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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Fun with the girl next door!

Ellie, chapter 1.

It was one of those really hot, sticky summer days.  The sun was burning in a cloudless blue sky.  I was in the back garden cutting the lawn when I glanced over the fence to next door's garden.  In the middle of the lawn was a sunbed, with next door's daughter, Ellie, lying on her belly on it.  She was a cute chubby girl with curly hair. I'd had quite a few fantasies about her in the past.  Her eyes were closed and I thought she had no idea I was watching her.  My cock stirred at the sight of her lying there in just a thin pink thong.  I could see the curve of her left breast underneath her body, which increased my cock's interest.  
I jumped when she opened one eye and looked right at me.  Quickly, I turned and carried on with my gardening.
"Hi Charlie!" she said.
"Er, hello Ellie."  I replied, looking back over the fence.
"I caught you looking!"  She smiled.
"I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to..."
She cut me off mid sentence. "It's OK. I don't mind."  She gave me a wink.  "I could actually do with your help."  She added.
"With what?" I asked.
"Could you put some sun tan lotion on my back please?  My parents are out and I'm the only one here."
I turned off the lawnmower and walked to the gate that provided access along the back of the terrace houses and slipped into her garden.
She handed me the bottle of lotion.   I bent over her and started rubbing the lotion onto her back, arms and legs.
"Don't forget my ass!"  she giggled.
Taking a deep breath, I put more lotion on my hands and covered her ass with it.
"You missed my sides!"
Changing position slightly, I put more lotion on my hands and stroked along the sides of her body from her hips.  She moved her arms outwards slightly so I could get up to her arm pits.  She sighed as my fingertips moved around the curves of her breasts, and I felt her hand on my crotch.  
"Ooooh!"  She said, feeling the length of my hard cock through my shorts. "I think it's getting excited!"
Excited? I thought.  It's been wanting to fuck you for months!
She let go of me and turned over.  "Can you do my front as well please?"
My eyes widened at the sight of her lying almost naked in front of me.  The thong was even smaller than it looked from the back, barely covering her pubes.
I gulped and rubbed more lotion onto her legs, stomach and arms.
"Don't forget my boobs!" she smiled, her eyes on the bulge in my shorts.  "My nipples get awfully burnt in the sun if I'm not careful."
I dripped lotion onto her nipples and slowly massaged it into her breasts.  They were large and soft.  I was wondering what they'd be like to use as pillows or for a tit wank as I felt her hand on my crotch again.  This time she didn't just hold my cock through the straining material but unzipped my fly and delved inside, pulling my member out into the sunlight.
"Wow!" she exclaimed as it sprang out.  "I think it's ready for some fun!"
She was fixated by it as her fingers wrapped themselves around my shaft and stroked slowly along it's length.  She pulled it gently and my hips followed towards her face.  Taking the end into her mouth she closed her lips around my shaft and flicked her tongue across the tip, causing me to gasp.
My hand slid from her breast down her stomach and stroked her crotch.  She moaned and her body shivvered, even in the hot sun.  I moved my hand and slipped my fingers under the tiny triangle of material of her thong.  Her pussy lips were wet and slippery, and I soon found out the inside of her pussy was even wetter.  My fingers were soon covered with the juices flowing freely from her.
She opened her legs and released my cock from her mouth.  Stroking it gently she looked at me.  Her expression told me exactly what she wanted and I needed no encouragement.
I moved down her body and knelt on the sunbed between her thighs, pulling her thong to one side.  The combination of our sweat, her saliva on my cock and her pussy's juices allowed me to sink quickly and very deeply into her.  She gasped as I entered her, sinking my full length until my balls rested on her ass.
"Oh, god!"  she gasped.  "I wasn't expecting that!" 
"Expecting what?" I asked.
"That a cock would feel like that inside me!"
"You've never had one in there?" I said, unable to hide the surprise from my voice.  I nearly lost my load there and then with the thought of being the first inside a virgin.
"Nope - you're the first to get that far.   I've sucked a few cocks and I've been fingered and stuff."
"Stuff?" I asked.
"You know - toys and things.  A girl from college once licked me out as well.  That was good!"
My cock twitched inside her.
"Ooh!"  She moaned "What was that?  Have you cum?"
"Not yet." I smiled, and used my pelvic muscles to make my cock twitch again.
"Ooh!" She repeated.  "I like that!  It feels good!"
"Try this then." I said, pulling my cock out slightly and sinking it back inside her.
"Oh, god!" she gasped. "Do that again!"
I did.  She watched as I pulled my cock right out of her and then slid it back in.  She gasped and moaned again.
"Again!  I want you to fuck me!"
Moving slowly at first, I pulled back and thrust into her again and again, building the speed up until we were bouncing on the sunbed.
"Oh, yessss!" she gasped and I felt her pussy's lips tighten around the base of my cock.  Her body jerked several times as her orgasm shook her.  Gasping, she collapsed on the lounger.
"Oh, wow!" she whispered.
"I'm glad you enjoyed your first time!"  I laughed.
"I hope you can be around for my second time too!"  She giggled.  "Did you cum in me?"
"No.  I thought I'd give you a rest first!" I joked.
"Cum on my boobs please.  I love watching boys cum."
I pulled out of her and positioned myself over her chest.  Her juices were dripping off the end of my cock as I wanked myself, aiming for her boobs.  It didn't take me long to cum - her juices made an excellent lubricant for masturbation!
She was wide eyed again as she watched my cum shoot from the end of my cock all over her boobs.
"Wow!" She said again.  "Thank you."
"My pleasure!" I laughed.
She sat up and licked the last drops of cum from my member.  The rest of my cum ran down her stomach and between her legs.
"I'd better go and have a shower now!" she said, standing up and heading for the house.  "See you later Charlie!"
I pulled my shorts back on and headed for the gate back to my garden.  I was emptying the lawnmower's grass box when I overheard Ellie talking to her mother just inside their kitchen door.
"Did you see us?" said Ellie.
"Yes." Said her mother.  "I watched from the bedroom window.  I had my dildo in all the time.  He's got a nice cock!  Did it feel good?"
"It was fantastic!" Ellie laughed.  "I might invite him in again tomorrow!"
"You'd better go and have a shower."
"Ok." said Ellie.  I heard footsteps and a few moments later the sound of running water from the bathroom window.
I had just stood up from sorting the grass box out when I noticed Ellie's mother step out of the kitchen into the garden wearing a tiny bikini.
"Hi Charlie!" She said, waving at me and giving a big smile.  "Are you busy?  I wondered if you would rub some sun tan lotion on my back...?"
I smiled and headed for the gate as my cock began to twitch again...


