A plus student

A plus student A plus student

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Lauren isn't just your average high school girl, she is much more than that. She has various racy affairs with all the male staff in her school and male/female students. Follow Lauren though her numerous explicit sexual encounters.


Lauren isn't just your average high school girl, she is much more than that. She has various racy affairs with all the male staff in her school and male/female students. Follow Lauren though her numerous explicit sexual encounters.

Chapter1 (v.1) - A plus student

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Lauren isn't just your average high school girl, she is much more than that. She has various racy affairs with all the male staff in her school and male/female students. Follow Lauren though her numerous explicit sexual encounters.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 18, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 18, 2013




I walked across the bedroom, towards James and untied my rope and felt the silk fall of from my smooth skin and watched as his eyes widened with excitement. He walked towards me taking my waist and laid me down on the bed so that he was on top of me, and my legs were wrapped around his body. I let out a soft moan as he hardened up and I could feel it, my moan fed his fire as he began to kiss my breasts and my collarbone all the way up my lips passionately. He took his shirt and his pants of off quickly and threw them to the floor, and then hovered back over me putting his hard dick inside me. He started pushing harder and harder, I was gasping and moaning

“Baby, oh my god” I managed to yell out “fuck me. Hard, James”

“Want me to fuck your little pussy?” he asked me with a sexy grunt

I nodded and began to moan louder as he went harder and faster. Then he suddenly stopped and rolled my over and started licking me out from behind, I crawled further on to his bed as he continued to eat me out.

As soon as he was done he stuck it back into me and he began to pump it harder and harder, until he moaned and pulled back and rolled me around so that I was on my back and my legs were up in the air and he was on his knees between my legs. He pumped fiercely on his dick until a load of cum was on my belly. He groaned and watched my as I rubbed the Cum unto my skin, then licked my finger as he watched with lust. 

“That was amazing babe, definitely worth the A plus I’m about to write on your report card” he smirked at me as he laid down next to me, still out of breath. 

I licked my lips “thank you Mr. Hiesman, I had fun tonight”

He began to rub my pussy, and sent me into a small orgasm as he fingered my already wet pussy

“I will see you in class” he winked at me as I got up off the bed and began to dress.
I nodded and walked out of the room leaving my English teacher laying on the messy dirty bed. 


I walked down the steps, surrounded by pictures of happy smiling faces made my trip out of my English teacher’s house- a guilt trip. I walked to my little black car and jumped in and pulled out of his driveway and back to my house way across the town, once I got inside the dark house I tiptoed slowly up my stairs and into my bedroom where I collapsed on my bed, purely exhausted.

The next morning I woke up early and got into the shower then changed into my tight red dress that screamed ‘siren’ and after curled my hair and did my signature red lips winged eyeliner.

I got my bag and put my binder in it and headed of to school, my parents were both of on their vacation so I had the whole house to myself for about a whole week.

I arrived at school and saw my best friend tia waiting for me

I pulled in a parking spot and jumped out and ran towards her “TIA!”

She ran up and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek “you won’t guess what happened this weekend!” she gushed as we walked down the school hallways.

She finally finished her story of how one of the football players got caught with acid when we arrived in history class.

We sat down in Mr. Wilson’s history class, and he winked at me and I licked my lips back at him without anyone seeing.

The whole class was a blur, because I kept thinking of how… normal Mr. Wilson was now, and how kinky he was in bed. When I first told Mr. Wilson that I would do anything for grades, he was astonished but that night he chained me to his bed with handcuff’s and made me say things like “master” and “I’ve been bad master, please punish me” and I have to be honest I wasn’t used to that kind of stuff, but the more and more Mr. Wilson and I had sex like that- the more I wanted it.

The bell rung and I started putting my books slowly in my bag

“Lauren, I’ll meet you at study hall. I can’t be late to algebra!” she squealed as she ran out of the classroom leaving Mr. Wilson and I together alone.

Then I “accidently” dropped my lipstick and bent over giving Mr. Wilson a million dollar view, I heard him gasp and I smiled to myself standing up straight.

I looked over at him to see him closing the blinds to the door and locking it with his keys, and then once he turned around he walked swiftly over to me and brought me to his wooden desk and pinned me down so that I was on my stomach and he was standing behind me.

“Let me see that” he said sternly as he grabbed my lipstick from Sephora out of my hands and then I closed my eyes knowing what was going to happen next.

I felt my lace undies being pushed to the side, and I felt my lipstick bottle being pushed into my pussy, back and forth, back and forth. I heard a zip of Mr. Wilson’s pants zipper being unzipped and then I felt him enter me, about two minutes of pure heaven I heard Mr. Wilson’s breath starting to accelerate then I knew he was about to cum so I turned around and started giving him a blow job, and his penis was inside my mouth so when he came I just ate his cum- pleasing my master.

