Natalia's Inquisition

Natalia's Inquisition

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Natalia Dillon can't resist temptation at a convention.



Natalia Dillon can't resist temptation at a convention.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Natalia's Inquisition

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Natalia Dillon can't resist temptation at a convention.

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Submitted: December 17, 2012




Natalia Dillon had only come to the convention alone because she had no choice. Her husband, Gregory, was supposed to have come with her, but two days before they were supposed to leave, he came home from work and told her there was an emergency at work and he couldn't take the time off to go with her. Natalia's job required her to be at the convention, so she had no choice but to go without her husband. She was miffed at having to be there alone even though she knew it wasn't her husband's fault that he couldn't come with her.


She wanted her husband to come with her because if her was there, it would be a way of keeping things from happening that Natalia didn't want to happen. Things that happened every time she went away without her husband. Things that kept her in a constant struggle with guilt and shame.


Natalia decided to skip the conference banquet. The day had begun early and she was tired. She walked out of the main exhibition room and bumped into Mitchell Thomas, a man who, like Natalia, was a sales representative, but for a company that competed with hers. Their seats were next to each other and, during the day, they had introduced themselves and struck up a friendly conversation.


"Aren't you going to the banquet, Natalia?" Mitchell asked.


"I've heard Merlin Burke talk before," Natalia replied, referring to the man who was giving a speech at the banquet. "I thought it would be better sleeping in my room than doing it at a smoke filled dinning room."


Mitchell laughed. " I've heard Merlin, too," he chuckled. "I know what you mean. How about having a drink with me before you go back to your room?"


Natalia accepted Mitchell's invitation and went with him to the hotel's cocktail lounge. The cocktail waitress came right over. He asked her what she wanted to drink, she told him, and he ordered.


Natalia in the cozy seat next to the man she'd just met, feeling very nervous. "I have to watch myself tonight," she told herself while they waited for their drinks to arrive. "Mitchell's a handsome guy and a smooth talker. I can't let myself act like I always do any more." When the drinks arrived, she sipped hers. "I'll finish this drink, then I’ll go to my room," she thought. "That's what I have to do."


The bar had an Irish theme and a small Irish band was playing Gaelic tunes. Natalia liked the music, but the intimacy of the bar, and the fact that Mitchell was sitting very close to her made her feel very uneasy.


Natalia was thirty-five years old, although it was difficult to tell that by looking at her. She had honey brown hair that, when she wore it straight, hung just below her shoulders. Her pert, unlined face looked almost exactly the same as it did in her secondary school pictures, and wide blue eyes that were one of her best features. Although she had three children, her body was as taut and lean as it had ever been. She was proud of the fact that her dress size was exactly what it was when she left secondary school.


Tonight she was wearing an ivory shirt-dress that wrapped around her slim waist, and was held closed by a single gold button. It was cut quite low in front and was a bit more daring than the outfits she usually wore. She bought it especially for the convention, thinking her husband would be coming with her, and he told her he thought it was beautiful when she modelled it for him after she brought it. She was sorry he wasn't with her now to see her wear it.


Mitchell sipped his drink and gazed across the table at Natalia. He had an appreciative look in his eyes. "What do you think about the convention so far?" he asked. "Make any sales?"


Natalia sipped a little more of her drink, then she nodded. "Actually, I did make a couple of sales, and I got a couple of names of people that want me to call on them later," she replied, smiling.


Mitchell smiled at her. "Sounds like you're doing better than I am," he said. "Of course, you have a better product to offer than I do, but don't tell my boss I told you that." He took a swallow of his drink. "You know, I kind of like this Irish music. It's a lot nicer than rock and roll."


Natalia smiled and nodded. "I know," she agreed. "Usually, in places like this, the band plays rock and roll. Maybe I'm getting old. but I just don't see what kids like about modern music."


Mitchell took another sip of his drink and nodded. "I know what you mean," he said. "Seems to me, modern rock and roll is just a lot of noise. It's a lot different than what they called rock and roll when I was a teenager, that's for sure. I've never heard much Irish music. It's nice, isn't it? It kind of makes you smile, doesn’t it?"