Ellie, chapter 2.

The day after I was in my garden again pulling up weeds from the back flowerbed.  It was another hot day and I'd just taken my sweat soaked T-shirt off when a head popped up over the fence.
"Hi!" said Ellie with a big smile.
I smiled back.  "Hi!  How's things?"
"They're good!" said Ellie.  We thought we'd do our college homework in the garden today."
"We?" I asked.
Another head popped up.  She was a slender blonde girl who looked very nervous.  "Hi!"  she said quietly, blushing slightly.
"This is Jane." Ellie told me.  "She's in my class at college.  This is Charlie, the guy I told you about."
"Nice to meet you Jane." I said, turning to pull another weed from the ground.
"You busy?" Ellie asked.
"Not really.  You need some more sun tan lotion on?"
It was Ellie's turn to blush as Jane looked at her quizzically.
"Not right now, thank you."
"Well, I'd better get on with my weeding."
The girls sank down behind the fence but  I could still hear little bits of their conversation.
"Is it big?" whispered Jane.
"Huge! Just wait until you see it!" Replied Ellie.
"Did he put it in you?  Did it hurt?" asked Jane.
"Only at first.  After that it was fucking brilliant!"
"Did you suck it?"
"Only a little.  I'm gonna suck it more next time.  I want him to cum in my mouth."
"Really?" asked Jane.
"Yeah.  I want his cum all over me again!"
I didn't hear much more after that apart from lots of giggling and laughing as I weeded the garden.

A little later I stepped out of my kitchen door with a glass of lemonade.
"That looks nice!" said a voice.  Ellie's head was back above the fece. 
I laughed.  "Would you like to come round for a glass of lemonade?"
I'd only just finished the sentence when the gate opened between the gardens and Ellie appeared, dragging Jane behind her.
We all stepped into the kitchen and  I found two more glasses.  Pulling the bottle out of the fridge I poured the girls a drink.
Ellie drank her glass in a few seconds.  "Thanks!" she gasped.
Jane sipped at her drink, glancing between my bare chest and Ellie, who winked back at her.
Ellie sank to her knees infront of me, reaching for my zip.  Pulling my shorts down, the girls gasped at my cock, which sprang erect before them.  It was already half aroused from the conversation  I'd half heard over the fence.
Jane watched open mouthed as Ellie took hold of my cock with one hand and stroked my balls with the other.  She leaned forward and took the end in her mouth.
"Want to try?" she asked Jane.
"I-I'm not sure." Said Jane, taking a step backwards.
"Just kneel down and watch me then."
Jane slowly did as Ellie suggested.  Ellie continued to suck my cock for a while, then held it out towards Jane's mouth.
"Try it." Ellie told her.
Jane slowly licked the end of my glans.
"Mmmm!  That feels good!" I said, trying to give her encouragement.  "Do it again!"
She did, and this time very slowly took the end of my cock into her mouth and then taking it out again.
"What do you think?" Ellie asked her.
"It doesn't taste like I thought it would." replied Jane, putting her lips around my cock again.
"Come up here." I told Ellie.
Obediently she stood and I pulled her towards me, kissing her on the lips. She returned the kiss and our tongues explored each other's mouths.  My hands wandered all over her body, stroking her breasts and squeezing her ass.  My fingers found the button and zip on the front of her denim shorts and soon undid them, letting the shorts fall to the floor.  I wasn't really suprised to find she had no underwear on.  My hand delved between her thighs, finding none of the short pubes she had yesterday.  My fingers explored her smooth pussy, getting covered with her juices once more.
Jane, on her knees in ront of me, had her head right next to Ellie's crotch.  I could feel her mouth working more vigourously on my cock at the sight of me fingering Ellie.
"Are you going to put that thing in me or what?" asked Ellie.
Jane let go of my cock and I lifted Ellie up so she was sat on the edge of the kitchen worktop.  Getting between her legs, I aimed my cock at her pussy and pushed.
"Can you help?" Ellie asked Jane.
Crouching down behind me, Jane put a hand between my legs, took hold of my cock and guided it towards Ellie's waiting pussy.  Just as yesterday in the garden, it sank easily all the way in.
"Wow!" exclaimed Jane, watching my cock sliding into her friend.
I pounded her pussy hard and soon felt the urge rising in my loins.
"Where do you want my cum?" I asked.  "In your pussy or your mouth?"
"Cum in my mouth." gasped Ellie under my onslaught.
I pulled out of her and she sank o her knees again, quickly taking my cock, covered with her juicesm into her mouth.  My cock jerked a couple of times and shot several jets of cum into her mouth, which she quickly swallowed.  Something told me that she'd done that a few times before!
"Let's go in the lounge." I suggested.
They followed me through and we sat down on the sofa, Ellie removing he T-shirt so we were both naked.
"I think Jane is a bit overdressed, don't you?" Ellie laughed.
"Let's help her get out of those clothes, shall we?" I replied.
We stripped Jane, who instantly crossed her legs and covered her small breasts with an arm.
"Don't be shy!" said Ellie.  "You want Charlie to do you now?"
"Sorry, but  I've never really been naked with anyone else before."
"I think we should introduce Jane to oral sex." I suggested.
"I've got a good idea." said Ellie.  "Let's both lick her pussy at the same time!"
"How are you going to that?" Asked Jane.
"Open your legs and I'll show you!"
Sowly, Jane did so and Ellie and I got on our knees between her thighs.  Ellie lowered her head and began licking along the line of Jane's closed slit.  I followed her lead and copied her actions.   Jane gave a few gasps and shrieks as we licked her, opening her pussy with our tongues.  Ellie stopped several times to kiss me, Jane's juices all over her lips.
I felt Ellie's hand between my legs, her fingers wrapping themselves around my newly hard cock.
"I think you should lie down." She told me.
We all changed positions so I was laid on my back on the floor.  Ellie helped Jane sit on my cock.  Her pussy was tight but she eventually slid down it's length, gasping and moaning all the way down.  Ellie then knelt with a knee each side of my head, facing Jane.  Lifting her ass off the floor, she offered me easy access to her pussy and I licked and nibbled at her eagerly.  
"Want to taste your own cum?" She asked Jane, leaning forward and kissing her on the lips. Jane backed off a little but slowly returned the kiss.
I pushed upwards with my hips and started bouncing Jane up and down on my cock while trying to eat Ellie's pussy.  I'd never been in this position before but it's one I'd like to repeat, I thought to myself.
Jane soon got the idea and began lifting herself up with her legs and sinking down the length of my shaft.  I kept my hips still and concentrated on Ellie's pussy, poking her clit with the tip of my tongue and sending shivvers through her thighs.
"Oh, god!" She screamed.  "Yess - just there!"
I continued to prod her clit, getting faster and harder until my tongue ached. She screamed again and her body shook with her orgasm.
Jane was also nearing her peak, bouncing hard on my cock.  As her orgasm washed over her Ellie hugged her tightly until she stopped shaking.  Ellie told her to slide off my cock and they both wanked me until a cum fountain spurted up between their bodies.  Ellie laughed and rubbed her cum-splattered breasts onto Jane's.
We got off the floor and settled on the sofa, the girls either side of me.  Jane gently stroked my limp cock.  "How quick can you get it hard again?" She asked.
"Let's find out." said Ellie excitedly, leaning over and giving it a kiss...