He smiled and his shattering blue eyes give my heart little spasms of happiness knowing that I made my master happy.

I pulled my dress back down and waited for Mr. Wilson to unlock the door then I walked out to my next class, as I walked down the hallway I could see a group of jocks walking my way, I heard the wolf whistle and rolled my eyes at them.

I heard the muscly guy with dark hair and grey eyes “meet me at the abandoned dug out, I got something for you”

I shook my head as he abandoned his group and walked over to me

“What do you want?” I asked as I looked into his beautiful grey eyes

he looked me up and down with lust and said in his manly voice “I think you know what I want, and I’ll pay you” he said super cocky then handed me a hundred dollars, where I nodded my head then said “what time”

he looked around and said “I was thinking… now would be a good time”

“alright then, sounds good” I bit my lip, taking the money out of his hands and putting it into my purse

“lets go then babe, she me what you got” he winked at me as we walked of to the abandon dug out, where all the students go to fool around during school.



He pushed me unto the little bench and began to undress me horridly with lust in his eyes, once I was just in my lace panties he started taking of his clothes, and once he was fully naked I saw his junk- it was huge even when it wasn’t hard.

He saw me gaping at penis sixe then he chuckled lightly to himself, and he took a step and knelt down and started pulling my lace panties off with his teeth and once they were on the ground he began to eat me out. He would kiss my clit, and forcefully stick his tongue into my vagina making me squirm.

“ah, yes baby. Eat me, oh my god” I started panting as he began getting intense

he started fingering me, it felt so good because he was wriggling his finger around when he was inside me

“you like that?” he said in a sexy voice “you like that baby, does that feel good”

“yeah” I halfway screamed “baby, baby, baby”

that’s when he got up from his knees and stuck his already hard penis into my vagina, he picked me up and started fucking me while standing up.

“fuck me” I panted as his large dick penetrated my vagina so intensely it give me the shivers.

“you like my hard dick, inside your little pussy huh?” he asked while fucking me intensely “you dirty little slut” he murmured into my ear as he reached around and started fingering my asshole.. 

he got tired so he laid me back down on the sandy dirt and began to fuck me harder, we were almost reaching climax just then we heard a cough.

We both looked over to see our principle looking at us with wide eyes

“You too get dress immediately, Erin and Lauren go down to my office” he yelled at us “and stay there until I have come!”

We got dressed and walked down to our principles offices

“Even if I get kicked out- that was amazing” Erin said reaching over and squeezing my butt and winked at me.

I looked over and saw that Erin still had a hard on “want me to finish for you, before it starts hurting?”

He nodded looking relived as we walked over to the bushes and I give him a quick but good blowjob, and eating his cum.

Once we got in the school we both went directly into the principles offices.. Not knowing what would happen next.



"Your were so amazing" Erin smirked as he pinned me to the wall once we entered the school "we should do this another time babe" he said the last word, as he reached under my skirt and stuck his finger forcefully into my vagina. 

I gasped with pleasure, while he just smiled and pulled his finger out and brought it to his mouth and licked it. 

We walked into the principles office, and sat down and waited for our principle Douglas to come in and yell at us. 

About two minutes of sitting there, principle Douglas sat down in front of us. 

"What you two just did, was going against every school rule." He sighed "but this time I won't tell your parents... And I'll let you get away with it this Time, Erin you may continue and go to class. But Lauren you have to stay to discuss grades" 

Erin looked over at me and smirked and got up and walked away. 

I pushed my boobs together "what do you want to talk about mr. Principle?" I smiled innocently. 

I watched as mr. Douglas walked around shutting all blinds and locking all the doors. 

He turned back around to me as he kneeled down right in front of me while I sat on the chair. 

"You've been a very bad girl lauren.." He said quietly as he spread out my legs so he could get a full view of my vagina. 

He kneeled there open mouthed as he looked at my V, he reached up and touched it ever so carefully which cause me to moan. His eyes lit up with a passion, he stood up and ripped my dress off from me gazing at my body. 

"Your so beautiful... I wish my wife would let me do this Lauren." He said as he touched my breasts and felt my hips. 

I smiled "I'll show you what it's like to feel like a man mr. Principle" I reached down and pulled down his pants. 

I looked at his legs, and trust me... My eyes wanted to burn out of their sockets at the horrible sight. 

But instead I gasped 

"Oh my, your so big! I hope you don't hurt me!" I reached towards his rather unimpressive member. 