"It does, doesn't it?" Natalia agreed. She'd been tapping her foot and humming along with the music. Along with her drink, the music did have her in a very good mood.


Mitchell looked across the table at Natalia, who sat there, acutely aware of his gaze, tapping her fingers on the table, keeping time with the band's beat. He took a deep breath. "Would you like to dance?" He asked.


"Tell him thank you, but don't do it," Natalia told herself. Then she had second thoughts. "Oh, boy, what's the harm in a dance or two?" She muled over. She smiled at the man sitting across the table. "Thanks for asking me, Mitchell, I'd love to dance," she replied and slid out from between her seat and the table.


Mitchell stood up and they walked to the dance floor. For a minute, they stood on the edge of the small area filled with dancing couples, looking at each other, then Mitchell held out his arms and she stepped into them. When her body brushed against his, she was stunned when she felt a fluttering sensation in her stomach and her breath caught. "Just one dance!" She warned herself. "You're going to do something stupid if you keep this up!


While they danced, Natalia noticed that Mitchell was holding himself away from her awkwardly, as if he was trying to keep from his body from touching hers. Then he brushed against her and she realized why he was holding himself that way. He had an erection! He was getting turned on by dancing with her!


"My God! I don't believe he's turned on from dancing with me!" She thought. The fluttering in her stomach grew more pronounced. "He's holding himself that way so I can’t tell!" That realization caused the feeling Natalia had begun to experience to flourish. She pressed her body against her partner's as they danced, knowing she was teasing him, but teasing herself at the same time. She wanted to keep the unsettling, but nice, feelings growing inside her, even though she knew it was dangerous for her to play this game.


The song they were dancing to ended. Natalia was disappointed, but her disappointment quickly faded when the band moved into another number. She and Mitchell stayed on the large dance floor and, as they continued to dance, she kept brushing against him. She managed to let her leg hit his quite often, making it more and more difficult for her partner to conceal the swollen shaft in his trousers.


Natalia was disappointed when the band announced that the next number they were playing would be the last for the night. She was having a wonderful time, and was sad that the evening, which had wound up being much more fun than she had expected, was coming to an end.


When the last dance was over, she walked back to the table with Mitchell. "Thanks for asking me to dance, Mitchell. It was fun," she said softly after they sat down. "Gregory and I don't get out much. I'd almost forgotten how much fun it is to dance.


"Sadly, my wife, and I don't go dancing as much as I'd like, either," Mitchell said. "It's kind of funny, really. We keep talking about how we need to take the time to do it, but there's always something else to do. You probably know how that is, don't you?"


Natalia nodded. "It's the same with Gregory and me," she replied. Then she stifled a yawn. "Excuse me" I guess I need to get back to my room and get some sleep," she said, "I've got to be up and in our conference early tomorrow."


"I guess I better get to bed, too," Mitchell said.


They got up, left the bar, and walked down the hallway to their rooms. When they arrived at Natalia's room, she stopped, turned to face Mitchell and studied his face.


Mitchell smiled at her and took a deep breath. "I...I, ah I had a very nice time tonight, Natalia," he said. His voice sounded cracked.


"I did, too, Mitchell," Natalia replied. "I had more fun than I've had in a long time." She took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "You made my evening much more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be." "Go in your room now!" A voice inside her roared. "Before you do something you'll be sorry for!"


Mitchell took a step closer. Natalia, looking up at him, smiling, and suddenly realized she was breathing hard and her heart was pounding. Then he bent and his head started moving towards hers. Natalia thought about stopping him, but instead she decided there would be no harm in sharing a "good night" kiss with him.


Then their lips met and intense, overwhelming feelings flashed through her. Natalia, reacting instinctively to those feelings, pressed against Mitchell and heard herself moaning softly into his mouth. Her arms haloed him, pulling him against her. Mitchell wrapped his arms around her and the kiss continued, growing more and more intense. Their mouths opened, their tongues lashed, and their bodies continued to strain against each other.


When the kiss ended, Natalia took a half-step back and stood there, her heart pounding, gasping for breath, staring into Mitchell's eyes. She couldn't believe how she had allowed this to happen again. The fluttering in her stomach was now churning desire, she wasn't able to deny. " you want to come in?" Natalia heard herself say. Even though she knew she shouldn't be doing it, she was inviting Mitchell into her room! Like always when this happened, there was an unreal feeling about her. It was as if she was outside her body, listening as someone else performed there shameful acts.