Ellie, chapter 3.

After getting home from a hard day at work, I had only sat down for two minutes when there was a knock at the back door.  I sighed and walked through the the kitchen, then smiled at Ellie's face against the window.
"Hello Ellie." I said as I opened the door.
"Hi Charlie!" she grinned.
"Would you like to come in?" I asked.
She smiled and slipped past my, brushing my chest with her large breasts as she did.
"How's things?" I asked as I closed the door.
"Not bad, but I need your cock."
I laughed.  "Do you now?" 
"Yes!" she replied.  "I got fucked at lunchtime at college and my pussy has been aching for another cock in it since then!"
"We'd better sort you out then!" I said, beginning to unbutton her top.
She slipped out of her bra and knickers, took me by the hand and pulled me into the lounge.  Pushing me onto the sofa, she helped me out of my trousers and as soon as my boxer shorts were down Ellie was kneeling between my thighs with my cock in her mouth.
"You are horny, aren't you?" I said.
"Very!" Ellie said with a mouthful of my cock.
"How far can you take it in your mouth?" I asked.
"Dunno." Ellie replied, and opened her mouth wider.  She pushed her head down a little more.
"Need some help?"  I suggested.
Ellie nodded.
Holding her head gently, I pushed down, then let go.  Each time  I pushed my cock went a little deeper into her throat until eventually her chin hit my balls.
"Wow!" I gasped, trying not to cum too soon.
"Good, eh?" Ellie said after releasing my member.
"Hell, yes!"  I told her.  "You want it in you now?"
"Yes.  Fuck me."
"What position would you like?"  I asked.
"You chose."
I told he to lie on her back on the floor, then lifted her legs up and pushed her knees up to her chest, flattening her huge, gorgeous boobs.  Her pussy was now fully exposed, pointing at the ceiling.
Kneeling by her ass, I stroked the tip of my cock across her pubes, teasing her.
"Just fucking fuck me!" she snarled.
I laughed and opened her labia with my fingers.  A strong smell of cum wafted out.  A drop of cum oozed out of her slit and dribbled down towards her anus.
"You didn't even wash your cunt out after being fucked at college?"
"No.  Not had time."
"You dirty slut!" I said.
"I know!" She replied.  "But you like it really!"
I smiled, admitting I did.
I'd never had 'sloppy seconds' before, but with her in that position I wanted to fuck her so much I just dived in.  My cock sank to it's full length inside her, making her gasp loudly.  
"Fuck, yesss!!" She screamed.
I wondered for a second if her mother would be listening with a glass against the wall.  Ellie's mother went from my mind as I started thrusting hard into Ellie's cum filled cunt, with squelching noises coming from her pussy while screams, gasps and moans came from her mouth.
I paused for a moment to catch my breath.
"Fuck my arse." said Ellie, who was also gasping for breath slightly.
"Really?"  I asked.  "Have you done that before?"
"No, but I want to try it."
Pulling my cock out, I pushed it against her anus.  It was dripping with her juices, mixed with the mysterious guy's cum from college.
Pushing gently I squeezed my cock into her ass.   It was very tight and quite a struggle, but soon half my shaft was buried in her back passage.
"You OK?" I asked.
"It hurts." Came the reply.  
"You want me to pull it out?"
"No.  Play with my pussy."
Her anus was so tight I could harldy move so I rocked my hips back and forth slightly, producing more moans from her.  I reached up with one hand and squeezed her left breast  (the right one was squashed under her right knee) and with my other hand I pushed two, then three fingers into her wet, slippery cunt.
"Oh, god!" she gasped. "Fuck me!"
As  I couldn't move my cock much I didn't get many sensations, but after making Ellie cum at least three times with my fingers in her slit and stroking her clitoris I felt the familar pressure building in my loins.
"I'm going to cum." I told her.  "Do you want it up your ass, or all over your pussy?"
"Cum in my face." She said.
I pulled my throbbing cock from her and she quickly sat up so her face was right in front of my crotch.  With a couple of seconds my cock jerked and shot a huge load of hot, sticky cum all over her face.  She caught a little in her mouth and licked her lips.
"Mmmmmm!" she moaned.
"I think we'd better get you tidied up.  Fancy a shower?"
"Sounds like a good idea!" she said.  "Can you guide me there?  I can't see with all your cum in my eyes!"
I took her by the hand and led her upstairs into the bathroom.
Turning the shower on, I held the door open so she could step intside.  She stuck her head under the spray to wash my cum from her face, then held up a boob and winked at me.
"It's a shame there's not enough room for two in there!" I laughed.
"I bet there is if you don't mind being squashed!" She said, turning away from me and stepping to the furthest corner of the shower cubicle. 
I stepped in behind her and closed the door.  Our bodies were pressed tightly together under the warm spray of water.  My flaccid cock was pressed into the crease of her ass.
I grabbed the shower gel and squirted a bit onto my hands, then circled her with my arms.  My hands found her large breasts, almost squashed against the tiled wall, and rubbed the gel into them until they were covered with lather.  One hand then went lower and slipped between her legs, rubbing the lather around her pussy.  My cock began to show signs of renewed interest and forced itself between her thighs.
"Mmmmm! That feels good!" she said as the tip of my cock stroked along the line of her slit.
"Well, there's no way we can fuck in here!" I said.
"Maybe not." She sighed. "Let's get out then!"
I opened the door and stepped out.  She turned the shower off and stepped out, leaning over the bath.
"You want it here?" I said, pushing my cock back between her legs.
"Oh, yes!" she said, pushing her ass against me.  Her ass slapped my stomach as I fucked her over the bath, the shower gel lather still all over her tits.  I bent forward and grabbed two handfulls of breast and thrust harder into her, making her scream again and again.
"Fuck me!" she gasped.  "Cum in me!  Fill me with your cum!"
Spurred on by her dirty talk, I pushed harder and faster, realising this was going to be the first time I'd actually cum inside her.  My fingers dug deeper into the soft fleash of her breasts and she screamed as her orgasm filled her body, almost collapsing into the bath.  My cock jerked and pulsed inside her, shooting my load deep.
We showered again to get the lather off her breasts (which now had a couple of fingernail marks in them) and her juices from my cock and balls.
"That was a good fuck!" she said at the kitchen door, giving me a kiss on the cheek.
"What will the next one be like?" I wondered out loud.
"Who knows?" She smiled. "Fancy having a party?  I could invite a few friends from college..."
"Sounds like fun!" I said.  Little did I know what was going to happen at that party, and what Ellie would get up to!


Ellie, chapter 4.