He smirked and then said "trust me honey, I'll make you feel so good" 

I mentally barfed and then climbed on to his desk "give it to me mr.principle. I want it so bad" 

He didn't hesitate, and he walked forward and stuck his floppy member into my wet V. 

He sighed with pleasure, as he thrusted back and forth. 

I felt disgusted about having old meat inside me, but I figured why not I fucked older... 

He pulled out, and he was just about to stick his member inside my asshole. But I pretended that I didn't know what he was doing 

"What are you doing mr. Principle? I've never tried Anal before?" 

He just smiled and bent down and licked my asshole and then said "don't worry, it will feel good." 

I just nodded innocently, as he stuck his hard member inside my asshole. 

"Oh my, fuck my tight asshole mr. Principle!" 

He thrusted harder, until I felt him release inside me. 

"See it wasn't that bad lauren" he cooed to me 

"Kiss it" I ordered and closed my eyes and waited to feel lips against myself. 

"Lauren your body is amazing" mr. Douglas said as he licked every inch of my asshole "I'll raise your grades, and I'll give you a skip day if you don't tell what we just did honey" 

I smiled and brought my head back, reaching climax "deal" I moaned. 

I walked out of his office, and walked right out the doors to my car that was parked in the students parking lot. 

I jumped into my little black mustang and sped away to my empty house to get cleaned up.

Once I got home, I quickly took a shower and got dressed into sexy lingerie because I knew that the Pervy 15 year old homeschooled kid was going to try to peep into my window from his, and since I was feeling extra generous... I figured I'd give him a nice surprise. 

I walked over to my curtains and opened them, just so he could get a nice view of what I was going to be doing. 

I walked over to my bed and laid down on my back spreading my legs, I glanced over to the window and sure enough I saw two eyes gazing down at me. 

I reached my hand slowly down to my vagina, I rubbed it until my black lacy panties started to get wet. 

I reached over to my night stand, where I grabbed my pink dildo and with one fluent motion I took my panties off and began to penetrate myself. 

I quickly glanced up to see the boy watching anxiously, as I saw his hand pumping fiercely at his penis. 

I started to thrust the dildo in, harder an faster. I could feel myself about to climax... 

I moaned and gasped. Just then I heard a knock on the door. I rolled my eyes in frustration, and looked back over to the window where the boy was gone. 

I stood up from my bed, and wrapped my robe tightly around me and walked downstairs to the doorway. 

I opened the door, and to my amazement I saw the black haired 15 year old homeschooled boy. 

"Hello Johnny!" I said as I leaned against the doorway "is there anything I can do for you?" I purred 

He nodded and walked inside, and shut the door. I stood there in shock. 

"What are you doing?" I asked him 

He just smirked "don't tease me, just get upstairs" 

I shrugged and walked upstairs. This isn't illegal considering I'm 17, so what the hell. 

John walked around and shut the curtains and said "mother won't be back until dinner, and father is at work." 

I pretended to be shocked "and?" 

He smirked "and we have time to have intercourse miss. Lauren Corinna..." 


"Yes, intercourse" he replied in a polite tone. 

What the hell is wrong with this kid, who the fuck talks like this? But all I said was "lets fuck"

He pushed me unto the bed, and he hurriedly undressed himself. I undid my bra and let my breasts free. John gasped once he saw my perfect shaped boobs. 

"Miss. Lauren... I'm afraid I don't know what to do?" 

I smiled "come over here, and let me see your dick" 

He did what he was told, and I grabbed his dick and his eyes rolled back into his head. I took his member and slid it carefully into my vagina. 

"Fuck me John!" I moaned 

He started thrusting, his cock was actually big so this was enjoyable. 

He moaned, and he reached down and grabbed my breasts, touched my pussy. 

I moaned and I grabbed his hair and started kissing him. 

I rolled over so I was sitting on his penis, I titled my hips and started to bounce up and down.  I rode his hard dick, he let out soft little moans as he clutched my hips. His cock felt so good, sliding into my tight wet pussy.
Johns eyes rolled back into his head as he started yelling out "fuck me lauren, do you like my hard duck inside your vagina. I'll go all night long, I'll cum into your vagina. I'll fuck you until you bleed. Then I'll lick all the blood from your little pink vagina and drink it. I'll tie you up and suck on your titties." 

I stopped, and he looked at me in excitement "too far?" He asked politely. 

I nodded my head, and continued riding the kid until he started screaming. I quickly rolled of him and started sucking at his penis. 

I watched his facial features as I ate his cum, he was amazed and then he reached over and touched my clit. 

"Time to go Johnny, don't tell anyone about this!" I warned him sternly "if you don't tell anyone about this, we might do this another time..." 

He nodded and got dressed, leaving my laying on a bed that had my pussy juice and some of his cum. 




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