The Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

It has been a long week. I have been ill and slightly frustrated for some reason all week. All I want to do is just chill out after dinner. Apparently you have something else in mind.

It has been such a long week. I have been ill and frustrated for some reason. So after dinner you and I move into the den. I am thinking we are finally going to spend some much needed time together cuddling on the couch, watching a movie and just chilling. 


I'm a little caught off guard when you grab me and start kissing me with such force it takes my breath away, apparently you have something else in mind. The kiss continues for sometime until I am lightheaded from it and I am finally starting to relax. The next thing I know when I open my eyes I'm looking at a blindfold you have pulled out of your pocket.


With it placed over my eyes I can't see anything but I can feel myself being led further into the room. I can feel your hands as they caress first one breast and then the other through my shirt. Softly at first and then a little more forcefully. Mmm, I'm glad I don't have a bra on.


I feel my shirt being pulled slowly up my body and the feel of your hands and fingers as they graze my body feels so good. It is amazing how heightened my other senses have become with the loss of my site.


Once my shirt is off I feel your lips on my neck kissing and sucking right where my pulse is. I feel your teeth give me little love nips down my neck and to my shoulder. It makes me shutter with the erotic feel of it. While you are loving on my neck I feel your fingers on my nipples pinching and pulling gently at first and then harder.


A gasp and groan escapes my lips at the erotic feel of having my nipples played with like this. Oh that feels so good. Please don't stop I'm thinking to myself.


Suddenly you stop the attention on my neck and nipples and grab hold of my leggings and pull those down along with my underwear in one motion. Pulling first one leg and then the other free, now I am standing before you naked and blindfolded.


The thought of your eyes on me like this and the fact that I can't see you is exciting and making me wet between my legs.


You don't say anything for what seems like forever but is probably only a couple minutes. The whole time my mind is running wild at the thought of not knowing what is to come.


Taking my hand and leading me forward a few steps more, I feel my shin bump slightly into our wooden chest in the middle of the floor. 


"Climb up on the chest on your knees", you say.  I do and once I have done this and am on my hands and knees I hear something rattling.


I feel cuffs wrap around each of my wrists and my ankles then I hear the rattle again and feel a slight tug on each of my limbs. When I try and pull them back there is no give, I am held firmly in place. I realize that you must have attached cuffs with chains to the handles on each side of the chest.


You remain silent but I can hear you moving around in the den again. What are you doing and what is coming next? I try and move but I can't and the predicament I find myself in is exciting me and causing the wetness to gather between my legs.

“Open up for me baby”. I feel something against my lips and as I open my mouth I feel a ball gag being placed into my mouth. You fasten it around my head and then move away from me again.


There is a sound of more rummaging and then you are back and playing with my hard nipples. Pulling and pinching them. I gasp at the unfamiliar feel of tight pressure as something is being attached to first one nipple and then the next. A moan escapes from deep in my throat. Nipple clamps? When did you get those? I wonder.


Oh my god! I am completely at your mercy more than I have ever been before. Restrained on the wooden chest naked, blindfolded, gagged and with nipple clamps on my sensitive nipples. My heart is about to beat out of my chest from the anxiety of waiting and not knowing what is going to happen. One thing I do know, is that I am wetter than I have ever been before.


I hear you rummaging around with something else and then I feel something soft trailing along my spine. It's so soft and feels so nice, almost like a sensual touch. It continues to trail down my spine all the way to my ass and then back up again. I feel it down my arms and legs, over my ass again. The more it trails the more my breathing increases as my excitement grows.


Then suddenly you stop and I feel a slight thwap thwap on my back. I jerk from the sudden strike. It doesn't hurt. It's just a new surprising sensation.


“You know you have had quite a sassy attitude this week right?” I nod my head yes in response wondering where you are going with this. “Well I picked up a few things this week because I think it's about time we adjusted that attitude a little” Oh shit!

After that I feel the slaps again and again over and over I feel the thwap of the flogger across my back, legs, and ass. Slow at first and then moving faster. With each strike I feel the force of the slaps increase. Now instead of soft and sensual slaps they are harder and have a sting to them. Thwap on my back, thwap to my ass over and over. Fuck! All of the sudden thwap to my left breast. Shit!! That stings on my already sensitive nipple. Thwap to the right breast. Oh god! Tears are starting to run down my cheeks.


Over and over I feel the slap and sting of the flogger on my sensitive nipples when it hits my breast. I'm having trouble catching my breath from the pain the stings are causing. Even though I can feel the stings from it, it is almost as if there is an electrical current from my nipples straight to my pussy. Because with each stinging slap to my nipples and breast I feel a jolt in my pussy and I keep trying to clinch those muscles to get some relief.


Thwap, thwap right on my pussy lips. Oh fuck!! That jerked me out of that head space quickly. I try and scream around the gag in my mouth. I'm trying to move away from those slaps but without success. I am held tightly in my restraints.

Thwap, thwap. I can hear wet slapping noises with each slap on my pussy. With each slap to my pussy something is happening. There is pain but I can feel pleasure to it too. I feel a pressure building. Why is this turning me on so much? I had no idea I would enjoy this so much.