It was about 4.30pm when Ellie turned up on my doorstep.  She'd obviously been drinking most of the afternoon, if not all day and was a little worse for wear.  She slumped down on the sofa, saying that her friends will be arriving soon.
Within a few minutes the doorbell rang and I opened the door to three young lads.
"Hi!"  Said the lad in front.  "I'm Tom.  This is Richard and Harvey."
"Hi." I replied.
"Hello boys!" Ellie said from the sofa.  "Come and get me!"
The lads filed into the lounge and Harvey dumped a box of lager cans in my arms as he passed.
I opened the box and passed the cans around.  Tom emptied his can in one go.
"Looks like we've got some catching up to do!" He said, nodding at Ellie, who was looking like she'd fall over or throw up any second.
The door bell rang again and this time I found two blonde girls on the doorstep.
"Hi!" Said the first.
"You must be the old guy with the big dick!" said the second.
Ellie lifted her head at the sound of their voices.  "Mary! Tamzin!  You made it!"
"We wouldn't miss a party with some cock we've not tried before!" laughed Mary, walking into the lounge.
"Hi Tom." Said Tamzin.  Tom blushed bright red.
Ellie looked at them with a puzzled expression.
"Last week Tom tried doing my doggy style." Tamzin told he. "But he was too pissed to keep it up!"
Everyone laughed apart from Tom.
"No more drink for you tonight then!" Ellie told Tom, pulling him towards her.  She stretched up and kissed him.  He returned the kiss and started stroking her breasts.
"Let's see if your cock can stay hard tonight then!" said Ellie, unzipping Tom's jeans and pulling his member out.  As soon as it was in view she took it into her mouth and began sucking hard on it.
As we all watched, I felt a hand on my crotch and looked round to see Mary standing right beside me.
"Let's see what you got then!" She said.  I sat down in the armchair so I had a good view of what Ellie was doing as Mary, now joined by Tamzin, removed my jeans and my boxers.
They smiled and complimented as they saw my cock, which even in it's fairly flaccid state looked thicker than Tom's.  Both the girls got on their knees and started licking the sides of my cock, which quickly sprang to life, getting thicker and longer before their eyes.
"Mmmm" Mary said as she took me into her mouth.  Her lips were soft and wet, and her tongue flicked around the tip of my glans as she sucked.
Ellie, meanwhile, was stripping off and stripping the other boys as well.  She got Harvey to lie down on the floor and sat on his cock.  Then she leant forward and Tom got behind her, pushing his cock, covered with Ellie's saliva, into her tight anus.  Richard was the last to join them, kneeling next to Ellie's head so she could suck his cock.  Harvey twisted his head to one side and started sucking Richard's balls.
All four of them moaned and groaned as they pleasured each other.  Mary and Tamzin took it in turns to suck my cock while the other watched the four some on the floor.  Seeing what Harvey was doing gave Mary an idea and she knelt lower and sucked my balls as Tamzin licked the head of my cock.
Tamzin stood up and stripped, revealing her slim figure with very ample breasts.  She knelt over my lap, grabbed my cock with one hand to guide my into her, then slid all the way down my thick shaft.
"Oh!" she gasped when I was fully into her.  Mary continued sucking my balls and I watched the four on the floor and played with Tamzin's gorgeous boobs.  Tamzin turned round after a while and Mary knelt between our legs and alternated between sucking my balls and licking Tamzin's clit and pussy as my cock slid in and out of her.  I leaned over so I could see what Ellie was doing and smiled when I noticed her watching me and the girls.
"I want a cum bath!"  Ellie said loudly.
The three lads stood up around her and she knelt on the carpet.  With their cock's pointed at her face, they furiously wanked themselves.  Harvey was the first to cum, shooting his load into her face.  Tom and Richard came almost at the same time, covering her face and breasts with their hot sticky seed.
Tamzin was squirming around on my cock and Mary's tongue, shaking slightly with her oncoming orgasm.  As she came, she leant back against my chest and  I put my arms around her and cupped her breasts, stroking her nipples with my thumbs as she moaned deeply.
As Tamzin slid off my cock, Mary took over, wanking and sucking me with Tamzin's juices oozing all over my genitals.  It didn't take me long to cum, shooting my load straight into Mary's waiting mouth.
As we rested afterwards, Tom took Ellie up to the bathroom to wash the cum from her face and tits.  Moaning sounds came down the stairs after a short time as Tom fucked Ellie on the landing.  
As everyone left later, Mary stayed behind, saying she was a little upset that Tamzin and Ellie had all the fun again, and she wanted my cock inside her pussy all night long.  "I'll do my best!" I laughed as we cuddled up on the sofa.


Ellie, chapter 5.

Charles awoke with the usual rock-solid erection under his duvet, meaning only one thing.  The toilet was urgently required.  He dragged himself out of bed, nearly tripping up as his feet were tied together with a DD size bra.  Laughing to himself, he untied his feet and stumbled through the doorway.  The bathroom door was closed.  He now remembered that Ellie had spent the night at his place which would explain the bra.
Gently he knocked on the bathroom door.
"Yes?" came the reply from within.
"You going to be long in there?" he asked.
"Yeah, I'm having a dump!"  Ellie said.  "Open the door a bit so I can talk to you properly."
Charles pushed the door open and leaned against it.  Ellie was sat naked on the toilet.  Charles smiled as he gazed upon her DD breasts, his eyes falling to her thighs.  She opened her legs a little, teasingly showing him her smooth pussy.
"I need a piss." Charles told her.
"Do it in the sink then." Ellie laughed.
"I do not pee in sinks!" Charles replied.
"Well, you'll have to do it in the toilet then." she said, opening her legs wider.  "Come over here."
Charles walked towards her, his erect cock at her face height.
Ellie cupped her breasts and sandwiched the end of hs cock in them.
"That feels good, but it doesn't help my situation!" Charles joked.
"Piss on them then!" Ellie replied.
Charles looked at her, trying to judge if she was joking or not.  "Really?" he asked.
"Yeah." Ellie told him.
Standing right in front of her, he relaxed his muscles and let a short jet of urine out of his cock.  It hit right between her breasts, ra down her stomach and into the toilet.
"Oh, wow!"  exclaimed Ellie.  "That feels good!  Got any more?"
Charles relaxed again, but this time did not stop.  His urine formed a stream that started between her huge breasts and flowed freely over her stomach and down over her pussy.
"Mmmmm!" Ellie moaned.  When the flow had stopped, she told Charles to wash the end of his cock in the sink which he did.  Then she beconned him back in front of her.  One hand was down between her legs, rubbing furiously at her pussy and the other grabbed Charles' member and pulled him towards her mouth.  She took the end between her lips and licked all around the glans before taking more of it into her mouth.
Soon her head was rocking back and forth, sucking Charles with all her might.  It didn't take long before he felt the familiar urge building.  Ellie somehow sensed it too and pulled his cock out just as it started jerking, shooting cum between her tits where the river of urine had been.  They both watched the blobs of cum slide down the same rout as the urine, and little plops were heard as it dripped from her pussy's lips into the toilet.
"When you've finished on the toilet," Charles said "I think we'd better have a shower to hose you down!"


Ellie, chapter 6.

