dead escape

dead escape

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Escape and hope in a zombie wasteland


Escape and hope in a zombie wasteland


Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012




I leant back against the counter of the ruined gun shop with my knees pulled up against my chest. my jeans were bloodstained and hands were shaking and i tried to stop them by clasping them between my knees. It just felt like my whole body ached from tiredness and fright.

 Bullet casings and broken glass littered the floor from an earlier gun fight in which id played no part.The shop keeper lay to my left,his eyes staring lifeless at the old ceiling. he had a massive gunshot to his chest he hadnt been eaten,thank god.  I moved my foot and it touched the gun which was lying by my feet. A small 9mm berreta, easy enough for me to handle.i had to use it or die. I wasnt going to become one of the them.

I looked around and caught sight of my reflection in a broken chunk of mirror,my eyes were wide and tear stained. had i cried? i couldnt remember now. my hair was short and red,but looked dark in the half light. There was a bloody cut across my forehead from when i hit the counter as i hid behind it. I ran my finger across the cut, it had stopped bleeding but felt sore,i grimaced. looking away i slowly moved to a kneeling position.

 Pushing against the counter i peered over the top and slowly picked up my gun. I couldnt be sure i was alone and didnt want to make any noises that would attract anything.  My eyes took in the shop and its broken window. Shards of glass hung like angry icicles pointing toward the dark and dusty floor. My eyes moved to the ruined roadway,cars and bodies lay strewn on the ground. Some dead some barely alive and moving. The burned and broken van outside where i had found some bullets and bandages was an old ambulance. i had been lucky to find anything as it looked like someone had been there before.

Beyond the window a huge omanous fire raged beyond the van. its flames seeming like they went on forever.Spitting and waving like an angry beast. licking and destroying the far buldings and abandoned cars. My eyes took in the carnage and then i heard them. low moans at first like monks chanting a weird and twisted prayer. I shuddered and gripped the gun tightly. Rising to my feet i made my way to the front of the shop and peered through the broken glass.  I could see distant shapes moving slow and wavering in the half light. They were steadily making there way toward were i was hiding. they knew i was here. I swore at myself for being stupid but I knew i had to move now or id be trapped here. An easy meal for them. i wasnt going make it easy. if it came to it id use the gun on myself. Rather than become one of them.


 i walked toward the window and steadily moved between the window and the van. i edged round it and spotted a narrow alley way leading away from the destruction.  I started making my way toward it going as quielty as i could. I tried not think of those things moving closer but i heard them. not so far behind me now. I dont know why but suddenly panick gripped me and i almost ran to cover but stopped myself as walking would make less noise and bring me less attention.

 breathing slowly I walked quickly and made it to the alley. I leant against a broken fence with an old bike chained to it. I dont think anyone would steal anything now. I almost laughed but covered my mouth with my hand for fear of being heard. I didnt want to give away my position.the alley was dark and had windows above was broken and another held shabby curtains which billowed out of its broken frame.

I felt safe. but large shadows played across the buildings lit by the fires which felt like they surrounded me. I moved and started edging toward the lip of the wall.  I gripped my gun and peered round. I heard them first. Crashing in and destroying the shop where id been moments earlier. Moaning and crying like hungry animals. I heard them smashing things and breaking glass.  my attention on them a sudden blinding flash and huge bang knocked me off my feet.  I was knocked to the ground,the wind knocked out of me.My ears rang and i had trouble focusing what had happened? I could only guess a gas tank had caught fire and exploded,there was no other explanation.i lay still for a few seconds partly deaf and rubbing my eyes.but i knew i had to see where they were.

  Shaking my head and pushing myself up on my elbows i tried to focus my eyes so i could see what had happened. My vision was blurry but i noticed one of them at the back who hadnt entered the shop. It was standing staring at me. A woman, or it had been. Her red skirt hung loose and was torn and blackened. A white shirt was hanging off her broken and twisted body. Bits of her lay on the ground. An arm and part of her skull were around her in pools of black blood and broken glass. I shuddered as she opened her mouth. A low moan issued forth and her teeth looked yellow and bloodstained. Dark green bile fell from her torn lips as she came toward me,shuffling and gropping the air with her remaining arm.fear now as the thing came lumbering toward me.i steadied myself and looked for a way out.