Oh god!! I try and clinch my legs and muscles together to get some relief but it's not possible I feel myself moving closer to the edge. My breathing is increasing and want nothing more than to feel you fucking me right now. Moaning and trying to beg you to fuck me is not working so I try and press back a little to let you know what I want.


“Oh no babygirl, not yet”. “Naughty and sassy babygirls don't get to cum yet”. With that you stop flogging me before it pushes me over the edge.


I sense you in front of me and I feel you unfastening the ball gag and removing it. I open and close my mouth a few times to try and find some relief from the stretch the gag did on my jaw.


“Open up babygirl”. I feel your cock rubbing across my lips. I can feel the precum on them as well. I stick my tongue out and lick my lips tasting you on them. I open my mouth and feel the head of your cock right where my lips are parted. I run my tongue over the head and lick it slowly. I hear you groan. A little smile crosses my face because I love to lick and taste your cock in my mouth and I know it turns you on even more.


Slowly I lick over the head and down the length for a few minutes enjoying the sounds you are making. I lick you all the way down your length and then lick your balls.


“Oh yes baby, that's it! Lick those balls real good!”. Mmm, I love it when you talk to me like that. Licking and sucking them into my mouth gently. I take care of one and then the other. Oh god I love to hear you. It makes me wet just knowing I'm causing that reaction from you. Finally I take your cock into my mouth. Up and down I suck you hard into my mouth and then allow my tongue to worship you more. I love to feel your big cock in my mouth going in and out. I'm sucking on your cock so hard I can feel my cheeks hollow the harder I suck. As I pull back I gently let me teeth graze you and I hear your deep groan.

You grab my hair and wrap it around your fist and pull my mouth closer to you as your cock goes deeper and deeper into my mouth. You push your cock all the way in until it is sheathed fully in my throat to where I can't breathe and just hold it there. Tears are running down my cheeks because my eyes are watering. I feel completely helpless because I am completely dependent on you to breathe, but I trust you. Oh god you feel so good deep in my throat like this.


I try to swallow so I can take a breath but I can't. The lack of air in my lungs is starting to make me see spots a little, but before I start trying to pull back in panic you pull out to allow that much needed breath in. I gasp and take a quick breath and then you fill my throat again slowly. In and out you start to pump slowly at first and then with more force. Mmmm I groan while you are fucking my throat. I can tell the vibrations are turning you on more because you groan and fuck my throat harder.


Harder and deeper you stuff your cock into my mouth and throat fuck me. Shoving it all the way in again and holding it. My nose is in your stomach while your cock is fulling in my throat and I can't breathe at all. You hold it there for a few until I can't take it any more. Then you pull out completely.


“Oh baby, you are so good at sucking my cock and I love fucking your throat like that”.


I hear you walk around behind me and I feel your breath on my pussy as you run your tongue over it a couple of times and lap up my juices. “Mmmm, you are so fucking wet baby and you taste so good”. Sliding your fingers into my pussy you begin to finger fuck me, first one finger and then another one.


“Oh god please fuck me, please! I need to feel your cock in my pussy”.


My pussy feels abandon when you remove your fingers but then I feel the head of your cock at my entrance. With one hard shove you slide into me balls deep. “Oh god yes, fuck me please!”.


That is all the encouragement you need as you start pulling in and out of me with a slowly rhythm. “Oh please, please harder, please!”.



“You want it harder babygirl? Is that what you want?”. “Yes please!!”.


“You ready?” “Yes!! Please I can't take it anymore I need your cock inside me!”. “Ok hold on”.

I feel you lean forward and grab my nipples. You release the clamps and the immediate pain has my full attention. “OH FUCK!!!!” At the same time you slam into my pussy while you are massaging my nipples as the blood flows back into them.


Wrapping my hair around your fist with your right hand and grabbing my hip with your left you proceed to fuck me hard. Pounding into my pussy almost brutally while pulling my head back with my hair. Over and over again in and out your cock drives into me. “Oh god yes, yes, yes!”. I can feel my climax rising and I know I want last much longer.


Harder and harder you fuck me. I am at the edge and I can feel you are close behind me. “Oh yes, please oh god yes!!!!” You slam into me harder than before and it pushes me right over the cliff of my orgasm. As I'm flying I feel you tumbling over right behind me as you shove into me and hold it. I can feel you pumping your cum deep inside me. Out of breath you collapse on my back and kiss my neck.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *


“Good morning, babygirl”. I open my eyes and blink a couple of time trying to focus. “Good morning”. “Did you sleep good? You were moaning and mumbling in your sleep last night.”. “Yes I guess I was just dreaming”.



Submitted: January 18, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Charity Day. All rights reserved.

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What a hot and passionate dream. Hopefully if you shared it with him, he helped make it come true?

Tue, January 21st, 2020 1:35pm


Hmm, hopefully he will. We shall see :) .

Tue, January 21st, 2020 9:49am


Thwap!! Thwap!! Thwap!!
If you look closely in the shower, you might notice the handcuff marks on your wrists.
By the way, that sounds like a convenient piece of furniture in the middle of your den - this treasure chest you have.

I love the descriptions and the energy! Really good!

Fri, January 24th, 2020 5:26am


Thanks DampKitten!

Fri, January 24th, 2020 10:36am

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