Charles was awoken by a loud banging on the front door.  He opened his eyes and read the time from his bed side clock.  The bright LED numbers showed 2:05am.  Who can that be at tis time? he thought as he climbed slowly out of bed.  Another bang sounded as he pulled on his bath robe and headed for the stairs.
There was a third bang just before he got to the front door, followed by a lot of "Shhhhh!" sounds and then some giggling.  Charles opened the door.  Ellie was stood leaning abainst the side of the doorway.  The smell of alcohol filled his nostrils.
"What are you doing here?"  He asked.
"I need your help.  My friend Sham, Sham, Shamantha has fallen over."
Charles looked outside.  A blonde girl in a white top and a black mini skirt lay on her side on the pavement.  
"What happened?" He asked Ellie.
"We've been to the new nightclub!"  Ellie replied.  "They were handing out free drinksh and Sham had lotsh of them." 
Sighing, he stepped outside.  The path was cold under his bare feet as he picked the girl up and tried to sit her on the wall.
"You'd better come in."  He said.
"I was going to shay the same to you Charlesh." Ellie slurred, "My pusshy needsh shome cock and you've got the besht one I know of!"
"Let's get your friend sorted first." Said Charles, arrying Sam inside.  He sat her on the sofa and she seemed to come round a little.
"Where am I?" she asked.
"At Charles' place."   Ellie told her.
"Charles?" Sam said, trying to concentrate.  "Didn't you fuck him the other day?"
"Yeah, and I'm gonna do it again!" Ellie said, reaching into Charles' bath robe.  Her fingers found his cock and wrapped themselves around his stiffening shaft.
Sam watched wide eyed as Ellie sank to her knees and pulled Charles' cock into full view.  
"It's big!" Sam laughed.  "You really had that inside you?"
"Yep!" Smiled Ellie proudly.  "Four or five times now - I've lost count!  It's bee up my arse too!"
"Wow!"  Exclaimed Sam.  "You dirty bitch!"
Ellie smiled, then took his cock into her mouth.
Sam gawped at the act that was happening right in front of her.
"Don't mind her - she's still a virgin!"  Ellie told Charles with a mouthful of cock.
"We'll, I might be able to help her cure that!"
They both laughed as Sam stared at Charles' member.
Ellie pulled her head back, letting go of his cock.  "Want a go?" She asked Sam.
"Er, not yet." Sam said nervously.
"OK." Ellie shrugged.  She turned around and got on her hands and knees.  Charles knelt behind her and lifted up her skirt.  He wasn't surprised to find no knickers underneath.  With one hand he held Ellie's wet pussy open and guided himself in with the other.  Ellie moaned deeply.
"Does it hurt?" Sam asked after watching the full length on Charlie's cock slide into her friend.
"No!" Laughed Ellie.  "It feels fucking brilliant!  You ought to try it!"
"Maybe." Sam shrugged.
Charlie began thrusting into Ellie and she moaned again.  As he pounded his pelvis against her ass, she called to Sam.  "You've got to try this!"
When there was no answer, Charles and Ellie looked over.  Sam had collapsed back onto the sofa and fallen asleep.
"Is she alright?"  Charles asked.
"Forget her - fuck me!" Ellie replied.
Charles did as she requested and gave her pussy a good filling of hot cum.
Gasping for breath, Ellie sat on the sofa next to Sam.
"You sure she's alright?"  Charles asked.
"Yeah." Ellie said.  "She just can't hold her drink.  I wonder if she's wearing knickers?" 
"We made a bet that we wouldn't wear any tonight."  Ellie explained.  "As you may have noticed, I'm nt wearing any!"  And with that she opened her legs, showing Charles her smooth slit which had a droplet of his cum oozing out of it.
"What was the prize for this bet?"
"Dunno.  We never actually bet anything!"
"Well, you'll have to wait until she wakes up to ask her."
"No we don't!" Laughed Ellie, putting a hand on Sam's thigh.  She gently pulled Sam's legs apart and knelt on the floor.
"Wow!" Said Ellie.  "Charlie, look at this!"
Chales sighed and knelt beside her.  Under Sam's mini skirt he could clearly see a thin strip of pubic hair.  Shs'd had a Brazilian trim.
"Well there you go.  She ddin't wear any!"  He laughed.   "Now leave her alone."