Mitchell nodded, then he stood next to Natalia with his arm around her while she fumbled around in her bag, looking for her room key. When she finally located the key, she unlocked the door to her room and went inside, very ware of the fact that Mitchell had entered the room with her. She knew what was going to happen next, even though she also knew it was terribly wrong.


She watched Mitchell push the door shut and lock it. Then she again found herself in Mitchell's arms, with his lips pressing against hers and his tongue spearing into her mouth. His actions served to fan the passion, which had begun to smoulder deep inside her earlier this evening, into a free-burning inferno of need. She was totally swept up in the feelings she was experiencing, feelings that brushed aside any thoughts of stopping that remained in her mind. Mitchell clasped her bum in his hands and pulled her against him. She felt his swollen cock pressing against her belly and moaned softly.


Mitchell started walking towards the big bed in the centre of the room, pulling her with him. She knew she should stop this, and tried desperately to formulate the words to tell him that they had to stop. While her mental struggle continued, she felt Mitchell open the single button that held her dress closed. Then his hands slid onto her bare flesh. He stripped her clothes off and continued to caress her. His actions aroused her and hushed her protests. Even though she knew what she was allowing Mitchell to do was wrong, she was no longer able to muster even a thought of stopping.


Mitchell let go of her and stripped his clothes off, then he grabbed her and they fell onto the bed. He landed on top of Natalia and her hand searched between them and grasped his swollen cock.


When Mitchell groaned and lifted his hips, Natalia positioned the tip of his erection at her opening, then he lowered himself. Exquisite sensations flooded her when his cock sank into her. Past caring whether what she was doing was wrong or not, she locked her legs around her companion while her body strained off the bed. She was experiencing a level of arousal with a man who was a virtual stranger much higher than anything she ever experienced with her husband. It was always like this!


Neither Mitchell nor Natalia had spoken since they entered the room, and, apart from their moans of passion, they remained wordless as their bodies struggled towards release.


Natalia broke the silence when she attained release. "Now!!! Oh, God!!! Nowwwwwww!!! Nowwwww!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" She moaned. Her body stiffened and began to vibrate with orgasmic feelings. Her fingers dug into Mitchell's bum as he drive into her. Her orgasm was stupendous!


"Yeahhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Mitchell cried as he pumped his hot cream into her. When his passion was finally spent, he rolled of Natalia and laid next to her on the bed.


Natalia laid beside Mitchell with tears in her eyes and her mind in tumult. Despite her determination not to let something like this happen again, it had. She had allowed herself to have sex with a man she'd just met! She'd violated her marriage vows again! She'd betrayed her husband and her children! Just like the times this had happened before, she felt incredibly guilty and ashamed. Even the powerful feelings of recrimination filling her mind, it didn't stop her from being aware of how wonderful what she just experienced had been. She didn't know what to say to Mitchell, so she wiped the tears away and didn't say anything.


After a while Natalia needed to go to the bathroom, so she got out of bed. She was nervous about being naked in front of Mitchell, so she looked around for something she could use to cover herself. She saw his shirt, picked it up, slipped into it, then she walked to the bathroom, as she went about doing what she had to do, she once again began to experience feelings of guilt and shame. She couldn't believe she had let herself get that out of control again, especially after she'd promised herself it wasn't going to happen. What was she going to do now? Should she ask Mitchell to leave? How could she go back out in the bedroom and face him after the way she'd acted? How was she going to face her husband and kids when she got home?


She she couldn't hide in the bathroom all night, so she went back out to the bedroom, walked to the bed, and sat down on it, cross-legged, still wearing Mitchell's shirt. She leaned over and kissed him softly and stroked his face with her hand. "Mitchell, that...that was wonderful," she whispered.


Mitchell smile up at her. "It was wonderful, wasn’t it?" He said. "You know, Natalia, I...I didn't expect this to happen. I...I hope you aren't upset with me."