  Rising to my feet i stood my ground and shakily raised the gun at her.  I nearly fired till i realised i didnt know how many of them there were and if they would hear the gun shots. Turning on my heels i ran toward the end of the alley and into a tall rusted gate. a padlock all rusted and battered held it shut. i panicked and pulled at it. The old hinges creeked and groaned and the alley echoed the sounds all round me. I looked at the lock but didnt really want to waste any ammo so i tried to climb it. Sweating and shaking id just placed one foot in the bottom railing as a clammy hand grabbed my collar and pulled me down.i half yelped half screamed as i was pulled down.

 Out of the corner of my eye i saw her. The rotting dead thing had followed me,her clammy dead hand held me in a vice grip,her only meal in days it looked like. I grabbed her hand trying not to be sick and pulled at her fingers to loosen her grip. Two bent and snapped off with a sickening ripping sound rffffsnnnaappp. they came off in my hand. I dropped them and she howled like a wounded animal and tried to grab me with her remaining fingers but couldnt. I ducked away from her and kicked her so she fell against the ground, She hit it with a sick flopping sound and lay there staring at the orange sky.gasping and growling she tried to get up. i had to move now!

Taking my chance i put my feet in the railings of the gate and swung my legs over the top just as she got back up lunging for me her mouth agaip and her hand clutching at the air. I dropped to the ground and looked at her in triumph. I walked away down between the buildings and piles of dead broken vehicles.


 Away from the explosion and the dead i checked my surroundings and managed to find a car that hadnt been smashed up or had its windows broken. It was a yellow beetle,the old type. I didnt really care, all i wanted was to sit down after escaping the broken shop and horde of undead cannibals. I opened the door and sat on the fluffy red seat cover. The car smelled of lavender and moth balls. But not death or blood. Unlike most of the places in the city. I lay back and half closed my eyes trying to make sense of the last few hours,hours? it seemed like days since the city had gone to hell.Not just a few hours.


 I remembered it had all happened so quickly. It had been a warm summer day like any other. Id gotten up had breakfast and was reading a paper when one of them came crashing through my door. Bile and blood dripping from its mouth gnashing at me like an angry dog.  Id screamed and had just made it past it and into the street when i saw the true horror. It was like a nightmare. Familys were screaming and ripping each other apart. Cars full of people or with one person were screeching off in differant directions. car alarms and children screaming. it was chaos. I broke down on the front lawn and had cried then,that must of been when id cried,i remembered now. With tears streaming down my face Id ran from the street. from my neighbours. Id ran for what seemed hours when i came across a group of them under an old underpass near the road. They were eating somthing. somthing pink and bloody somthing..not..quite..dead. One saw me and lunged i had fought it off. Punching it in the head,i think it was a man,it screeched at me as i punched it, hard. I had kicked it off as it tried to grab at me with its bloody fingers. The othes were still eating.. id ran then, untill i found my sanctuary. The smashed up gun shop of all places. It was there i got my gun,id never fired one in my life,but i was going to have to learn if i wanted to survive this hellish nightmare.


  Opening my eyes and blinking from remembering how it started i felt fresh tears on my cheeks. I wiped them away and looked over the dashboard and past the broken cars and bikes. I hadnt noticed before but bodies lay in those cars and vans. Black shapes twisted,dead,broken. I sighed and reached for my gun,i had to move now,theyd find me eventually if i stayed here.

 I knew the car wouldnt of started so didnt bother trying the key which hung from its ignition. A fluffy pink rabbit hung on the keyring. i smiled and pulled out the key,that rabbit reminded me of civilisation, somthing small like that had meant somthing to the owner of the beetle and i closed it in my fist as i swung my legs out of the car door.