"Why?" She protested.  "I've got a dare for you."
"I dare you to put your cock in her mouth while she's sleeping."
"No, it's just that she's a virgin."
"So?  Be her first fuck!"
"Maybe she doesn't want to get fucked."
"Maybe?" Ellie said, noticing that Charles' cock was twitching again between his thighs.  "Why do you think we came here?  She wants you to fuck her.  I've told her how good your cock feels inside me."
"Yes, really."  Ellie replied.  "Just put your cock against her lips."
"OK." Said Charles and climbed onto the sofa so he could get his genitals close to Sam's face.  He held out his cock and touched her lips with the end of it.  Sam stirred in her slumber but did not wake up.  Ellie moved closer so she could see better.
"Do it again!"  She said excitedly.
Charles moved forward again and pressed the head of his cock again Sam's lips.  He then felt Ellie's hand on his ass, pushing him further forward.  The whole head of his cock went between Sam's lips and into her mouth.  Sam's eyes opened wide.  For a second she tried to work out what was going on, pulling her mouth back away from Charles' memeber.  Then she screamed.
"What the fuck are you doing?!"  She shreeked.  "You trying to rape me?"
"No, Sam."  Charles said.  "It was just Ellie's dare."
Ellie was laughing so hard that she fell off the sofa and roled around on the floor.
Sam started giggling too, and soon all of them were laughing about the incident.
When they had got their breath back, Ellie turned to Sam.  "I dare you to suck it." She said.
Sam realised that she'd been staring at Charlie's cock again.  "I'm not sure."  she said.
"How about jus kissing it?"  Ellie suggested.
Sam reluctantly agreed and moved closer to Charlie's crotch.  The scent of Charles filled her nose.  Slowly she lent forward and touched the tip of his cock with her lips.
"Not so bad, eh?"  Ellie asked.
"Try taking the end into your mouth."
"Do I have to?"  Sam asked.
"Not at all." Charles told her.  He took her by the hand and kissed her on the lips.  She returned the kiss and their tongues began to explore each others mouths.  His hands worked on her clothes and she felt the heat rising between her legs as her vigin pussy got ready to accept it's very first man.  Pretty soon she was naked, her nipples standing out and pressing against Charles' hairy chest.  His cock was pressing against her lower stomach so she pulled back slightly to let it drop and then pushed herself against him once more.  This time his cock slipped between her thighs.  She could feel it throbbing and it felt hot against her labia.
He pushed he down onto the sofa and she reclined, opening her legs.  Charles moved forward and Sam felt his cock pressing against her pussy's outer lips.  With a gentle thrust it was inside her, pushing deeper and deeper.  Sam felt herself stretching to accomodate his girth.  There was pain, but it was over shadowed by an immense pleasure that seemed to be filling her body.  Her nipples ached and she felt Charles' lips on her left breast.  Ellie was watching her, smiling.  Now she knew what Ellie had been talking about all this time.  Charles' cock really was fantastic.
Charles had stoped moving into her now, and was pulling his cock slowly out.  Sam begged him to stay inside her, giving her pleasure.  Charles smiled and thrust his cock deep into her again.  Sam's pussy seemd to fizz with electricity as Charles' cock moved in and out of her, making her moan with each movement.  His thrusts were slow at first but got faster and faster and with it the pleasure in her pussy increased.  Sam gasped and begged Charles not to stop.  Her body seemed to be twitching on it's own accord now, and suddenly her muscles went into spasm, combined with an intense feeling of exctasy which started at the point where Charles' cock pierced her body and speard out to reach her fingers and toes, making them tingle.  She gasped and moaned deeply,  only just aware that Charles had stopped thrusting.  Regaining her senses, she felt his cock pulsing inside her and then felt a jet of his cum shooting from his cock, filling her pussy with warmth.

