hungry pissed off limia on their hands when he did awaken.

Hale sighed he knew that Aaron wasn't going to be impressed with the answer but it had been taken out of his hands.  'You got to understand. It was taken out of my hands....' Hale paused the old anger rearing its ugly head

'You have been gone a hell of a long time and it was taken out of everyone's hands. The council decided for their own private reasons that as he wasn't waking up by himself it was best to leave him there,’

Aaron swore was he hearing right! The fucking council those shit heads. 'I'm his bloody second! You could have got a message to me. Informed me of what was going on!!' This was sounding worse than he feared, 'How bloody long!' He demanded to know.

Hale swallowed knowing that every answer he gave him was just going to piss him off even more than the last.'He hasn't fed or been awoken in months,'


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