Natalia shook her head. "I...I'm not sorry it happened," she murmured. "I...I guess, maybe, we shouldn't have done it, but we can't change that now, can we? What's done is done." The thing that troubled her the most about what had happened was that she couldn't remember the last time when making love with her husband Gregory had been as exciting as making love with a man who was a virtual stranger had been.


"I'm not sorry it happened, either," Mitchell replied. " were wonderful! God you're so lovely!"


Natalia was sitting with her bare legs near Mitchell's face. He rolled on his side and began to stroke them lightly with his fingers.


Natalia looked down at him and smiled. "It's sweet of you to say that," she replied softly.


Mitchell looked at her questioningly. "Do you want me to go back to my room?" He asked.


Natalia thought for a few moments, then she shook her head. "Why? We can't undo what we've done, can we?" She replied. "What good would you going back to your room do?" She slid under the covers and rolled on her side to face him.


Eagerly, Mitchell pushed the shirt she still wore apart, then he took one of her nipples between his lips and sucked it into his mouth. She groaned softly and slid her hands into his hair. "God, I love that!" She murmured while he suckled her. "It makes my stomach feel all fluttery!"


Mitchell continued nursing on her, moving his mouth from one breast to the other, sucking her as if he were a desperately hungry infant. Her nipples grew hard and firm and stood out proudly from the smooth flesh surrounding them.


While he was suckling her breast, he began to slide his hands over her, exploring, searching.


The sensations Natalia experienced as Mitchell's moved lightly over her soft, warm flesh were powerfully arousing. What she was doing might be terribly wrong, but it did feel wonderful!


After a while, Mitchell abandoned Natalia's breasts, leaving her rigid nipples glistening with wetness. He began to kiss the rest of her body. His lips travelled over her soft rounded belly ans she murmured with delight.


"Ohhhhh!!! Yesss!!! Yessss!!!!" Natalia groaned, rolling onto her back. She could feel her body moving more and more forcefully as his lips and hands roamed over it.


Mitchell's hand slipped between her legs and slid upwards. Natalia gasped when he began to toy with her still-wet vagina. He slid one finger into her, her back arched, and her moans grew louder. "Yess!!! Yessss!!!" She cried. "God, yes!!" She felt his lips approaching the damp mass of her pubic hair. They moved through it and the wonderful sensations she was experiencing grew and her movements became more and more furious. "Oh, yess!!! Oh, yes!!! Oh, yesssss!!!" She howled.


Mitchell continued with his caresses, evoking a constant stream of cries of delight from her. His tongue lashed her clit and his finger plunged in and out of her well-lubricated opening, and her body went wild. She could feel his cock, which had re-awakened, pressing against her leg.


"Oh, God, Mitchell!! That feels too good!!! I'm...I'm going to cum!!! Oh, God!!!!" She groaned, her back arching. "Gahhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Uhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Her hips began to buck when another incredibly intense orgasm roared through her.


When Natalia began to calm, Mitchell rolled her onto her belly, pulled up her hips, and plunged his cock into her still-quivering opening.


Natalia was surprised but delighted at Mitchell's action. "Yesss!!! Oh, Yessss!!!" She cried, pressing back against him. "I need you, Mitchell!!! Take me!!! Please, Mitchell!!!"


Mitchell drove into her powerfully, his cock surging deep into her, his thighs slapping hers. He reached under her, took a breast in each hand, and squeezed them, letting the nipples protrude between his fingers, tantalizing her.


"I can't...I can't stand it!!! It feels so good!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!!" Natalia whimpered as the man continued to hammer into her. "Oh, Jesus!!! I...I'm gonna... I'm gonna do it!!! A...gain!!! I'm gonna cum again!!! Now!!! Now!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"


"Me toooooooo!!!!" Mitchell roared. Once more his body sent jets of his torrid cream spewing into her.


Satisfied, they collapsed onto the bed. Mitchell pulled his softening cock of out of Natalia and they rolled into each other's arms.


Natalia kissed him energetically. "God" I haven't experienced anything this wonderful in ages!" She whispered, breathless. "Don't go back to your room. I want to wake up with you next to me!"


Mitchell kissed her tenderly. "I was hoping that's what you'd say," he told her.


They pulled the covers up and, locked in each other's arms, soon fell asleep.


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