"Ooooh!" she moaned again.  Ellie was right, thought Sam, and I want Charles' cock again.


Ellie, chapter 7.

Charles woke up to find himself sandwiched between Sam and Ellie.  Squeezing himself out of bed, he went to the bathroom then made his way downstairs to the kitchen.  He began making himself a cup of coffee to wake himself up a bit when a naked Ellie walked into the room.
"Got anything for a headache and a hangover?" she asked, checking the weather through the kitchen window.
"How about sex?" Charles laughed.  "It gives you a boost of adrenaline , and fills your system with endorphins that make you feel good!"
"Hmmm.  Might have to give my pussy a rest first - it feels a bit sore after the pounding you gave it last night!"
"How about just a shock to get the adrenaline going then?" And with that he stepped behind her, reached around and cupped both her large breasts in his hands, making her gasp.  "Is your ass sore?"  He asked.
"No, it's not." Ellie giggled, pushing her ass backwards.  She felt his throbbing cock pressing against her soft flesh.  The end felt wet with pre-cum as she reached behind her and got hold of it.  She aimed it between her ass cheeks and Charles pushed his hips forward.  The tip of his cock pressed against her anus for a second, and Ellie relaxed and let it enter.  It sank into her, stretching her as it went deeper.
"Oh, yes!"  Ellie gasped, grabbing at the kitchen worktop to steady herself.  Her hand brushed against something on the worktop and she looked up to see a cucumber about as thick as Charles' cock.
Charles noticed where she was looking and grabbed the cucumber, pushing it between Ellie's thighs.  She opened her legs at his command and felt the cucumber pushed against her pussy.  It felt very cold in comparison to his cock and she welcomed the cool sensation on her sore pussy.  Charles used his fingers to open her pussy's lips and suddenly the cucumber was inside her, filling her pussy.  She felt as though she couldn't move, both her holes filled up by man and cucumber.  Charles was thrusting into her ass and also trying to slide the cucumber in and out of her pussy.  The sensations overcame her senses and she collasped onto the hard worktop as her body shook with a powerful orgasm.  Charles held her up to stop her falling on the floor as he kept thrusting until his cock twitched and jerked inside her, pumping his hot cum up her ass.
"Oh, god, yesss!"  She gasped as yet another orgasm shook her body.
They both leant against the worktop, panting for a second.  A noise behind them made them jump.
"Hope you got some spunk left for me!" laughed Sam, standing naked in the doorway.  
"How long have you been there?" Ellie asked her.
"Since he grabbed your boobs from behind you and then stuck his big thick cock up your arse."  Sam said.  "I wanna try that too - can you fuck my ass when you've had a rest?"

Charles smiled and said he'd love to.


Chapter 8.