 I walked for what seemed hours and eventually i Checked my watch, which still worked after all the things id been through. it was near to 7 in the evening. I must of sat there longer than id meant to. I tucked the gun into the waistband of my jeans and picked my way through the cars trying not to look into them and seeing their dead occupants. My boots echoed softly as i walked inbetween the massive apartment buildings. It was hard to beleive these were empty or full of the undead. I heard their groans in the distance and it seemed like they were around me, sounds travel so i knew i had a few  hours ahead of them. Maybe i could find somewhere to sleep, if it were possible to sleep knowing you might never wake up.


It seemed like hours as the sky grew dimmer and tiny stars appeared in the sky. Id walked past buildings, more broken vehicles,a pack of ravenous dogs had chased me for ten minutes because i disturbed their hunting ground. One had gotten close so id had to waste a bullet on it. i wished i hadnt.


  Feeling tired my eyes hurt. my feet seemed to weigh me down and the gun felt like a rock in my waistband. I walked a little further and came into a park. I blinked because i thought id fallen asleep and was dreaming. The park was large and lush. red flowers hung off poles. willow trees stood tall and full of blossom against the walls, park benches seemed to glitter in the dark and the trees seemed freindly and looked like they were hugging the sky.. a fountain trickled clear water in the middle of the pathway through the mouth of a large mermaid into a round pool. Her stone eyes looked across the park at me as if to say ''drink,rest,stay'' I moved toward her and leant my hands on the cold stone. I moved my head and put my mouth under the felt good, cold and clear stopping the dryness and burning in my throat. I drank and drank, closing my eyes against the night,against the horror,against the fear. Eventually i stopped and slid down by the fountain. The mermaids shadow above my head, protecting me it seemed. I saw no undead,no bodies no death, it seemed as if this place was heaven and nothing had touched it.


  I felt calm,unafraid and happy.So i closed my eyes and drifted off. A dream of water falls,mermaids,safety and happiness filled my head. I didnt want to wake up. I took the gun and felt the coldness of the metal on my mouth. I was happy. i wasnt scared.i smiled. I pulled the trigger.



 Sanctuary shattered.


A cold breeze stirred through the city streets tossing newspapers and discarded rubbish like mini tornados. Blood covered undead foraged through the filth searching for something warm blooded and slow. their attention spans not as good as when theyd been alive but their hunger worse than it had ever been. grubby hands with fingers missing and green sludge pawed at the air,moaning and grunting like lost animals,it was a terrifying sound like the wailing of angry beasts their dusty and dead feet shuffling along the pavement past long dead carcases and empty houses..


I blinked and opened my eyes, looking down the gun lay in my right hand, i hadnt pulled the trigger,had i dreamt that i did? id felt the coldness of steel against my mouth,the metallic tang like blood in my throat. i gagged and sat up straight. the night air was heavy,i looked at my watch but the case had broke and a narrow crack had formed across its face. the hands had stopped but i couldnt tell the time as it was filled with dust. i undid the strap and rubbed my eyes. i looked up at the mermaid above me,she had protected me in this sanctuary,this place untouched by death. i thanked her and stood up,pushing my arms against the cold stone and stretching like a cat. i picked up the gun checking the clip,no bullets fired. i couldnt remember if id used the gun the previous night. i frowned and looked toward the open gateway,i heard moaning in the distance. i wasnt alone anymore. 


Standing up straight i held the gun to my chest like a protective sheild. i edged toward the gateway slowly,my boots lightly touching the ground. i didnt want to give away my position,not when i didnt know how many there were.

Cool air bristled around me making me shudder,i edged toward the wall and stepped through patches of grass and roses,their blooms untouched by this horror their red petals glistening in the moonlight. My breath catching in my throat i peered round the stone wall,my hand against its rough brick. there were two of them,this wasnt so bad.. normally there'd be gangs of them out at night,more so than in the daytime.