Around 5pm, there was a knock at Charles' front door.  Upon opening it he was greeted by Ellie's beaming smile and another girl, thinner and slightly taller than Ellie.
They were both dressed in school uniforms - white shirt, black ties, a dark red blazer and a short dark gray skirt.
"Hi!" Charles smiled back.  "How's things?"
"Hi Charlie!" Ellie said excitedly.  "Things are good thanks! This is  Katie."   she added as the both slipped into the lounge.
"What's with the school uniforms?" Asked Charles.
"We're off to a party as naughty school girls." replied Katie with a sweet Irish accent.
"But we've not been naughty yet, which is why we passed by your place first!" added Ellie, a glint in her eye.
"Well, I'm sure  I can help you with that!" laughed Charles.
Ellie and Katie looked at each other, than sank to their knees in front of him.  Pulling his jogging pants down, Ellie fished Charles' stiffening cock from it's hiding place.
"Oh my god!" Exclaimed Katie.  "You were right, Ellie.  It does look good!"
"Good enough to eat?" Suggested Charles.
Without needing more encouragement, Ellie took his member into her mouth and sucked on it, wrapping her tongue around it's end.  Charles gasped loudly.
Katie watched closely as Ellie sucked him, then offered it to her.  Katie took it into her mouth slowly, feeling it slide deeper and deeper.  After a few moments, she handed it back to Ellie, then moved around behind her.  As Ellie sucked Charles' cock, Katie put her arms around Ellie's chest and unfastened the buttons on her shirt, exposing her large soft breasts.  She slipped her hands inside Ellie shirt and held her breasts in her palms.  Charles had a great view of them in Katie's hands, which brought on his orgasm. 
Ellie recognised the signs from Charles and pulled his cock from her mouth, stroking it in her hands.  Katie leaned forward and put her head on Ellie's shoulder just in time to see three, four jets of cum shoot from the tip of Charles' cock onto Ellie's cleavage.
"Wow!" Said Katie and started rubbing the cum into Ellie's boobs.  Ellie moaned at the feeling of Katie's hands.  Charles had the impression that this wasn't the first time Katie had handled Ellie's breasts.
"Thanks girls!" Said Charles, sitting down on the sofa, his pants round his ankles.
"We're not finished yet!" Ellie laughed, standing up.   they both turned around and bent over.  The short skirts they were wearing slid up, showing  charles that they had no underwear on.  Facing two very pert bottoms and smoothly shaven pussy's, Charles' cock began twitching again, and after watching Ellie's hand moving between her legs, it was soon hard again and ready for action.  
Charles rose from the sofa and stood behind Katie, aiming his cock for the thin slit between her thighs.  It sank easily into her, producing a gasp and a long "Ooooooh!" as his heavy balls pressed against her ass.  After a few thrusts, Charles pulled him member from Katie's pussy.  Ellie eyed it eagerly, watching Katie's juices dripping off the end.  "Me! Me!" she squealed.
Charles stepped sideways and pushed the tip of his cock against Ellie's pussy.  With the help of Katie's juices it slid into her easier than it had gone into Katie.   Charles wondered for a second if that meant Ellie was wetter after watching her friend get fucked, or was Katie's pussy simply tighter?
Ellie moaned loudly as the full length of his cock sank into her depths, plugging her pussy.  Charles reached forward and cupped one of Ellie's breasts with one hand, while his other stroked Katie's ass and slipped a finger between the folds of her labia.  Both girls moaned and gasped as Charles fucked and finger fucked them both.
"My turn now!" Katie said.  "Ellie's had your cock too long!"
"Lie down then." replied Charles.
Katie stripped out of the school uniform and laid on the carpet.  Charles pulled his dripping cock from Ellie and knelt between Katie's legs.  Grabbing an ankle with each hand, he lifted them up and forward, almost folding Katie in half.  After a few moments admiring the view of Katie's pussy, he pressed the end of his cock against her wet slit and slide it over her clit, making her gasp.
"Put it in me!" she begged.
Charles smiled and granted her request.  Pushing forward, his cock sank deep into her, producing a loud gasp and more moaning.  "Oh, yes!" she screamed.
Ellie was now knelt next to Katie's head, a hand out of sight between her legs.  Charles knew exactly what that hand was doing from Ellie's facial expression.
"Suck my tits!" Katie told Ellie.
Keeping the hand between her thighs,  Ellie bent forward and began licking,sucking and biting Katie's nipples, making sure that Charles could see what she was doing and that Katie could see Charles' cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.
With all the attention to her pussy and breasts, it didn't take Katie long to reach her orgasm, her body shaking as the waves of pleasure washed through her slim frame.
"Oh my god!!!"  She gasped, holding Ellie's head tightly against her left breast.
"Cum on us!" Ellie told Charles.
Charles slipped his cock from Katie and began stroking the foreskin back and forth in front of  Ellie's face.  Ellie and Katie watched wide eyed as Charles wanked his cock, drops of Katie's juices flicking onto her stomach.  His cock jerked once, twice and then a jet of cum flew out hitting Ellie in the face.  The next shots of cum splashed over Katie's stomach and breasts, with Ellie's tongue following the drops.

A little later, after a shower together, they stretched out on the sofa and had a few drinks.
"What about the party?" asked Charles.
"Fuck the party!" laughed Ellie.  "It's more fun fucking you!"
"Yeah!" Katie agreed.  "That orgasm was fantastic.  I must remember that position!"
"How many orgasms have you had in a day?" Ellie asked her.
"Dunno.  Quite a few." replied Katie.
"How many do you think you can have before you pass out?" Charles asked them both.
"Loads!" laughed Ellie.
"Let's find out!" Katie said excitedly.
"I'm game!" Charles said, his cock already hardening.

The game was actually soon forgotten as they spent all night licking, sucking, fucking and fingering each other.  After ten orgasms each, the girls both fainted.
Charles came several times too and agreed with the girls it was the best night they'd ever had.



Submitted: January 15, 2017

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