They were,or rather had been two buisness men. one wore a dishivelled brown suit,patches of dust and grime clinging to it.dried blood clustered round its mouth tufts of grey and black hair on top of its head. the other wore similar clothing, only his suit had been grey and he had brown hair,not much. it looked like some had been torn out by the roots as he had blood covered patches all over its head and face. one eye was missing,a dark socket peered into the night whilst its good eye was white and lifeless. shuddering,not against the cold but the sheer size of the two undead who were infront of me i edged round the wall and slowly but steadily made my way past them trying to be quiet so as not to draw their attention to me. id nearly made it to the other side of the road away from them when i tripped and fell. In slow motion it seemed i flailed at the air my foot caught on an empty bin laying on the ground. cursing the object i hit the ground with my chest and arms. gravel spewed up as my body hit the ground and the wind was knocked out of me. i lay there gasping like a half dead fish. my arms stinging from the impact my face inches from being smashed into the pavement.

i could of stayed there had i not remembered the two dead things in the park gateway. lifting my head i pushed my hands against the ground bits of gravel sticking in my palms. i went to get up when i felt it. a cold clammy hand on my left leg.i looked over my shoulder and saw him. the grey suited one had my leg in a vice grip,his white lifeless eye staring through me,drool dripping from its dark green lips and a sound like hunger uttering from its throat ''uuuhuhuhuhuhuh'' i half screamed half whimpered,id been through alot since the undead had come back to life i wasnt going out like this.


I pulled myself together and i searched for the gun but it had fell from my grip in the fall and was a few feet away from me,out of my reach. i swore and tried to turn over onto my back but the thing was too strong. his other hand reaching toward my stomach,i grabbed at his hand and pushed it away he cried out like a wounded animal,the noise piercing my ears and making me screw up my eyes. i opened them and tried again to turn myself over,this time i pushed with all my strength my arms straight and my other leg helping.i flipped over and the undead thing fell against the pavement with a loud ''slllpppllatttt'' angry now he gripped my leg tighter his eye burning into mine. i pushed at his hand with my free foot,my boot pushing his hand down my leg i lifted it high and bought it down ''craackkkkksnapppp''' his fingers flew off like brittle pottery, his face locked onto mine and then that wounded cry again,only louder this time sending shock waves through me. my brain a whir i saw red, i lifted my foot and crushed his other hand fingers snapping and black blood pouring onto the ground and onto my boot,i gagged and backed away. it looked at me, a wounded thing trying to get up but failing. black gore where its hands had been. i got to my knees breathing heavy, i felt better. i looked at him,''not so tough now are we?'' i looked at him with triumph.


I stood over him and looked around, the other suit had gone,maybe to find some other thing to eat,maybe he hadnt been interested in a free had been lucky for me he had hadnt helped his freind or id of been done for. a zombie happy meal. no way to go from this world even if it had gone to hell. i walked toward my gun and picked it off the ground tucking it into my belt. i looked at my hands, they werent too bad where id fell,just slightly grazed and stinging a little.I looked down at the undead suit, still flailing and making that horrible sound trying to lift itself up, almost managing at one point. i wasnt sure what to do,should i leave it there or put it out of its misery? no, i wasnt wasting ammo on it,i may need them for a more dangerous situation. not that this experiance hadnt been dangerous for me.


Shaking my head i moved away from the undead thing and made my way down the street, it seemed to be getting lighter or was i imagining things? not knowing the time was a nuisance but somthing i couldnt do anything about. I decided to head to the church which was a few streets away, at least there id have shelter and maybe food or water, i hadnt eaten in hours, fear was feeding me and my instinct to stay alive was pushing me forward, forward away from this death and horror away to life, to people. if there were any people left, the only ones id seen where just after this all happened, fleeing from thier loved ones screaming in panic whilst being ripped apart.

I hoped to find company,id been in the company of death too long now, it was only a few hours but seemed like weeks to me. i felt tears welling in the corners of my eyes but blinked them away,i wondered if my family had survived, gotten out before all this? i had a boyfreind who lived in the next city, was he alive? i hoped he was. i could do with a hug, not anything more i just needed comfort. i felt the tears again, i saw his handsome face, his sparkling green eyes and goofy grin. i fell to the floor and wept.i didnt care now, i wanted to find him, i needed him and hoped to god he was alive and not an undead thing,please god not one of these undead shambling flesh eating things!

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